Sabana – Clean & Elegant WordPress Blog Theme

Sabana is responsive WordPress theme with minimalist, clean, elegant and modern design. Supporting 5 post formats including Standard, Image, Gallery, Audio, and Video which give you easiness in displaying your content with various formats. Featuring four header layouts, two content layouts, useful custom widgets, and easy & user-friendly theme options panel which make your work easier and bring the beauty on your blog.

Sabana is highly recommended for any blogs including personal website, travel, fashion, music, diary, food & recipes, and many others.

Sabana - Clean & Elegant WordPress Blog Theme


v1.0 - January 13, 2015
    [ - ] Initial Release

v1.1 - February 27, 2015
    [ - ] Fix posts carousel bug
    [ + ] Add related posts
    [ + ] Add pinterest social share
    [ + ] Add an option to disable featured image on single post

    File changes:
    [ - ] ../style.css
    [ - ] ../functions.php
    [ - ] ../inc/template-tags.php
    [ - ] ../inc/theme-options.php


  • Ready for WordPress 4.1
  • Fully Responsive which make your website look good in any devices.
  • Minimalist, clean, and modern layout.
  • Support 5 post formats (Standard, Image, Gallery, Audio, Video).
  • Four header layout options.
  • Easy install & setup.
  • Built-in easy and user friendly theme options panel.
  • Unlimited accent colors.
  • Logo and favicon uploader.
  • Google font selection.
  • Sticky navigation.
  • Sticky sidebar.
  • WordPress 3.0 dropdown menu support.
  • Translation ready with included .po/.mo files.
  • Child theme included.
  • Widget ready.
  • Beautiful gallery with lightbox.
  • Two sidebar positions.
  • Useful custom widgets.
  • Page templates.
  • Cross browser compatible.
  • Built with HTML5 & CSS3
  • Contact Form 7 support.
  • Integrated social sharing tool.
  • And many more useful & interesting features…


Please feel free to send us message from our profile page. We will gladly answer your question.

Thank you!

Last but not least, thank you very much for visiting and checking out Sabana. If you have any questions about this theme, please feel free to contact us or give comments from the item comments page.


All images used in demo website do not included inside the theme package. All of them are free and can be downloaded from Unsplash & Death to the Stock Photo


  1. primaposizionesrl

    Hi, I need to add a custom link to thumbnail of the post.

  2. anaycarol

    Hello, when I´m drafting a post and I click to preview it, the preview doesn´t appear, instead, I olnly see a “Nothing found” page. Any idea about what´s happening? Thanks!!!

  3. prikamoi


  4. illuminea

    I wish the Sabana Social Links had an RSS option as well. Thanks!

  5. blatomdesign

    Congrats? GLWS

  6. issablesmith

    how can i make both featured image and image in the post same width ?

  7. djkillj0y

    Hello! Still loving the theme. Is there a way to have the social icons in the social links menu to open in a window?

  8. AlexanderEJones

    Great theme! How would one limit the number of posts loading on the main page? I only want 3-4 loading.

  9. GroovyPlanet


  10. ryaneley1

    Hello, I’m trying to figure out how to configure the social buttons that show up under every post. I have figured out how to configure the social buttons in the side bar and navigation section, but under each post there are 4 social buttons that I can’t figure out how to configure.

  11. robbyras

    Still getting to know thew theme and I’m not much with the code… so you may hear a lot from me over the next few months…

  12. Leotjo

    Hello! I installed Sabana yesterday and it is very nice! I have one small problem though. In the header line, on the right, there are three social media dots where there should be the logos of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But in my Internet Explorer browser, these dots are empty. On my Phone (Chrome browser), these logos are present. Does this depend on the version of my Internet Explorer or can I do something about it?

  13. rdapaah


  14. helgatheweber

    How to add related posts to each post?

  15. Ba5nanas

    Great Work. GLWS

  16. SiteSao

    Great work. Congrats. GLWS

  17. helgatheweber

    Hi! A couple of things:

  18. menzieto


  19. creativedaffodil


  20. tomrudderham

    Probably a simple question, but is there anyway to add an advert slot in the header?

  21. paam

    Good afternoon!
    I bought the product from you and loved it, but I’m having problems in mobile version. IPhone 6 in it breaks the whole subject, can tell me why?
    In other devices work perfectly, this problem only occurs in the iPhone 6.

  22. viagensgraficas

    Hello, when I´m drafting a post and I click to preview it, the preview doesn´t appear, instead, I olnly see a “Nothing found” page. Any idea about what´s happening? Thanks!!!

  23. GroovyPlanet

    I am interested in using this theme. Looks very nice! Before purchasing I would like to ask a question. Is it possible to change the upper range what means to integrate a slide show (with automatic motion!) for the latest articles? And if possible, how would it work?

  24. menzieto

    Hi -

  25. djkillj0y


  26. erinboykin

    I like the theme. The theme description states that there are 4 header layout options, would be possible to see them all in the demo?

  27. Petrozza

    Hi , I bought the topic recently and would like to know how to insert the buttons on the Contact header , social media. For in my theme does not have the options.

  28. SJHostingLLC

    This is a great theme! Only problem is when I upload images with the correct resolution and then look at my posts they images are all off in size. I just want them center all the same size without any size difference. can you help?

  29. joomlastars

    Great work done. Congrats and GLWS

  30. metrothemes

    Looks Nice

  31. Ufocrash


  32. Leotjo

    Hello! Here I am again.

  33. Sporin

    The More tag doesn’t seem to be working on our blog. Any thoughts?

  34. AirTheme

    Nice Job! GLWS!

  35. illuminea

    I noticed that when I scroll down the blog, even in your demo, the Categories in the sidebar ‘sticks’. How can I undo that?

  36. ninzio

    Clean and useful blog. Congrats

  37. jenherranz

    Hi, I want to buy this theme but, the carousel doesn’t show properly in 1080p screens, how can I fix this? (there’s a gap between images)

  38. anakatm

    Hi there – first time blogger here so I apologize for the trivial question in advance. I seem to have gotten quite far with all the help boards out there but one basic thing seems to be missing and maybe I have just been at it for too many hours straight but my issue is with the Theme Title at the top of the page. Shouldn’t that read my blog name and tagline? I input said name and tagline but the “Sabana” title remains in all previews. Is that something that doesn’t change?

  39. drupalet

    Good luck!

  40. themewing

    Great Work

  41. KL-Webmedia

    Awesome Template and good luck with sales dude!

  42. Sporin

    Client clarification. the More tag works, but then it doesn’t show the “Continue Reading button if you use it. Look at the “DartLingo” post

  43. pvabernardo

    Hi. Is there a way to disable/hide the dates in posts and comments?

  44. Mettem9

    Hey very nice theme but how do I remove the Sabana titel in the header ?

  45. fieldthemes

    Awesome , Good Luck

  46. menzieto


  47. helgatheweber

    Hi! Is there a way for the images in the post to match the featured image width?

  48. devonrake


  49. menzieto

    Greetings! Why is my blog post excerpt only 1 line but on the example there are more lines? How do I fix this?

  50. themezkitchen

    Great work. Congrats. GLWS

  51. Katdelorme

    Officially sale number 100 can’t wait to crack open this theme.

  52. onlyshot72

    Hello, I bought the Sabana theme
    used it on my wordpress, But find one issue, that when I use mobile watch my website, The RWD just print half(50%), the other 50% just white. do u help me?
    thank you.

  53. Sporin

    Really great theme, very quick and easy to set up, thank you.

  54. FelixWegener

    It’s me again: I have another problem so i need you help. I bought the Sabana theme and everything is working out well. But when I looked at the mobilphone version or tablet the site is kind of crashed… I have a few screenshots but you can test it as well. The site is:

  55. rpastorelli

    Good Afternoon,

  56. AliA

    nice theme gud luck

  57. johnnyWB

    First of all, nice work!

  58. HinaThemes

    Very Nice and Creative Item GLWS

  59. menzieto

    Hi. How do I change the header? I tried the directions in the comments but I don’t see an option for the header when I go to appearance-themes.

  60. themesmile

    Congratz, Good luck for your sales ya om

  61. FelixWegener

    Hey there, can you please give me an advice how I can change the Font (Heading Font Family) from railway to railway light?

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