Aleb is very simple to build your own stylish with our theme. Thanks to the power of visual composer plugin, you can create any layout that you desire, edit content with easy, control and manage each element no coding knowledge. Moreover, the help of unlimited colors, your site will stand out from the crowd.

When each potential attendee visits your site, they will find out the schedule of events, speakers’ profile, event countdown, gallery, testimonials and register form. This information will help customers to explain why they should come and listen to your events

If you need an elegant and professional website to promote your events, Aleb should be your leading selections.

Aleb - Event Conference Onepage WordPress Theme

26 Apr 2017: Version 1.1
- Update Visual Composer Plugin
- Update VC Row template
29 Mar 2017: Version 1.0.9
- Update Visual Composer Plugin
27 Dec 2016: Version 1.0.8
- Update Visual Composer to veresion 5.0.1
- Update Child Theme
- Fix slideshow background center in mobile
03 Nov 2016: Version 1.0.7
- Update favicon in customize
08 Sep 2016: Version 1.0.6
- Add email template when register successfully
- Compatible wpml plugin
- Update Visual Composer Plugin to version 4.12.1
29 Jun 2016: version 1.0.5
- Fix google new api
- Update visual composer to version 4.12
14 April 2016
- Fix js in version wordpress 4.5
- Update visual composer to version 4.11.2
26 February 16
- Fix bug error install plugin
- Update visual composer to version 4.10

- Free Visual Composer $34
- Free Cube Portfolio $17
- Support Register Free Form
- Support Register Paypal Form
- Support pay via Eventbrite
- Support Countdown event
- Allow add extra fields in register form
- Edit email template when register successfully
- Manage registration in admin
- Export registration (single or multi fields): email, ticket, price…. to CSV file
- Include demo content
- Support Multi Page
- Full Shortcode
- Wide & Boxed Layout
- Support layout: Left sidebar, Right sidebar, No sidebar
- Unlimited Color
- Compatible WooCommerce plugin
- Compatible WPML plugin
- .po, .mo files ready
- Support Google Font
- Support contact form 7
- Support mail chimp
- Documentation step by step


  1. briansmith84

    Add Stripe and I’ll buy it. Stripe pushed Paypal out a longggggg time ago

  2. the99spot

    Hey guys. Great theme. Love it. Installed it myself, followed instruction for Demo setup but for some reason the countdown is not showing. Something off with the menu / top bar. Anyway to help me please?

  3. cmadden

    None of my content and visual changes are updating. I change text or add images and they don’t show up after I hit update.

  4. hendrachong

    Hi, I just bought the theme. I have something need to concern:-
    1) How to hide the section from home page? I can’t find the any hide function from editor.
    2) How do I add on the popout function using modal bootstrap for the speaker section?

  5. stefanhz

    Hi – How can I add a button to the header, i.e., a “register now” button right next of the logo?

  6. sfvonline

    Hello, slider does not slide. In the settings of the Slider, we set Autoslide to true. But he does not move.

  7. stefanhz

    Hi – The footer seems to be just one vertical sidebar, i.e., widgets are displayed underneath each other, which does not make sense (looks ugly). However, I cannot add individual classes to the Custom Menu widget, nor can I create columns in the footer myself.

  8. SunnyTheme

    Good item!

  9. HRDF

    Hello there, i have a pre-sale question.
    1) I would like to know how flexible is the form? how about if we want to create another form or to add more fields?
    2) Can i change the color themes?
    3) Can i disable the registration form?

  10. graphicworm

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’;’ in /home/valueadd/public_html/wp-content/themes/aleb/extend/add_js_css.php on line 6

  11. stefanhz

    Hi – I’ve created an opt-in form for MailChimp. In addition to the code from the documentation, we also need a First Name field. It looks like there is no CSS code for that in the theme … ?!

  12. HarrisonTsaiIndustries

    hi there, I love how the theme looks. Even though it’s for “events and conferences” ... could this theme just act as a regular informational website without having to use the “event components”? I see that you have a PayPal intake form, could that instead of being used for sell of tickets, but used for sell of plans? Just loving the look.

  13. sorre

    Hello, could you please tell me if this theme works fine in a wordpress multisite installation?

  14. magy_o

    Hi again! Is it possible to: change the color of schedule border background (lists grey/black)? Thanks!

  15. kofi_ansah

    Hi, is it possible to have the slider images display correctly on mobile and other devices other than a laptop or desktop? if so how can i go about doing this?

  16. Nathbast8


  17. magy_o

    Hi! Love the look of this theme! Is this compatible with WPML? I need 2 languages for my site. Thanks!

  18. magy_o

    Hi, just saw you have updated the theme and is compatible with wpml! Just one more question. Is there an option for a Coming Soon page with no menu?

  19. PCMShaper

    Nice Theme, GLWS

  20. aetbul

    how can I center a speaker when I am using just one?

  21. joomlastars

    Good item, well done GLWS

  22. MaiaPedro7

    Hello, I have a question.
    It’s possible to have the home,(at least the first home-screen) of the free-form, but with the eventBrite registration.
    Because I would like to have a big image with some text when u open the website, instead of “event will start in.. countdown ” even because after one scroll it appears again the countdown”

  23. blacksuncomics

    Hello, how do I edit the slides that are used as placeholders on the main home page?

  24. mrhun

    Hi there! I had everythign running well and suddenly my homepage main slider has gone missing. The code si still there on my page, but a few things seem amiss. WHat do I need to do here?

  25. radiobrasa

    Hello, yesterday i bought the Aleb theme and I’m trying to figure out how everything works . Unfortunately, I’m struggling with the Post Grid. Sometimes the posts selected in the grid are visible, and sometimes they are not, although I haven’t changed anything about the details in the post grid, nor in the posts. Could you tell me what’s wrong with it? Do you know how to resolve this? Thanks so much for your reply!

  26. alyhigh

    Hello Ovatheme!

  27. BaptisteCoullon

    Hi, I want to buy this theme but I’ve a question about the contact form. Do you think it’s possible to have contact form like on the image?

  28. danedome

    Is there an HTML version or will you be making one? Thank you

  29. razvanstavila

    I would like to change the Registration Body HTML … How can I do that … We have a free registration but on confirmation email it says: Buyer Information. We need to change that. Thank you!

  30. magy_o

    Hi! Just bought. Cant figure where is or how to install the demo. Can you help me? Thanks!

  31. noblue

    Hello there.

  32. ideefix21

    Thanks for making an awesome site.

  33. jules55

    Hi, just a quick pre-sales question. Does the Aleb theme support all common WordPress security plugins (e.g. WordFence)? Thanks and regards.

  34. davelip

    Hi, very nice theme!

  35. k_stets

    Quick pre-sales question, does this theme include icons? The contact section, and the “Topics Covered” section on the demo have icons, but I don’t see a link to if any are included in this theme. Thanks!

  36. KatieMcK

    Hello! How can I make the logos (both the large and small versions) retina?

  37. fauchelafleur

    hello I would like to put all the event text directly in the landing page, not just the summary. it’s possible?
    Trying to add in summary I see that the text is formatted badly …

  38. AliA

    great work gud luck

  39. bandolero

    Hey there

  40. andrealouis04


  41. philloit

    We have installed the theme as per the documentation but when installing required plugins “Ovatheme Events” plugin is not activating and giving the fatal error as per the attached image ..

  42. adizz

    nice theme. is there any event calendar ?

  43. mixoom

    hey, is this theme is RTL ready?

  44. sorre

    Hello, yesterday I updated a website using this theme to wordpress 4.5, and unfortunately it doesn’t work correctly. I don’t know if the problem is the theme or some of the plugin it uses…
    Are you going to update it soon?
    Thank you, best regards

  45. fauchelafleur

    Nice theme!

  46. qwecxz


  47. faithoutreachsa

    Looks great – Have a few questions:
    1. Does it fully integrate with Eventbrite (ex: someone signs up does it also update the event on eventbrite??? With names & other info ???)
    2. Does it work if it’s a free event on eventbrite???)

  48. 2codeThemes

    Great work, GLWS

  49. aschipani

    Hello, I am about to purchase your theme, but I just had a few pre-sale questions:

  50. sasharussia

    Is it include any shortcodes? Can I do any static pages with shortcodes? Thanks for reply

  51. metrothemes

    Amazing Work ! GLWS

  52. Littlevillage


  53. mtburda

    How can I change the width of the page when desktop menu turns into mobile version?

  54. xpert-idea

    Awesome Work . GLWS

  55. fauchelafleur

    hi, i’ve just installed the template but the homepage keep loading with the dotted circle. What could be the problem? please help me!

  56. nuavahs2000

    Hello, how do I change the font in this theme?

  57. ideefix21

    Great theme. How do I decrease the height of the slider?

  58. blacksuncomics

    Hello, I’ve created a new page and I want that page to be the default home page. Please let me know how I can do this. Thanks.

  59. citylifttv

    I use the website for registering attendees, if I purchase this theme, can the register buttons be directed right to our ticketleap page?

  60. mtburda

    Hi how can I setup a response email message with details related to the event to registered customer? (I’m using free registration). I can’t find this and there has to be somewhere because, it is a must

  61. blacksuncomics

    Hello, will updating the theme change any customization that I’ve made to the theme?

  62. mtburda

    When creating sucess email template I put the shortcodes responsible for storing data (name, ticket info). Unfortunatelly they were not “translated” and in emails there are words in brackets instead of values. Example: This is very urgent, please help and tell me what do I do wrong:)

  63. EricProchnow

    good job ! i wish you all the best for your sales in 2016

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