Launch your own digital store or marketplace with Checkout!

With Checkout and Easy Digital Downloads, you can create your own digital goods store to sell stock photography, audio files, eBooks, video and more.

Checkout also includes several beautifully-designed templates to help you create a professional and elegant business or portfolio website. Create a Team page, add pricing tables, testimonials and more!

Turn your website into a full-blown marketplace.

Checkout - WordPress eCommerce Theme

Using the EDD Marketplace Bundle (sold separately), you can turn your store into a multi-vendor marketplace, where vendors can submit products for sale on your website. Enable the Commissions extension (included in the Marketplace bundle) to earn a cut of every sale made on your website!

The Marketplace bundle also allows you to add product reviews, wish lists, recommended products and more.

A slick dashboard for your vendors.

Checkout - WordPress eCommerce Theme

We’ve detailed every inch of the EDD Marketplace Bundle extension, creating a beautiful and simple to use dashboard for your vendors to manage their products and sales.

The Vendor dashboard enables you to edit and manage products, add new products, respond to comments, view earnings and more.

Typekit fonts built in.

Checkout - WordPress eCommerce Theme

We’ve partnered with Typekit to bring premium, top-quality fonts to your website. We handle everything, all you have to do is activate your theme license and you instantly have premium fonts from Typekit. You don’t even need an account!

Checkout features Proxima Nova, a modern, geometric sans-serif with super clean lines, which gives your typography a bold, modern and professional appearance. Yes, it really is that nice!

Show us what you’re working on.

Checkout - WordPress eCommerce Theme

Looking to build a business, agency or portfolio site instead? You can also use Checkout to build a handsome, minimal portfolio to show off your latest photography, design work, audio projects or video. Use the elegant gallery lightbox to showcase a series of images.

Check out the business and portfolio demo.

Introduce your team.

Checkout - WordPress eCommerce Theme

Checkout includes a Team page and a Gravatar Profile widget that lets you introduce your team members with a brief profile and links. If you don’t already have a Gravatar account, it’s super simple to get started and create a profile.

Add your company story below the team grid to turn this page into a beautiful About page.

Getting Started Dashboard

Checkout - WordPress eCommerce Theme

When you activate Checkout, you’ll be redirected to the Getting Started page. Here, you can view the extensive help file, view and install recommended plugins, browse FAQ’s, view Checkout’s latest updates and activate your theme license. We update this dashboard regularly with helpful tips and solutions.

Designed to adapt seamlessly to any display or device.

Checkout - WordPress eCommerce Theme

Checkout features a slick, responsive design, meaning your site will adapt to fit any screen size, from desktops down to mobile phones. All pages and features have been optimized to work on every device.

With the mobile-optimized checkout, users can even checkout on the go and claim their download via email when they return to a computer. Don’t lose out on mobile sales!

Checkout - WordPress eCommerce Theme

Frequently asked questions.

What can I build with Checkout?

Checkout enables you to create a digital store of any kind! You can create a stock photography website, you can sell your audio files, full albums, ebooks, videos, design resources and more!

Using the Marketplace bundle for Easy Digital Downloads (see below), you can turn your site into a full-blown marketplace that enables users to submit files for sale on your website. Enable the Commissions extension to make a cut of every sale made on your website!

What is Easy Digital Downloads?

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is a free WordPress plugin that enables you to sell digital goods on your website. EDD is entirely optional and is only required if you would like to sell digital products on your website. Although EDD is 100% free, you can also purchase extensions to add more features to your site, making it as minimal or powerful as you’d like.

What is the Marketplace bundle?

The Marketplace bundle is a collection of extensions that have been specifically chosen for users that wish to setup a marketplace with Easy Digital Downloads. These extensions add features like Frontend User Submissions, Reviews, Recommended Products and Wish Lists, allowing you to create a single or multi-user marketplace. Checkout was designed to integrate seamlessly with all of the extensions in the Marketplace bundle.

The Marketplace bundle is not required to sell your products with Easy Digital Downloads, only if you want to create a marketplace. Checkout and Easy Digital Downloads function as a standalone digital store out of the box.

What is a Typekit font?

Typekit is a font subscription service that offers top-quality fonts from the world’s best foundries, for use on the web. We’ve partnered with Typekit to bring these professionally-designed fonts to your website!

Why is it important to have finely-crafted typography? Typography can be very influential on visitors to your site, and can have a stunning effect when done properly. Typography draws in your visitor and sets the tone for your content. For this reason, we’ve chosen to feature Proxima Nova in Checkout, a super clean, modern sans-serif font with a bold, professional appearance.

What plugins are recommended with Checkout?

We’ve added a list of recommended plugins below. All of the plugins are optional, but some are required to create a website similar to the Checkout demo. To get the most out of Checkout, you’ll at least want to install the Array Toolkit (free) and Easy Digital Downloads (free).

If you’d like to build a business/portfolio site with a digital store, you’ll need to add a few of the following plugins.

If you would like to build your own digital marketplace as seen in the Checkout Marketplace demo, you’ll need to add a few of the following plugins, depending on which features you want on your marketplace.

  • Marketplace Bundle
    Discounted bundle of all the extensions listed below. Sold separately.
  • Front End Submissions
    Allow users to submit files for sale on your site. Sold separately.
  • Reviews
    Allow users to leave comments and reviews on your products. Sold separately.
  • Recently Viewed Items
    Show visitors the items they’ve previously viewed on your site. Sold separately.
  • Recommended Products
    Show a cross sell of recommended products. Sold separately.
  • Commissions
    Collect a commission on sales made on your marketplace. Sold separately.
  • Social Login
    Allow users to login and checkout with social networks. Sold separately.
  • Wish Lists
    Allow users to save and share their favorite products. Sold separately.

Are you able to help me if I have trouble with the theme?

Most definitely! We’re happy to help answer any questions you might have about Checkout during setup or general use. We’ve put together a pretty handy help file to get you started, and we monitor our support forum closely to provide quick answers.

Can I sell physical goods with Checkout?

Checkout is built to work exclusively with Easy Digital Downloads, and therefore does not support physical goods at this time.

Latest theme updates.

We update Checkout regularly with bug fixes and feature additions. Check out the latest changes to checkout by viewing the readme file.

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Checkout - WordPress eCommerce Theme Checkout - WordPress eCommerce Theme Checkout - WordPress eCommerce Theme


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    Hi pre sale question, i don’t understang how the client register on “checkout form” ? I don’t see fields for that on your demo

  9. techaider

    Hello, I want to remove double zeo ( 00 ) after dollar amount. Like $20.00 here i only want to put $20 , i want to remove .00 , like it would be $20 – $40 instead of $20.00 – $40.00 . how can i do it ?

  10. Thejungleee

    Do you plan to add EDD Wallet support?

  11. in4fun

    direct customer here. last update here was 15 March. no changes mentioned in your update logs here or on your website. please provide updated change log – cheers

  12. danielk8

    Hi there! Pre sale questions. Is there a template page for default “lost password” wordpress page? Thanks

  13. Ru11er


  14. hisayama

    I notice in your demo you have only 12 items per page. Can it be changed in the theme options? I plan to have a website with thousands of items and a number of 100 would be more suited to my needs….

  15. MoAnX

    Hi I’m wondering if I can hide the tags? we have lots of them per download and it getting really cluttered. is there a way to hide them? thanks!

  16. in5arts

    Why can not download the latest version??

  17. askingfor

    Hello. Where I can find out “Activate Typekit fonts and seamless theme updates!” if I bought theme form themeforest? I try out to put Item Purchase Code but still nothing.

  18. MoAnX

    Hello, I like your theme alot and i’m interested in buying but I have a pre-sale question, I noticed in the demo you have only around 12 items per page. for my website need I need to have at-least 50 – 100 items per page, is that something can be adjusted easily in the theme? or I need custom coding to it? other than that I’m very interested, also by the way is it SEO friendly? looking forward for your answer. thanks!

  19. radeCZECH

    Hello, is this solution capable for larger galleries? If I go to shoot races and bring hundreds of pictures, I need to create Event name and have there subfolders and images and allow customers to pick just images they want and allow them to download images right after payment is done. Will your theme work for me? Thank you

  20. mmak0710


  21. pleiadene

    +1 for advanced search settings

  22. isaumya

    Hey Guys, I’m not entirely sure why no one has reported this to you guys yet. But I just figured this out. In your latest update of your theme, I think you guys have forgot to patch the templates/template-title.php file properly. In your demo site (which I hope running on the latest version of your theme) you guys have started feting the Title of the pages (also hero title) as H1 tags, but in your program file you guys are still puching H2, which breaks the design as you guys have moved all h2 tag designs to H1. Don’t know why you guys have done this (hopefully for better seo) but I think you guys should recheck your template-title.php file.
    Let me know if I’m wrong about it.

  23. in5arts

    Hi there,
    Click menu line cannot be linked to URL In the mobile.

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    I am getting weird issue after upgrading to 1.7….Kindly check below screenshot..Thanks

  26. amamtak

    This theme is beautiful! Is there a way that instead of just the link to the product page, there will also be “Contact Now” button when you hover the product box on the homepage with pop up of contact form? I don’t want to sell anything just collect leads to different vendors I’m working with. Thanks!

  27. theLogoVibe

    Hi, is it possible to do 4 column instead of 3 on Front page and Product page? if not then please add this feature on next update it would increase more sales for sure

  28. hj_junior

    Hi, ai can buy version HTML?

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    Hi, how do I get my list of blog posts to appear in three columns just like the EDD product list?

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    I was trying to purchase all weekend but I kept getting a payment error. Looks like the price increased; will it be going back on sale again?

  33. ThemeTrail

    Welcome back Mike, and best of luck with sales. Checkout is looking great!

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    Is there a way to filter products? or at least have them grouped so that I can create a href link and have my groups appear? for example photos, fonts, graphics etc.

  35. nasan

    Is this only for digital goods or can it be used for physical items as well? Please elaborate.

  36. honeysehgal


  37. OpenMindersIVS

    Can I make a marketplace with many separate sellers which sells physical goods using for example the Dokan multiseller plugin?

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  39. in5arts

    Why can not download the latest version?

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    Have 2 requests for next update.
    1. Update FontAwesome (v4.5 is out)
    2. Please mentioned the list of changed file names in the changelog. Please…

  41. kualabear

  42. ryrdesign

    I have opened a ticket more than 3 days ago and have not yet received a response.

  43. Arthurokonkwo

    Checkout is one of the best theme, i’ve seen for multi-vendor marketplaces, but please I have some presale questions

  44. ryrdesign

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  47. ElegantMuse

    Hello, I am about to open my website using Checkout, I am about to sell exactly as you guys do in your website, a single template item and also a membership to get all items. wondering if you could point me in the right direction to achieve exactly that, just the way you do. client should be able to pick the membership even if he is in any given individual item.

  48. SiteSao

    Great work, Congrats & GLWS!

  49. a_Mits

    Hi, can we be able to show more than 6 products on homepage (like in demo), like 25 or 30 products?

  50. apptemplateshop

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  54. cfaulkner21

    Hi there,
    theme is great but i am having trouble with having different header background images for each page. For example I want a different header image for an FAQ page, how do i do this?

  55. advicesmartltd

    hello… i would like to hide whole header (logo, menu, carticon , search icon, header background – basically whole thing) and keep just body and footer on my checkout page. is there possible to create template or use some custom code in functions.php that would do this? looking for solution but dont know how to do it, hope you can help me. thanks!

  56. hehoochemone

    Can you email me? I have a question and it is too long for a comment. [email protected]

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    Hi! I would like install a multi-vendor site, where users can sell their own products. It is possible with this theme? What payment method use?

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    Love the theme. Does it support WooCommerce Bookings? I love the marketplace feature, but also would love to allow bookings.

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    I want to shop like shutterstok –
    It works the customer buys product suite and personalize their purchase.
    Is it possible in this theme?

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  64. bwhli

    Does this theme have a customer dashboard page? Are there any plans to include a customized login page like the Marketify theme?

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  66. sreethemes

    Hi, I have purchased Your “Checkout” theme. This is lifetime licence ? just Portfolio purpose, I have login “arraythemes dashboard” there is displaying License Keys for 1 year ? I don’t use marketplace.

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    Hi, sent out my question / inquiry last aug 27 thru support link at array themes dashboard, can you guys respond? Thanks!

  70. OnlineThemes

    Is it possible for the vendors to have different prize for the shipping ?
    Some prize for internation shipping and another pris for local shipping ?

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    Can I sell physical products with this theme?
    Can we change the color scheme?

  75. ryrdesign

    I left a message of support, I hope to answer for you.

  76. bigsound007

    Hey! Looks good so. A question before purchase. Can I use this theme to sellers selling real stuff, not digital products? And in that case is there delivery charge built in for sellers? Regards Mikael

  77. in5arts

    Hi, Download Theme Version: 1.1.7, the latest version of How to download?

  78. aliemami

    does it support RTL languages?
    is the persian translation ready?

  79. laulewis

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  86. mseawell07

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    How can I insert the two buttons in the header?

  89. ernieshine

    Hi ,
    How can I adjust the banner’s height and add “view all products button” like your demo?

  90. vasco4style

    I see on your changelog:
    1.2.7 – 8/18/15
    Added demo link for products. Must install/update the Array Toolkit to add demo link to download edit screens.

  91. EricProchnow

    great theme, really good job !

  92. pixeful

    Hi buddy, how to make PREVIEW button next to BUY?
    Don’t worry bought of course from another account.

  93. SNE

    “Typekit fonts, support and theme updates are all valid for 1 year. After that, you can choose to renew your theme to continue getting those features.”

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    Presale questions:
    1. can we translate all theme?
    2. is there an option to validate as an admin digital product before vendor’s listing it?
    3.can we edit in product attributes in product page. if we sell pdf can we replace audio format with words or anything else? is it editable?
    4.Is there any option to use normal lists in product page? or do we have to use huge boxes as a product listing? i think your big boxes not suitable for pdf listing (without picture)
    5.can we use marketplace bundle, wallet, purchase limit extensions (EDD)?
    Waiting your response to give final decision ,

  103. obazzy

    Can users sell mp4 files too?

  104. theLogoVibe

    whats new in new updates? you have to list it in theme description

  105. astarina

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  107. NathanSchacherer

    REALLY nice theme – any plans on adding better search option and results? I think this would be really needed to make the theme work 100%! since now its really hard to search and find older products for sale or filter – if you have no plans – any plugin you would recommended which might add this feature and make the theme useable?

  108. jpax

    On the description is says:

  109. kaixer


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    Hi, ArrayThemes, nice theme, but i have 2 questions for you:
    (1)can i add links/buttons to product details page, for example, i want to add “live preview”, “screenshot” links/buttons, may i ?
    (2)i wish the header menu can be fixed, keep the menu when the page is scrolling. how to do?

  112. AME-Network

    Hi ArrayThemes,

  113. Billybloom8

    Awesome theme v1.5.. !! hmm v1.7 the search is okaish… bit big .. but okay.. whats with the browse category : ) bit.. more options needed here!! as i would like to switch off the browse by cat section.. no update on header search.. its good.. i hoped the update would be a change there..

  114. dusandz

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    How do I set portfolio pages to display only one category of portfolio items?

  115. themezkitchen

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    Are you planning to customize the script to be able to have video to display in place of a featured image? You know the script so it will not take much time on your end, will it?

  117. Deglingo

    How can I modify the infos about the product in the single EDD post. I need to add my own. Thanks. Are you using FES front widget?

  118. WPHelpForBeginners

    Really like this, well done! Can you add a side bar to the blog page and actually whatever other page you might to as well with unlimited widgets by chance?

  119. avatter

    Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

  120. Romanesco

    Hi there,
    I’m strongly considering buying your theme, but I was wondering if I can make it full-width instead of framed as you currently have it in the example?

  121. maic

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    Great theme!

  122. in5arts

    Next upgrade recommended to add template-downloads.php page template category selection function.

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  126. startups1000

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  127. imconnected

    On mobile phones (android), I am unable to preview audio files. Will this be fixed? They appear on desktop version but not mobile.

  128. jenn12345

    Hi, I just purchased your theme, and i love it! I was wondering if I could purchase a straight HTML version of it? I have to integrate with multiple programs.

  129. ace2296

    Do you know why the styling would be messed up on the author dashboard page?

  130. teambudgie

    Would it be difficult to implement infinite scroll like in your Candid theme?

  131. ThibaultPenin

    What’s new?

  132. mgmatthews18

    pretty cool!

  133. rgegeo

    Hi, is Greek tranlsation available/included with the theme? Thanks

  134. click_studio

    Do you have some demo content (XML) to match the demo theme ?

  135. iqrasaurus

    Need help – I’ve “Enabled search bar on product pages” under customizer (and updated the theme) but i cant have the search bar on individual download pages – can help?

  136. Bonigala


  137. CCWH


  138. jakkimsey

    Hey there! Looks like a great theme! I want to use it as a means for users to collect images into a lightbox (cart) and download the images for free. I want to do this without having users sign up to the site – simply select the images and download a zip. Is this possible with your theme and EDD? Thanks in advance.

  139. Arutam


  140. pleiadene

    I like the theme… just a question, is it possible to make it full width instead of having those thin margins on the sides?

  141. rocapress

    Hi, can you recommend a toggle/tabs plugin that will work great with the themes layout and styling? Or is there that feature already integrated in the theme?

  142. ramiissa

    Are Month Access is for all site or for each items separate ?
    What about if we need make items as product for one time not like Mont access ? is it possible ?

  143. sreethemes

    Hello Array, How to add reCAPTCHA for register & login pages ? Because when i am trying to register new user role that email going to spam. How to stop this. I thin when user purchase any item that email also going to spam ? Please give me simple solution.

  144. face2facepro

    Is it compatible with visual composer?

  145. icypixels

    Welcome back Mike and the theme!

  146. rell001


  147. azik123

    hi the product galery/carusel is not appearing as in demo where can I turn it on?

  148. back5907

    I want to buy this, but I have a question
    Customer registration page where I do not see in the demo
    Or I can add their own?

  149. desirevo

    Hi, is it possible to easily change this theme to be on a darker background? Everything I find seems to be on white, and this has features I’m looking for but doesn’t fit the exact colouring I’d like.

  150. phillipfx

    Plans to add a woocommerce version?

  151. oso33055

    1. After the latest update I am getting this error. After someone presses the ‘Did you find this review helpful?’ Yes or No button. If the user presses it, it behaves correctly with the ‘Thank you for your feedback’ print but if that user refreshes the page or goes to another page and then comes back, it shows the following error, and the vote count doesn’t registers.

  152. mod7

    I’m considering buying this. Is there a affiliate plugin that you could recommend that works well with this? Thanks

  153. Bekedam


  154. fieldthemes

    Nice Item, Creative! GLWS

  155. takeabreak

    Hi, I would like to check 1. Can I turn it to a marketplace to sell not only digital goods but physical goods too?2. Is there a shipping option for each vendor to set?3. How does payment works? Will there be an option for customer to pay the company and company payout to vendor OR customer pay directly to vendor

  156. aniruddh23

    Hi there,
    Can “Free Downloads” extension be used with this theme?

  157. sreethemes

    Hi I have purchased your theme, & Your theme is great looking & Clean.
    I want to setup my own portfolio, Premium & free digital works selling site.

  158. ryrdesign

    I would like to purchase this item but first want to know some questions.

  159. shirani93

    how is displayed a free digital download ?

  160. mrdhruv

    Hello array,
    There is login link for buyers as well as vendor.
    But I am not able to find out any logout link for registered user buyers (customers).

  161. smagroup


  162. trocity

    I posted a support request two days ago, no response. I’ve also sent in several support requests at your site. Still waiting on a response for any of them. I realize it is New Years but I’m busy offering support to my customers so I’d expect the same from others.

  163. navigator

    It’s nice to see your theme on TF again. Good job as always. Congrats!

  164. sreethemes

    Hello ArrayThemes, Your latest updates for business theme ( not vendors )”demo link, logout options missing. product search very heard request auto fill ( search auto fill suggestions very advantage any customers). last request question How to use sidebar specific page ( account page ) ?

  165. MDagents

    Dear Array

  166. prodevglobal

    1-How can i secure the download links from (non-registered/non-authorized/non-paid users)
    2-Can i make the download links to be hosted on another server and be secured too (they gonna be hosted outside the wordpress folder for sure) but i need them only to be downloadable for paid/authorized users.

  167. americajr

    Can i still create a custom homepage with the visual editor/html and still have the first intro widget area on? “Create a beautifully simple digital marketplace.”

  168. magic____32

    Hi! I got an issue with fonts. I can´t manage to have different fonts for text and for titles. I want to display Montserrat font for titles (H1 H2 H3… ETC) and proxima nova for texts, as it is displayed in the demo. When I change it via style.css I always have the same font on the two options. Better see here

  169. Integnity

    Sick theme and you entire support/verification ecosystem is just brilliant. Well done!

  170. theLogoVibe

    nice theme, but how to get typekit license key? I am unable to find it because I purchased the theme from themeforest not from your official site

  171. Deglingo

    Hey, great looking theme. Any way to implement a better search. I can’t imagine my users going down the page to find a product ! Find for 10 products but not really convenient for a huge shop

  172. fantasthink

    Hi there,

  173. azik123

    Hi, How can I put search bar and browse our categories panel onto the home page as in demo?

  174. ryrdesign

    I have sent two replies in message. and I have had no response from you.

  175. uouapps


  176. Prodsters

    Quick one again. Is it possible to have a mix of the products and blog on the homepage. What I see is that for the widget homepage, there are no products displayed.

  177. jenki

    I like the theme, but in the demo it seems the individual sellers/profiles lose a lot of personality and are moulded into the standard theme style.

  178. theLogoVibe

    hi, the demo version of your theme is 1.2.3 but in the download zip its 1.1.7
    the demo is bit different than installed theme. Can you help me in this?

  179. valleyboy_1

    Okay, I asked this question earlier, not sure what happened to my post, but I’m looking for a theme that will allow me to sale my gigs similar to, but I do not wish to create a marketplace, only to sell my digital downloads. Will this theme allow me to do that? What type of plugins do you guys over in order to help me accomplish this with this theme?

  180. exploremusictherapy

    I agree with Deglingo. If you could have it so the download shop has category/search bar across the top, it would be super helpful, to minimize scrolling for the buyers and to help them find what they are looking for (not necessarily the title, but the product related to a certain category), faster. A price low-high/ high-low would be helpful, too.
    Thanks again – this theme is GREAT so far!!!!

  181. chuci132


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    Nice and clean. I have couple of questions. Is it possible to use this for multivendor where people can upload their digital work and get paid by no of downloads? For example if admin set $10 for 1000 downloads shop owner will get $10 when his items cross 1000 downloads.
    Two categories for normal users free and paid, free member can download only free items and paid member can download anything.

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  250. oso33055

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    added Checkout Theme to my bookmarks, will keep an eye on it..

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  271. mrflournoy

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  272. in5arts

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