Evont - Event And Conference WordPress Theme

Evont - Event And Conference WordPress Theme

Evont - Event And Conference WordPress Theme

Evont - Event And Conference WordPress Theme

Evont - Event And Conference WordPress Theme


Evont is a clean and Modern Event and Conference WordPress Theme. Evont is best suited for any event type like Conference,Meet-Up, Ceremony, Seminars, Courses, and more. This is a business template that is helpfull for online presence for Corporate Business and Any Firms.

We’ve researched your industry – After spending many hours studying hundreds of Events websites we wanted to create a best in class theme for your business with every element carefully considered

One-Click Setup! – you can quickly recreate a website similar to our demo site in minutes using our one click installer. Dont spend time in reading documents and manuals if you are looking for exact our online demo. It’s true one -click demo installation

Key Features

  • 5 Slider layouts
  • Unlimited Skin Color Generator
  • Easy Speaker Managment
  • Easy Schedule Managment
  • Blog layout templates
  • Team Page templates
  • Theme Options with Real-time WP Customizer
  • Revolution Slider (Premium Plugin)
  • Responsive Layout on Bootstrap
  • 700+ Google Fonts
  • Visual Composer Pagebuilder (Premium Plugin)
  • Regular Updates
  • FontAwesome icons
  • One-click demo content import
  • 24/6 Professional Support
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE10+
  • Well Documented


Version 1.3 – 28 April 2017
- Added 4 New Home Variation
- Added New Home Variation
- Added Smooth Scroller
- Updated Revolution Slider Plugin
- Updated Visual Composer Plugin
- Updated Woocommerce Plugin
- Updated Woocommerce Templates
- Added New Speaker Style
- Added New Agenda Style
- Added New Price Style
- Added Counter Shortcode 
- Fixed Minor Bugs
Version 1.2 – 18 March 2017
- Added New Home Variation
- Added New Revolution Slider
- Added New Speaker Style
- Added New Agenda Style
- Added New Portfolio Style
- Updated Revolution Slider Plugin
- Updated Visual Composer Style
- Header Welcome Message Fixed
- Added Preloader
- Fixed Responsive Issue
- Added New Theme Options
- Fixed Fonts
- Fixed Bugs
Version 1.0.5 – 15 Feb 2017
- Added New Home Variation
- Updated Plugins
- Fixed Bugs
Version 1.0.2 – 03 Jan 2017
- Added New Testimonial Shortcode
- Added New News Shortcode
- Added New Video Shortcode
- Added Cart pop up
- Added Timeline Shortcode
- Added New Home page styles 
- Fixed Bugs
Version 1.0.1 – 8 Nov 2016
- Fixed Bugs
Version 1.0 – 20 Oct 2016
- Initial Version


  1. dansirepair

    Hi, I submitted a ticket two days ago about the contact form not working and I still have not received a response. The ticket number is #1117651. Thanks!

  2. oaajayi

    This theme does’t let me save any settings. It’s got way too many bugs.

  3. MosheStarik

    Can I present multiple events?

  4. expathos

    WOOCOMMERCE has been updated. We need update.

  5. slinky

    The theme says that it comes with these plugins. It doesn’t seem to come with Templatera although I downloaded the others. And Visual Composer warns me it isn’t up to date, to put in my license information, but it tells me to go there to put in a code I don’t have. And Woo Commerce is complaining about templates (which I think I can update but an FYI.) But without a license to autoupdate the plugins, that creates a serious security risk and hope there is an answer. Last theme I had was a favorite for hackers for just this reason.

  6. chanfimao


  7. AircraftCleaningAustralia

    so many errors with my theme! countdown not working, options panel not loading, fonts on iphone incorrect. ticket submitted. please help ASAP!

  8. joshminson

    Just purchased and when trying to install and activate we get white screen of death and it breaks the entire admin panel as well.

  9. Jack_dees

    Great theme! When you eventually create the multiple event version, would the update be a free for existing customers?

  10. fanoestudio

    Hi, how can I delete the word “day” from the Choose Your Plan section?

  11. alefizzz81

    Good morning,
    I would like to support the woocommerce plugin included in the theme purchased.
    My site has two languages, Italian, the main and English.
    On cart and checkout pages It does not translate some Italian text strings, even if the .po and .mo language files are correct.
    how can I do?
    thank you
    Rest awaiting your feedback

  12. diogolinoribeiro

    I was about to buy, unfortunately I can’t find the http://evont.janxcode.com/home-3/
    When I click it goes to some different page. I was expecting the registration form on the first page.

  13. SoyJimmy

    How do I remove the “Welcome to Evont” text from the header menu? I can’t find the place to edit that text.

  14. aleem

    Hi, I’m trying to submit a ticket on Item Support but every time I do it says an unknown error occurred. I also can’t register or login with Envato, Facebook or Twitter.

  15. ccrespeau

    Hi, we buy Evont them, but we have a problem, we are in France, and on the template there is ”/day” and we want to change it ” /personne” but we don’t find where it is in the backoffice…
    thank you for you help

  16. jcmedrano

    Hello please sent me:

  17. pymnts

    the agenda glitches when i clicked the 2nd tab, they tend to go out of order http://www.innovationproject.com/in-depth-agenda/

  18. GoldenArk

    Can we use woocommerce with this theme?

  19. Evatese

    hello i saw the dicountand added to my cart but when i was about checking out it had returend to normal price . when would theere be another discount sales ? as i need to buy asap

  20. webhs

    Hello, I have some issues with the theme would very much apreciate either help or how to solve this.

  21. JMunce

    The “ticket button title / link” doesn’t appear.

  22. szthemes


  23. Comodo638

    Pre sale Question. Can I have multiple events, separated into categories? And also have a grid with all my events? Thank you

  24. roykingjr

    I have sent in two tickets that I need help with asap!
    1 – Buy ticket button is not working from any mobile
    2 – The revolution slider is corrupt and doesnt work at all, even after reinstalling it
    3 – I would like to change the yellow color
    my website is www.nextlevelsthlm.com
    Thank you so much in advance.

  25. extatis

    Hello, How can i change time and date format for fr format on all the website ?

  26. CrownedOne

    This theme is almost impossible to edit and customize because the creator has not provided details on how to edit sections like the Speakers section. It’s a nice looking theme but be prepared to spend HOURS trying to figure it by yourself. The instructions will help you set up the very basics. For example, when you hover over the speakers image you get a pink box with social media icons. Well, you won’t find anywhere in the instructions or in the theme how to edit that at all. As for the details of how this theme looks, there are literal no instructions anywhere to be found. I’m waiting for support to give the details on how to edit.

  27. JudyKlein

    Has anyone figured out how to get the Agenda to work? I have been waiting and trying for 3 weeks and it does not look anything like the demo. It only shows one day. And yes, I followed the video – that didn’t work. Help?! Please.

  28. expathos

    How long does it take for support? Days? I am going live tonight and there’s no help to be found for a serious alignment problem for the speakers

  29. babuyaya

    and the speaker images were out of align on mobile view.

  30. bolica

    Hello guys, the responsive on mobile device not work

  31. joomlastars

    Congratulations! Amazing Work, GLWS

  32. rhwang

    where do you upload these? https://janxcode.ticksy.com/article/9017/

  33. sandyf_ro

    I used you template for a single page application and I don’t know how to activate that smooth scroll to section effect that you have in your One Page Demo. Can you please help me?

  34. waslosinlingen

    you habe a solution, for the problem with the countdown?

  35. luisriveracolon

    The demo show this error:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_post_thumbnail() in /nfs/c11/h04/mnt/194761/domains/evont.janxcode.com/html/wp-content/plugins/evont-framework/assets/shortcodes/speakers.php on line 64

  36. huzan


  37. hennyjones

    Hello. Does your theme support Multiple events?? We schedule seminars, and each year we have two per month in different locations. Can it be done with this theme?? Second, do you use WooCommerce for the tickets?? Can I offer different ticket pricing and method of payment for each event, like Early Bird, VIP, etc? If it is WooCoommerce, we were thinking of using the deposit to allow them reserve and later pay the difference. Is this possible??

  38. GoldenArk

    How do we change the ‘buy ticket” to “Register Now”. Also my main header is not going full screen. Google maps is not working as well. Help guys Thanks

  39. nicktarazona

    When I try to “Import Demo Content” it takes me to a 500:Internal Error page. How else can I upload the demo content?

  40. SnailMusic

    Amazing work Janxcode!

  41. SoyJimmy

    is there a plan to support multiple events? Or at the very least, be able to create separate Agenda’s

  42. expathos

    Sweet theme, very nice. But too many bugs – countdown clock, ticket link does not work, links for sponsor logos don’t work, speakers is mangled on mobile view – both on front page and on individual page. Really slow on support. We ended up having to hack features out that we wanted to make deadline as we got no assistance.

  43. dz-design

    Hi ! Is the theme compatible with bbpress ?

  44. Vosinh


  45. multikorg

    um, this theme I really like, at first glance, its a lot different from the rest of WordPress themes and has many features that make us should facilitate job. For that I am grateful designers. But experience has taught me that I need to follow a few things when buying on themeforest. The first thing I check is whether the theme is up to date, the other thing the customers critics who bought the theme. Both things here are not exactly top and therefore I will wait for its correction. One more time, design is great.

  46. crossfuze

    Hi, How can I make the top logo wider? Cannot find setting in Header Options.

  47. webcrewbg


  48. pdqdigitalmedia

    Just purchased the theme and cannot install demo data. Already getting error messages regarding Woocommerce & WPBakery Visual Composer updates. I need this theme up and running within 24 hours or I need an immediate refund. Thanks!

  49. basbakker

    When adding a pricing table, the buy button doesn’t link to somewhere.
    I want to be able to edit the link of each button.

  50. flyboiz

    It is taking you a littke while to reply support emails

  51. pymnts

    so many bugs… agenda doesn’t work and speakers get mangled

  52. freakpower

    Hi If I buy it can you help me as part of support, style one page version a bit ? I need use some section designs you use at various demos and combine them to one page version. Hope you understand what I mean. I like your one page version but some of one page sections I like more from your other demos so I need replace design of tjhis or that section of one page version to different, you used in other demos. Is that possible ?

  53. Nada_Elgendy

    Dear Support team,

  54. Gravnetic

    Is this suitable for multiple events? Per event schedule and speakers?

  55. BastienBERENGUIER

    Hi, theme looks great. Is there .pot file provided to translate the theme ?

  56. robertoortega

    you have the demo content available outside the theme? i can´t install it from the theme

  57. luisriveracolon

    Hi, i upload both files for the theme, the theme and child, but i see this message in the wordpress panel: Evont Child The parent theme is missing. Please install the “Evont” parent theme. (i install it)

  58. sKylineJ

    countdown clock is broken. any update coming soon? this is pretty useless – fixing it for one person won’t fix everyone’s problem..

  59. webhs


  60. bolica

    Hello guys, thanks for your effort please i need to add Footer Widget Areas on the pages any help ??

  61. strezzkidz

    When I try to “Import Demo Content” it takes me to a 500:Internal Error page. How else can I upload the demo content?

  62. EricProchnow

    looks great, fantastic work !

  63. panhwerwaseem

    Hello Janxcode, we buy your theme, now i want to edit the counter timer but i can’t find any counter timing and how i can remove that buy ticket black bar from front page top section thanks

  64. AshStamo

    When I try to “Import Demo Content” it takes me to a 500:Internal Error page. How else can I upload the demo content?

  65. thebetaguy

    Item Support is way too slow. No response to my tickets yet.

  66. emeoli

    Hi, I just purchased your theme and I am trying to upload the child, but i see this message in the wordpress panel: Evont Child The parent theme is missing. Please install the “Evont” parent theme.

  67. artcrimes


  68. webhs

    Hi, whats the changelog for 1.0.2?

  69. orangewd

    Hi there,

  70. AliA

    Nice theme gud luck

  71. meadsify

    Purchased theme as it looks great, however there is a priblem installing the child theme. Created a ticket 18 hours ago, with no reply at this time.

  72. AliShafique

    Nice theme gud luck

  73. Flackintosh

    Hi love the theme, but your ticksy is not working – it just keeps redirecting to the homepage when trying to login. Very frustrating as need to leave support ticket.

  74. Benataeo

    How do I set the countdown on the homepage?

  75. hmuser7165

    Trying to reach you through your support page, but says your site is down.

  76. malbatron

    Problems with the demo import. It seems like this happens to this theme often. What is the fix?

  77. Auzbound

    Hi I’ve just posted a ticket about the theme colours not updating, if you can get back to me on this I’d appreciate it. Thanks

  78. bbioonThemes

    Congratulations. Very Nice Work, GLWS

  79. joomlavi


  80. johnolsen


  81. carib101

    Hi. A ticket has been sent in. #1060569

  82. wagi

    Hello , Purchased the theme but found out that there is no plugin folder in the template , where as in the comment you are saying that we should download form plugin secondly on the support website the evanto login is not working which is deceiving i want my evanto to know this, thirdly the importer click which is clearly mention on the theme page one click importer is not working and also the demo is not included in the template. I can see that poeple are miss guided . I need the answers as i spend money on evanto to have genuine developer , Please state if you are not able to support in order for us to move on and claim our money back.

  83. e_kyu

    Dear Support team,

  84. webcrewbg

    Hi, I opened a ticket before 4 days (PRIVATE TICKET #1062406). You asked me for admin access before 3 days and no any answers from than. Could you please support me, because I need my site be live until 3 days?

  85. dannielhendrix

    how come when I want to upload the theme via cpanel I receive this message “The file you uploaded, evont.zip, contains a virus so the upload was canceled: Win.Trojan.Toa-5370166-0 FOUND”

  86. BlueMatte

    Hi, I have been unable to import demo data for the past few days. What could be the problem?

  87. libraene

    Hi, I had bought this theme and find many types of cover (or slide) on demo site. How to change the type of cover?

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