Build your online store/marketplace for digital products

Olam is the ultimate theme to build an online store or marketplace using Easy Digital Downloads. With Olam you can sell digital products like stock photos, plugins, softwares, audio files and more. With the help of detailed documentation and Unyson page builder it only takes a few minutes to start selling your digital goods online. Olam is feature rich and is made compatible with the most popular EDD extensions allowing you to build something more than just a store.

Olam - WordPress Easy Digital Downloads Theme, Digital Marketplace, Bookings Olam - WordPress Easy Digital Downloads Theme, Digital Marketplace, Bookings Olam - WordPress Easy Digital Downloads Theme, Digital Marketplace, Bookings

View documentation here – Olam Documentation

Newly Added Features

1. Three listing styles 2. Option to hide price and icons in product listing pages 3. Option to change menu background color 4. 2 new demos 5. Made compatible with EDD Bookings and Contact form 7 plugins 6. Option to change number of product columns in download and archive pages 7. Option to center menu and logo 8. Option to change preloader 9. Added an option to add any class in ‘Unyson Section Shortcode’ 9. Option to add video preview 9. Option to add audio preview


  • 100% responsive design
  • Unyson page builder
  • Widget ready
  • Custom widgets
  • Author page
  • 20 shortcodes
  • Theme options panel
  • Custom colors
  • Item rating
  • Shopping page
  • Product search functionality
  • Font awesome icons
  • Mega menu
  • Google Fonts
  • Team members
  • Blog
  • Sticky header
  • Woocommerce compatibility
  • Compatible with EDD Frond End Submission Plugin
  • Vendor contact forms
  • Multiple images for a download
Olam - WordPress Easy Digital Downloads Theme, Digital Marketplace, Bookings

Change Log

  • Updated on 17/03/2016 – Updated functions.php to improve a function to check whether the page is using WordPress default editor
  • Updated on 05/04/2016 – Made the theme compatible with EDD Front End Submission plugin.
  • Updated on 08/04/2016 – Updated style.css and scripts.js to rectify a slight error in the design of the menu on mobile devices.
  • Updated on 26/05/2016 – Made the theme compatible with WooCommerce plugin. You can now contact vendors via vendor contact forms. Option to add multiple images for a download is added.
  • Updated on 15/06/2016 – Made the theme compatible with all plugins in EDD marketplace bundle and EDD recurring payments. Solved IE11 compatibility issue for menu drop down.
  • Updated on 27/09/2016 – The theme now allows unlimited number of sub menu levels. We also added an instagram button to the social profiles which display on footer area.
  • Updated on 30/09/2016 – Version 3.0 – Released a dark skin for the theme. Also made the thumb nail images round instead of square. The files changed are; css/style.css css/dark-style.css, functions.php, admin/functions/functions.options.php, css/woocommerce-style.css,
  • Updated on 06/12/2016 – Version 3.1 – Released a 2 more demos and lots of features which are detailed in the documentation attached above. The change log of files too are added in the documentation.
  • Updated on 13/12/2016 – Version 3.1.1 – Updated body typography issue in theme options, Updated problem with gallery images in download page. Changelog;
    includes/author-downloads.php, archive-dowload.php, single-download.php, functions.php, css/color.css.php, css/style.css
  • Updated on 15/02/2017 – Version 3.2
    1. Added option to add video previews Updated files; 1. includes/author-downloads.php 2. archive-dowload.php 3. single-download.php 4. functions.php 5. css/color.css.php 6. css/style.css 7. /framework-customizations/extensions/shortcodes/shortcodes/table/includes/fwoption-type-table/class-fw-option-type-table.php


  1. ksk1983

    Hi, great theme! I am about to create a audio marketplace where I offer various sounds. To highlight the best, I’d like to have a playlist of all audio files on the homepage. Is there a way to set that up but not only having the play button next to each file, but also the “Add to cart” and “checkout”?

  2. onlinerender

    Is it Possible To Insert Submit Form (Frontend Submissions – Easy Digital Downloads) olam download feature Detials???

  3. hisayama

    Hi. I notice that when I select a download item, appears in the top the featured image/vide and some buttons. Is it possible to hide these and keep only the text that I will type in the download description? (I will still have a featured image, but it will now show on download description). Is there any option like this in this theme?

  4. zzlpglgjzz

    Is there a page for guest [ customer ]?

  5. xpert-idea

    Awesome work. GLWS

  6. Kisssssss

    Dear Author
    In the change log you do not write the version number. So after long time I am back to this product and I am not sure if I am up to date or not yet.
    In my site admin panel it says I have version Version: 3.1.1

  7. Thinkpositiveph

    hi, pre-sale question, is this compatibe with free downloads? i mean the price will mark as “free” instead of $0.00?

  8. nehemiaht

    Does your tool work with the EDD plugin EDD Bookings? Because I want to allow the vendors to either book or purchase a digital service.

  9. salebgd

    Hi there, great theme guys and girls. Congrats. I have one question, can I add slider to download preview?

  10. erringtonr


  11. g-axon


  12. fuzzytake

    Hi Charles, if I delete the hash symbol from one or more social media from Appearance>Theme Options>Social the icons and the underneath link misalign (i.e., under a FB icon there would be a You Tube link). Moreover, the link will be taken from the product download sidebar (i.e., pointing to share a product link). Many thanks.

  13. in4fun

    Very cool idea with the rocket as a back-to-top button

  14. elliotassociates

    I just purchased and installed the theme. I installed successfully, installed and activated all of the widgets and Unyson Elements, and Imported the demo data.

  15. deployapps

    Hi, I really must say it’s a great design! I am wondering about the checkout, does it work once I install it on WP? or do I need to add configurations?

  16. zytheme

    want to know if with theme well document for beginner with easy digital download and demo data that in preview with theme?

  17. 3rdexec

    Where can I edit the shop download parameters? I am trying to change the orderby and number of items displayed.

  18. fuzzytake

    Hi Charles, I have sent you another email about the bug. Please help me. Private registered users details are public as authors in product downloads I haven’t created/authorised. Please let me know if it’s either a theme or Easy Digital Download’s issue, so I can take action quickly. I am out with a marketing campaign and the Web site has such a serious fault. Many thanks.

  19. sanayar2008

    could I clone a some downloadable items from external wp websites by plugin do such jobs, and it ‘ll align with your theme properly ?

  20. Marani

    Hey, Any chance to build a SINGLE vendor site with this theme?

  21. buckettoday

    why after I made sign up, I couldn’t find my profile there ??
    I tried to purchase a free sample, and filled the form, then I didn’t see any account page for me or profile or any area there .

  22. katra

    it would be really great if you could sell Audio and Videos as well, but i didnt see it in the demo.. Having audio in the grid results with a big play button on the image or video as well … This would make me on many others buy it right away!!! Hope you can add that soon

  23. JonasWiuff

    Amazing work! GLWS

  24. alexp622


  25. Kisssssss

    I like your theme, it looks great. I wonder if this is really suitable for me or not.

  26. C-Y-B-E-R

    I see a live chat or support function at the bottom of the demo site. Is this a chat plugin that comes with the theme. Could you please explain it and how it is controlled. Plugin / widget, and can the form fields be changed?

  27. yurimm4


  28. a_Mits

    I have bought front end submission, how to setup using your theme. there is no tutorial in your documentation for this.

  29. mewagency

    This is a Woo-commerce theme?

  30. deployapps

    Hi, how do I change to the demo theme? Thanks.

  31. fuzzytake

    Hi Charles, there is a bug in the contact forms from the 1) Quick Contact (Support) window and the 2) Contact Us – I do not receive any message sent from both forms. Can you please check these out? Many thanks.

  32. jtiago


  33. ilkay_aydemir


  34. click_studio

    Just wanted to let you know (and other users) that none of your ‘Add to Cart’ buttons on the archive page or widget (and I assume category), support variable price options.

  35. sanayar2008

    last pre-sales question. if I purchase the item, could I change the preloader to another one ?

  36. SirBabak

    hi i want buy you theme but add your version theme like v5.56 ! and your theme Compatible With latest wordpress theme ?

  37. katra

    Also, will you add STRIPE as a payment method? Its so much better than paypal… Its more seamless..

  38. rubengc

    Will Olam support child theme?

  39. FreshMockups

    [Request] Can you add instagram social icon in footer in next update?

  40. SirBabak

    amazing amazing amazin theme! but i found many bugs, header menu not show in 1024×768! in single shop post icons like preview Browse Category and Buy Now show baddly in 1024×768 please fix
    i buy your theme very soon

  41. sanayar2008

    hi, back again,
    I need to know now if there is ability to make category
    and sub-category menu built in the search field in the home,
    so that each user able to filter before insert any word?

  42. fuzzytake

    Hi webnesters

  43. anarrss

    Hi! I would like install a multi-vendor site, where users can sell their own products. It is possible with this theme? What payment method use? I have had problems with paypal business in Wordpress.

  44. mwijnbergen

    Show search bar also on download archive pages – We would like to show the search bar in the hearder also on the download archive pages. How can we achieve this?

  45. adma786

    Hey I have Emailed You! Please Reply As soon As Possible!

  46. joshbedo

    Hi, I was wondering if you can give badges to vendors? For example elite author, badge for listings 5 products, etc.

  47. rubengc

    I have been found two errors, first on footer.php classes and urls are wrong between twitter and youtube links, the solution:

  48. Arthurokonkwo

    Hi, Great theme. Setup question?
    Am about to setup this theme for a client but it has no demo file, that is the .xml file.
    Can you help mw with this ?

  49. ceofvo

    Hello, is there a slider for the homepage

  50. joomlastars

    Nice & beautiful work, GLWS

  51. aneracam

    Hi, is this theme compatible with revolution slider plugin?

  52. denhodedoc

    Hi, i would like to add more currency, which file do i need to edit? please help

  53. ultanocallaghan

    Still waiting to hear from you, my theme is essentially unusable. I need this fixed ASAP, it’s simply not good enough.

  54. ednilson

    hello, this theme have a submission front end, with diferents autors? regards

  55. biorichman

    Hello, is it this theme can insert video to replace featured image? I want to make it as video digital download store.

  56. sanayar2008

    could you tell me about the next update regarding searching filter option ?

  57. ultanocallaghan

    Problem 1:
    Dashboard -> Appearance -> Customize doesn’t load.

  58. adma786

    I am new to Envato. We are having a group of companies, In Dubai. Looking Forward To Open Up The Digital Downloads Marketplace, And I am totally New To Wordpress. Can I Get a Demo Of The FrontEnd And Backend. As Of till day we were having developers, who used to create custom script. But its too expensive we realised. So If I can get a Demo. I would Surely Buy The Item. And Please Tell If Any Custom Things I Need to add how to do! Would You Can Help With It!

  59. webdoone

    Great! GL

  60. elvirr9

    is it compatitable with woocommerce’s all of the extensions?

  61. click_studio

    When I remove an item from the cart (widget) I am redirected to the checkout page. The default EDD behavior for this action, keep the user on the existing page. Is there an option to change this or is it bug ?

  62. oxidigital


  63. fuzzytake

    Hi Charles, how/where do you set the sending/receiving email address for the “quick contact (support) window”? I haven’t found any indication in the Olam manual about.. Many Thanks

  64. velikayikci

    check your demo. there are some errors.

  65. dsanders212

    Hi again! Thanks in part to you adding the FES meta options and styles my client purchased the theme and we are using it now. (If you’d like I can send you a message with the license pdf so we can have conversations in the future as I do not have access to their account.)

  66. ynotsmile

    Hello, love what you have created here, especially the styling of the user admin.

  67. fuzzytake

    Hi Charles, the vendor dashboard is not appearing to new registered users so they cannot upload files. Can you please have a look at it? I have a mktg campaign going on. If it can help, the Php error log says: “Email from Easy Digital Downloads failed to send.” thanks

  68. click_studio

    Are you planning on adding any more page templates ? A left and right sidebar template is needed in my opinion.

  69. sermonboxmedia

    Hey There,

  70. HSinghHira

    Hello, I want to purchase this theme but i have many question before purchasing. 1. Can i show Demo Link and thumbnail Image on Frontend Submissions Page?
    2. What FES version required for this theme?
    3. My friend purchase this theme and he told me that the FES Page isn’t exactly look like demo Blog. Is it so?
    4. Can i import demo contents?
    5. Documentation? Online or Offline?

  71. becksiame

    a presales question can you put video in the product position where the large picture for each product is? and does the video show on the browse pages. ie can it be watched without going into the full product page or does a featured image take its place?

  72. engineering01

    Not all authors-widgets works…

  73. zytheme

    Nice theme, GLWS

  74. sanayar2008

    hello, support RTL ? and also could I adjust the layout of home page ?

  75. simonsitto

    Hello Just a couple of Presale Questions

  76. Harsguna

    Nice theme…. Is it ready to use or need develop ?

  77. saisree21

    i want to buy HTML Version, Is that available?

  78. sanayar2008

    Regarding the SEO, does there any features in the theme ?

  79. appubhai007

    hi have prepurchase question
    can i add feature to sell all my graphics for free

  80. click_studio

    Is it possible to disable the page pre-loader ?

  81. powerbroker4

    would be nice if you could search Woocommerce products from the homepage and Vendors could app products, not downloadable stuff. To many off the same these on Themeforest.

  82. smasher532


  83. SheikhOvais

    Hi mate,

  84. movingtexture

    How do I remove the page title from the homepage? I’d like the page to start with the Olam Search page element, but I have a white bar with the page title and cant figure out how to remove it.

  85. RockingTemplates

    Does it support Multi vendor?

  86. elvirr9

    Hello is the theme compatible with recurring payments extension for edd and the free downloads extension? How easy is to setup the theme? and there is something wrong with the shop page on demo.

  87. noblesilence

    Does it work with EDD Software Licensing plugin?

  88. vabrendangregory

    Hi. I want to remove that support thing at the bottom of the page that captures a support request coz we already have our contact page. Are you able to help? Been going around trying to figure out how to remove that thing. Thanks

  89. mwijnbergen

    Hi there, after the update to the latest version of Olam the options panel is not working anymore. The first page ‘Home settings’ is showing – but the other pages are blank. Also the icon before the other items are not showing. How can we get these pages back?

  90. praharshrj

    Innovative theme. Keep up the good work guys!

  91. EngoCreative

    Hi Mate,

  92. a_Mits

    is it possible that the images are automatically resized by theme, coz i replaced the earlier theme with this one and some downloads are bigger and smaller looking very odd. the bigger one forces the downloads below to shift down. i can not resize each image as they are very big in numbers, earlier theme was able to resize them automatically.

  93. click_studio

    After spending a lot of time tweaking CSS I can offer the following feedback.

  94. 16132626

    nice work, does this theme support wordpress visual composer addon?

  95. OfficiallyFrex

    When I click on a widget to open the options it just loads up blank

  96. RockingTemplates

    Pre sales question.
    Which is better EDD or WooCommerce ? Is there documentation available for integrating this theme with WooCommerce ?

  97. rubengc

    I have some pre-sale questions

  98. mrm_1

    Great theme, i really like it, just have couple question.
    E-mail sent > Thanks

  99. click_studio

    I see on your demo, products have a different thumbnail to the main image. Where do I set this ?

  100. dcg627

    HI. Is there an option for customers to login to view all the available downloads they’ve purchased? I’m not clear whether the ‘login’ option on the demo site is just for sellers, or if it’s for buyers as well.

  101. wpred

    Your theme is great and I am excited to buy and use this, but before installing this theme, I have a question.

  102. dcg627

    Is it possible to put a ‘Featured Items’ widget/section on various category pages (so it would have Featured Items on the top, and then other listings in that category below it)?

  103. boltzone

    The main website “Make this section a full height section” option and the “Remove top and bottom padding” option when you select the “Main Title” does not come without a full-size page comes out.
    but, in the General page, selecting the option above “Main Title” emerges.
    I want to delete this “Main Title” I do not know how.
    Without the “Main Title” option to create different pages come out at full size

  104. animationscope

    Can we use it as individual user ? I mean product to be added only by one admin

  105. buckettoday

    thnx alot, what about installing a comments plugin like:
    Vicomi – WP Advanced Comment

  106. aneracam

    Hi! I was wondering if it is possible to make an authors filter or if you need any plugin compatible with the theme that allows that.

  107. dynamicproducer

    does this theme have a matching mp3 player? if so where can i see how its integrated in the theme?

  108. quickandeasy

    Is it possible to remove the animated preloader when browsing pages?

  109. click_studio

    Can the EDD product page be configured to have tabs such as ‘Features’, ‘Screenshots’ etc ?

  110. katarzyna


  111. aneracam

    Hi! How can I remove the page title?

  112. Sick_Audio

    Hi. A little bit lost in this forest of themes for EDD

  113. tekinc

    How do vendors get paid?

  114. dsanders212

    Looking to make a purchase for a client redesign. What does the theme’s back-end configuration look like and what exactly is configurable? The theme looks great, but the ease configuration is key for my client. Can you share imagery or video that would show the backend?

  115. sermonboxmedia

    Hey There, Is your theme compatible with Visual Composer?

  116. babusazal

    Can you please send me some guidelines for setup vendor pages and options

  117. Livaneli

    Can I change the ’’search’’ into a postcode finder, and only show selected items based on someones location, postcode?

  118. Rakibur_Rahman_Sagar

    Hi, Read you theme Documentation, i have a question. Can I Edit Footer Support Contact us From to add field and add email where user can send email?

  119. fuzzytake

    Hi Charles

  120. sanayar2008

    Awaiting your next update that lightning your item with (filter in olam search) feature

  121. jadaloz

    No examples of the content data. link pls

  122. FreshMockups

    Hi, As you have updated the theme and added many good things but I am facing a problem regarding to the featured image of the product. My old product images are fine as i am using my own dimentions for the product image but now it is cropping by default size that are given in the theme. I want to use the image like before, check the preview in the link

  123. skypreet

    I was checking this demo and while searching a product, I found that there is a problem with your search feature. The EDD plugin search by Tags..However your theme is using the default WP search behavior. I even checked some of the URLs mentioned in the comment sections and they had the same behavior.

  124. designkochi

    Nice theme !...

  125. sanayar2008

    I was wonder if I purchase it, I could able to add filter menu with search field, so that the user able to search with select the category, type at first then type the words of his criteria.

  126. fuzzytake

    Hi Charles, where do I find the file of the main page ( I haven’t found it nor in the WP Editor neither in the ftp. I need to tweak the top a little bit for SEO purpose. Many thanks.

  127. boltzone

    Register for the “WP-Members: Membership Framework” How to be installed to use?
    Is there any compatibility problems?

  128. jdunns4

    Beautiful theme! Wow!!! Quick question – is there a page customers can go to to access all the files they’ve downloaded – so they can re-download them, etc. Like on themeforest you can go to ‘downloads’ as an example.

  129. wordpower

    Hi webnesters, couple of questions, this theme accepts 300X250 ads? and is it compatible with WP-members plugin? Thanks!

  130. a_Mits

    Anyway to make woocommerce shop template a fluid width (no space left and right)

  131. engineering01


  132. shyoum

    Does ‘Olam’ Theme work with ‘Free download’ plugin of ‘Easy digital download’ ? I am looking for wordpress theme for free download website.

  133. gerardjuher

    Hi, Congrat for the theme. Pre sale question:

  134. rayko270

    Hi Charles, I’ve sent you an email with what you request. (Import dmo content problem)

  135. Graupner

    Hi, do you have any PSD’s for redesigning the theme?

  136. dgb1314

    Hi there,
    I see many people have asked if your theme can function with EDD free download. My question is the same, as if to know if that is something you considered to add to your theme in a latest update.

  137. engineering01

    Hallo, I purchased the item. How could you provide me the support-account or agent?

  138. vabrendangregory

    Hi. I have just purchased the theme. Downloaded it and uploaded it to the site… but got this error:

  139. denhodedoc

    Hi, i set up on my web, but i can not remove this 2 “” and “”

  140. aneracam

    Hi, How can I make the template compatible with Free downloads extension?

  141. skypreet

    Is it possible to remove the slug ‘download’ or is that a default EDD behavior. We are currently building a website and we are offering “Services” and not downloads.

  142. fuzzytake

    Hi Charles, apparently, from the theme’s login button, users have no chance to recover their password if lost. Also, is it possible to customise the required login fields? Many thanks

  143. sanayar2008

    awaiting your search feature update

  144. SPNGLR

    Hi there,

  145. wp_premium

    I have just purchased the Olam Theme. I need to know that how to set my home page like this Do you have a demo? Any video tutorial? Kindly guide.

  146. alexp622

    Hi, Is it possible to make the product image gallery/ featured image auto rotate?

  147. Arthurokonkwo

    Olam is one of the best themes for multi-vendor marketplaces, but please I have some presale questions

  148. smasher532


  149. eddiesinphilly

    Hi, just downloaded. great work.

  150. mxracer134

    I am having trouble with the terms and service on the checkout page. The text for “I agree to the terms and conditions” is unformatted and covers up the checkbox. I can’t find a way to fix this. Is there any help you can provide on this?
    its on

  151. click_studio


  152. 2codeThemes

    Nice theme, GLWS

  153. berserker81

    I purchased this theme a couple of days ago and I am very disappointed in it. I am unable to customize this theme. I am an experienced WordPress user and feel there is some pretty significant errors in this product. After attempting to make it work, I switched to another theme and everything has went smoothly. I would like to request a refund for the cost of what I paid for this product. Extremely disappointed.

  154. FreshMockups

    Hi, Theme options are not loading, Typography, Social, Footer etc. options are not loading and showing blank. Kindly help!

  155. shaikhabdur89

    Hi, Your theme is really great and helpful.
    I think you should add full width option to your page builder and should add dropcap, modal, flip box to content element option. However, i want to buy this, but i want to do business audio and video .
    I have some questions …...........

  156. Khalfan1

    and how do i add google font to the theme Thank you

  157. JotterGO

    Do you provide a knowledgeable for this

  158. devc

    Hi there,
    congrats, nice theme. I have pre-sale questions.
    Can I use this theme to sell digital items to paid members (monthly recurring payment) rather than individual item sell?
    I want to set commission rate for all vendors from main admin dashboard. For example $10 for 1000 downloads.
    Is this possible to achieve this?

  159. ThibaultPenin

    Hi author, I just want to know who’s the real author, you or ‘Layero Themes’ because I found this theme which is exactly the same from December 2015.

  160. MikaThemes

    Hello is it possible to make the theme one author only so other people that registers cant upload their product?

  161. danilomazzini

    Hello! How do I integrate with MOIP for payment?

  162. fuzzytake

    Hi Charles,

  163. saihoai


  164. theangeleyes

    Great theme. Any plans for additional layouts, and support for Gravity Forms?

  165. SirBabak

    hi can you add ajax search on search on next update ? thanks and add new option to user can off on ajax on search

  166. denhodedoc

    I just got a problem about download , some downloads has comment box, some not. Please help me to fix it. I would like to have comment box on every downloads. Thanks.

  167. kukamata

    Can you please include the .po file for translation?

  168. a_Mits

  169. gavs

    is there a way for people to sell their digital products on here? line on themeforest?

  170. ninzio

    Looks great – GLWS

  171. hemant_gupta099

    Pre sales: when i click on any link, it takes too much time for loading. The preloader thing is annoying. is there anything you are thinking of resolving it?

  172. PCMShaper

    Nice theme, GLWS

  173. Thejungleee

    Hi, I have a little pre-sale question: what if I sold photos? I would like to give users option to hit the preview image to enlarge it. Also, do you support edd frontend submissions? Thanks!

  174. rafamem

    Newly Added display “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria” but I can see the features items.

  175. cloud9

    Does this work with multi author?

  176. Arutam


  177. hash-theme

    Hi, with this theme Premium plugin like “Frontend submission” is added ?

  178. revelomarket

    its this theme include customer comment send msg to author? like here on envato? ty roberto

  179. FreshMockups

    Hi Guys, Really nice theme, but there are some bugs you need to fix,
    1. in the footer social media links are not working fine, I mean when I remove the link of Youtube it removes the Twitter Icon but keep showing youtube icon and when I add youtube link it shows twitter and youtube icons.

  180. fuzzytake

    Hi Charles, I am having hard time to get the file sold downloaded. Could you please help me with this? Many thanks

  181. osamadesign

    Hello , i ask about if this theme have an affiliate system dashboard ?

  182. sanayar2008

    I want to sell a courses online with quizzes via your theme, what should I do ?

  183. aneracam

    How can I make the heather transparent?
    Best regards,

  184. click_studio

    Where do you set the site header logo ? I don’t see any option to set it.

  185. theLogoVibe

    Whats new in latest update?

  186. Khalfan1

    Good day

  187. Nex-Themes

    I receive a update notice, what did you update?

  188. boltzone

    I can not not speak English well
    Using the Google Translator I’m sorry.

  189. renatopasquini

    thema this allows me to create a download club that works by subscription. For example: The client hires the package 1 where he paid $ 9 and can efetuat up to 10 downloads per month. This template does so with woocommerce?

  190. SheikhOvais

    Hi guys,

  191. consulo37

    I’m interested in purchasing this demo but noticed that the preview Home Page won’t load in on my iphone in Safari. Is there are reason for that?

  192. fuzzytake

    Hi Charles, I set up a 4-level menu’ and the drop down does not unfold the 4th level (I can see up to the 3rd). Can you please advice on that? Many thanks

  193. powerbroker4

    cool theme

  194. wordpower

    Hi webnesters,
    Before buying Olam that is licensed 100% GPL, please confirm if it is multisite compatible, so could be used on unlimited sites. Also, confirm if it is Adsense compatible and if it would accept ads of any size?
    Your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated.

  195. tanveer786

    I cant find “Theme Options->Backup Options” and demo.txt file

  196. EngoCreative


  197. derekpaquet

    I find your theme very interesting and would like to try and develop my website with it. But before, I would like to know if it is compatible with Woocommerce plugin?

  198. sanayar2008

    available to add reviews with rate ?
    and what about add another sub-category criteria in search field ?

  199. venkidesigner

    My Client got this theme… Can we add “Category Title” on each Category on top? so user can understood which Category on it… please help…

  200. CadreStudios

    Hi, Looking to buy this theme for my client. Is there any online documentation for this theme that i can look before buying?

  201. glayson

    There is a problem when I loaded the theme non of the font awesome icons are working shows a missing link on everything that is supposed to have an icon in it. Please can you get back soon I’m trying to finish up my clients site.

  202. sammyadey73

    Hi im considering buying this them i just want to know if it supports front end submissions for woo commerce and also vendor dashboard

  203. Sky-Designs

    nice theme i liked it to much.

  204. rubengc


  205. zzlpglgjzz

    In case of IE11, All of titles will be disappeared.
    So form of homepage will be changed entirely.

  206. click_studio

    Can you tell me when you will be adding some extra page templates to the theme. One full width template is not enough to build a site around.

  207. SirBabak

    hi webnesters so i wanna show newly added images like Feautured images! and i cant create thumbnail for each post, becuase my images size like themeforest images ( 590×300)! so its not easy to create thumbnail for 590×300 size! any idea ?

  208. rayko270

    Hi, I just purchased the theme. I have a serious problem importing the demo content. It always throws Internal server error. I have already increased the upload file size, time execution, and post size and still not working.

  209. fuzzytake

    Hi Charles, since the “search bar” is still not working, I was wondering to have a try and see how the “sign up bar” (the same you have at the bottom of the demo) looks like. I checked out the Layout, Content, Media and Olam elements and haven’t found it. Can you please advise on that? Many thanks

  210. aneracam


  211. Nex-Themes

    Hi, after the recent update i want to ask how can i make the Multiple image for a download, after i upload multiple images and i click on one, it has autoplay ON:

  212. aneracam


  213. tekinc

    How long does it take to set up a site to mirror your demo after purchase?

  214. saa7id

    currency for IDR ready?

  215. getwp

    rtl support????

  216. neltheis

    Hi, I am having trouble uploading the demos. Can you please assist me?

  217. queenb123

    Nice theme – been waiting for something like this for a while – do you have an example of what happens after cart completion – i tried – but it took me to PAYPAL – how can a customer download the digital items – i would like to go through the journey myself before i buy the theme. Thank you.

  218. katra

    are you ever going to add Audio support so users can sell audio tracks? Just like Envato has it where you can preview it with a play button on the image thumbnail..?

  219. salebgd

    Hi there again, I have two issues. First one is with slider, when I add video it breaks the CSS and the video is huge on page, and increase the load time of website for about 10 seconds…
    2nd problem is new multi image on download page, first image gets normal size, other sizes are squared…
    Help please..

  220. mentalrz


  221. dawebmaster24

    pre sale question….

  222. Krezy

    Hello, it is possible by means of your subject, to organize sale of documents, papers and books?

  223. TexTheme

    A hard work but worth it. Good luck with sales

  224. dsanders212

    Any reason the ‘Earnings’ icon is missing? No adblocks running. I can see the class is pulling icon-earnings for the icon and it’s using a fontello font. Is this class/character properly defined? See this screen shot:

  225. click_studio

    Does the theme require the EDD ‘Ratings’ add-on for the star rating to work ?

  226. cayzio

    Will this also work with WooCommerce?

  227. sanayar2008

    The next update with search filter ?

  228. Immerse2015

    Seriously guys, you need to sort the demo out. It is taking upwards of 10 seconds for me to go from page to page and no way in the world would I consider buying something that is soo slow in demo form…

  229. zzlpglgjzz

    When i tried to open a website by IE11.

  230. kellyadam

    Hello, is there a user reception center? Is the user log in to view order information center menu, there is the front replied multiple users update the front desk when other authors publish resources?

  231. atone

    I did exactly like Document but couldn’t see the top menu as demo? what should I do?

  232. click_studio

    Is is possible to add the excerpt to the download (category page) ? I even tried the shortcode method of creating the page but none of the shortcode parameters seem to work.

  233. cqpu

    Author Profile Picture FES No extension set

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