25% textures | 50% gradients | 75% grey | 100% editable shapes

(!) Updated with CU3ER
and strechable menu.

Norman template is a clean & modern web 2.0 theme most suitable for either small or large companies of any kind, thanks to the large image slideshow on the homepage which makes it easy to personalize, thus ready to promote anything from a corporate business to a portfolio site. There are vibrant colors to help the user focus on what’s important on the webpage, while everything else is gray.

Three color variations: red, green, blue, unobstrusive javascript, valid html and css. Easy to customise slideshow.


  1. -ilove2design-

    nice theme

  2. xyxjasilixyx


  3. velocity3001

    great stuff. i understood with no problem. big welcome to tf!

  4. ZoomIt

    ar trebui sa scrii acolo unde scrie norman – orange skin, blue skin si green skin sa stie cumparatorul
    nice theme

  5. peex

    +1 Please make them more understandable

  6. voodoogal

    great presentation. good luck with sales.

  7. mabuc

    nice theme and nice work… good luck with the sales..

  8. al_m473

    didn’t realize the three norman buttons led elsewhere at first. really did not see what the fuss was about until I clicked on them.

  9. vesthar

    Awesome Theme ! good job and welcome

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