This site is intended for the presentation of films, projects, videos, movies and much more. Pictures and videos easily change. These sites are very popular because they have a very large conversion. All content is used to attract attention to details of the products.

Movie Me - One Page Responsive WordPress Theme

Theme Features:

  • Fully Responsive Design. Movie Me is fully responsive which means it will look excellent on your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.
  • Dark and Light Skin. Movie Me comes with two skin options light and Dark.
  • Unlimited Colors. We includes backend color selectors so you can easily and quickly change your color throughout the entire theme.
  • Business and Creative. See how your site can look in business or creative layout.
  • Movie Me come up with One-Page Version & Multi-Page Version
  • Revolution Slider. Show almost any kinds of content with highly customization options. We saved you $18 for that.
  • Standard Blog Pages.
  • Support 5 Post Formats (Standard, Gallery, Link, Quote, Video, Audio).
  • REDUX Option Framework. Redux is a simple, truly extensible options framework for WordPress themes and plugins
  • Shortcode Generator. Movie Me provides the power of WordPress shortcodes easy to use and implement.
  • Custom Widgets. Movie Me includes perfectly designed built-in custom widgets.
  • Contact Form 7 Plugin. Movie Me includes styling for the Contact Form 7 plugin.
  • Clean Code. Well structured and clean code means the theme can be easily extended by any developer. We used nothing but the latest features of WordPress.
  • SEO Optimized. Movie Me is very impressive in promoting your site. It have all inbuilt Search Engine Optimization parameters you have been looking for.
  • Valid HTML5 & CSS3 and Based on Bootstrap 3
  • Cross Browser Compatible.
  • XML Demo Data Included.
  • Extensive Documentation. Movie Me comes with very detailed documentation, so even if you?re not familiar with HTML you?ll have no problem customizing this template.
  • Dedicated Support. Whatever your level of expertise, our experienced support team are here to help you with any question you might have. So if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.
  • More features coming soon…

Movie Me - One Page Responsive WordPress Theme
Movie Me - One Page Responsive WordPress Theme

Update History on 13 January 17 ========================================

- Option added for use Revolution slider as default page header.

Update History on 9 September 15 ========================================

- WordPress Version updated to 4.3
- Contact form Issue has been solved.
- Import dummy content issue has been solved.

Update History on 27 April 15 ========================================

- Version 2.0 Released.
- E-mail Subscribe Added.
- Video Gallery Added.
- Isotope Image Gallery Added.
- And Few More Exclusive Features Added.. 

Update History on 27 March 2015 ========================================

- Revolution Slider Option Added.
- Clock Timer Slider About Button issue fixed.
- Unlimited Color option has been added.
- Fixed some other issue

Update History on 15 January 2015 ========================================

- Show up clock counter slider has been fixed.
- Youtube Player Shortcode has been fixed. You can now use youtube/vimeo video.
(If you have update the theme please re-set youtube player shortccode) 
-Blog Post Format has been added. 

Update History on 6 December 2014 ========================================

- XML Demo Data included 

Update History on 5 December 2014 ========================================

- Onepage nav menu fixed 
- Some CSS issue fixed 
- Documentation updated


  1. beautifulbola

    prepurchase question – can the accent/ highlight, header color change from red to gold ?

  2. Arsecati

    This may be a silly question, but how do I update? I’m only after getting around to downloading updated version today (you emailed me notice a couple of months ago), but what exactly do I have to do now: replace every file with the new downloaded ones? Cheers!

  3. abaldo20


  4. christyherself

    Purchased theme but I am finding your documentation VERY lacking. How do I get detailed documentation that will guide me to create a home page that looks like the demo?

  5. abaldo20

    Is it possible to rename the Main Actor page?

  6. flowers-online

    I have a suggestion. It would be nice if LinkedIn could be added to the social media options that are added to the footer.

  7. Kodiak84

    Hi guy!

  8. drupalet


  9. gforce5000

    Hello, how do I change the background color of the contact page? I sent a message to support but did not see a response. Thanks!

  10. ColorRong

    Awesome Work ! GLWS

  11. rapbrain

    How to i get rid of Lorem ipsum stuff

  12. poseso

    Failed to execute ‘postMessage’ on ‘DOMWindow’: The target origin provided (‘') does not match the recipient window’s origin (‘'). <- how can i fix this error? i cannot see the trailer on Chrome, but it works on firefox help please

  13. geminiifilms

    Pre-purchase questions:

  14. AirTheme

    Looks great! GLWS

  15. beautifulbola

    Do you have a demo install for the multipage ?

  16. CandyTheme

    Congratulations!! Great work done. Wish you best of luck!!!

  17. codexcoder

    Great Thinking !!!! Congratulations

  18. aetamer

    I can not get response or any support. it is really big disappointment ? wrote many mails but ? got nothing

  19. joshuasr

    How can I make a video that is longer than 3 minutes play in the main header position? Our video starts at the 33 second mark and it is 3:33 in total length.

  20. jonstraiton

    How do I get rid of the DVD disc animation on the About? I just want the poster.

  21. signaturegold

    I purchased this theme a few months ago and had the Visual composer installed and working. It seems that my Visual Composer plugin has been disabled and I no longer have my Visual Composer License Key to renew it. What do I do?

  22. walkerbl

    I found this theme to be very poorly coded. And when you ask for support, they immediately ask for your admin credentials. Don’t ever give someone your admin user/password, unless you’ve specifically hired them to modify your site. And if they do ask without immediately offering other options, then it should be considered a red flag. While of course it’s easier to troubleshoot, in this day and age, don’t break your security by giving the credentials to someone you don’t know. Make developers support their products in the correct way from the start.

  23. flowers-online

    I purchased installation support on EnvatoMarket for installing your theme. Now that it is installed, the demo content is 80% not displaying and the installer said the theme author is responsible for fixing this issue. I sent you an email regarding it yesterday with my wp admin details. Please get back to me as soon as possible.

  24. aludratech

    Hello i just purchased this theme+documentation but it doesn’t download, so i decided to download the wp files only so am finding it difficult to customize it and am seeing this error Fatal error: Call to a member function have_posts() on a non-object in /home/tribethe/public_html/wp-content/themes/moviemewp/frontpage.php on line 23

  25. serrilmedia

    are you able to change the color from Red to any other color or is there a set color preset for this template?

  26. gillespieza

    If I check “Open as a Separate Page”, I get a 404 error? I’m using the single page option, but some pages I want to open separately.

  27. pabbi

    Hi WebRedox ,
    1.When i downloaded the files i din’t get slider XML files ( Both Light and dark versions )
    2. How to write shortcode for actors with category

  28. mooresarah12

    Great theme..loving it..A little set back as I’m not able to change the social media icons to text that comes on hover over on actor images…anyone any help?? Please!!

  29. raethek

    Hi! I’m having trouble. I’m trying to upload the .xml file and after it uploads all the way I get re-directed to a “page not found” error message. It’s this xml (moviemelight.wordpress.2015-01-14.xml).

  30. djordje87

    Movie me rating progress bar border is way wider thant the maximum of 100%
    how can I resolve this?

  31. RayboxStudio

    Documentation is very basic. Missing plugins in the installation, site crashes. I am tired of spending 50$ for templates that don’t work, i bought 2 in the last 24 hours and none of them works properly. I will be rating this very soon if I don’t get it sorted today, refund request to follow.

  32. joeronca

    I am interested in this theme for my film. How does it look on mobile devices? iPhone? iPad? Android?

  33. fieldthemes

    Nice theme! GLWS!

  34. gadahfi7

    On Front Page how do you remove unwanted sections , like the reviews section. Also in the about section with the animated DISC, I notice mine is not centered as the one in the demo. Any way to adjust that my site is

  35. headenm

    I’m having a few problems and I’m hoping to receive support. I’ve placed two tickets.

  36. tranmautritam

    Great work friend GLWS!! Congratulations to you!!!

  37. reethmstudios


  38. Xemrind

    Nice work, GLWS!

  39. veil22

    can this one page site be turned into a multi page wp site. i have a lot of different pages I would like to add off the home page

  40. j3dlab

    Very nice work. Awesome design.

  41. sanjiovani

    How do I change the the project details in the about section – it is a form so I am assuming it is form 7 and should be easy to change – but i cannot find out where to make the changes – i would like to change the field Slogan to Director

  42. anpvrba2015

    I purchased the template Me Movie – One Page Responsive WordPress Theme
    But I want to remove the countdown just mobile. Is there a way to remove only the cell count?
    For my clients can not access the cell, report that it takes to load and also locks to be accessed on the home page.

  43. sanjiovani

    Hello I did a speed test for my site and received 50/100 for mobile and 72/100 for desktop – please advise

  44. SergeOperations

    Hi it has been a month since I sent contact the first time, and now 8 days since the second. When will I receive a reply to my emails?

  45. poseso

    i dont see visual composer on the package

  46. swiatekt27

    I have emailed support here, but no answer yet, is there a way using CSS to hide the countdown counter on mobile phone viewport sizes?

  47. sanjiovani

    IMDB has has a rating 1 to10 – it is currently set at 1 to 5 – how do I make that change

  48. geminiifilms

    Hi webRedox. I still have not heard anything back from you in over a week regarding the issues I am still having with this theme. 1. Header Logo snaps to the left after page load. 2. Image sizes for default thumbs on static pages will not work. The image will expand to a larger size than actual image and look pixelated. 3. Header images on static pages have undesirable tile effect that I can not figure out how to change. Site does not look correct in iOS and not consistent across all browsers. 4. Icons and built-in graphics from the theme do not load correctly in Firefox or Chrome. Please help me out.

  49. r0113sports

    I was disappointing with this theme. I bought the theme and found out it wasn’t as customization as I was expecting. I’ve tried contacting the author multiple times and have never heard back. I ended up just buying the html version of the theme so it was easier to customize. Can I please get a refund on the Wordpress theme?

  50. wwwebinvader

    Nice theme, glad to see my template on WordPress, like it! GLWS

  51. sanjiovani

    hello can you create a forum for this template so that users can post problems / answers which would be helpful to the users of this template

  52. jonstraiton

    Custom links won’t show up in menu?!

  53. laurindocrestani

    There are some issues that are making me CRAZY…i saw the theme doesnt have .po and .mo files to edit…and there are some fields in the BLOG page like:
    “Comment…”, “Post reply”, “Leave a Comments”, “View All Posts” and “Search and hit enter…”
    I need to translate all these fields…WHERE i can find it????? I urgently need this, i thougt was more easy to work with…

  54. drajitha

    Its been over 7 days since my urgent queries…this is how WebRedox CC works…now its official that I lost my project due to WebRedox…Themeforest must help me about this injustice!

  55. sanjiovani

    How do you decrease the size of the actors – I have made the changes in the css file and nothing.

  56. brainxstudio

    Hello, Web Redox

  57. drajitha

    Made a big mistake purchasing this theme. Contacted customer care for urgent help on Friday and now it is Wednesday and my client’s deadline is on 15th. I fear I may lose nearly USD 250 project purely because of this late reply. How sad!

  58. geminiifilms

    So far I find this theme extremely difficult to use. The documentation is not written very well and a lot of things are not clear. I have sent you an email detailing what I am trying to do. Please help me out. Thanks.

  59. sanjiovani

    hello I am trying to load a video background plugin – the developer has indicated -

  60. wowconcepts1

    Just purchsed the template. Want to know why i cant delete sections on the page. example go to pages. about. and cant delete the rating and reviews sections. it ses delete . you click on it it loads nd nothing happens

  61. Pauldiamond1

    Hello, may I please get support with these few questions -

  62. eivl

    Hello, can you feature multiple movies? For use with a movie festival?

  63. joomlastars

    Great work done. Congrats and GLWS

  64. toofinevicky

    hello, i am unable to import dummy content

  65. horsedonk

    I’ve imported the dark Dummy Content following the directions and I see the import file in my media section, however nothing on the site changed. Am I doing something wrong?

  66. locallink

    Does the large background video at the top (as well as the others shown) support Wistia?

  67. bigadventureday

    A great theme and more importantly, they helped me with some trouble shooting that I had. An awesome theme, highly recommended.

  68. angsta

    I’ve been trying to get my onepage to look right. Please help:

  69. geminiifilms

    Hey webRedox. I sent another support email today and really need these issues fixed ASAP with the default page template/full page template. There is also a bug preventing me from inserting basic images with built-in WP media method. Image alignment settings and thumbnail size will not work on the default page template. I have spent three days so far trying to make this theme work. The theme is also very buggy loading in Chrome or Firefox. Icons and custom fonts often do not load correctly and will show as a little squares where arrow or image should be. This theme doesn’t function well in iOS either. Navigating the site on mobile is poor experience compared to other themes sold by Themeforest. Please help.

  70. coyoteanimacion

    Do not buy this theme. responsiveness does not work and support is non-existent. I bought and reported several issues regarding mobile responsiveness, which can even be seen in their online demo. They didn’t reply to my message for more than a month and when they only sent an empty message with a link to a compressed file with what seemed an update. Once installed I could see that what they did was disable the features that are failing and even introduced new problems. Absolutely awful support, dishonest to say the least. The developer will be reported to ThemeForest. Anyone interested can see the screenshots of the issues here:

  71. sbailey2578

    Do you have any other installation documentation they one that I have is very limited and is very confusing to follow…I was hoping that this would be a very easy one page layout… Please help…I left you and email…This is as far as I could get with the Dummy Content and it does not look like the demo that is what I want..

  72. ktallman

    I’m getting this: Fatal error: Call to a member function have_posts() on a non-object in /home/content/n3pnexwpnas01_data02/83/3038183/html/wp-content/themes/moviemewp/frontpage.php on line 23 – Any thoughts?

  73. tolovet

    Hi im interested in your Theme, I have a production Company, would i be able to created it to highlight 3 projects instead of just one?

  74. jaydelrosario

    the import file: moviemelight.wordpress.2015-01-14.xml
    I imported this XML file but most of the content failed to import successfully.

  75. jgini

    Hi webRedox,

  76. jonstraiton

    How do I remove the DVD animation but not the key art?

  77. TheStoryShopTV

    Love the theme! Crazy fast and helpful support as well. I highly recommend it!

  78. PranonTheme

    best wishes …

  79. utopicvision

    Hello, before I purchase, is this theme based on the “underscore” theme/framework?

  80. mrsebastian

    BEWARE: iOS (iPhone/iPad) NOT SUPPORTED, which unfortunately makes this theme useless for any practical applications!

  81. jostarcrusader

    I have a question, people have probably asked before, but i can’t get my answer in the comments posts : i can’t set up a VIMEO ID on the home page trailer, only Youtube ID. It doesn’t make sense. How can i proceed ? Thank you for your answer.

  82. 3jon

    Congratulations! GLWS

  83. fanny300


  84. BirdmanFilms

    Hello, I’m looking to purchase this theme. I have a few questions.

  85. Photoon

    I cannot seem to find the import data file, and am having trouble getting the homepage to display correctly. Maybe the import file will be a help if you could email it to me please

  86. mhennemann

    hey there weRedox,

  87. ninzio

    Unique theme. Very nice design.

  88. powerstop

    Very interested in this theme, but when will it work for iOS? Is there an update?

  89. jaysodyssey

    I saw this theme and thought it would be perfect for my movie release, unfortunately as with other theme developers on this site, this theme crashes Chrome and Safari on the Iphone making its mobile use well, useless, If this gets fixed I would love to get my hands on this theme! Excellent layout on the pc though!

  90. jonstraiton

    youtube url not showing in trailer section?!

  91. veil22design

    why does the video not work on mobile

  92. Black_Pearl7

    Hi, I am very interested to buy this theme. But I am not much expert on WordPress can you guys set up the theme at my site same as demo. Thanks

  93. jayweb007

    please i need your help….i want the video on the count down timer to play on load i.e to be AUTO-PLAY,,, instead of clicking on “PLAY VIDEO” ... i want the video to play anytime you open the first page, which means if you can help me to put the “PLAYER SECTION” as the INTRO SECTION….. please help me.. please

  94. makefilms

    Hi, sent you an email..please check

  95. etrybiz

    Good Job

  96. Revolutiondot

    Hey, awesome theme… pretty cool layout and design…

  97. charliesn


  98. majama

    Hello there,
    I am having the same problem as Sanjiovani, the author of the following thread:
    “hello I am trying to load a video background plugin – the developer has indicated -

  99. utopicvision

    So I purchased the theme. I’m having some difficulties getting it to look like the demo.

  100. Super_Nova7

    Great template, really good job

  101. swiatekt27

    What do I need to enter in the Movie Me ‘About Page ID’ field so that it will go to a specific section of the single page theme. I have a Tickets portion of the page and would like the button to scroll down to that specific section. Thanks

  102. globalselleronline

    hi, this theme support multi-page?

  103. DesignVampire

    excellent work GLWS

  104. jayweb007

    please i need your help….i want to make the “PLAYER SECTION” as the

  105. sandroscs

    The video starts with 30 seconds, but it should start from the beginning, any solution?

  106. ayysu

    Realy nice theme, i will buy and use on

  107. dollarloancenter

    Great theme! Not sure where the import data folder is located, i dont have it in any of my files.

  108. KingLovestrong

    On footer, I’m only using 3 social icons – how to center? They are flushed left right now. And I’m only using 2 actors, how to center as well? Thanks

  109. niservices

    I would like some help in putting all the demo data like in your demo can you please help, I just purchased the theme. Please

  110. SKF_Int

    Brilliant theme! Very very nice Congrats and good luck.

  111. nileshdandige

    I want to use this theme
    For a film promotion website

  112. geminiifilms

    Hi webRedox. I see that you updated the theme but it doesn’t look like the update resolved the issues I have listed several times. The theme still doesn’t load correct in FireFox or Chrome. The header still has a weird “snap on load” issue where the image will load up and then shift to the left. I am not sure if the problem is because of using Multipages instead of single page site but I really need this fixed. It has been weeks now. I would also like to know how I can remove the author from the blog posts. Thanks.

  113. saravanansandy

    i would like to purchase this themes before that, i need movie me full documentation,

  114. gillespieza

  115. mooremike

    Having issue with custom link types in the primary navigation. I create them, add them and they don’t show up. Any work around?

  116. PhotogenicPhoto

    Hello. I am interested in the theme for a client and have two questions:

  117. Cardozaainc

    everything is full width on the page, how can i box it like on the preview ? I already bought the theme. Thank You

  118. poseso

    how can i leave the menu static in the top without scrolling with the content ? and how can i add instagram to the footer?

  119. poseso

    Love it!, how can i add instagram to my footer social media ? thanks!

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