1. benjick

    Awesome theme, thanks!

  2. Finn

    Stunning. Wish it had an AJAX contact page though. Thinking of changing a catering site over this looks so great.

  3. forbestcoder


  4. mabuc

    really nice work

  5. robbertl


  6. otbgraphicdesign

    When I remove the math question on the contact form…it still comes up with a page to answer the question that is no longer there. How do i stop it from doing this and just have the form submit?

  7. PixelPioneer

    REALLY nice! I’ll purchase it when I’ve time for a new project.

  8. MessiLeo

    Make it wordpress. Please!

  9. aldema


  10. Cecilia

    Any timeframe on delivery of the WordPress theme? I’m anxious!! Also- will you be adding space for ads?

  11. MessiLeo

    Great. I will buy it

  12. fuelthemes

    makes me wish I had a food blog

  13. CreatingDrew

    Just what the client ordered…beautiful work, thanks!

  14. smutch80

    Can you easily add more than the 4 main navigation items in the main menu? And can you remove the search bar to make more room? Thanks

  15. EireStudio

    Thanks Guys. Wordpress version will be ready early next week.

  16. dmitchb

    ... list your fonts, ok? VAGRounded ?? ... others??

  17. EireStudio

    EDIT : Here is the recipe page also:

  18. dmitchb

    well … couldn’t wait to start customizing graphics

  19. Cecilia

    Is this available for WordPress? Please? Please?

  20. fgubert

    where is the category html page?
    you designed it but you havent send it.

  21. dmitchb

    ... well, I suppose if you’re not going to answer an email, ^^ by your request ^^ , it’s a waste of time to leave comments here.

  22. edoluz

    yes, waiting for WP version
    nice work!

  23. idowebdesign

    Very clean, original and beautiful ! You should move this to Wordpress, I am sure there is a niche for this kind of site.

  24. hunterc127

    Hi RedHenry,

  25. CodRosu

    when a wordpress theme for this beatiful template with recipient submision…comunity and other beatiful option?

  26. dmitchb

    ... yes, this is wonderful work. We will be buying the Wordpress version.

  27. Twade

    Really amazing work! Am 50 cents off from affording this but I may get some sales at some point! fingers crossed

  28. Finn

    How do you get the search bar to work?

  29. robbertl

    Hello Keith,

  30. dwhitmore

    Superb work.

  31. g_gilmore

    Very cool. I have a project coming up that will need this exact type of system set up. Probably wait for the WP version, but good stuff!

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