Cute & Sweet - 3 Color - HTML & PHP Shopping Cart

The Cute & Sweet theme is aimed towards a baby, children, maternity, candy, sweets, craft, scrapbooking, wedding services or any website requiring a super cute layout for a shop.

This design features common retro shapes used in the scrap booking/stamping industry, a ribbon for the menu, and subtle patterns.
This theme includes a standard HTML version, along with a PHP version including a working PHP shopping cart.

There are 6 product demos:

    Shopping cart versions:

This design is available in 3 colours:

  • Pastels/green
  • Neutral brown
  • Blue & Grey

This file contains 3 main sliced photoshop files for each colour:

  • Home Page design
  • Product layout
  • Contact page

Features Included:

  • Simple PHP Shopping cart (worth $9)
    This is great if you need a simple shopping cart and don’t want to fiddle with a feature rich package like magento/prestashop/oscommerce. This tool is suitable for small shopping cart websites with less than 20 products. It does not use a database and has very limited features. It just lets people add a product to a cart, and pay. Nothing else. Click here to read more about it the shopping cart tool and it’s features / limitations.
  • Website Search Tool (worth $6)
    Let your customers search all the pages on your website with an easy to use search tool (click here for a demo product search)
  • PHP Contact Form
    Working contact form, simply set your email address and start receiving website contacts straight away.
  • Automatic PHP Site Map
    Display all the pages on your website in an automatic site map (click here for a demo)
  • Animated banner on home page
    9 different transitions available.
  • jQuery Rounded Corners
    The photos in this website are using jquery to automatically put rounded corners on any image. No need to edit every photo in photoshop any more, a huge time saver! To appy rounded corners to ANY image no matter what size or shape simply give the image the class “rounded”.
  • Easy to edit header images
    The 3 flowers featured in the header of the website are setup so you can easily add a square/rectangle photo and the flowers will sit on top of your photo.

Each color option includes the following pages:

  • Baby Shop Blog
  • Box / Layouts
  • Product Categories
  • Contact Us
  • Contact No Map
  • Full width page
  • Baby Shop Home Service Boxes
  • Baby Shop Home Static Banner
  • Baby Shop Home
  • Product Layout
  • Thank You

All sources and fonts are listed in the help file. I hope you enjoy this layout!

UPDATE: This template is now available in wordpress here


  1. BreezyNewMedia

    Cute design, but the layout is very poor. Checkout process missing, product detail is unfinished and so on. Im sorry.

  2. amatusik

    hi, i am new to this, and really like your work. I am looking to buy a theme for my business which is a natural health clinic, are any of your designs transferable for this use? (excuse my ignorance on the subject)

  3. frictionsweb

    Absolutely fantastic Job!!!
    Im not sure if others here have noticed but not only is this a great job in design but you have gone out of your way to add functions that most other designers on here do not bother to add.

  4. larix

    But it is possible that the logo on the home page do H1 tag?

  5. fantome2024

    Is that a free font or where can I get it that you used in the Title

  6. LayerSky

    very nice design!

  7. Feneca

    Which version is more easy to manage? Wordpress or html php?
    Is this a SEO friendly template?

  8. michaelwestheim


  9. stylus1274

    Well done. This site needs themes like this. Good job and I hope you do well with sales

  10. EFEKT_Studio

    Great one!

  11. onocomp

    I very much liked your theme and I would like to know if it would work with the woocommerce?

  12. kailoon


  13. OWMLabs

    Great! The only thing it’s missing – a bit of the detail in the dropdowns. Everything other is very cool.

  14. sunlady

    Hello, oh I love this design. Which ecommerce script do you use? I don´t want use wordpress, just whith php?
    Thanks and happy holidays,

  15. henriettebirloe

    No thanks. I do not want to buy a theme for 15 dollars, which I can’t get a refund for and then buy a theme to 55 dollars afterwards.

  16. geldmachen

    good work!

  17. DaveRoseberry

    Hi DTBAKER.. I think I’ve purchased one of your themes before. How easy is this to install and setup in WP.. If i did purchase would you help me get the cart working please? Its soooo sweet and we’re look to change the colours for a sweet/cake online store? Would this be easy too?

  18. QuailAdvertising

    Very nice theme and well designed.

  19. LauraF

    This theme is perfect for my friend’s embroidery business she is starting up. She is not ready for the site to be ecommerce so I wanted to know how much this theme is hinged on the ecommerce part of it? Thanks and great design work.

  20. bjames81878

    I am absolutely digging your work!! I just have one quick question: Where do you change the Meta Title within the theme? I can see it’s calling out somewhere to auto-fill the Page Title but I cannot see where.

  21. evalanee

    Like your ‘preview solution’, took me a little to get it ;-))
    Very nice

  22. henriettebirloe


  23. rafaello

    Hi, i,m using EURO curency. But it is nog showing. How come? This is what is showing: a Block

  24. britmaverick

    Amazing! Thank you!

  25. Wolwerin

    Hello! Can I use it with CMS Bitrix?! (

  26. helipad


  27. sike


  28. mabuc

    wow very nice design mate… clean

  29. pinkymelon

    I bought the “cute sweet” blue theme for wordpress, it came with a shopping cart. I dont know how to read html code, but am slowly teaching myself, so I’ve had a really hard time editing the colors and everything. My host server is Network solutions, I’m not sure if that helps. I have photoshop and dreamweaver if those programs are needed.

  30. DaveRoseberry

    In addition to my previous post, another client is interested in using this for wedding invites etc… would be grateful if you can reply to questions

  31. fazbiz

    Do you still have it?

  32. rsa8ca

    Hi! This is a beautiful theme, good work!
    I’m interested, but have a question, in “blog” pages, how I can write new post?
    The theme have a support for this?

  33. fantome2024

    One more problem using the default template I tried adding the costume to the cart and then went to the front page and its not showing items in the updated cart quick view in the corner. Is there an issue with the shopping cart script? Or am I doing something wrong.

  34. pinkymelon

    I am so confused as to how to change the colors in the theme. Is this not aloud? I love the layout and everything but I want the colors to be pink and green. Can anyone help?

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