Concept Living - WooCommerce Furniture Theme

Concept Living - WooCommerce Furniture Theme

Concept Living - WooCommerce Furniture Theme

Concept Living - WooCommerce Furniture Theme

Concept Living - WooCommerce Furniture Theme

Concept Living - WooCommerce Furniture Theme

Concept Living - WooCommerce Furniture Theme

Concept Living - WooCommerce Furniture Theme

Concept Living - WooCommerce Furniture ThemeConcept Living - WooCommerce Furniture ThemeConcept Living - WooCommerce Furniture Theme

About this theme

Concept Living is an eCommerce WordPress Layers theme for furniture retailers.

Features Overview
  • Responsive
  • SEO friendly
  • Responsive Slider
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Google Fonts
  • Built for WordPress
  • Translatable
  • Built into Customizer
  • No code required
  • Posts & Pages
  • Reliable support

“Loving it and I find myself amazed at how quickly you get used to putting things together that would have normally required CSS”

Marc, NL
6+ Unique Header Layouts

Concept Living is designed to work with all of Layers’ header options including boxed, full-width and sticky layouts.

  • Center Top
  • Inline
  • Logo Left / Menu Right
  • Menu Left / Logo Right
  • Logo Top
  • Header Over (applies to all layout options)
  • Boxed / Unboxed headers

This theme comes packed with StoreKit, worth $21, for Free!

What is Layers?

Layers is a free WordPress Site Builder that allows you to build beautiful websites through an interface that is so simple you’ll be a pro the first time you use it.

  • Built into WordPress. Not on top.
    Layers is activated as a WordPress theme and works directly with the built-in WordPress Customizer.
  • Point & Click Interface
    A code-free interface gives you control over the content and aesthetics of your site while still maintaining good design fundamentals.
  • Open Source & Extendable
    Download Layers and create anything you want, from gorgeous themes to powerful extensions, or contribute to the core on GitHub.

Code Free Site Building

With Layers you don’t need a degree in HTML and CSS to get the design you desire. With preset layouts and the easy to use Design Bar, you never have to worry about what goes on under the hood again.

Important Notice:

Please note that Store has been retired. In it’s place is a new theme with the same look and feel, built on Layers, called Concept Living.

Concept Living - WooCommerce Furniture Theme Concept Living - WooCommerce Furniture Theme Concept Living - WooCommerce Furniture Theme Concept Living - WooCommerce Furniture Theme

Concept Living - WooCommerce Furniture Theme


  1. DAV12129206

    Can someone please give me some support?!

  2. Rikforest

    Hello I should do the update from the theme Store v.1.1,3 to this version of Concept Living, there can be problems? how can I do?
    thank you

  3. webjump

    Pixel Sex

  4. stephnakagawa

    Is it already with customized Woocommerce Email Template?

  5. thesansinator

    Hi! I just bought the theme. I wanted to be able to show multiple locations on our Contact page. Would that be possible?

  6. White_Hat

    I’m trying to make my website look like your demo, but like many others have commented I too am having issues with this.

  7. obox

    Please note that Store has been updated as Concept Living and is now based off of Layers It’s basically a completely new theme with an update look and feel.

  8. aviator477

    Can you display multiple addresses in the contact section? For a store with 2 locations?

  9. mgibo

    Hi There,

  10. Suzy128

    Hi, before I purchase this, I was wondering if I can add multiple (2-3) pictures to individual ‘shop’ items?

  11. themall


  12. ndb555

    Love the theme, have a couple of pre sales questions:

  13. aditivadesign

    Really nice theme! Congratulations!

  14. yivelysolutions

    very nice theme. good work guys!

  15. ndb555

    Sorry me again, is there a product search function?

  16. sulhaj12

    I purchased the ThemeForest Store from you. Our website URL is
    I am having a difficult time getting my site to look like your demo. When I was searching for help I found this message on your site:

  17. JordanJones88

    Hello! I purchased the theme and think it is amazing. I have run into a problem with the ‘Shop – customer header image’ all the other pages allow me to amend this but the Shop page fails to show anything. Can you let me know how to fix this?

  18. mattquinn22

    Before I purchase, I want to see if the individual items for sale can have more potions to select from than just “quantity.” Let’s say I have a widget for sale, someone needs to select the size of their widget, let’s say small, medium, large, and the prices of those sizes are different. Small is $4.00, medium $5.00, etc. And there’s also a field to select the color of the widget. And then quantity. Is this kind of thing possible?

  19. xibangura

    The obox editor does now show up in edit pages or new pages. or posts…

  20. pnpress

    The texts are sharpen in Chrome, Win 8:

  21. amandahfallon

    Is the black box around the logo customizable? Can it be turned off?

  22. shokemyster

    To whoever bought this theme, do the following to make the theme working properly.

  23. viktorasluko

    And I also need to know what is the best size for Homepage sliders please? I have looked through the documentation provided but cannot find the info. Thanks again!

  24. russayres

    Is it possible to have parallax image backgrounds in this theme?

  25. Richidi

    Can I put custom navigation to the black top bar?

  26. LucieCarpentier

    Hello! I would like to use Visual Composer to create a more custom homepage. Is it possible to have a full width page without any theme size restriction?

  27. Miguel_Vasquez

    Good style GLWS

  28. thepostdesign

    Amazing theme! Is there a way to make the search available in mobile setting? Also, any plans to make a larger search option next to the logo?

  29. sarahojo

    before i purchase i’m wondering a few things…

  30. BirkKromann

    The PSD files are an absolute nightmare!

  31. anerdsworld

    I have my Reading Settings direct posts to my Blog page and no posts appear. It doesn’t matter which template I use. I even tried creating another sample page.

  32. adoubleu

    This looks great, clean and spacious.
    Pre-sales question: does “unlimited colors” mean it can be configured in the Admin to be a “Dark” Theme (inverted from the demo) without writing/adding custom CSS?

  33. aglet


  34. sdoce

    I installed this template on my server. I have found that slow load. Please instruct how to improve the speed of my web. Thanks!

  35. olaand

    are we ok to use the slider bg image or is it a stockimage that we need to get from somewhere?

  36. LucieCarpentier


  37. blenihan80


  38. cathyleeu

    I bought your ‘store’ theme!
    It is really pretty… but on my homepage
    I can’t see huge slider
    How can I show slider?

  39. wirtloto7

    Hi, can I put a different background image instead of the black background behind the title of each pages (eg. behind the word “Brand”?

  40. sofacritic

    I bought this theme ages ago when it first came out and never used it but I’m going to use it now, amazing upgrade guys, thanks for taking the time to sort the theme out

  41. roxieft

    I am using an iMac and can’t use Internet Explorer, so maybe that is why it is not installing correctly “missing stylesheet”? If this is the case then I will need a refund since I don’t have a PC.

  42. MsV_75

    My template does not recognize the “Categories”.
    If I select one to appear in a widget it doesn’t work.
    It display items only if I select “All” from the menu.

  43. vnoma

    Awesome !

  44. sarapbdubois


  45. viktorasluko

    Hi I would like to know how to change the theme from boxed to full width? I am the same person as LucieCarpentier above, just used the wrong login. Thanks!

  46. mdonaghy


  47. atomiccafe

    Can the Zoom feature have a much larger detail? Can I zoom in really close to see the detail if I upload a larger image? What’s the maximum image size? Thanks in advance.

  48. mikibrei

    Hi, i am from argentina i want to buy this template but i want to know if i can change the add cart, to another button that goes to a form to contact me, because i dont want a shop i want it for corporate gifts.

  49. martin2408

    Hi, regarding woocommerce. Is this included in this theme? Or do I require to buy and install this as well?

  50. adebeem89

    Having issues with the menu on the demo website on mobile.
    When I scroll down on the menu on the iPhone. The menu goes away when I no longer touch the screen. Not elegant.

  51. haewoon

    how to disable title-block?

  52. rkski1224

    Loving this theme so far!!

  53. devil_nz1

    Hi there, awesome and very good looking theme you’ve created, I wish to know if this theme support multi language? I’ll be using this theme with Thai fonts

  54. esteribanyez

    Hi! I purchased the ThemeForest Store from you. I have some problems in setting my site to look like your demo. In particular, my product images are very very small respect to your demo. Moreover, I’d like to know if I can remove the option to leave comments.

  55. artem855


  56. danielconn

    The Download trigger is not working – is there something we’ve not done correctly?

  57. Forest-Media

    Hello there, I have few questions related to the search widget for the Concept Living wordpress theme. 1) is there a way to make the search box full width? 2) Is it possible to add this widget to the header section? 3) Is there a way to remove the word, “Search” that appears on top of the search box? I would greatly appreciate your help in this matter. Thanks in advance. FM

  58. mbrander

    Question, can the store menu dropdown menu have multiple categories, example: Womens (with multiple sub categories), Mens (with multiple categories), ect. kinda like , I prefer your style over the links..

  59. Stunod

    Looks awesome! glws

  60. abacusnyc

    Hi – love the theme, but have a question. I’ve registered on the support forum, but find nowhere to ask or post a question. All I want to be able to do is have a home page that is blank – ie. not pre-filled in any way. However, the theme seems to break when I do this. the blog no longer works, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  61. White_Hat

    Maybe if I have a comment on the top of a page it will get more attention.

  62. White_Hat

    I’m having a huge problem getting the button text color to change. Every time I change it in the “Customize” theme option, it reverts. I have tried over and over but it reverts every time. My customers are not able to see the button text and all of my efforts yield no difference. This is incredibly frustrating and any help would be much appreciated.

  63. mthibault1

    I am considering purchasing this theme.
    Is there a limit to the number of options you can have for a product?
    I have some products that have 10 different options.

  64. sarapbdubois

    One more question before I buy- can I see some other sites that have used this theme? Thanks!

  65. dansae

    Hi there,

  66. iufx

    Anyone know how to change the text, link and hover color on this theme? I have layers installed and nothing changes the colors..I’ve tried every customization setting Should it be this difficult? Do I need to add CSS? Buy the way, I purchased this theme through layers.Thanks

  67. tranmautritam

    Look good man! I like it!

  68. MAGAZINEstudio

    Congratulations nice job. Good luck dude!

  69. MyJimbo


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