DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template

DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template

DECORTICA – Responsive Shopify Template

Are you searching for a special template for your Furniture Online Store? Then, the searching can be stopped here. Because we have here DECORTICA – Responsive Shopify Template. The main factors that make DECORTICA so special are its modern flat design and simple three-color scheme. Black, white and red can be a little bit too contrasting but when you know how to handle these three colors, they can make a nice contrast and give the website a sophisticated and unique look. The banners in nicely put to show off the contents you want your customers to lay eyes on.

The contents in DECORTICA Shopify Template are arranged properly to make the customers feel totally at ease when shopping at the store. Besides, the large Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a big plus for the template to be compatible with all devices, such as: desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android Smart phones, Android Tablets…

In addition, we give you load of nice and rich features, namely Mega Menu Module, Dropdown Login Module, Product Filtering by Tags Module, Powerful Theme Settings, Color Swatches + Variant Image and many others. Category page/ product detail page and blog page are designed with three options: left/ right sidebar or no sidebar –whichever suits you best.

Like our other templates, you can apply DECORTICA Shopify Template to many products, such as: Mobiles & Tablets Store, Bikes Store, Jewelry & Accessories Store, Fashion Boutique, Shopping …You can choose different color schemes and customize the template in your own way to make your website like no others. Not only you but your customers are going to love it. Just give it a shot, won’t you?

What’s New In 1.0.1

DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template

DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template

DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template

DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template

DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template

DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template

DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template

  • Include Google’s Rich Product Snippets for Better SEO
  • SEO Optimized
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Multiple Language
  • Custom Page Layout with Sidebar Left, Right and No Sidebar Option
  • Responsive Design, Built with CSS 3 + HTML 5, Bootstrap 3.X, Google Web Fonts Integration
  • Mega Menu Module
  • Ajax Layered Navigation (by Tags)
  • Lazy Loading Image
  • Custom links and icons for social media
  • Display payment options
  • Variant Image
  • Product Image Size Settings
  • Multilevel Navigation
  • Color Swatches Ready
  • Ajax Infinite Scroll Module
  • Custom logo, favicon upload easily
  • Custom product per page and product per row
  • Simply to Use & Variant Color Options in Admin Backend
  • Newsletter Signup Popup with Mailchimp Support
  • Custom Tabs (Horizontal & Vertical) in Product Page
  • Flexslider Image Slideshow Module
  • Dropdown Shopping Cart / Login
  • Ajax Add to Cart
  • Product Label
  • GRID & LIST Mode
  • Hover Effect for Product Images
  • Zoom Box & Lightbox Effect in Product Page
  • Product Reviews (app)
  • Related Products (Slider)
  • Recently Viewed Products Products (Slider)
  • Shipping Calculator in the Cart page
  • Blog Page Design
  • Custom Contact Page

DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template

DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template

DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template

DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template

Please add our email: [email protected] to your address book to ensure our response email isn’t marked as spam mail.

We will try our best to reply your emails as soon as possible. However, we will prioritise email regarding Theme features and issues.
- We will reply your email regarding Theme features and issues within 24 hours.
- Regarding emails about template customisation, we will reply you within 48 hours (but normally much sooner).
DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template
Your opinions is highly appreciated and help us built better products.
Thank you.
HaloThemes Team.

DECORTICA - Responsive Shopify Template

  • [Version 1.0.1] 17 September, 2015: Added New Store Demo – Mini Mart.
  • [Version 1.0.0] 15 September, 2015: Theme Released.


  1. newhereinc


  2. hamzanaji

    is this theme support French language ?

  3. ajosecorrea

    Hey, Your Live previeu don´t work…

  4. TheDisjointedMuse

    Hey @halothemes, just wanted to confirm before I buy if this is still a working Shopify theme? Also, is the Blackmount demo still available for this? Let me know. Thank you!

  5. bhaviksheth

    Quick View doesn’t work in demos. I tried both Chrome and Safari browsers on my Mac.

  6. evanfrangos

    If all social networks aren’t used, how can I get the icons to not show? For example, I use Facebook, but not Vimeo. How can I get the FB icon to show, but the Vimeo icon to not show?

  7. delphilips

    Can I make the site’s second language Swedish instead of German?

  8. csonedesigners

    I am having trouble with the colours filter in the sidebar. I have sent an email, any further help would be great!

  9. trekover

    Could do with some help. Im using the BlackMount theme and I have got variations of my products but when i click to choose a different variant the price doesnt change and if i add it to the basket it will only add the first variant and not the others.

  10. delphilips

    I have some questions. This is regarding the blackmount demo;

  11. jakemo

    just making sure I understand correctly when I buy DECORTICA the minimart theme is included?

  12. socialmediately

    Hey guys – I’ve tried contacting you several times via email. The image sorting option is NOT working—who can I contact about this?

  13. theunique

    I am trying to change USD to AED, but in AED Currency sign is not showing.

  14. brightbaum

    Hi, Can you please look in my issue today 9.28.2015. The changes that you made (displaying 1 size option) appears to break my site. It’s causing “Liquid error: Memory limits exceeded” right now. This is an urgent issue. Thanks and much appreciate~

  15. Bedros

    Looks fantastic ; I also shared this with my list to give you some exposure.Wish you great sales. KindRegardsBedros

  16. csonedesigners

    Emailed about an issue with Swatches not showing. Please let me know if received. thanks

  17. prophecyprojekt

    I’m new to Shopify. How does updating a theme work? Do my changes get erased?

  18. fieldthemes

    Awesome design, GLWS

  19. JK-Shop

    Hello, i bought your theme but i need help with install. Please can you install on my website? Thnanks

  20. madderley

    Hi, in the decortica layout, is it possible to have the store logo to the left?. The logo does not appear to be showing at all at present in your decortica demo

  21. geminpak

    BEWARE! Very little customer support available. Had to wait a very long time to get any response back and they still have not resolved any issues. Theme looks great but support is awful. If you are not code savy and need support for any customization, look elsewhere.

  22. R-J-M


  23. ia_chris


  24. sterlingwilliam

    WOW this theme looks amazing, and have a few new shopify clients so looking for a few top notch themes! Curious is it possible to have a minimal header and full screen welcome Slider? they sent this as a fav sample (ideally in between this and your theme header) anyway to see screenshot of your backend theme options and home page backend? Let me know awesome Halo Themes thanks!

  25. remiclassic

    Minimart theme is great. It’s not without its issues though. Social share doesn’t display, wish list goes to a 404 page. I would like to add some features that I thought this theme had such as security badges on product page and check-out. And a bar that shows items available counting down.

  26. OverbergDesign

    Hello. I would like to purchase Blackmount but I have a few questions regarding this theme before I buy. Can you please advise whom I need to speak to as I have not had any reply to my emails sent to [email protected]? Please, I would really like to get my online store going as soon as possible with this theme.

  27. Compustar82

    Having an issue with the dropdown menu for “account” not staying open when you click it in mobile device. This is a completely fresh install and nothing has been done with the theme aside from adding a logo. How can I make sure the dropdown stays “rollled down” after someone clicks the user account icon?

  28. Mdiomande

    Dear Halothemes – I would like to buy the theme for french market. That means the theme should be translated in French. Thus there are my questions :
    1 – Is it possible to translate the whole theme in French ?
    2 – Can the currency be place after the amount ? like 1500 FCFA instead of FCFA 1500.
    3 – Does the theme include the payment at delivery options ?

  29. byafro

    I’m loving this theme. Have one question how do I add a color swatch below item in collections pages. Somtehing like

  30. powdercity

    I just purchased this theme. How do I change my left nav bar so that it does not display the same items that are on my top nav bar? I have another menu created in shopify that I want to display on the left hand side and I cannot figure out how to do this.

  31. anemo

    Hi, Is this theme good for Fashion/Apparel? Having different variants & sizes. Also Can I be sent the doc’s for this theme to review? Thanks.

  32. anemo

    Hi, Is this theme good for Fashion/Apparel? Having different variants & sizes.

  33. courom

    Hi, on the Decortica theme, admin section, we have a contact page setup. But where to find this contact page on the online version of the website ? I cannot find it out…

  34. HinaThemes

    Great Shopify Theme! Good Luck

  35. trekoverland

    Can you please help? Downloaded this theme and installed all great. Getting close to launching our site and now the images on the product pages are now in vertical list but where the horizontal list should be. I just want a horizontal list. Please help. Our Site is

  36. mohit023

    Is there any Size Chart Option in Minimart theme ?

  37. jipsonindia

    On category collection page, if a product completely sold out, on top of the its Snap how can fix auto ‘sold out’ notice. Now when customer reached the detailed view page, then only understanding item is not available… Earlier in our Ella theme, that option was availed. Please advise me.

  38. drupalet

    Good job bro

  39. AliA

    nice template gud luck

  40. giftingnation

    Dear Team, Need a little urgent help on Giftingnation issues as our site is live with valentine traffic. a. Home page show more not working b. Few collections not showing on home page c. On product detail page, related products are showing very large. Just need an acknowledgement if these can be resolved today. Thanks again. You guys rock.

  41. meavalos

    Changing the height of the Home-Slide Show to 350px

  42. theunique

    Hi, I just want to enable cash on delivery, can you please help me out.

  43. courom

    One question on the “New products” features on the Home Page. Products are ranked by name, from A to Z. Is there a way to rank them by date (when they were added on the store) ?

  44. perfiktdef

    I have a pre purchase question In the mini mart demo on the single product page I want to remove the those tabs ( Product Description Customer Reviews
    Shipping & Returns Custom Product Tab ) so my related products will be directly below Instead Is that achieve able with a code from you guys.

  45. copywrite22

    Hello, I purchased the theme and I am having a few issues:
    1. My Logo that I added to the theme keeps disappearing on its own. I believe this is a glitch.
    2. The add to cart button does not send the user to the product review page. It does not do anything as if it is not linked to anything.
    3. I would like the “add to cart” button to say “order now”. Where can I change this?
    4. On the collections page I don’t want the add to cart button to be invisible until hovered over. The add to cart button should be visible even when someone is not hovering over it so that they will know what to click to add it to their cart.

  46. joomlastars

    Great job looks good. GLWS

  47. craigfranco

    Hi. I purchased the template however, the Black Mountain theme files is actually the MiniMart theme so there’s 2 MiniMart themes and 1 Decoritica theme. Help! I purchased for the Black Mountain theme.

  48. smallsbig

    having MAJOR issues with broken bits and bobs relating to the site.

  49. soldiercj2002

    I have recently purchased your theme for our website, and am having some minor issues.

  50. chandlerwu39

    How can I separate product short description with the detailed descriptions below? I don’t want customers to see repetitive information. Thanks!

  51. ryan_miranda

    Hi halothemes,

  52. cesspit86

    Drop you an email regarding my issues haven’t heard from you since. Is the problem solved?

  53. rochvill

    I absolutely love this theme!!! I’m only concerned about the filters in mobile, is there a way to keep them fixed or something? My visitors use them a lot!!

  54. theunique

    Hi, first of all, wants to say that this minimart theme design is perfect.

  55. aiham78

    Hi, I see some products listed in the theme preview with three pictures, I was wondering if it possible to use two pictures and one video?

  56. deepaksudharsanan

    will i get the MINIMART – RESPONSIVE SUPER MARKET SHOPIFY TEMPLATE theme if i purchase with $56?

  57. byafro

    Hey is it possible to remove css3 animations?

  58. ameshack

    does the minimart theme have a COD as checkout payment method and local shipment too?because cant see past through the checkout says “Checkout System disabled: Merchant’s trial period expired.”

  59. meavalos

    Probelmas in Home Page “Three Block Banner” Images appear vertically as I fix

  60. byafro

    Hello Halothemes,

  61. fye2

    Help bug! The quickview CSS is messed up, please take a look and let me know if I can fix or if you need to.

  62. humblespace

    nice theme!

  63. maqabyah

    Hello. I’ve sent a support ticket from a few days ago and still haven’t gotten a response.

  64. ddgameworld

    Great Job! Purchased the theme and installing now. I may need some help with getting product images to line up but so far so good!

  65. cbjarvis

    I purchased this item about 3 months ago. I now no longer have access to download the theme file online. I also am having trouble with the header on the mobile site cutting off the account button. Our website is Please advise how to get this issue resolved

  66. Everywaydesign

    Hey there,

  67. giftingnation

    Dear Halo Themes Team, Can you please revert to the queries I have written on email to support email ID? Our store name is Been using Decortive theme. Thanks

  68. eliazulay

    Hello, do the blackmount theme have a full screen or wide version?

  69. Denovo

    Nice theme! Considering purchasing. Does the theme support Yotpo Reviews app?


    Links in prewiev theme not working

  71. Socialmaniacs


  72. calebjarvis

    I have sent a support email – I am having problems with my theme decortica after updating shopify to https. It now shows the social icons on all images when you hover over them. How can I remove this feature?

  73. theunique

    Hi, I need to know, how I can show all my products in home page using infinite loop?

  74. meavalos

    As I can change the logo “src =” // “

  75. mahajan89

    Awesome design..need to clarify few things before buying.. we want to set up furniture site..1) We need to have less product images in “New Products” and “Best Sellers” section on home page. Also we would like to have larger size of pictures in that section, preferably 3 larger images per section. 2) Product description page seems to be cluttered. Need to remove featured products and organize the page. Can we make the above changes?

  76. brightbaum

    Hi, Nice theme. I sent you an email, please check

  77. minionmade

    Just sent over an email with a bunch of bugs. Please get back to us when possible. Thanks!

  78. kurotic

    Great product.


    Hey! Just purchased and installed. I have used your Ella theme for some time now and im so happy! But i was wondering about something on the new theme. Is it possible for me to get the same big slider as in the ella theme? And also, the big sidebar on the category pages, is it possible to get that on the product pages as well? here is my website

  80. PCMShaper

    Great Theme, Good Luck

  81. anemo

    When purchasing do you get all 3 theme options or select one?

  82. jtobkin

    Hello I sent a support ticket to [email protected]
    need some advice – some mega menu items don’t appear to be displaying properly – screenshot included in the email.

  83. DavidDyChang

    I’ve just sent an email. But in order to get fastest response I’m commenting here. In the “SideBar” section, I’ve followed the examples of “Shop by Price” and “Shop by Brand” but no matter what I do, they are blank on my website.

  84. cesspit86

    great theme. some questions. considering using minimart
    is the theme compatible with the following

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