Spiced Blog - Recipes & Food Personal BlogSpiced Blog - Recipes & Food Personal Blog

CURRENT VERSION 1.4.1 (see Change log at the bottom of this page)

Are you into blogging? Here’s the new WordPress theme by Axiom. Spiced Blog is intended for food bloggers, food photographers, cooking and recipes websites.

Full support of WP Customizer and setting of all theme options via it;

Two color schemes (Dark & Light) and easy color change via WP customizer.

A number of diverse blog post layouts – choose between right/left sidebar, fullwidth, wide or boxed version of the page.

Fixed sidebar when scrolling – keep all widgets in visual field!

Built-in slider and full integrated support of revolution slider (in case of the purchase)

Super speedy page load

Instagram Feed and MailChimp support, as well as easy video including from YouTube and Vimeo.

Spiced Blog - Recipes & Food Personal Blog Spiced Blog - Recipes & Food Personal Blog Spiced Blog - Recipes & Food Personal Blog


Jorgen Grotdal – a wonderful graphic artist!

All images are copyrighted to their respective owners. Images used in live preview are not included in the template.

Change log

29.10.2016 Version 1.4.1 – Update

- Dummy data installation with MailChimp is fixed;

23.05.2016 Version 1.4 – Update

- Pin It share button fixed ;
- Facebook share button fixed

10.02.2016 Version 1.3 – Update

- Languages files updated

02.12.2015 Version 1.2.1 – Update

- Child theme added

30.11.2015 Version 1.2 – Update

- Color scheme updated 
- Demo installation fixed

09.11.2015 Version 1.1 – Update

- Added: Built-in demo data import

10.11.2015 Version 1.0 – Release


  1. TheemWiz

    Looking delicious.

  2. Sparximer

    Hello, Pre Purchase Question:
    Does this theme support Right to Left languages? such as Arabic
    And does it support Multi language ?

  3. Julia_support

    Dear customers,

  4. Julia_support

    Dear Customers,

  5. urgrafix

    Is there a way to display the full featured images in the single posts? It looks like it crops quite a bit & darkens the featured image. The only thing that makes me hesitant on purchasing is knowing just that. Thank you!

  6. AZ-Theme

    Nice theme. Glws

  7. papablogueur


  8. 2codeThemes

    Very nice theme, Good luck with sales

  9. franckold

    Hi ! Beautiful theme.
    I wanted to ask you, before you buy, if the tempa makes use of the visual composer.
    Thank you very much…

  10. fieldthemes

    Great template! GLWS

  11. eugene_support

    In case you recently could not use our ticket system and had issues submitting support tickets, please do not panic. All you need to do is either to try creating the ticket again or to send your request to _Presale questions category which does not require purchase code verification. Unfortunately, the issue occurred for reasons beyond our control, though we continued assisting you in comments and pre-sales tickets all this time.
    Please take our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  12. ninzio

    Nice theme. Congrats and good luck

  13. franckold

    Hello, I would like to use another plugin for recipes instead of yum used in the theme.
    I would use “Ultimate Recipe WP”, you think I can have problems is that the display of business?
    Thank you very much.

  14. silviacarbotti

    Nice theme but i have a problem with comments.
    If i try to insert a comment I receive an alert: The message text can’t be empty

  15. maracomms

    Hi! A client is interested in your theme and I just have a quick question. Do you have an area in your customize panel to add in custom CSS or do you have to do it in the style sheet?

  16. bilalbenz

    Hi ! I can’t open the live preview, it’s a DNS bug…

  17. ciricaki33

    Facebook share points to an error page. is this fixable?

  18. webduck

    awesome & great effort seems in your work.. .good luck

  19. tamara_support

    Dear Customers,

  20. HinaThemes

    Great Personal Theme, GL

  21. EricProchnow

    good work, i whish you all the best for your sales

  22. ajaybirbal

    Theme looks amazing. But can I somehow add the ability to add front end recipe submission? I am a newbie in wordpress

  23. azaahp2

    Am I able to include ecommerce if I use this theme?

  24. crelegant

    Looking delicious.

  25. oyleyonline

    Hi, Thanks

  26. genesismoss

    Hi there. Beautiful theme! I love it! I have a pre-sale question: Just how customizable is the homepage slider? For example, can we change the dark, blackish box on the photos to a white box with a different colored font, etc?

  27. oyleyonline

    Demo is not working..Could you check Looking to show the demo to client .

  28. oldschool101

    Hi there, pre-sales question: I’m looking for a new theme to revamp my Bacon Meals recipe site, and this looks like a fairly decent fit. However, I’m curious of something.

  29. Yetty

    Please help. I already installed all plug ins. I am trying to import the demo data. I have cleared my cache. connected my mailchimp and I keep getting this message >>>>>Attention! For correct installation of the demo data, you must install and activate the following plugins:
    MailChimp for WP

  30. franckold

    Hi, first of all I’m glad I bought your fantastic theme SPICED BLOG!
    Today, however, I need to DO NOT APPEAR related articles at the bottom of each article / recipe screen.
    Unfortunately I can not find the way to do it. I tried to “customize” the theme …. but nothing.
    Could you kindly help me, showing me how to do?

  31. joomlastars

    Nice work !! Looks good . GLWS

  32. icommq

    Hi there. Is it possible to switch the image slider off on the home page?

  33. folham

    hello, i am trying to install the dummy, but i keep getting this ::: Attention! For correct installation of the demo data, you must install and activate the following plugins:
    MailChimp for WP. I have activated the plugin and i keep getting that.

  34. Sparximer

    Hi, quick question,

  35. focusondot

    Hi, I just bought your theme, is there an update coming for the latest wordpress version?

  36. oklaus

    In the demo, what is the sidebar widget that was used for the newsletter signup? – http://screencast.com/t/ZMGqH7fEmtcI

  37. PCMShaper

    Nice template! GLWS

  38. kathrinkaiser1234

    Hey guys,
    I would love to use this template but I have a question first: How customizable is it? I intend to use it as something not related to food, I love the color-scheme and the structure. Is it possible to customize it in a way, that it can be used for a non-food-related topic?

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