Black Portfolio Drupal 6 Template – Clean and simple folio template with jquery slider effects to show off works can be controlled by keyboard ( arrows, space bar enter ) too, this theme works for web designers, photographers etc..,


1. Simple and Easy to use,no need to install any modules for header slider.

2. Header Slider Can Be Managed From Admin, Just Need to Create New Blocks and Insert Image Path and Assign It To Header Region, Each Image Need to Have One Separate Block.

3. Cross Browser Combatability

4. Help Document

Credits :

Jquery Slider from

Note : “Block title” value should be according to its order, for example you gave “block title : 1” and dragged it to 3rd place then you need to change Block title to 3, if not script not work perfectly. Also Blocks should be in ascending order with respective to “Block title”



Image are not included in download pack, this are used only for preview purpose.


  1. KChristensen

    Another great drupal theme, good job!

  2. mattpaice

    Hi Setty,

  3. dmaule

    is it responsive?

  4. giorell

    Hello Setty,

  5. xkembri

    i have a problem with fckeditor.. it does not load when i use this theme… any help?

  6. tbwfd48

    Setty, I purchased this template and am excited about using it. My site was originally Drupal 5.21 and I upgraded it to 6.15 as part of my preparation for using your template.

  7. MarthaLou

    Hi Setty,
    Love this theme, but need more detailed instructions to configure. Can you please help? I’m not getting the sliders to appear. You can see my issues at

  8. cgg7002

    Even I have the same above problem as mentioned by mattpaice. Can you help me to set proper blocks on front page??

  9. samnait

    Hi. just wondering how to remove footer that says. desinged by …

  10. toys_hell

    i don’t use slide bar.
    pls can you help me.

  11. Nepe

    Well done! Thank you very much !

  12. xkembri

    i just sent you an email (gmail)

  13. Nepe

    Hi, Setty.
    I have got the same problem =(

  14. mmacdona

    Hi Setty, Mike here. I’ve sent you an email regarding some of the problems i’m having with the theme. Any help would be appreciated.

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