LearnGo - Education Learning Html Landing Page LearnGo - Education Learning Html Landing PageLearnGo - Education Learning Html Landing PageLearnGo - Education Learning Html Landing Page

Full Features List

  • One Page Layout Html Templates
  • Html5 + CSS 3 Responsive Clean Html Code
  • Bootstrap 3.0 Versiyon
  • Google Fonts ( Unlimited Font Select )
  • 10 Perfect Color Combination
  • 2 Different Slider + 2 Modal Screenbox
  • 1800 * 9800 px Full Wight Design
  • Perfect Parallax Effect


Sources & Credits

  • Free Pattern Link
  • Free icon design set Link
  • Client Logo Screnn Link
  • Screen & Psd Mockup Link
  • Team Manager Photos Link
  • Slider image walpapers Link
  • Thank you for all materials used editors..


  1. UpQode_LLC

    Really awesome works,Good Luck With Sales!

  2. Aquavitae

    Awesome. Well done.

  3. preciouscoder

    Very nice

  4. ninzio

    Looks awesome. Effects and animations are very interesting. Congrats

  5. ganjakhanna

    I just customized this template according to my business products and services. Check it out and please help me improve this if you spot any errors. Thanks yall.

  6. fieldthemes

    Great job ! GLWS

  7. drupalet

    Good luck!

  8. DJMiMi

    Nice job, GLWS o7

  9. jordianis

    Hi I thought this was going to be in bootstrap? how can I implement it to bootstrap?

  10. AirTheme

    Looks great! GLWS

  11. samDidThis


  12. mod7


  13. jlsmaestro

    Would like to know if you have plans developing wp version.

  14. asenmac

    impossible to scroll in ipad (Safari)

  15. evthyvoulos

    Hello, I bought the theme and is very nice. I need to know how do I assign different videos to different portfolio items. Thanks

  16. HinaThemes

    Clean and Unique! GLWS

  17. 3509B

    Very nice work. Do you have plans to make it into WP theme? GLWS

  18. EugeneRoiZ

    Perfect job my friend!!! Wish you happy sales

  19. Perchpole

    There is also an issue with the “Select your Classes” gallery. If you roll-over an image you see 3 icons. If you click an icon a modal window opens. If you close the modal, the gallery image is “stuck” in the roll-over position.

  20. Speriathemes

    Hi I loved your work.
    Just wanted to know is it possible for me to have a gallery and when someone clicks on the image it should open in a slider

  21. ganjakhanna

    Love the site and design. I just purchased the template. Is there any tutorial on how to upload and publish the template to hostgator?

  22. obay

    How do I make a dropdown from the main menu?

  23. Perchpole

    Nice theme but there appears to be problems with the contact form at the end. I think there should be a background image “footer_bg_dark.jpg” but it is not being loaded.

  24. andrerevin

    Great work!

  25. WaspThemes

    Good luck with sales

  26. hotabics


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