Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal ThemeVideofly - Video Sharing & Portal ThemeVideofly - Video Sharing & Portal ThemeVideofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Test the front-end submission feature with these:

user: demo
pass: demouser
This is a theme made by TouchSize, a well-known premium themes and plugin creator The company is a leading WordPress developer that always looks for quality and beautiful aesthetics along with excellent options and settings. Not only it offers Premium WordPress Themes, but also offers great and quality support for their users and customers. If you are interested in using true quality and premium WordPress themes, you should check our website.

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly is a clean and modern Video WordPress Theme that makes it easy to add videos and even let your users add their own. This beautiful WordPress theme comes with tons of options and layouts and makes it the perfect choice if you are looking to create the perfect video website. If you plan to do a video blog, video tutorial website, podcasts or any other video related content – surely Videofly is just a thing of beauty.

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme


Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Front-end submission

We offer your users the option to add their own videos, from oEmbed URLs, embed codes or even upload their own MP4 videos through a simple and easy to use interface, without letting them access your Dashboard.

Sticky sidebars

Content is important, and your sidebars might have very important content indeed. Even advertising can get sticky so that you get more clicks on your banners. It’s easy and simple to do.

Pre-roll ads

Time to monetizne on your videos, not only share them. And banners might not always be the most effective way of doing that. Instead, with Videofly we are offering a whole new pre-roll option for users to see just before they get to see your video.

Text over ads

Don’t really like pre-rolls? Or you don’t want to get too intrusive? Text advertising are the most subtle way of adding adverstising spaces on your video player. It simple and looks so clean!

Image Over ads

Don’t like a pre-roll and a text over ad is too little? Image over ads are shown just like the text ads over the player only they include an image and center it over your video player. It’s easy to monetize with Videofly

Custom widgets

TouchSize is well known for awesome widgets and options. These theme is no exception and we included all the widgets available here as well: Latest posts, videos, galleries, portfolios, Most liked, Most popular, Tabber, tags, etc.

2 single video styles

We have included 2 different single video styles, just to make sure that you get the most of the theme. Both look awesome, with a clean and flat layout and perfectly balanced content. Sidebars are available as well!

Video Custom Post

As our other beautiful themes, Videofly also uses video custom post. This means that video posts are separated from the default posts making it easy to categorize your content and also use it as you need. This also leaves the opportunity to use create a blog on the same installation with ease.

Sidebar options

What’s to impress here? Left or right sidebars are available for video posts as well as for simple blog posts, making it a walk in the park you create a cool looking layout.

Simple and easy to use advertising manager

Tired or hard to use and complicated advertising managers? We’ve got you covered with Videofly, as we integrated the simple ad manager directly in the theme’s core options. Also, we made sure that you get the ads info displayed simply and are able to set the limits of your ads with clicks and views. No need of ad networks!

Unlimited layouts

UNLIMITED layouts. Enough said. Our builder gives you the opportunity to change anything. It includes lots of elements that you can arrange to suit your needs. As the website uses the 12 columns Twitter Bootstrap setup, it’s easy to manage your content through columns. Any element can have from 2 to 12 columns. 5 styles of listing posts, with tons of options for each type. And the important thing – IT’S EASY. It’s not an additional plugin – it stands at this theme’s core and it works blazingly fast! Everything is well made and documented.

By an Elite Author

People like what we do. We craft themes and plugins to help them and keep them updated with latest technologies. We proved that our work is good, and you, the customers felt what it feels to have a good product.

and others like

Video playlists
Sticky videos
Mega menu
Like-dislike system
Reveal effects
Nona and Boca post sliders
Contact form with custom fields
Video showcase only to registered users
Modal video openings
YouTube video imported
Video from oEmbed URLs, MP4 uploads and embed codes

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

Videofly - Video Sharing & Portal Theme

By purchasing this item, you agree to the terms and conditions and the refund policy for our products.

version 1.0.5 - May 8, 2017
- Fixed player issues
- Updated to WooCommerce 3
- Fixed Google fonts inclusion
- Added option to retrieve image for YouTube automatically
- Fixed contact form
- Minor CSS fixes

version 1.0.4
updated WooCommerce files
fixed playlists button
fixed timeline view date
fixed video player sizing issues
added option to disable YouTube related posts
added option to change terms and conditions

version 1.0.2
- Fixed Facebook Modal
- Fixed Sharing Description
- Fixed gallery lazy loading issue
- Comments space issue
- Fixed infinite scroll and load more for big posts view
- Fixed preloader for frontpage only
- Fixed featured area modal view
- Fixed Big posts carousel & pagination issue
- Videoplayer fixes and mobile issues
- Fixed WooCommerce files
- Fix for playlist create issue
- Fixed edit page link
- Fixed mobile menu
- Fixed BuddyPress and local redirects for users and tabs
- Fixed WP 4.5 Text Element Issue
- Fixed Update Notice For Theme

version 1.0.1

- fixed erros from author and search page
- fixed YouTube import pagination
- fixed pagination CSS clear on archive pages
- fixed login error text
- fixed video modal with load more
- fixed user upload with embeds
- fixed product listing
- fixed facebook meta
- fixed YouTube importer key
- updated Facebook modal styles
- fixed like generation option

- PHP 5.6+
- memory_limit 96MB
- upload_max_filesize 16MB
- max_execution_time 60
- post_max_size 16MB
- WordPress 4.5


  1. absoluto

    hi there.

  2. omri4229

    Hi, Ia m trying to login in order to check out the front end admin but nothing happens when I enter demo/demouser
    (haven’t purchased yet)

  3. ebook-designs

    Hi there, is there an option to have users pay to view videos please?

  4. lushcreative

    Is it possible to remove the “login” area in the header?

  5. Hitman47M

    1.Is there any way to resize the video player layout so that all the videos look the same ? have the same width= height= ?

  6. ninzio

    Brilliant theme – GLWS

  7. downdl

  8. nagrap

    Hi, can I embed your video platform into my existing theme or do I have to use yours?

  9. Drapsy


  10. leobar021

    hm, Im looking for the theme… framework speed etc, you have posted your result but I have different result perf. grade 74/100 … how did u get 96 0f 100 ???

  11. christina_stealth

    Hi there,

  12. extpress

    Hello! Very interesting theme. Before buy I would like to ask a few questions.

  13. jwood1210

    Really enjoying this theme. However, I have a couple questions regarding video imports… 1) I want to import all of the videos from my channel. It looks like the max is 50. If I have more videos than that, do I just do that multiple times and it will sort them based on date? 2) I am having trouble importing a user feed. I was able to import a playlist feed, but it’s not pulling any videos up when I try to import a user feed, I put in the user ID and still not working? Lastly, 3) Is there any way to automatically pull in videos when they are uploaded on YouTube or do you have to do it manually everytime??

  14. 2codeThemes

    Nice theme, GLWS

  15. reggiehood

    I’ve bought the two previous video themes from you guys and I love the work and progress that you have made. I only wish that you created a built in more stylish user profile so I wouldn’t have to use buddy press. That would have made this the ultimate theme. I’m not a big fan of the buddypress design.

  16. Hitman47M

    Hi I like this theme a lot, looks great. I am thinking of purchasing it but I have a few questions before doing that.
    1. What video player is using ?
    2. Will I be able to create video pages like categories or channels which will show just videos added in that category or channel ?
    3 I would like to use iframe , embed codes, flv files and mp4 will they work ?
    4 Will custom fields work ?

  17. beatbanga77

    do you do the intstallation?

  18. raspati

    Hi team,

  19. lvpl

    hi, i have a simple question before buying. Is it possible to disable easily the option to allow the other users or members to upload videos because i’d like the only person who has the right to upload videos is the Admin ?

  20. ezjo0608

    Hi,nice question.can playlist function work with iPhone and Android?

  21. winnerskeepscore


  22. baboolak


  23. Easydis

    Pre sale question.
    Is there a way to integrate this theme with any video hosting service so when a user upload a video, it will be saved in that service and not wordpress library ?

  24. stevenminix

    user name and pass for the demo? I need to see the front end submission interface. This is my deciding factor.

  25. Hitman47M

    Hi I purchased this theme a while ago and I am wondering if you can modify the length of the video post titles in grid format.

  26. envisionapps

    Hi, we have a presale question – we plan on using only Youtube-hosted videos. Does the theme have a function to automatically take a still of the video as a thumbnail image, or does the user have to upload one separately?

  27. kazemrah

    Grate and nice theme.

  28. speedmaxweb

    Hello. IN our installation of your theme, we can create playlists as users, but users can’t add videos to them. Can you please help us? Thanks

  29. proprangers

    Its a pre-purchase enquiry. We are creating a video sharing site like youtube where users can upload videos and should have their own profile page with their listings. We should be able to create packages for the users in future for monetisation. Do you have such functionality or we need to install some addon for this functionality ?

  30. antonykavin

    How to show the post under category like this in grid form…

  31. Hitman47M

    Hi I would like to know how many related post can you display under a video on the single video post page. In the demo I can see just 4 related posts it is possible to add more, let’s say 12-15 ?

  32. franklyngrant

    In this theme are you able to post Images, music as part of portfolio?

  33. denizli20

    Corena slider and another slider does not work.

  34. Vosinh

    Hi! Is it possible to use this slider with products categories?

  35. simonsitto

    Hello Does Videofly support Multi Site Wordpress? and the Latest Version 4.6x

  36. betterfilms

    do you have options for all social media on header? snapchat, instagram, soundcloud, etc? thanks

  37. opeldus

    this look’s great. Good job. I wont to buye it.

  38. dgdillon

    Hello, congratulations on a fantastic looking theme! I have four questions regarding uploaded videos:

  39. makaja

    hi, just 1 question, can it auto import video from youtube ?

  40. dunnjust

    When I login as the demo user, the website doesn’t work. I want to see the profile of a member. I want to see how a user profile would look. Please fix the demo.

  41. Manish_Chugh


  42. PCMShaper

    Nice item, GLWS

  43. urielm

    I need a WordPress theme to my new VOD channel.
    What I need in my site is categories (like humor/sport and so on..) in each category there will be list of the series and in each series they will be all the episode.
    In conclusion I need the option to Sort the contents by category, series and episodes.
    Also I need the theme will work with rtl content
    Are this is possible in your theme?

  44. gkhngyk

    hello, how can i add element (mosaic view) . i didnt find list posts. i click add new element then post listing category and i see many options ; latest custom posts, filters, article accordion, featured article,boca slider posts, nona slider posts. But there is no (list posts)

  45. villatheme

    GLWS! bro

  46. envie2com

    Bugs :
    1/ if i create playlists, when i delete one, everything disappear until i refresh the page
    2/ Users can’t modify their own video. When they clic on “modify” the home page loads. The button doesn’t work.

  47. ianmcmurchy

    Once videos are imported from youtube via apearance>import videos. How do I display those videos on my website?

  48. envie2com

    What is the difference with the other theme “OneVideo” ?

  49. jwood1210

    Really loving this theme. Great job! One question though. On my homepage, I have a couple videos that open into model (lightbox). They look great on computers, but on mobile they are way bigger than the screen and you have to scroll to the right. Is there an easy way to fix this where it’s responsive like the rest of the theme?

  50. bcatkins

    Am I missing something – I click any video and nothing happens – do you need to be logged in to view videos? BTW – I’m using latest chrome

  51. abzzed

    me too chrome is not playing by clicking play button

  52. Livropedia

    1. Can you create sub-categories? What about sub-sub-categories? 2. I would like users to click on a jpeg image (representing each category) in order to reach the videos themselves. Is it possible?


    Where and how can the video player be changed? Does the current player offer secured video playback, users cannot download it? Is there an rtmp player that would work with this theme?

  54. gfour

    Pre Sales Questions:

  55. peykenovin

    Hi …

  56. xuantruong1519

    give me a user on demo videofly theme, thanks

  57. joneas24

    Hi, I have a few questions 1) Does Videofly allow users to upload video, text, photos, etc. to preexisting review pages – and these user uploads stay unseen by public until these can be first viewed and approved by the admin? After admin viewing, admin can then delete this user content, or admin can approve and allow this user content to be seen online. Is this possible with Vdeofly? 2) Can user upload his personal video directly into Videofly without uploading via youtube, insta, etc. first? I have users who create video and will directly upload their video to Videofly (and NOT to youtube and then from youtube to Videofly). Is this direct upload into Videofly possible)? In otherwords, can users drectly upload their own personal videos into Videofly? Or is Videofly only set up to upload embedded (Youtube, etc,) video? 3) if 2) above is possible, what video upload types are supported by Videofly for user upload? thanks!

  58. vishu19sep


  59. megbaatz92

    Hi, your support site is down. Do you know when it will be back up? Otherwise, is there another way I can contact you? Thank you!

  60. bajancomedynow

    Can you generate featured images for video automatically without having to upload an image for each video?

  61. Ahmedmnsor

    rtl support ??

  62. Gurpreetsaggu

    Hi, I am looking for a theme, which allows my clients to upload their images and video for me to edit , after checkout (payment either credit card /papal options) , I have database stored. after the files been edited,then they can download them from their user account . Possible all the features with your theme ? Regards Gurpreet

  63. proprangers

    I have a simple query : Can a user register , create his profile , upload videos and then manage his video listings ?

  64. UCreativeThemes

    Clean Work.

  65. bajancomedynow

    does this theme support playwire embeds? I’m getting issues generating a featured image for playwire videos? What do I need to do?

  66. palmerpr

    I’m having trouble setting up my header like the “homepage 4” example. I put these elements in all kinds of orders. I end up with too much gap above the search box and no line separating the search box and menu. Someone figure this out?

  67. jovemkt

    Here I am again upcode… Dude, your themes are perfects.
    I found these more interesting, it’s included last week/ last month/ all time.
    Also the Demo profile shows only the upload video. (that’s my preference)
    The only think that still concerns me is in case if I want to create a PRO subscription without the possibility to limit X videos uploads per free/pro users.
    I hope you understand this kind of option, because you want to give more access to your users, make trials … etc, where they can see that worth to subscribe a pro version. upcode I have a huge interest to buy one of your themes… (oneVideo or videofly) ...

  68. CharliBaltimore

    Before I purchase I would like to know if this theme allows image uploads as posts also or is it just videos? How flexible is the homepage?

  69. denizli20

    How do I make the multi- column menu?

  70. gkhngyk

    Hello again, i like your theme its so cool. But i need your demo theme’ footer settings.

  71. jcast79

    Has the issue with viewing uploaded mp4 videos on mobile been resolved? I’m ready to buy but if the videos can’t be played on mobile I don’t see how I can move forward,

  72. joomlavi

    Very nice, amazing and clean work, good luck with sale

  73. kysart

    “First, you need to download the Videofly files from your Themeforest account. Navigate to your downloads tab on Themeforest and find Videofly. Click the download button to see the two options”

  74. abzzed

    I am using this (secure html5 video player) for my videos will it work with it’s shortcode if not can you implement and how much? send me it to my email. abzzed [at] gmail [dot] com.

  75. thempro

    nice concept, I just miss an upfront video posting / sharing option for visitors to make the site more social..

  76. carnage13

    Can this theme work with an SSL certificate?

  77. Hitman47M

    Hi, my videos go to posts page not on the videofly videos page any idea why ?
    Also how to make the embed videos play in the videofly player ? / if I chose to play the videos in the embed video player they work if I chose to play them in the theme player they don’t show up why ?

  78. Alex22t


  79. carnage13

    Hi, is it possible to disable the embed link at the bottom of each video so that users cannot embed the video on their site?

  80. metrothemes

    Amazing work ! GLWS


    Hello, when activating theme, I receive a 500 internal server error

  82. christina_stealth

    This is such a great theme! Quick question – are you able to display articles with a featured image rather than a video?

  83. gfour

    Pre-Sale Question, Is IAB , VAST 2 compliant ? If not, do you have another theme that is complaint ?

  84. bogdanelu


  85. zthompson

    does this theme support playwire embeds? I’m getting issues generating a featured image for playwire videos? What do I need to do?

  86. saihoai


  87. malbor

    User does not work and password demo

  88. xuantruong1519

    how to set theme? thanks

  89. itnwebteam

    Hi, I purchased your theme. Best wishes for the wonderful work. I have a problem, When I use the builder element (Text Box) after the update/publish of the page the text element shows empty. May I know what is the problem? Thanks

  90. joomlastars

    Very nice and clean work, good luck

  91. Hitman47M

    Simple questions before buying.
    1. Can you sort out the video post by tags(meta tags) or channels or just by categories ?
    2. It is possible to create a channel page and add to it videos that are related to that channel ( will have videos added in around 50 channels / which are also sorted out in categories )
    3. Also the categories magamenu pictures can be made smaller not so big like in the demo so I can add more then 3 ?
    4. And last the single video post layout can it be made to not add the text under the video and the next/previous post selection ? / so that you have just the meta tags and the banner, comment ? in the order that I need .
    Thanks in advance.

  92. varcolac

    HI, almost rdy to purchase your theme, just 1 question:
    is there a way to include an “import video image” button in the front end video submision page, so the user doesnt need to upload a separate image when using video urls or use a plug in that does it automatically?

  93. leobar021

    any update regarding perf speed, it is still 78/100… for this price it isn’t great, and what is the difference between videotouch in the code?! I don’t see any difference in the speed of the site or page ranking etc… and pls don’t tell me you are working on it?!

  94. wencruz

    Activating the theme me the following error. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/content/84/7996984/html/wp-content/themes/videofly/includes/frontend-submission.php on line 258

  95. winnerskeepscore

    Hello.. where can I place my google analytics?

  96. tarkanews786

    i want to but but i want to know it have Embed Video feature ? like in YouTube

  97. jellywp

    Nice Design GLWS

  98. farhan511

    Dear it has been more than 6 month since i purchased this theme but embed videos are still not playing in windows 10 chrome.
    as per your support staff said that google will do any update and then it will work since then 3 chrome update done twice theme updates done but videos are still not playing in your theme.
    i want final answer from you before writing a review.

  99. ccriff

    Will an update be ready by next week; I bought this theme and now the mp4s dont play on NO mobile device… I was told an update was on the way… Videos dont load or play on ANY mobile device… The theme is great but this is very very bad for my business as 80% of people are browsing and watching on mobile devices… Please advise As soon as possible….

  100. tiketo

    repurchase question. Can i upload as many videos as i want or does it have a limit? i heard i can upload only 50 videos. The advertising is made with google adsense or do i have to create my own ads? Can i just create a google adwords account and us their ads or does the theme have its own widget for ads? Last question do i need a server so i can upload the videos?


    How can the thumbnail become hyperlinked in the filtered view. Currently only the title is hyperlinked?

  102. afp321


  103. owhen

    what the difference with slimvideo? thanks

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