The Catalog Tumblr Theme  The Catalog Tumblr Theme 

Current Version: 1.7 (View Changelog)

The Catalog Tumblr Theme
The Catalog is a simple yet very complete Tumblr Theme focused on getting all your photos, text, videos, audio in a catalog-like format. All posts are showed as thumbnails and you can see more by clicking them. It’s a responsive theme that works well in different screen sizes. It has a slider that fetches posted photos based on a special tag.

The Catalog Tumblr Theme

The Catalog Tumblr Theme

The Catalog Tumblr Theme

The Catalog Tumblr Theme

  • Homepage/Tag list with thumbnails
  • Responsive web design
  • Optional Slider with up to 3 slides
  • Boxed or wide layout
  • All post types
  • Titles in all post types (including photo and video)
  • Search
  • Custom colors
  • Google WebFonts
  • Discus comments
  • Footer Widgets: About / Twitter / Flickr / Dribbble / Instagram / Likes / Following / Social Media
  • Localization
  • Logo as an image
  • Pages and Ask form supported
  • Customizable navigation (based on tags)
  • Google Analytics ready
  • Facebook share optimized
  • Social Network links: Behance, Coroflot, DeviantART, Dribbble, Ebay, Envato, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube and Zerply

The Catalog Tumblr Theme

The Catalog Tumblr Theme

  • JQuery Library
  • Jribbble.js – A jQuery plugin for fetching shots from the Dribbble API.
  • Sticky Footer – A simple, lightweight sticky footer plugin for jQuery (by Todd Francis).
  • Timeago – A jQuery plugin that makes it easy to support automatically updating timestamps
  • FitVids.js – A lightweight, easy-to-use jQuery plugin for fluid width video embeds.
  • JQuery Fullsizable – jQuery lightbox plugin to take full available browser space for image viewing.
  • ResponsiveSlides.js – Simple & lightweight responsive slider plugin (in 1kb)
  • jQInstaPics – a simple jQuery plugin that enables you to display the latest pics from your Instagram feed on your website or blog.
  • Back to top Link adapted from WebDesigner’s Wall
  • Script to display or hide content in the homepage by Nelson Martins (created specially for The Catalog Tumblr theme)
  • Fontello – icon fonts generator
  • Google Analytics
  • Disqus
  • Droid Sans by Steve Matteson | Google WebFonts
  • All photos and illustrations on the demo site by Patricia Carvalho

The Catalog Tumblr Theme

March 6, 2017 — v1.1
  • Added support for SSL

v.1.6 (January 4, 2017):

  • Replaced: Slider with 3 slides (each with image, text and link)
v.1.5 (April 29, 2014):
  • Added: New toggle navigation for small screens.
  • Added: New option to ‘Enable Strong as Title’.
  • Added: Show Notes option.
  • Added: Enable Disqus option.
  • Added: Two additional custom nav tags.
  • Added: Give Credit Option.
  • Added: Header HTML Code.
  • Added: Footer Custom Code.
  • Added: Comments background color.
  • Added: Keywords option (SEO).
  • Updated: Flickr plugin replaced.
  • Updated: Dribbble plugin replaced.
  • Updated: FitVids script (1.1).
  • Improved: Permalink page (content page) completely redesigned.
  • Improved: Optimization of the code for more rendering speed.

v.1.4 (Oct 15, 2013):

  • Added: Option to show pagination on top/bottom.
  • Added: Page numbers to pagination (optional).
  • Added: Submit functionality.
  • Fixed: Photoset display with captions.
  • Fixed: Instagram widget is now working.
  • Updated: Dribbble widget script.
  • Updated: FitVids script.

v.1.3 (July 3, 2013):

  • Added: Option to center logo (and top nav).
  • Added: Like / Reblog Tumblr buttons.
  • Added: Answer post type.
  • Added: Mouse-over link/effect over audio thumbnails.
  • Added: Video images as thumbnails (new Tumblr feature).
  • Added: Optional slider on all (listing) pages.
  • Added: Option to enable real size images (instead of enlarged to full width in the photo post page).
  • Fixed: Pagination link on homepage (only showing bottom).
  • Fixed: Removed Tweetable (stopped working) and added Tumblr’s Twitter JS.
  • Changed: Default colors to be the same as the Catalog demo site.
  • Improved: Most JS is now inline making the theme faster (less calls to the server).

v.1.2 (May 14, 2013):

  • Added: Sticky footer.
  • Added: Boxed layout option.
  • Added: Background color and image option.
  • Fixed: Removed pagination when there’s only one page.
  • Fixed: Previous / Next buttons position on mobile.
  • Fixed: Tag caption missing in audio post and photoset post pages.
  • Fixed: Multiple CSS fixes.
  • Changed: Lightbox has a new code (fits the entire screen).
  • Changed: Improved thumbnails for audio posts.
  • Changed: Footer links are now centered.
  • Changed: Dribbble.js to inline js for faster loading.
  • Updated: Fontello code for icon fonts.
  • Updated: Audio pages (all audio plug-ins are now displaying correctly).
  • Updated: Timeago JQuery to 1.1.0.
  • Updated: JQuery version to latest version.

v.1.1 (Mar 21, 2013):

  • Added: “Following” Widget (footer).
  • Added: “Likes” Widget (footer).
  • Added: “Instagram” Widget (footer).
  • Added: Search title on footer when “Social Media” widget is turned off.
  • Added: Support for Black and Grey AudioPlayer.
  • Added: Optional location of the Pages links on the top navigation.
  • Added: Support for Tumblr’s Photoset layout (as a theme option).
  • Added: Optional field for Homepage thumbnails.
  • Added: Optional field for Twitter username.
  • Fixed: Pagination ordering in listings (was reversed).
  • Changed: New position for Audio Player (on permalink page).
  • Changed: Minor code cleanup.

v.1.0 (Jan 23, 2013):

  • Release of this theme.

The Catalog Tumblr Theme
Please send me any questions that you have or any bugs you find (or any feature that you would like to see added) – to [email protected] I will be happy to help and would be very useful to keep this theme updated, improved and bug-free.

The Catalog Tumblr Theme  The Catalog Tumblr Theme


  1. BStathis


  2. jimrugg

    Is it possible to lock the header in place, so it’s always at the top of the screen, even if you scroll down a long entry?

  3. corophotography


  4. jjasef

    I’m looking forward to building out my interview website but why is this happening when I added my first video post? Do I need to add a header image? Looking forward to your prompt help! Cheers. – JJ

  5. pricelessmisc

    Does this theme support Tumblr’s photosets? I didn’t see a sample post in the demo making use of them.

  6. Strangelanguage

    I have a few questions
    1. Can the number of posts shown on the home page be changed?
    2. Can the background color of the footer be changed?
    3. Can the default post (photo) size be changed?

  7. coleletham

    Could i make my Logo appear where “The catalog” is?

  8. muratesmer


  9. hfranzy

    Love this theme, thanks!

  10. tzola


  11. nateisgreat1996

    Hi, I love the blog so far. Though I am having difficulties setting up my instagram feed.I have read your instructions but I am not real sure on what I have to do exactly yet?

  12. missingg

    Good-looking, easy to customize theme, I use it to present my portfolio online. Had the same issues with the slider, but the support team worked a fix really fast. Great customer support

  13. teamclaudeen

    Hi there, I installed the theme - however I do not have an “Enable Slider” Button! Help

  14. prismonde

    I was wondering why the pagination is reversed on this item. I’ve done everything I can to change it but i can’t. For what ever reason, counter to what is typical, it starts with previous, and the last page says next! HELP!

  15. andreapatino

    And also, is there any way that I can have a video instead of a photo slider? For instance, have a video post that occupies most of the slider’s space? Thanks!

  16. radioative


  17. BlakeTee

    Thanks for being such generous

  18. megantickle

    I’m trying to pull my instagram feed into the footer. Your documentation shows a field for the “Instagram Access Token” and “Instagram User ID” but I’m only seeing the “User ID” field, therefore the widget isn’t working. Can you help me figure out what I’m doing wrong?

  19. windysunny

    Hi – such a fantastic theme! I’m considering purchasing it for my site. I’m wondering if it’s possible to use social media icons instead of just the names in the footer. Would I need to do this “under the hood” or is it an option in the main “Edit Theme” choices?

  20. 99Entertainment

    Was wondering is it possible to have slider appear on all pages?

  21. eqrphotography

    Pretty nice theme. I bought it and im loving it. Im using all the specifications on the documentations and i haven’t any problems at all.

  22. misscedez

    Hi, I have embedded videos to the site, but the audio is not working. Could you please help?

  23. mikedidthis

    Super happy to see another theme from your Patricia. This one is super!

  24. JudeDias


  25. mhazaru

    Hello! Love your theme. It’s really neat and tidy I have one question though…is it possible to hide posts from the home page? My end goal is to have a homepage with page links that lead to my tagged images. So in other words it would just be the logo with links and stuff underneath, and you click the links to go to the galleries. TY!

  26. nateisgreat1996

    The code won’t install properly or just isn’t working period?

  27. prismonde

    Is there any way to make the slider clickable?

  28. mirkostolz

    Nice theme for sure. Although, the central element doesn’t work for me. Can’t make the slider work. Installed theme in different ways. Check. Slider enabled in setting. Check. Added #slider. Check. Still, the posts only show up as regular thumbnails next to each other. Any tips what else I can try?

  29. WPExplorer

    Cool looking theme!

  30. MWibault

    Hi. I tried to created a “ask” pages (using the tumblr parameter) and add pages but nothing appears in the menu ! Help

  31. wh7sper

    Have had bugs with no customer service (even though I purchased the additional $9.60 of support). Very unfortunate as the theme looked stunning on the demo. There’s no refunds everyone so just a warning.

  32. SandyRaeburn21

    Hi thank you very much for designing such a beautiful theme!
    I am currently desperately trying to find a way to set up a text post that can have a thumbnail image on the home screen. is my site..
    The idea is that on the homepage there will be thumb nailed images – and you click on one of them and it takes you through to the article that contains both text and images.
    is there a way to do this at all?
    Many thanks – Sandy

  33. italdred

    Is anything going to be done with the new soundcloud widgets, they dont fit properly in the window on the actual tumblr

  34. BelleToscan

    Hello again!

  35. jimrugg

    When I select “Pages Menu On Top” under Customize>Appearance, is there a way to make the Pages links appear after the Nav Tag’s in the header (or more precisely to appear to the right of the Nav Tag’s in the header)?

  36. jennypink

    My navtags are dropping down off the header area and behind the slider image. Any idea why or how to properly place them?

  37. leem8202

    Hi! I have a question again
    Is there any way to display 16 thumbnails in the pages?, index page or other pages. I want my index page that have more thumbnails.
    If you have a idea, plz let me know~Thanks!!

  38. andreapatino

    Hi! Still in love with this theme
    I have a two questions:
    1. Any chance that the thumbnails can be adjusted. The photos appear a little off-centered and I’d like to be able to adjust the image so that it’s not cropped in a funny way (like someone’s head is chopped in one). Also, is it possible to only have the image (versos the image and text?), even though the post itself has text?

  39. rcp1976

    How can I change the contentpage-header size. Thanks

  40. tomdaams

    Love the theme, been customizing it a bit.
    But one thing i cant figure out, how can i make clicking a photo(set) thumbnail (from the index/tagpage) open up a lightbox without going to the post page?

  41. leem8202

    Hi!! ^^ I have questions again!
    Can I change Thumbnail display number? I applied 12 in homepage thumbnail blank, but I cannot see any differences.
    And one more question~ Can I make a page width size smaller than now? I mean just content page width not entire site width.
    Thank you!

  42. KyucaDesign

    This theme’s slider show does not work on the latest browsers that are Chrome and fire fox. When I launch these browsers, your DEMO SITE ( ) does not work, too. So I want you to update this theme. Please check this and could you update this theme ?

  43. andreapatino

    I LOVE your theme and I’m very excited to use it. I’m trying to have the photos in the slider be as thin as the ones you have in the demo site but they are too thick. It doesn’t seem to be a question of their size, but rather a question of the template). How can I make the slider images thinner? (make them look like the ones on the demo)?
    Thank you!

  44. lilipunk

    hi, i’m loving your theme so far, but i’m trying to use a background image, i’ve enabled boxed layout and im trying with different values in site max width, but i can’t get the image to be shown in the background.
    i can only see a portion of it when i zoom out in the browser, so i wonder if there’s something i can do to limit the site’s width since “site max width” isn’t working for me.

  45. andreapatino

    I was wondering if there is any way of changing the size of the thumbnails. I am building a website, but before it’s ready I want to have only a video in the home page. As it is, I can only have the thumbnail appear, and it is too small. I would like to have one single video that occupies the entire screen as you open the site. Is this possible?
    Thank you!

  46. leem8202

    Hi I purchased your pretty theme yesterday and I have a question.
    Can I use smaller size font in content page? I think it is too big for me. Just let me know if it is possible~
    Thank you!

  47. BelleToscan

    Hi, Patricia!

  48. vava19930105

    It is not displayed well, what should I do even if I just copy text for html?

  49. Jamalahmad

    Hi I’ve got a wide monitor and my tumblr page ( top header doesn’t seem to stretch to the full length of the screen nor does the slider image, what am I doing wrong, can you help?

  50. biz78

    I have customized your theme and you can check it out here

  51. BelleToscan

    Hi, Patricia! Everything is going pretty great with your template, some friends have already been asking where did I get it from and of course I promoted you.

  52. marshoeuvre

    I just purchased this theme and have a question. How can I show 4posts on the home page and 12posts on the other pages like the demo site?

  53. JudeDias

    Hello Again,

  54. projectsourced

    Really nicely done! I am interested in a few customizations, let me know if you do that. In the meantime, here are a few basic questions:

  55. andreapatino

    Oh! Ok, I figured out the photo issue! Could you still tell me though, how to set a video in the place of a slider?
    Thank you!

  56. kokhen

    I just bought this theme called “The Catalog”. I love it so far! It looks so good. Awesome job!

  57. daisylind

    Hi! Just got the email about the update. If I’ve customized my page, how can I incorporate the update without breaking everything? Thanks! *daisy

  58. leem8202

    Hi, ^^ I just noticed you have update file. If I’ve customized my page, how can I incorporate the update without breaking anything?
    If you have idea, plz let me know! Thanks!

  59. Gr8Meta4

    Does your theme show a thumbnail image for link posts…? Your description suggests it does, but the separate menu link for “Link” (Posts?) shows link posts without thumbnails…would you please clarify…?

  60. eqrphotography

    Hi, i need help. How do i change the link name “Home” to “Inicio”. I really need to put it up in spanish. Thanks.

  61. shikariuchiha

    Hey there, this problem has only just started occurring so I’ve never needed support prior. First off I love the theme, there aren’t that many themes for tumblr that are this powerful and at this price!

  62. leem8202

    I love the blog so far. But I am having a difficulty setting up my Flickr feed.
    I added my Flickr username but nothing happened in my Flickr footer.
    I have read your instructions. Can you give me some informations? I don’t know what I did wrong.Thanks!!

  63. mystmyst

    Very nice clean theme.. I would like to see links through the slides and my custom pages on header and not on footer… better support for photo sets and different position for audio player on permalink page because it covers the artwork..

  64. italdred

    How can i get the slider to always stay the same size… the page keeps moving up and down because of the different picture sizes… very nice theme though, thank you!

  65. fireform

    Patricia knows how to design beautiful things Cool theme!

  66. Muzakjunkie

    Hi, I really liked the theme, slick and simple so I subsequently purchased and rated. one minor problem, I’m having difficulties getting my associated Twitter posts to display, do you know what this might be down to?

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