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Kane Parallax App Landing Page

kane is a clean and modern joomla landing page template, very easy to customize according to your needs. This landing page template can be used to promote web apps, mobile apps and all kind of marketing and startup websites. Quick and easy to setup.

Key Features of the Template

  1. Joomla 3.4.5 Ready
  2. Mage with Powerful Helix3 Framework
  3. Powerful SP Pagebuilder 1.0.6 integrated
  4. Built-in Drag and Drop features
  5. Fully Responsive Layout
  6. Creative and Modern Design, lots of possibilities
  7. Fully compatible for all major browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge etc
  8. Built by HTML5, CSS3, LESS CSS
  9. Built in Gzip Compress and Data URI function for faster site loading
  10. Revolution slider included so you save $25
  11. 3 Header style and 4 Menu style included, you can combine with any of them.
  12. 4 Preset with Unlimited Color variation possibilities (choose your color piece by piece from live customizer so no binding with only 5 color)
  13. Unlimited Module Positions
  14. 520+ FontAwesome icon for support any size even retina display also you can call them in anywhere you want.
  15. K2 Styling with Custom Templating for better blogging and portfolio.
  16. Well Documented with online documentation site and also have dedicated support system with active team.
  17. and much more, i think it’s better if you please check the demo site fully.

Important notice for old customer

please do not update your product. But you can download it and install it in new place. it is very flexible to create content and everything.

27 November 2015

+major update.

Update Log

13 March 15
+mailchimp bug fixes
26 January 15
+bug fixes
+Dark version added


  1. h2theme

    Clean work

  2. twerle

    I have a question about the menu, when you pass the mouse over the top it does not show, only when you roll the page down.

  3. Hjalte1983


  4. aodto

    Hi, I have tested the demo. There was an error that I found. At the page demo, when you click download app button it scrolls down for the first time. But when you go back to the top and click it once more, it wont scroll down.

  5. pouliiine

    very nice work
    one question, do you have a sign up / sign in section, pages ..?

  6. mikomiko

  7. HelixThemes

    Great work. Congrats and GLWS

  8. EssmaT

    Dear sir,

  9. 2codeThemes

    Great work, Welcome in ThemeForest, GLWS

  10. yousss_77

    Hello ,
    is it possible to change the logo and background images without coding with parametrage

  11. dangen1977

    Great work on this theme! I’ve used the Kane app for bootstrap and was very excited to see it had been ported to Joomla. Quick question, any plans to port the video background version to Joomla? I have already purchased the Joomla version, but do not see this option anywhere.

  12. skaufke

    I want to buy a template but position “FEATURES” not seen on mobile devices. Can you fix it ??

  13. MrJamesP

    Hi. Great template. Bought. I want the website to display as in the live demo. What option do I select for this please? Thanks. James.

  14. Vallagruppen

    Hi i have som issues and ned your help.

  15. cmp94

    hello my friend:) nice work . how can i add a K2 portfolio, there is a problem of zoom ( sorry for the bad english im french) please contact me if you can [email protected]

  16. Berlino

    Hi Rusafu,

  17. fieldthemes

    Great idea! Congratulation! GLWS!

  18. MrJamesP

    Hi Rusafy. I sent you a request in support. Thanks!

  19. AirTheme

    Nice Job! GLWS!

  20. coh998

    I’ve been trying to get support on a simple question, with no answer yet after 2 days. The question is, how do I disable Main Menu animation and keep it visible at all times? I see that choosing Split Menu instead of Mega Menu in the Template Manager does this, but it also disables all animations in all other Positions, not just Main Menu. Is there a way to disable Menu animation and keep all other animations active?

  21. dangen1977

    awesome template! any thoughts about incorporating bootstrap 3? Also, I have a question about the menu. is there any way to make the menu static on internal pages…or least make it show immediately? It only shows after “scrolling”, which is fine on the home page…but not on internal pages. If I could turn it off on internal pages, I’d be happy to build my own, but it seems that I cannot as it is not listed in the modules (I’m guessing it’s hard coded into the template?). Currently, the only solution I can think of is to build a new template for internal pages…which is kinda a pain. Any chance there’s a version of this theme for multiple page sites, or at least some semi-easy way that I can turn off the regular menu for internal pages?

  22. kevint77

    For some reason the mailchimp subscription form will not allow me to type in the text box using firefox but works fine in safari and chrome. Please help… Sent mail but haven’t heard back

  23. Xemrind

    Nice work, GLWS!

  24. martvg15

    Awesome template!

  25. themeum

    Awesome job done (Y)

  26. trippleS

    Welcome to family. Nice work

  27. joomlastars

    Great work done. Congrats and GLWS

  28. vcourbiere

    I have a problem with the template package: I only want to install the template, and not the whole “Quickstart package”.
    Reading your documentation, it says that I should install only the file named “”, but there is no such file in the package I bought… Can you please advise on how to install ONLY the template in Joomla ?
    Thank you

  29. Berlino

    Hi Rusafy,

  30. EssmaT

    Dear Sir,
    You mentioned in the mail you sent regarding questions i had that the developer who Developed this Item is now unavailable, and asked me to wait 1 more day; it’s been 5 days now.

  31. HinaThemes

    Very Good and Unique Item, GLWS

  32. pioneer_designer

    Congrats for your nice work.
    You should change your preview page.May be you are using preview page which is from original landing page(Template Ocean) as I do not find all of the option in the theme those are described in your joomla version preview page.

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