OneUp is a fully responsive HTML5 Retina enabled One Page WordPress Theme suitable for any kind of creative or business use. Built upon the responsive Twitter Bootstrap framework, the theme is highly optimized for both mobile and desktop platforms. One uses lazy-loading of images and compression of all required scripts, meaning not only will your website look great, but it will also be lightening fast. See below for some of the awesome features included in this theme.

What buyers say about it

My oh my! This is one heck of an amazing theme. Having purchased so many items here on the Forest – I have road tested so many other themes and yes there are other great themes out there – but this for me now has the edge!

Beautiful, every detail considered and even though as we all undoubtedly want little extras here and there – right now I’m finding it hard to build a wish list.

If you want a GREAT THEME, and one that is a PLEASURE TO WORK WITH – then STOP SEARCHING and START BUYING!

The page Builder in this theme is one of the most amazing things i’ve ever seen for Wordpress! Damn good work

OneUp - One Page Parallax Retina WordPress Theme

OneUp - One Page Parallax Retina WordPress Theme

OneUp - One Page Parallax Retina WordPress Theme

OneUp - One Page Parallax Retina WordPress Theme

OneUp - One Page Parallax Retina WordPress Theme

OneUp - One Page Parallax Retina WordPress Theme

OneUp - One Page Parallax Retina WordPress Theme

OneUp - One Page Parallax Retina WordPress Theme

OneUp - One Page Parallax Retina WordPress Theme

OneUp - One Page Parallax Retina WordPress Theme

OneUp - One Page Parallax Retina WordPress Theme


  • Retina enabled
  • 2 Home splash variations (slider / self hosted video)
  • Filterable Portfolio with AJAX preview.
  • Full width/page, touch enabled, hardware accelerated, CSS3 slider with unlimited caption layers support.
  • 4 Slider Engines: Pan/Zoon, Slide, Transitions, Background Video (self hosted only, no youtube/vimeo)
  • Includes “Flare”: a custom responsive, touch enabled, mobile optimized lightbox.
  • Touch enabled carousels.
  • Inline video support (YouTube / Vimeo).
  • NEW in 1.1.0 Pricing Tables
  • NEW in 1.1.0 Tabs, Accordions, FAQs
  • NEW in 1.2.1 Page builder revision support (WP 3.7 only) – CHECK THE VIDEO
  • NEW in 1.3.0 WooCommerce Support
  • NEW in 1.4.0 Load More Support
  • New in 1.5.0 Masonry Blog
  • New in 1.5.0 ‘Feature’ Section
  • New in 1.5.0 ‘Stats’ Section
  • New in 1.5.0 ‘Skills’ Section
  • New in 1.6.0 Dark skin
  • New in 1.6.0 YouTube background video

WordPress Theme Features:

  • Drag and Drop page builder for unlimited page layouts.
  • Drag and Drop layered slide builder with realtime preview.
  • Custom loop builder: show any of your data using sliders, carousels, grids and more.
  • Custom per thumbnail cropping.
  • Easily change theme colors from admin theme options page.
  • Easily chose Google Fonts (with font preview) in theme admin options page.
  • 1-click demo import.
  • Slider/Image/Video formats supported for Posts and Projects.
  • Unlimited Portfolios.
  • Drag and drop gallery management.
  • Localization ready, pot file included.
  • Built on a full OOP , modular, load-on-demand, WordPress framework.
  • Network install compatible.
  • Supports child themes.
  • Developed with WP_DEBUG and Debogger enabled.


  • Design and development by pixelentity
  • Thanks to Isabel Rodrigues> for the awesome project images.
  • Preview image/video assets are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the download package.

Other Info:

  • Comprehensive browser based documentation.
  • Dedicated Support forum with a proven track record for great after sales support.


UPDATE 2016.16.11 – Version 1.6.14 is now available, please redownload the theme and update your install if you still have an older version.

Update Contents:

  • Updated the list of Google Fonts available in Theme Options panel
UPDATE 2016.07.08 – Version 1.6.13 is now available, please redownload the theme and update your install if you still have an older version.

Update Contents:
  • Fixed issue with search layout being broken in specific scenario
UPDATE 2016.04.25 – Version 1.6.12 is now available, please redownload the theme and update your install if you still have an older version.

Update Contents:
  • Fixed issue with missing “Section” field in menu items edit screen
UPDATE 2016.04.21 – Version 1.6.11 is now available, please redownload the theme and update your install if you still have an older version.

Update Contents:
  • Greatly improved theme performance on the frontend on websites with a lot of content
  • Fixed YouTube splash player issues in some browsers

UPDATE 2015.09.07 – Version 1.6.8 is now available, please redownload the theme and update your install if you still have an older version.

Update Contents:

  • Fixed issues with messed up layout when JS/CSS compression are used (caused by those files being empty in version 1.6.7).

UPDATE 2015.09.02 – Version 1.6.7 is now available, please redownload the theme and update your install if you still have an older version.

Update Contents:

  • Fixed admin table issues with posts/pages display.
  • Added Revolution Slider support.

UPDATE 2015.05.05 – 1.6.4 is now available, please redownload the theme and update your install if you still have an older version.
Note:There were also updates 1.6.2 and 1.6.3 but 1.6.4 is recommended as it fixed some bugs introduced by those previous versions.
Update Contents:

  • Adress security vulnerability (affecting only websites with default permalinks setup and paged comments).
  • Fix compatiblity issue with latest WordPress (notice displasy when WP_DEBUG is set to ‘true’).

UPDATE 2014.02.03 – Version 1.6.1 is now available, please redownload the theme and update your install if you still have an older version.

Update Contents:

  • Fixed youtube videos.
  • Fixed “preview” button in page builder.
  • Fixed issue in mobile menu with multiple sub levels.

UPDATE 2013.12.12 – Version 1.6.0

Update Contents:

  • Dark skin
  • YouTube background video

UPDATE 2013.12.06 – Version 1.5.0

Update Contents:

  • Masonry blog
  • ‘Feature’ page builder module
  • ‘Skills’ page builder module
  • ‘Stats’ page builder module
  • Option to save builder markup in editor (for SEO plugin)
  • Animations (can be turned off in theme options)
  • FIX: grid filters ordering.

UPDATE 2013.11.22 – Version 1.4.0

Update Contents:

  • Added Load More support.
  • Posts are now supported in portfolio scroller.
  • Added “Call To Action” builder module – example.
  • Added “Home Columns” builder module – example.
  • Added custom sorting options in view builder.
  • Project filters can now be sorted manually.

UPDATE 2013.11.14 – Version 1.3.0

Update Contents:

  • Added WooCommerce compatibility, includes retina support for product images.
  • Fixed lightbox gallery incorrectly including images from other projects.
  • Removed hidden gmap metabox (Its not used in this theme).

UPDATE 2013.11.08 – Version 1.2.1

Update Contents:

  • New feature: Page builder revision support (WP 3.7 only)CHECK THE VIDEO
  • Other page builder fixes
  • Fixed footer disappearing bug
  • Fixed multiple sliders/page bug
  • Fixed menu “auto add pages”bug

UPDATE 2013.10.26 – Version 1.1.1
  • Minor changes in the builder UI to make it simpler to use.
  • Header padding fix in phones.
  • Mobile menu hides on click by default.
  • Carousel navigation gets hidden if not needed.
  • Added Image repeat and image+color options in section module
  • Added retina support in slider layers

UPDATE 2013.10.24 – Version 1.1.0
  • New feature: Pricing Tables.
  • New feature: Tabs.
  • New feature: Accordion.
  • Fixed some safari issues.
  • Fixed portfolio filters not being visible on iphone.

OneUp - One Page Parallax Retina WordPress ThemeOneUp - One Page Parallax Retina WordPress ThemeOneUp - One Page Parallax Retina WordPress ThemeOneUp - One Page Parallax Retina WordPress ThemeOneUp - One Page Parallax Retina WordPress Theme


  1. albertosikera

  2. valmonttk

    I got an 404 error for a style.css

  3. verit01

    Having issues with uploading images to the gallery, for some reason when I add photos they are not uploading or adding to the gallery. Direct upload is not working at all for the galleries. If i go to media and upload images it works fine but have no way of getting those images into the gallery itself. It wont even give me the option to upload photos from media that has already been uploaded. Please help! My theme version is 1.6.14 and WP 4.7.2

  4. DDave

    After updating wordpress, I can’t save projects anymore….
    All my projects changed to standard format and I want them as a gallery, but I can’ t change the format (I make the change but after actulizing the project it stays like before….

  5. verit01

    How do I reduce the space between the “X” and the photo and between the description and photo. You can see the link
    Thank you

  6. spacechord

    please i wish if possible
    to have on home video page,

  7. arboreum

    Dear support, this theme is awesome, feeling great about buying it, although I just have a couple of issues. 1st one is about changing contact form infos, dunno how to change that sample contact form… and since it seems to be a customization problem, I really don’t know where to find support about it (issue #2), thanks in advance!

  8. Laravel82

    Where can i get the demo videos? (Those displayed in the preview?)

  9. 49folly

    In its current form oneup theme basically disables wordpress native blog feature. I like the theme but I really don’t see why the native blog feature of wordpress has to be disabled. Are you planning on re enabling the blog feature or is there already a way to enable the wordpress posts blog feature? I realize you have a serperate blog option in your theme but I would like to use the one that comes with wordpress since it has more functionality.

  10. juanpiggee

    Hi, you have a training video on YouTube on building reusable content blocks. I’m trying to replicate one of the sections in the video and cannot figure out what type of block you used. The section I’m referring to is at 3:53 of the video here: and is the Services section. Which type of content block is that?

  11. brookehairgrove

    I recently purchased this theme after viewing the live demo of the ‘Mixed + Layer Slider’ and loving the animation of the sliders to show the services. When I installed the theme onto my domain and imported the demo content – none of that seems to be included. Is there any way to get this animation imported to the home page or code to input?

  12. k4rimov

    Hi! Greate theme! Just update mu WP to 4.0. Trying to create new Staff Member – and can`t add foto(( Buton “Add media” not work.. any suggestions?

  13. UXDguru

    Hi I’m trying to get more than 1 video to play in the video background of the homepage. I followed the instructions about the VIDEO BACKGROUND SETTINGS and added youtube links of videos I wanted to be playing in the background of the site. I added 4 different videos, but only the first one in the list plays on a loop in the background. The documentation says if you add more than one, then it will rotate through all the videos and if you only have one, then the one will loop. How can I get the other videos in the list to play in rotation? Is this a bug?
    Thx in advance!

  14. jcnick

    Hi there
    Love your theme.. I need to integrate SEO though and I don’t think Parallax works well with 1 URL per section with each section having a unique Keyword, Meta Decription etc.

  15. weblogicssolutions

    While i am uploading the theme, here is the error:

  16. getsoot


  17. proyectohiram

    Hi guys!!!...congrats is a beautiful theme…great job, hey listen i am thinking about buying this theme i just have one question. is the main thing for me….

  18. SimpleCodeDesign

    is there any way to disable the mobile / responsive layout ?

  19. Open11

    Hi Author,

  20. hhog

    My I ask why the YouTube background video on the homepage is not played on mobile devices?

  21. estebangz

    Hello, I am truly interested in buying this theme. Only one question: Do you know how does it works with q-translate plugin? I will need a multilanguage site.

  22. fbefera

    Good day and great theme,

  23. lina3d


  24. vrulli

    This is a super one-page portfolio theme, great job! Before I purchase, can the individual portfolio items (that open in a new window above) be larger? I’d like the pictures to be bigger.

  25. FlorianMeise

    HI, before i purchase this theme I need to know which formats are supported for parallax video backgrounds.

  26. AgenceNar6


  27. wowwowhk

    hi, how to hide the top menu bar on index page? Thank you.

  28. vloweer

    I need to make a video page with lots of movies, but the videos have no titles how can they be visible?

  29. SigorGiamus

    Hi There,
    I saw 14 hours ago in these comments daveitferris asked question about initial triangle picture inside home.
    I thought that this triangle was removable to our own logo. Am I wrong?
    Kind Regards

  30. manfredininicolas

    Hey thanks a lot for your job !
    This theme is awesome !!

  31. imogenlewis

    Hi there. My theme views are not working. I have read through a manual (which was difficult to find), and every time I follow the steps laid out and create a view from existing content (galleries etc), the theme ceases to work and I can no longer preview. Please advise as this is very frustrating.

  32. charbel_haddad90

    Hi, nice theme for video homepage i have to upload on Youtube or vimeo to address the link or i can upload on the server?

  33. aecreative2909


  34. wpfireplugins

    Is it possible to save a Section that was created on one page and use it on another…like a drop down option or some sort of save featured?

  35. covertsecurityservices

    Hello! Can the developer please explain in crystal detail of where to find the “splash option” for adding a video behind where the “contact form” by default? Thank you.

  36. franksheffield3

    On mobile, my parallax images, videos, and main home splash image do not animate. They work fine on desktop. How do I fix this?

  37. webarc

    Any upcoming updates, we can look forward to?

  38. fred_dl

    Hi, please i need support because i don’t know where i put the video section for the home, and the images for the slideshows, i read the instructions but i don’t know where is everything for change it, thanks for your help

  39. tomvanstraaten


  40. ND81

    very, very cool I was getting bored of all the ‘one page’ options coming through these days, but this is very different. GLWS!

  41. eheading

    It’s a great theme. However, when I view from browsers of android phone, the top menu can’t always stick on the top. Could you please advice? Many thanks.

  42. fetchgraphics

    I am having issues with the masonry project view on my website. Once i change the size it breaks the page and it comes up blank. I have another page that has a different masonry view on a different page that I was able to change the size and it is fine. I went to your support page but it won’t let me sign up for an account because it says the purchase code is invalid. The website is and the page is with the veiw that I am having issues with. PLEASE HELP!

  43. heidesigns

    I have a problem adding a video background in the contact section of my site. Am I doing something wrong?

  44. imbondz

    Agree. This theme is oh so good. Highly recommend.

  45. tahaerden

    Hello, we just had to move the website to a different host.
    Now everything seems to work fine except the youtube videos in the portfolio section.

  46. manolo76

    Hi, it seems that the height of videos is fixed and when I paste a vimeo url on videos I have that black areas at the top and bottom of it. Can we fix that?

  47. Therawresistors

    Hola, ya tenía mi wordpress casi terminado y hoy se ha borrado todo el contenido, podrías ayudarme?

  48. kassyan_123

    Hi, is possible to change the permanent link of projects? like: to
    and desactivate the social buttons in project?

  49. add-on

    Hi there

  50. seriema


  51. mati1111

    I have a fresh 3.9.1 wp install with a fresh 1,6.2 oneup install, i can’t see the gallery and slider pages, only the titles , any point?

  52. mantathemes

    Hi, I have connected SSL on my site, and now 1- the youtube video from the template isn’t working, another thing is 2- that the preview image from YouTube is not HTTPS so there’s no padlock
    can you help?

  53. sagehbear

    Hi Guys,

  54. Yormario

    Hi again!

  55. PeterGos

    Is it possible to place the testimonials into one of the Services page, even as a shortcode?

  56. echosystems

    Hello guys,
    first of all thank you for your amazing theme ! It was a real pleasure to handle it in my project.

  57. eanfloyd

    Hi, will the Formbuilder plugin work with this theme?

  58. eldavinn_3fa


  59. menthor

    Your them looks awesome !
    just a few questions about it, is it possible to have in a lightbox a full project page insteed of the caroussel ?
    And having in a lightbox the services “more” pages ?
    i don’t see it on your demo and on people’s website, is it possible with your theme ?

  60. pexit

    great job, i have a question:
    - how can I add sharing buttons to a Gallery lightbox?

  61. happypal

    Hello, I had made three support requests when I still had support with the theme back in April of last year, but no one replied back to my support requests. I am linking them here for your viewing:

  62. mantathemes

    How can I control the duration of the slides in Volo?

  63. pevmedia


  64. romebot

    Hello. I had some other important pre-sales questions in another comment, but found an issue that I would like to ask about…

  65. typogretel

    Just want to say thanks guys, bought the theme and got very speedy support which helped solving my issues immediately!

  66. aaronkroll

    Hello, Thanks for the great theme! Just one question. When I click on the photos in the gallery on the home page, they get stuck and do not load. Can you please let me know how I can fix this? The website is

  67. pawsandwatches

    Is there a way to run woocommerce with this. And P.S. this theme absolutely ROCKS! Would recommend to anyone. Simple to use, easy on the eyes!

  68. realbambam


  69. GregT_1903

    What a great theme!

  70. systembryter

    Hi, I really like the OneUp Light + Fullscreen Wordpress theme, but I don’t like the scrolling feature (accelerated scrolling). Is it possible to disable this so I get “normal” scrolling?

  71. devraipoison

    I have reported over at your support page an issue with the responsiveness of the theme including problems with the content builder, and I am still waiting for the past four days for an answer. Could someone from the support team reply to my thread with a solution?

  72. intrainteractive

    Hi there

  73. threeofspades

    Hello, I uploaded an animated gif in one of the sections, and it actually animates within the builder, but when I go to the site, it’s still a static image. Do I need to do anything else to make this work?

  74. OriginalEXE

    Hi @designity,

  75. vloweer

    I would like to ask three questions :

  76. daf13


  77. eyeowna

    Thanks for fixing the ‘sections’ part in menus that wasted two days of my time!!! Now the contact form and social icons don’t work? I have entered the address it says email sent but doesn’t work and social icons show but don’t link? I have configured this in the theme options though!

  78. roderickstandaart

    Is it possible to add a Vimeo Video where now the logo is? Thanks!

  79. lupach

    hello, presale question

  80. bradular

    This is incredible! You’ve clearly put a lot of work into this

  81. albertosikera

    sorry in mobile is not working why !!! bad themplate first time

  82. josedelgado

    Anyone knows how I can get rid of the links on the titles of my Posts? The Post webpages have a link on the titles to their same webpage. How can I remove that link? Thanks in advance.

  83. Pudan

    Thanks for job! Nice theme! I bought it. But could you please provide me with instructions, so I can make the exact same theme.
    Thanks again.

  84. redroy

    Is it possible to get just the HTML/CSS/JS for this theme? Separated entirely from WP?

  85. javionwheels

    Presale question:
    I see woocommerce buttons & colors don’t match the theme in the demo. Can this be easily customized to make shop consistent with the rest of the site?

  86. JusBusines

    Pixel is some of the best designers in the entire like seriously

  87. devraipoison


  88. PipiRoffa

    Hi Guys,

  89. torianth

    Forgot other comment… wasn’t there a way to make a video the splash screen on older versions? Not using YouTube?

  90. manolo76

    congratulation for this great theme. Just one question. Is it possible to have fullwidth blog post page? I don’t need the widget area.

  91. vanil69

    Hi! How can get the new version of theme to redownload it?

  92. Amenthis

    Hello, is there any way to delete the demo content once loaded?

  93. mylesdragon

    I have a problem with the services icons.I simply want them NOT to act like a button with a rollover but just as an image. Can you help?

  94. jcosta

    I have problems with displaying many items in Google Chrome. Are you thinking about offering an update soon? I need a solution Theme have a lot of problems in a Google Page Rank analysis

  95. webcurve


  96. wildsoyabean

    Pre sales question. possible to have the nagivation panel in a lower panel. Like in this website?

  97. MyraD


  98. Maisait

    Hello! How can I Change my Blog view to Blog – Masonry / Load More / Sideba like this?

  99. Akhawat


  100. edudarshan

    Hello, my site was built in oneup and was working normally for 1 year. He stopped to show the images on the grid portfolio. In the admin I checked it and the views options are gone. Can you help me solve the problem? What could have happened?

  101. Nas05

    Hi is it possible to edit the Projekt detail page with the Pagebuilder?
    Now I can only choose between standard video and gallery.
    Or is it possible to link the individual projects?

  102. Larris

    Hi! Your theme looks very promising! Great work!

  103. julianguitach8

    hi how can i use the mixed+layer slider, i bought this theme for this option and i can’t i use
    i hope a answer
    thanks a lot!

  104. asymptote76


  105. Majklas

    This is what I was loking for. I’d like to ask one thing: is it possible to have a carousel gallery which contains galleries? If I click on any of those it’d show a popup with images containg clicked gallery. If it’s a video in this carousel, then it opens it in a popup.

  106. icebox10

    nice theme! before I purchase I would like to know if I can have internal pages?

  107. spiliog

    I see a comment above but I really need to know if there is (via your guidance) or if you re planning on an update, to have something like “back” function to “services” page. I think it’s the only section without that functionality. Waiting for your reply to buy…

  108. wbekhazi1

    hi, very nice theme,

  109. neomedia

    Hi Team, I’m implementing a woocommerce with this theme. When I upload more than around 700 Items/products, each page build with the Builder are no more working. Single page ok. Any idea ? I tried to delete different Items to be sure it was not a data problem, but it seems the probleme is the number of item. Removing some items let the page working again.

  110. gk-interactive

    So I have taken over the management of this WordPress theme OneUp and want to make a small change to on the contact form making the telephone number a required field. However I have no idea where to update this on the site…After much time wasted, I think that maybe the page builder is missing…
    So I need to register with the authors site but require a license code which I nor the client have and they do not wish to contact the previous design/developer who supplied the site for them. Which leaves me pretty frustrated that to change a simple field in this theme has taken about 2hours + my time and still no closer to a solution.

  111. dleonardi

    Hi! Using chrome 46.0.2490.86 m on windows 8.1, I can’t see the video anymore ( Same thing is happening in my website.

  112. brcks

    Hi, Please respond to my enquiry on the support forum. Thanks

  113. GhostGX

    Hey, I have a problem witht he loading feature in the portfolio grid view section on my website Do you know the issue dealing with that?

  114. getsoot

    Just bought the theme. How do I change the color of the Button Label on the “Feature” block. Is the only option really white? I need a dark button. (The “Light” and “Dark” Style toggle doesn’t seem to be doing anything in that “Section” block.)

  115. CrossLeaf

    Great theme.

  116. luidemarco62

    vorrei acquistare questo tema,ma vorrei sapere alcune informazioni;
    se a il file po e mo per la lingua italiana
    se è multilingua inserimento inglese e francese,
    e per l’installazione ci sta file per spiegazione .

  117. pixelentity

    UPDATE 2013.11.22 – Version 1.4.0 is now available, please redownload the theme and update your install if you still have an older version.

    Update Contents:

  118. brcks

    Where is the support?

  119. tahaerden

    Hello! Great theme! I have a problem with video quality.

  120. codewhite

    almost 2 months since I’m trying to upload photos to the gallery but does not work and therefore are not projects.
    for die template upgrade my API user and is automatic for me
    I have tried many things but not working.

  121. elisecomunicacion

    Hello, I have a problem with a slide. At the end of the animation gets all white and I can not see content that is down. Here you can see the error:

  122. SigorGiamus

    Hi there,
    WooCommerce allow to sell downloadable items. Is OneUP e-commerce section compatible with this ability?
    Kind regards

  123. threeofspades

    Hello! I’m trying to figure out how to make images/text link within a layered caption slide out to a specific URL? I noticed in the demo you can do that. Please help!

  124. Phanton

    I’m using the Sliders – Volo 3D with a .mp4 video.

  125. jetomega

    I just updated to 1.40 and now I am receiving an error when I have multiple slides within a view with images…

  126. st0le


  127. juxtapozemedia

    Pre sale Questions….Is this theme compatible with YOAST seo plugin? Also, can the portfolio items link to an actual page?

  128. wensisheng

    can I upload my own video instead of link the video with vimeo/youtube (both of them are blocked in china)?

  129. datderedan

    You guys made a great theme. I’m helping put together a website and I’m having difficulty trying to recreate some looks from the light + fullscreen demo.

  130. LockedNLoaded

    We want to do a video background under changing slider text on the splash page (like your demo looks to do). So (1) can we do this and (2) does the video still have to be self hosted or can we use YT or Vimeo and (3) if it must be self hosted, what format must it be (mp4). Also, can the slider text change above the video background?

  131. pedrocol

    I love this theme. I just have 2 doubts:

  132. gunbrewery

    Hi I just tried to install in my wordpress 4.1.1 and got this message

  133. smartnisse

    What is all that CDATA code from the admin panel doing in the source code? How to get rid of it? It actually displays the email for the contact form as well.

  134. jmdieu

    Hi team,

  135. JamesAaron

    I have a couple of questions:

  136. serra

    hi ;

  137. Digitalmind13

    I am talking about the light fullscreen skin ….

  138. metusalem

    Hi, what a great theme! Good work! I really consider buying this one. I have a few questions though:

  139. xarga

    When I hover over a project in the project gallery on the home page, the url shows at the bottom of the browser in this format

  140. thisis3c

    Hey Pixelentity,

  141. julyc

    I use your template oneup and I would like to put the Volvo Slider ( swipe ) to way that the slide is active. Do you have a solution for this, I could modify the source code. Thank you . sincerely

  142. IndefiniteMusic

    Hello, very nice theme! I like it. One question:
    Is there a possibility to put an audio player on top of the master page(if there is something like that ) that will play continuously while viewers navigate the site?

  143. Kapa

    I just purchased this theme and I thought I could add my own Icons in the services area, but do not see a way too. How can I add my own Icons to the services section?

  144. fetchgraphics

    Having issues with uploading images to the gallery, for some reason when I add photos they are not uploading or adding to the gallery. Direct upload is not working at all for the galleries. If i go to media and upload images it works fine but have no way of getting those images into the gallery itself. It wont even give me the option to upload photos from media that has already been uploaded. Please help!

  145. marcinsalma


  146. franksheffield3

    How do you write the links for the footer social icons? It is by default stubbed out as #. If I type in a URL for a social icon, then update, the icons do not have links/aren’t able to be clicked.

  147. walkowm

    I’ve got a problem with icon on site:
    There should be arrows appear, and at the bottom Facebook icon, but suddenly disapeared. Why it could happend?

  148. tomsato

    Hi, thanks always for the great updates and support!

  149. nievesherranz

    Hi! I’m thinking about purchasing this great theme, but I have a question: is it possible to use a single, no full-screen video, at the home (instead of an image slider)? Could I desactivate the parallax effect?

  150. OriginalEXE

    Hi @Naypaml,

  151. pigroup

  152. marinastarke


  153. DanielStojanovski

    Hi, great theme except I have two questions;

  154. terhiFIN


  155. jamiebarren

    can you suggest another “booking/reservation” contact us form plugin that works with this theme? Ive already tried a few which either doesnt work or all and/or causes my website to not function properly??? please help!!!! Any advice/feedback is more than appreciated. thank you and hope to hear from you

  156. hhog

    Hi, is there a known issue with background video with wordpress multisite mode?

  157. AeternamArt

    Hi i would like to buy this or Visia design. i love them, however can i use video as first page background in Visia design?

  158. asymptote76

    Hi, I am trying to put a Korean font (not from google font library). Can you tell me How to put it?

  159. stuartchan


  160. artisticodopeo

    Sorry, my tech guy had posted this query to you earlier from his account.

  161. santaluzia

  162. hhog

    Hi, there seems to a tiny problem with your theme on mobile devices.

  163. hyperpower


  164. syndex

    Is it possible to toggle sound on main video in slider of page? so user can choose to turn it on/off?

  165. eugenedunkley

    Can this theme be used with a splash page on mobile yet, when I have the splash page activated it wont load the site on my IPhone 6+

  166. miudo_org

    I want to know how was made the “Designed with Simplicity In Mind” section in the home page of sample? Which tool of the page builder is the right one? I’m finishing my site and deleted the sample content to soon Thanks in advance.

  167. nusserstudios

    How can I use typekit with this theme? I tried the shorthand custom font, but its still not pulling my typekit font.

  168. amirmoto


  169. alanopx


  170. gomydata

    Can I change menu bar design?

  171. sarahjolly

    This template looks brilliant. I just have one question… I am looking to import my tumblr feed. Does this template support widgets, so that I could make that happen? Thank you!

  172. HetCreatief010


  173. fontdiner

    How do I hide the entire Projects Tags bar in the Portfolio Scroller?

  174. grafikzeugs

    Hello again,

  175. Paxxo

    Hi, I have some problems with a jetpack plugin, when connected, sometime don´t show the project’s page´s. What can I do if I want use Jetpack?

  176. cerebralyawn

    Love the theme! Having IE browser issue with the footer social links. The link icon is showing but there is no link – just the image. Social footer links work fine in Firefox & Chrome.

  177. honkenponken

    Hi, very nice theme. Two issues however on

  178. Woodkid_archive

    I had my web finished, when suddenly the content of my homepage was all gone (text and images). The structure is still there. What could have happened???
    Thank you for your help.

  179. virtualsa

    Hello, few questions pre-purchase

  180. Twanbigbang

    Hi, I am working with your theme and everything is working perfect. But I saw in your video on youtube: that you can create a hover in the gallery.

  181. PaoloL

    Hi after porting from development environment to a new server (all was done properly) all works except i cannot see header and footer logo in my blog section. Any idea if there are serialised links that are not resolved? How could I go check that?

  182. victorbeltran

    Hello, how I can change the color of comments Testimonies? Only what they think

  183. webbexperten


  184. jmdieu

    Hi first of all thank you very much for this amazing and really flexible template.

  185. jctobar

    Hi how can I add a button the each slide directing users to specific projects? pls take a look at my site “featured” area

  186. ema_100187

    Hello the theme is so cool!!!
    I wanted to know if you can open the link of social footer on a new page? without leaving the HOME. For video where I have to upload the file to mp4 and ogv? did you put them in the folder img / content / video … if I put them in that folder when you update the theme overwrites and erases the video that I’m going to enter. thank you very much for the help

  187. hypewilliams


  188. dczepiel


  189. Deadzone41

    I created a gallery with five hundred Images in it, and if I try to place the gallery in a view gallery, the page can’t load up, it’s just shows white nothing in the whole page. Is there a maximum number of images what the theme can handle in one gallery?

  190. eheading

    By default, the text field of contact form requires input at least 4 characters to get valid, how could I change to 2 characters? Many thanks.

  191. SalemGrimm

    i m’ getting this line displayed on my home page:

  192. sinaneroz

    On Homepage Settings, when I change the Menu to Normal (from Transparent), top Slider (Pan/zoom home slider) disappeared. How can I get it back?

  193. paravisionlb

    Hello Sir,

  194. xe41

    Hello, how can i translate or where can i find in files text ‘ALL’ visible in
    Portfolio Vertical Masonry.This text next to the project tags in home page to filter gallery. I want to change ‘ALL’ text button.

  195. vloweer

    Hello, I have a major problem, the Contact form is not working, it always says that theres an error and you can’t send a message. Please help me

  196. bsarmast

    Great job it’s beautiful! One question: I want to import it just as is and make small custom changes. Are all the images etc. included with the import?

  197. Nas05

    Hi i have installed the theme but sometimes the arrow ( slider and gallery) icons are not visible. What can i do?

  198. developerjewishnews

    Hi, My images fail to load using Safari 7.0.1 on a MacBook Retina display

  199. jermerqua

    I love this theme but just bumped into a huge roadblock. I am in a page and simply tring to change basic variables.
    Content: Cange to full
    title: change to no
    Style: change to light


    Amazing Theme

  201. suky108

    Hi there, sorry for sounding like a noob, but will i get the full features of this template on wordpress, even though I have registered on wordpress for free….will this template over ride the advertisements on the free edition of wordpress? Just want to clarify this before I purchase….many thanks

  202. OriginalEXE

    Hi @kasiopea, I see you opened a threadi n the forums, thanks!

  203. franksheffield3

    How do I make the menu hidden/transparent until I start scrolling (as seen in the demos)? Loving the theme, but this part is frustrating!

  204. pexit

    after wp 3.8 upgrade one page scrolling stopped working. When i click on an item in the top menu the page will reload focusing on the correct section.

  205. goodfellow73

    hi, can you please update the change log to reflect the recent changes in the theme ?

  206. snasonte

    Hi. I had a youtube video as the main background on my clients home page and have now replaced it with a new youtube video and cannot get it to work. I then replaced the old video back and this will now work now. This is the link to the page: and the video link is:

  207. uiuxaesthetics

    As always BEAUTIFUL work!!!

  208. lina3d

    Hi! How do I disable this white flash effect between pages? It’s so annoying…

  209. atdavie

    Hello there, I just wonder, in the services area, I have a paragraph and it has defaulted to inserting “hyphens” at the end of the lines for long words. Is there a way to switch that off? thank you

  210. charis_ananto

    Hi, how to redirect to link/my thank you page after success submit/sent contact form?
    Thank you

  211. balajij

    Hi Went through your theme. It looks awesome…
    My requirements will be 6-7 videos to be showcased.
    Contact us page and Social media icons
    Apart from the social media icons I want feeds from Twitter, Blog and fcebook to be shown on the website
    Can your theme provide the same. Please confirm asap, need to go online in the next 48 hrs or so…

  212. AeffeLab


  213. teddymaki

    The video light box does not work on any mobile devices. Do you know how to fix this issue? The image light box does work but video does not.

  214. csamuiel

    HI. I have a problem. In any contact form that I use, it doesn’t send the message further. Even if I use the official (witch came with the Theme), it doesn’t send the message forward. Can you help me please?

  215. KLAYCDF

    Hie,I am having doubts in menu linking and other.I saw Your videos and documentation & I worked as per the video.but Still I can’t solve the problem.Please help me out.The problems are
    1.when I click on the menu it goes to that pages,it doesn’t scroll down to certain section.
    2.I made contact us page but it is not coming as shown in the demo .Its coming like full width fields.please reply as early as possible.

  216. vanil69


  217. nevets23


  218. phototrope

    I just bought your theme, and I’d like to know how you have implemented retina support. In your documentation it says the theme will serve hi-res versions of content images “automatically”. How exactly does it create the hi-res images?

  219. getsoot

    Guys, I have two related ongoing issues that have not been resolved. I’ve got a huge product launch tomorrow and need the site running as intended. How can I get someone to help me?

  220. websitedude1985

    Please update the Changelog – it’s massively out of date guys Even the products featured image on here – says NEW on lots of things that have been with us now for a long long time. Cant wait to see what’s changed.

  221. Patrick1717

    Great theme. Love it. Noticed the menu doesn’t disappear in mobile when you click on a page. Possible to fix?

  222. AxemediaAUS

    Hi There,

  223. vanvlasselaer

    Please Can I get a clarification and instruction on the provision of child theme files for OneUp? At least a link to the best replacement/substitute and basic instruction as to what needs to be altered?


    Great theme.

  225. rzubeldia

    Hi there, i have purchased this theme and i have a problem when i try to create a gallery, if i try to select images nothing happens i cannot upload images. Could you help me?

  226. websitedude1985

    Guys – can I just say a massive THANK YOU! firstly this theme is awesome! Secondly I asked about support for Revolution Slider – and now you have done that. So very happy!! I cannot wait to start working with it in the theme

  227. 49folly

    When will the theme be updated for wordpress 4.7?

  228. mantathemes

  229. tibewww


  230. SalemGrimm

    Hi, i saw a skill section in your website demo, (called “our process”, with %)
    I can t find how to make it, is itintegrated in the thele?

  231. thebridgeatbot

    Love your theme. Interested in purchasing but have two questions first. Are self hosted video as a backround available for all templates in the theme? And will vimeo video as backgrounds be added sometime in the future? Thanks

  232. ZoanEffects

    Hi, how can change the text “ALL” in portfolio sorting to a different one?

  233. walkowm

    How to set sidebar on the left side?

  234. jcosta

    My website runs extremely slow. What’s the problem? Can you help?

  235. marketingboutique

    Hi, I have the theme for a client and now my host provider said that he found a damaged code. So I updated all wordpress stuff and when I want to save a change to the site, following will appear: Warning: file_get_contents(/home/httpd/vhosts/(hidden)/villa12/wp-content/themes/oneup/archive.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/httpd/vhosts/(hidden)/villa12/wp-includes/class-wp-theme.php on line 949

  236. martin16a

    Any plans on adding new features or releasing an update??

  237. GregT_1903

    How can I disable the date of the blog posts?
    I don’t want them to show to my readers.

  238. OriginalEXE

    Hi @healthtrustpg,

  239. deepmitch

    please i wish if possible
    to have on home video page,

  240. SummitPC

    The ‘Page Builder’ section is completely empty for me… there’s no add button and no elements. WP 4.4 and WP 4.5. What am i supposed to do with this.

  241. migueloren


  242. singulo

    Hello, after some updates of WP can not insert images in the gallery of the site. Any problem regarding update?
    if yes how to fix?

  243. zackrogers561561

    Is there a way to run woocommerce with this. And P.S. this theme absolutely ROCKS! Would recommend to anyone. Simple to use, easy on the eyes!

  244. mrippy

    One last question before purchase. Does the Layered Slider allow for “on click” animation. So if I were to click a graphic used on the slider that would animate the transition rather than the auto transitions?

  245. aldi12

    I bought your theme template page for it just to take it. I liked your page our process. how do I import your page content to my theme?
    where lies our page content processes are? thanks

  246. joernkielhorn

    I’ve got a pre-purchase question:
    By checking out the live-preview on my mobilephone (samsung galaxy note 2) using the normal webbrowser android comes with it’s very laggy and after a few seconds the webbrowser crashs and i’m back on the android homescreen. Is there any possibility to fix this problem? Using the firefox webbrowser for android on my mobilephone everything works perfectly and i don’t have any bugs.
    The compability with the android webbrowser is very important to me.
    please excuse my english, i’m german

  247. snasonte

    Hi! Great theme!
    I have added a youtube video as background to the home page and there is no sound but the youtube clip has sound. How do I fix this?
    Also, is there a way to keep the menu open when the video is playing instead of it showing up only when you scroll?
    Thanks in advance.

  248. themightythings


  249. mgauthier15


  250. vloweer

    I would like to ask, is it possible to have a different “Primary Color” on each page?

  251. walkowm


  252. laboratorio35

    I do not find demo content to reporduce the video in home page (I mean the video in the night, city and clouds)

  253. AllyMediaPlus

    How do I make my social media icons in the footer open in a new footer I added the (function ($) {$(“”).attr(“target”,”_blank”)}); to the custom js box like your forums suggested but it is not working. Thanks

  254. MaheshSamudra

    Hi, what should be done to make the current menu underlined when scrolling in home page?

  255. Minimizan

    Hi! one question please: where is located WPML flags menu? I do not see in any demo site. Thanks!

  256. giffyd

    The Service icon link isn’t there: When displaying services only the “more” text acts as a link. Given that the icon above the short text appears as a link, it would be intuitive for users to click on it and go to the full services page (similar to the “more” link).

  257. nichematt

    HiQuick pre purchase questionOn the shop page is there a way to have three columns rather than four that the demo showsAlso, do you have a login and password I can use so I can see how the checkout process has been formattedThanks

  258. bdent

    Hey two things, how do I change the spacing between the logo on the splash section and the writing below it. Also how to I make the logo bigger?

  259. capickerel

    Also, I cannot get my social buttons to work. Are there shortcodes to get it to link? Thanks again.

  260. fireart

    Hello! I have purchased your product!
    However, in our country where the network can not connect youtube, how to modify the code to link to our nation’s popular video site, for example: video on In addition, the ability to increase the Sina microblogging social link options? (

  261. 4ntonios

    Perfect theme, everything working as promised, love the intuitive part of building and browsing the theme.

  262. tahir14

    Hi, I have purchased this theme and i am facing following issues
    1. Dropdown menu/Submenu is not working in mobile version

  263. developerjewishnews

    Hi there,

  264. eexus

    For your future release, can you add a generic email icon to the social link options under the Staff Members section. You have gmail and all the social networks but now generic email icon/link.

  265. ermirshalqini

    How can I remove or delete the section “This Is Call To Action Section” with 2 button, on the top of section ABOUT ore just tell me witch file is it to add a attribute Display:none in the element style, I Can’t find the file. I put in Custom CSS:

  266. inkhead561

    Awesome theme! wondering if theres any way to place an image in the background of the foot.

  267. JuicyStudios

    Is there a way to decrease the padding under a Section Title?

  268. elisecomunicacion

    Hi there

  269. JuicyStudios

    Can you remove the ‘zoom’ animation from the thumbnail hover?

  270. icedivecs


  271. websitedude1985

    Hey there, this theme rocks!! I love working with it. The only thing missing for me is the ability now to feature content within the page slider (Splash Screen) at the moment there are captions. what about an option to allow HTML or perhaps a widgetised area that can render any content we like?

  272. pixelentity

    UPDATE 2013.12.12 – Version 1.6.0 is now available, please redownload the theme and update your install if you still have an older version.

    Update Contents:

  273. clys

    Pre-sale questions:

  274. maartenvanhalm

    Hi pixelentity,

  275. wulfkind

    I’m thinking of buying your theme and just wondering is it possible to have a video background on a single post page?

  276. walkowm

    How to set different bg collor in every pages on pc view and in mobile?

  277. Pretendentas

    Awesome work. Waiting for more products.

  278. sosateam

    Hello Author!
    Can you tell me how to integrate the captcha at the contact form?

  279. brcks

    Hi, still waiting for support.. Please respond to my support tickets. I have private messaged you also Ante with no reply. 1. 2.

  280. timkerrweb

    Hi there,

  281. hcreativegroup

    Youtube Video background isnt working anymore. I have not changed any settings.

  282. PuzzledCreative

    Hi, I have purchased this theme and i am facing following issues
    1. Dropdown menu/Submenu
    The Top Menu bar becomes un clickable when you place a sub menu item underneath

  283. 9studios

    Hi there

  284. studioheads

    I’m thinking about purchasing. I have a question.

  285. pgf21


  286. sterlingwilliam

    SUCH an Awe$ome theme!! Just few pre-purchase questions, can that ‘ken burns’ zoom style in the site opener happen on iphone also or no, can there be a sticky mobile header (since so much scrolling/long one pager) and an up arrow in bottom rt corner?
    Either way AMAZING #PixelentityROCK$!

  287. savageandgray

    Hi Guys

  288. kirkschwarz

    Complete beginner here, but I was wondering if I could ask, does this site support password protected galleries?

  289. sarozd

    Great Job, But I got an issue on IE 11, the parallax scrolling issue, Background images jerking when scrolling the page.

  290. smediaSARL

    Hi Pixelentity, I don’t understand why alt tags images are empty when they are entered into wordpress. Thanks for your answer.

  291. kenmobile

    hi there!

  292. Glowe

    I have problems with displaying many items in Google Chrome. Are you thinking about offering an update soon?

  293. handclothing

    hi guys, how can i set the header with the logo and the menu like yours in the demo? hided then when moving down visible?

  294. leonidas-p

    Hi, i just purchased another 6-months support license, tried to register to your forum, but i keep receiving the message “A required field called Item Purchase Code is missing or has an invalid value”. My client says they have registered years ago, but they can’t find the login informations and there doesn’t seem to be any option on your forum to recover them. Appreciate any help you can provide

  295. andrewrhutson


  296. BankUnderBordet

    This is a ridiculously good theme.

  297. mati1111

    Hello, i’m using v1.5 and i’m not able to view youtube videos, i can hear the sound, also i see the youtube logo, controls, what ever but not the image , any hint?

  298. vaschops


  299. Global_Incubator


  300. SaschaHumpel

    where can i set the height and width of the Logo in Footer and Header manually?
    Because on Mobile devices my Logo is always unsharp.

  301. Seidaris

    Any chance of compressing the HTML? In a lot of SEO checkup tests the HTML was rated too big. Or do you have any compressor recommendation?

  302. OriginalEXE

    Hi @cherndon79,

  303. themickyd

    Hello, I have one more question. Could you provide how to use features like visia had? Such as icons, buttons. Thank you!

  304. tkographix

    In the Blog Masonry Full Width view is it possible to show only specific posts by category or slug?

  305. threeofspades

    Hello, I wanted the button in the “Feature” module to link to a new tab/window, so I tried adding HTML in the “button link” text area:

  306. ammarjabakji

    Hello Support,

  307. mgoddo

    What Slider does this theme use?

  308. fizzbell

    Hi there – amazing theme. Really easy to work with!

  309. moffatmedia

    My website was working fine, but I am having trouble playing my videos under my portfolio section, it just won’t load any?

  310. LeFrancLouis


  311. asymptote76

    How can I use “mixed + layered slider” skin ?
    I couldn’t find that page.

  312. gertzse

    This is a presales question: Can social sharing icons such as Pinterest be added to individual portfolio pages? Can a contact form be added to portfolio pages?

  313. jboscher

    Hi, any idea about the bug described here (by Yormario and me)?

  314. bells32


  315. katiefreediving

    Hi is there a way to avoid the mobile navigation to appear instead of the “regular” one in a desktop browser window? My client finds it very confusing to loose the navigation when the browser window is smaller than +/- 1012px using a 13 inch Macbook.

  316. chapeaurouge

    hi, I imported the demo content but I dont see the main slide in homepage (the one with 4 pics: “welcome to oneup studio”, “we build products to help others” etc.. Is it possible to have the same slideshow exactly as in the demo?

  317. dharmanerd

    I’m missing the page loading animation. Page just sits with white screen, long enough that most people would refresh or click off the site before realizing a web page would magically appear. How do i get the page loading animation to work?

  318. weknowyou

    Hi, first of all, great theme It’s very consistent all around! I’m currently helping a friend that bought the theme, to set it up. He has the license and everything in case you need to confirm.
    Anyways, I installed the latest version, and the admin bar on top isn’t visible when I view the website while logged in. Is this a bug? If so, how can I fix it?

  319. Mee_Creative

    How would I go about enabling the Ken burns splash screen effect on mobile devices?

  320. eliaschl

    Hi. I just wanted to ask if the theme includes a counter like the first example in this theme:

  321. isaac_mx

    Hi, here´s my question, which slider are you using on your demo: home-alt-2, revolution or layer slider and what sizes do you recommend to look as yours? Thanks

  322. Angel_520


  323. livehardiota

    How can i make my actual blog page wider. I can’t fine the #wrap section under style.css

  324. Barinburo

    even after half year – really great design!

  325. joanhaas

    Hi everyboy, and congrats for this nice theme !
    I’ve purchased it for 2 months, you can see it here :

  326. chikaboonatarajan


  327. ddmsolutionsinc


  328. smartnisse


  329. 2gika

    i am using latest WPML plugin and now it stopped displaying Views in other languages … I can not translate Views …

  330. wrathyimp

    Like the design, but a pre-sale query:

  331. cobraflex


  332. Etemmu


  333. LS7

    Great work! Some questions before I buy:
    is it possible to have the portfolio on a different page?
    Why I can’t see the filter for the portfolio items on my iPhone? (iOS 7)
    The URL for the portfolio items starts with …/#!/ – that’s not the best way for SEO. I like to see the portfolio URL without the # – is that possible?
    Do you plan to integrate GoogleMaps for the contact section?

  334. savageandgray

    Quick Styling Question,

  335. edumonteiro

    Hi Pixelentity! I’m just Loving the Theme!!! One of the best ever!!!

  336. zombrie

    You guys made a great theme. I’m putting together a website and I’m having difficulty trying to recreate some looks from the light + fullscreen demo.

  337. charbel_haddad90

    i add video from youtube,and i don’t want to show related video when my video is done to show.
    can you help here i can i add some codes to erase related video :D…

  338. mattbelanger

    I just installed this theme and receiving this error.

  339. Maegondo

    Still: One of the most awesome themes i’ve ever worked with!

  340. laregadera

    Hi! Amazing theme, Some questions, please:

  341. imbondz

    To anyone trying to decide if this is the right template, it is awesome. There’s a small learning curve, but the results are fantastic. Highly recommend.

  342. torianth

    This good to go on WP 8?

  343. fastbraces

    Is there a way to add more field types to the default Oneup theme contact form? All that I see available is “Text” and “TextArea”. Thanks.

  344. PurpleNinja

    Hello, I noticed that I couldn’t find part of blog posts in one page. Can you add something like this in one page?

  345. hstorey

    This theme is great. Couple more questions 1) Are we able to ‘box-view’ the Portfolio (the Our Work section in Live Preview) to a set number of works per row, for example – could we set to just four thumbs per row? Something similar to the look of ‘Meet the Team’ 2) The Advanced Page builder looks great. Are we able to switch to a code/html view of this in the admin…? Thanks.

  346. jazz4ivo

    Is it possible to display all my blog post in a grid view on the blog pages using a featured image as the photo in the grid and a ‘read more’ summary either overlaid on mouse over or below the featured image post?

  347. AllyMediaPlus

    This is a great theme. I have a quick question. I am setting up two website using two different themes and word press accounts..I plan to use the OneUp them strictly for my blog. I have a separate theme for my main website. How do I hyper link the logo in the header on the OneUp blogsite to take me my main home page which would be my primary domain address. I assume this has to do with the header.php file but I am not sure where to put my main home page address. Is this possible if so how?

  348. prakashraman


  349. dpresa

    I can not remove the social networks of the blog post.

  350. prakashraman

    Hi. Thanks for the theme.
    I am having an issue with the individual project page. The images seems to be not aligned with the container. Any idea what is going on ?

  351. fbefera

    Data Type – Post NO LONGER in the list. As a result my Blog masonry load more is not working any more. Can you assist?

  352. alanhaverty

    Hi there. great theme.

  353. thisisdaveitferris

    Thanks again for you help and support with this item.

  354. colourblock

    Hello. Great theme.

  355. aarifak

    I have a question related to menu setting.
    When I have inserted few pages as sub menu under one of the the top menu, then I am not able to click the menu page. Only sub menus are clickable. Can you please give me a work around this problem.

  356. OriginalEXE

    Hi @walkowm, sure. Demo import only imports the demo content and options configuration, but you can normally change it after that through your Theme Options panel.

  357. designity

    HI, I’m dealing with search result view. Please, do you have any idea, why it looks like that:
    Because at other installations of you great theme it worked fine…Eva

  358. Nazareth_1

    Hi, I like the theme, and it is for my business, can I integrate a newsletter onto the theme so my customers can sign up to my news?

  359. codewhite

    I have a Problem i can´t Uploaded Picture on a New Gallery, won´t Work,
    can´t you help me? please,

  360. MyraD

    Hi, I have some presale questions.

  361. jctobar

    awesome theme!

  362. dreadcarno

    Hi the social media icons are not working in responsive. The links get hidden behind the wrapper element. I will need a fix for this please.

  363. echeong

    Hi There! Great Theme ever!

  364. cyqiris

    Hi, I want to know whether or not OneUp ( support shortcodes for the project detail page? (the page after clicking on one project on the portfolio section)

  365. OriginalEXE

    Hi @psymahout, it should not behave like that, arrows should appear on smaller resolutions.

  366. jazz4ivo

    I’m using the theme for a photography portfolio, but when I make a new blog post with the format set as a Gallery. All of the post’s text appears below the gallery images which means that a person has to scroll past 20-30 images before reading the content.

  367. mati1111

    any chance to make testimonials to auto slide itself?

  368. goandweb

    I can not put responsive parallax , how can this be done ?

  369. giffyd

    I purchased this theme and would like to enable the auto updates. When I do so it’s asking for my Envato username and API key. Where do I get it?

  370. jazz4ivo

    Purchased the theme yesterday. Very unhappy!!

  371. MaheshSamudra

    How can I insert a link inside a testimonial?

  372. elisecomunicacion

    Hello, is it possible to put a donwload button in lightbox? I´would like to download images on click.

  373. Global_Incubator

    One of the things that set a theme above the rest is its customer support. This one is pretty amazing, highly recommendable

  374. unreal973

    Hi, how can I add the alt attributes to images posted as a carousel gallery?

  375. designity

    Hi, pixelentity,I have a problem with social links at the footer. It carries no links, and I’ve checked many times, if I filled the addresses correctly (for example: Any advice?Thank you!

  376. deslinetoh


  377. angelajbass

    I just purchased and activated the theme. When I selected the option to import the demo content, it said the import was successful; however, my website failed to load when I refreshed it to see the changes. I’ve since deleted and re-uploaded the theme to see if it was just a temporary glitch. This time, however, when I tried activating the theme, my website again failed to load—meaning, just a blank white screen with no content showing. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks for any help!


    prepurchase question. Does your page builder use meta data?

  379. imbondz

    Hi, I just incorporated the auto update through WP, using the Envato API code and my username. Are there any issues I need to know or should it update correctly?

  380. jmdieu

    Hi Team,

  381. LordZedDE

    Hi! Is it possible to try out your theme somewhere. Just want to see if it fits my needs because it already happened to me that everything looked good but after buying, I realized some things are not working as I thought from the demo.

  382. echosystems

    Hello guys,
    thank you for your last support !

  383. develiz

    Hello I am interested in buying the theme, I wonder if it is possible to leave the Fund static pictures, I think it looks more elegant, leave a picture and if possible add a map in the contact form.

  384. hibreedpro

    Hello Guys! Great Job! Now how can my site download faster … it takes a good 50s to load… Thanks

  385. AJGARAY

    I have purchsed this theme, i need some help from you please review my site here :
    below are some points that i need your help :

  386. kapooski

    The theme looks amazing!
    Just a quick question before I buy.
    I want to use this for my portfolio and for any one project I would have multiple images. Is it possible with your theme to scroll thru multiple images of a project while keeping the project description below the same? And can the project description be placed close to the bottom of the image(s) or at the side?

  387. tryxe

    Is it possible to make the projects open in a new (own) page instead of having them open on the same page?

  388. goodfellow73

    Hi, i am interested in buying the theme. i have a small question.
    can i choose to have the main menu appear all the time?. right now it appears only when i scroll down a little.

  389. Amenthis

    If i have just one or two members on the team section, how can I put them centered? As default they’re aligned at left.

  390. eexus

    Hi I’m currently running WP 3.7.1 and version 1.4.0 of this theme.

  391. thisis3c

    Hi there, I don’t see any options to add the blog to the home page. Please see this screenshot and please help. Thanks!

  392. StevedeVilliers

    Hi there,

  393. gweedopig

    Is there any way to download, access or purchase the assets … images, video, etc.. used in the themeforest demo of this theme?

  394. growblu

    I wanted to purchase this theme however I was wondering if you can add the clients section to this site, similar to how Visia has this feature.

  395. boylecreations

    Just out of curiosity, is single-view.php pages set to be hidden from search engine visibibility?

  396. WebScope

    Pre sale Q

  397. dahmien

    Hi, in the page builder, when I choose the template content builder, the “Add new block” button is missing. I took a look in the presentation video “page builder” and I confirm, the button is missing in the Builder area.
    I have already deleted all my WordPress to be sure that nothing pollute my website.
    Please, could you help me ?
    Kind regards

  398. amopopo

    I’ve purchase the theme and uploaded the website awhile ago. Today my client called and say the images in portfolio are gone.

  399. txuna27

    Hi, i’d like to know if i can to insert an horizontally tabbed content to a portfolio section. Thank you !

  400. mmgoodies

    Hi, I just purchased this theme, it looks great! I could not find where to change the texts for “about us” and “contact us”. This is probably a pretty stupid question, but I looked everywhere and didn’t find it. Thanks!

  401. Nas05

    i have imported the demo content and my website is now blank =( what can i do?

  402. Barinburo

    is it possible to play self-hosted video in portfolio ? ( or just youtube-vimeo ) ?

  403. lipps

    How can I publish different “Video Section Sliders” on multiple sections. If I select a different “Video Section Slider” for one section the other section is changed too. Thanks, J

  404. jctobar


  405. rohanrajore


  406. mirr

    I want Slider – Vario video on every page. What is the best size to make this video? (especially width?)

  407. allenrandom

    Hi – can you please reply to my support topic. Thanks!

  408. cherndon79

    Does this theme have an option to create a single project page? Also can the gallery have fullwith display? I didn’t see an example of one.

  409. ikarus22

    I know that the media files shown in the theme preview on this site are not included in the download, but I like the video of the city with the clouds. Can you tell me where you got it so that I can purchase it?

  410. anitechs

    Hi I just purchase your theme and when customising it seems working well from splash screen to about section but the portfolio section has been somewhat frustrating as I tried to add images to the WORK-PORTFOLIO but the more images I add they seems not to appear on the home page..pls how do I add images so that they would appear on the portfolio-work section??

  411. isaac_mx

    Hi, I am trying to put a youtube or vimeo video as background like you have in your demo, also I tried everything was explained in your documentation: created a blank slide » view created » and selected slider Vario and I get a blank screen, maybe I am doing something wrong, do you have some additional documentation to achieve this? I tried register on support forum but is no accepting my purchase code, please help.

  412. KJC

    The splash page is not showing up. everything was fine and then it just disappeared and starts on the about section.

  413. alexkess

    Hi there,

  414. healthtrustpg

    Sorry to post here. But can someone activate my forum account. I don’t have permissions to post in forum and create new threads. Thanks.

  415. sosateam

    Hello Author!
    Can you tell me how to make a carousel display 5 item in a row (your setting for carousel limit at 4)
    Please help.

  416. manfredininicolas

    When I use a pagination system for my portfolio, with the grid layout, is it possible to keep for example the filter of the elements page 2 on the top all the time ?
    I want all the filters on the top and then the content on several pages and when the user clicks on a filter the content of the 3 pages comes. Is that possible ?

  417. phillyjim

    Hello, quick pre-purchase question… Can the homepage “slider” area be replaced with a parallax image/parallax slider as used in other parts of the theme? Thanks

  418. themickyd

    On the top of the blog page, it says “our blog” as a page title and I want to change it to some other words. Where can I change the title? Thanks

  419. TomTom89

    Hi, i have a question concerning the light and the dark style option in the particular sections.
    Whenever i choose light or dark style, the color of the font will always be the same. Only when i change the primary skin color settings it will change.
    But it isn´t possible for me to create alternate section: one light with dark font and the next dark with light font. It has always the same font color.

  420. dm951205

    could you please instruct me how to install the theme into wordpress?

  421. marta_dco


  422. Sinnsyk


  423. vthewok

    Pre-sale questions:
    Can the background of each section be customized – each with a different image?
    Does the theme support a twitter feed section?

  424. rshaw06194

    Hi, nice theme!

  425. SimpleCodeDesign

    Is there any way to load all content when you press a category in Masonry view ?
    what I mean: visit and press MEDIA right below the header. you have to press load more 4 times to get the category

  426. antid33

    Change heading from H2 to H1?

  427. nuvolare

    hello, I have a problem with the logo , or I have to set the css so that the header is not the length of the logo ( very high) but it must be between the header and the blog , as if it was all ’ last level of z-index . How can I do ?

  428. heidesigns

  429. heidesigns

    URGENT! Creating a page using content builder: when I set a background color of a section by typing the color value myself not from the color selection palette.. and then press enter..then All the section of that page was deleted. How do I restore my website ASAP?

  430. Bezakor

    Hi, thank u for this wonderful template and great documentation!

  431. romebot

    Love the theme but few questions… the portfolio section – am I free here to design it as I wish, have a long page with text in columns and image thumbs with lightbox, followed by more text, columns, etc. or am I limited somehow to design porfolio pages as I see on the demo – are they different in options from regular pages? can the portfolio pages have parallax elements? ( i see below the portfolio in the demo some parallax elements, but those seem global, I want each portfolio page to have unique parallax, text, galleries, and other elements). can the gallery thumbs be smaller?

  432. sukio


  433. SigorGiamus

  434. Bedros

    Unique touches here , congrats.Wish you the best with sales.Kind Regards,Bedros

  435. sopeshnath

    When I opened the website in mobile, the home page showing the Logo and Responsive menu.

  436. skynet_cj7

    loving these updates! keep them coming please!

  437. idozaifman

    hi, great theme
    i have 2 question before purchasing:

  438. jermerqua

    Starting to play around with the theme. Think it’s starting to sink in. Couple things I am noticing.
    a) When i do a list there are no bullet points in front of text.
    b) When i scroll a slider panel into view the content doesn’t animate upon coming into view like the example page on themeforest. Mine has already animated by the time I scroll down the page.

  439. hstorey

    Hey – fantastic work guys! Really great feature set and clean code, great load times compared to similar one pages I’ve looked at. This has gone to the top of my purchase list. Questions: 1) Is there anyway to look through documentation pre-purchase? 2) Specifically, I’m looking to create a landing page with parallax/bg image and then text slide on top. Here’s a demo of what I’m hoping to achieve: [link removed] Is this possible with current feature set? Again, great work – thanks.

  440. SigorGiamus

    Hi there,
    Are “Carousel Gallery” resizable?
    I mean, you showed in your demo a “Carousel Gallery” with two “big” pictures. Is it possible to make the same “Carousel Gallery” with, for example, 6 smaller pictures?
    Kind regards

  441. gk-interactive

    Oneup child theme display issues.
    I have created the child theme and activated it successfully however there seems to be a glitch with the parallax page and slider. The slider offsets after the initial display and the “Services” (on the current theme) are now being displayed vertically one below the other. Do I need to add anything further to the css or functions.php?

  442. tkographix

    Woocommerce plugin issue…

  443. AllyMediaPlus

    How do I change the color to a border or outline of a button in a slider

  444. Paymanschallgbr

    where do I find the help documentation?

  445. LeahPeschel


  446. LukasDudzik

    would it be possible to change the used font in it without any major custom css and/or code tweaking?

  447. mstiedavis

    I have another question (someone posted it, but the answer isn’t clear):

  448. digitemarketing

    Its very nice theme.
    I have question regarding Error page”Page Not Found”. How can I customize this page ? Currently it is displaying sidebar with link to post.

  449. tranmautritam

    Wow! Realy nice! Creative design!

  450. GregT_1903


  451. OriginalEXE

    Hi @Crille, theme does not have support for side-scrolling-menu, you would have to look for a plugin offering such functionality if you want to implement it with this theme.

  452. thatdarkcoffee

    Hi I bought OneUp theme , Also i got the email for the same.
    Amount got deducted,.
    But i cant find the theme in my downloads option.
    as in It’s not available in my downloads option.
    I received the purchase code also.

  453. ImpactPlus

    Hi, There is an option in each block called “Typography Color” is not visible anywhere… is this an error?

  454. Seidaris

    There is a big issue on scrolling the one-pager on a iphone device. When the screen is filled with an side-scrolling element, it gets really tricky (sometimes impossible) to continue to scroll vertically.

  455. antonito

    Hi, before I buy a theme I always check the mobile version. At this time I checked the live preview as usually, however the page and the menu are not loading properly. So before I post a comment, I checked other pages like Visia from the options and this one works perfect, but it doesn´t have all the features that I need like woo-commerce plugin. So the site looks great on pc screen, but not so good on mobile. Is that ok? I want to be sure before I buy

  456. i3ambi

    Hi, love this theme!! Clients site is now live and looks awesome:

  457. rakeshsurya

    I want to keep images as titles in tabs option . any help is greatly appreciated.

  458. OriginalEXE

    Hi everyone, please head to our support forums, open a new thread and we will help out:

  459. Sand31

    Hello, great theme ! Before purchase, i’d like to know if i can put a calendar in this theme.
    Thank you

  460. claudiasanches


  461. andreasmalthe

    Concerning the theme – is all stripped away and not possible to get with buying the theme?

  462. Patrick1717

    Love the theme. Used your demo content to understand theme and how it’s built but can’t seem to be able to add image in testimonials section??

  463. mloughran

    Hi. Beautiful theme.

  464. aecreative2909


  465. tuurbenoit

    Can you use the page builder for the project detail page? If yes, how?

  466. webinane

    this is a cleaner version of one page themes. A mixture of innovation with simplicity.

  467. pixelentity

    UPDATE 2013.10.29 – Version 1.2.0

  468. simonswiss

    Wow, pretty awesome stuff right there!

  469. aecreative2909

    hey how do i change the names of the services???

  470. SigorGiamus


  471. tuttositiweb

    On Safari 7.0.3 (last version) if i put a Video in Splash Section in Home doesn’t work, doesn’t load. I have a grey image.
    On Firefox and Chrome yes, but on Safari not.
    I have upload a ogv file, in fact it works perfectly on Firefox and Chrome. But on Safari doesn’t load.

  472. Anton110

    hey, everytime when i add a call to action section the Buttons are not parallel. one of the Buttons is s Little bit higher then the other. its not very much but there is a Different. how can i Change it?

  473. alexpsba

    Hi, I tried posting in the support forum but the add a new thread feature seems to be blocked. My question is about the footer of my website The social media icons in the footer are not linked, even after I updated the theme. Please advise.

  474. flortyy

    Hi, I have a problem integrating a booking system in this theme. What I would like to do is insert a booking calendar in each of my projects. (I use the plugin Booki for this).

  475. Crawfordreilly

    I just noticed that activating the Youtube background on a page disables imbedded Youtube clips from playing in the portfolio vertical masonry and portfolio 1.5. This happens in Firefox and Chrome, ios works fine.

  476. mstiedavis

    I’m having several challenges:

  477. felipepagani

    hey guys, will the current version work on Wordpress 4.0 or you recommend holding the update before a new version of this theme is out?

  478. jasksks

    Hi there, the theme looks great! Quick question – does this theme integrate well with mailing services such as MailChimp for email list building?

  479. kittyh


  480. Naymapl

    Hi. I have 2 problems. First is menu bar. I check and should be 64px height but is looking like 1px. Have no idea why menu is not show proper.

  481. ivanjunge

    I bought the theme. I’m wondering how Ito always show the navigation bar. Can you explain this?

  482. abbeylinks


  483. irfanfirdaus

    hi, let me know how to resize home-tagline under logo font size? Thanks

  484. heidesigns

    Can you help me to fix this problems?

  485. jmdieu

    Hi Pixel Team,

  486. ideatomica

    Hi guys,

  487. competetowin

    I have a video on my site (vimeo).
    It continues to loop and can I can’t figure out how to turn the auto loop.
    (I checked on within the Videos and within Views and even in Vimeo settings, but cannot find the option to toggle the loop).

  488. SleepingGiant


  489. nexgenbryce


  490. Crille

    Hey I’ve got a presale question.

  491. OriginalEXE

    Hi @soulcake,

  492. mattvogt

    Another question! Is it possible to slow down the taglines? Ours are longer in length than yours lol.

  493. lilliann

    I have 1 question.
    I made 2 tab, view(portfolio preview) in second tab is invisible.
    first view (portfolio preview) is very well.
    Please Give Me Solution ??

  494. fontdiner

    Using the OneUp theme and the background YouTube video is presenting small random text ads along the bottom of the video. Is there any way to disable this?

  495. nichematt

    I have used the pan/zoom for the home page slider.

    My images are getting zoomed in far too much. Sometimes they look fine. Ideally I’d like the image to start out filling the whole screen and then gradually zoom in.

    Is there anyway to control this?

    Thanks in advance

  496. kapooski

    silly question from a newbie
    what the easiest/correct way to update the theme with the new version?

  497. ysquare

    Hello, I am in China. Here we have GFW (great fire wall) which block Google Service. So I need to replace ‘’ to some other url to avoid long-time loading.
    So could you tell me in which file / files includs ‘’?
    (I have tried, but can’t find.)
    Thanks a lot!

  498. cprecords1

    Hi, sorry to bother again but when you make a gallery and add a link to the imagery, it doesn’t work. Is there something you have to do besides insert the URL in the LINK field? I want the images in the gallery to be linkable to different sites.

  499. OriginalEXE

    Hi @Jeremy,

  500. SilverAqua


  501. Digitalmind13

    Sorry I have lost my patiece looking for how can I add background images to my home page slider. I have got pretty much the same slider as you have I just cant find where to add images to it ….

  502. Ten56


  503. brettmeyer

    Great theme, thanks.
    Is there an easy setting to keep the mobile menu visible when scrolling, or should I add to the CSS position fixed for the mobile menu?

  504. angzecheng8

    Hi, I need advice on my slider. What photo dimension i should put? I currently set it at Full HD 1920×1080, it looks great in desktop but in mobile, the photo was cropped badly. Anyway to fix it?

  505. death456

    Hello, social icons are no longer visible in my website. In their place i can see only rectangles. Also the arrows in the slider are like that. What should i do to fix it?

  506. torianth

    I could be missing it, but is there a way to change the header color of the mobile version?

  507. dreampunchboy


  508. sicawebdesign

    Hi, I’ve got a problem with my website the logo on the splash layer is sitting to the bottom right of screen, however when I refresh the page, and thereafter it will sit pretty as it should in the center. I’ve tried just about everything to find the problem with no success, any help would be appreciated. Jessica

  509. SirMax


  510. SalemN

    Hi. How disable touch slide on testimonials for mobile device?

  511. veil22

    I have tried everything and can not make the blog change it’s default setting. I added the post in the view and pulled it into the page builder in the blog page. Set the page to boxed, right side bar and nothing changes.

  512. salimode

  513. BorjaRebull

    Hi Pixelentity. Sorry again, but I have just seen that when I try to edit or add a video I get a fatal error.

    Class ‘PeThemeFormElementselect’ not found in /oneup/framework/php/PeTheme/PeThemeAdminForm.php on line 28

    Could you help me? Thanks.

  514. moecheddah


  515. Bobabrain

    i set a view in masonry based on posts to have a nice blog view on a specific page.

  516. jojochuu

    Hi there, I’m considering buying this theme but I have a question.
    Is it possible to have a transparent png image have a parallax effect on top of another parallax background image? For example, having snow flakes (the png image) fall down over the background as you scroll down.

  517. liekkje

    I would like to add a Google Maps in the bottom of the page, showing the location of our offices. That is not a default part of the theme, is it? What Widget would you recommend to use (also responsive)?

  518. rimre

    How can I add Sub tag, I have a lot a portfolio and I don’t want to add more than 30 tags.
    Is there any option that I can chose and add sub tag

  519. profissas


  520. mikedubs

    would you consider adding a parallax function in your next update? that would be sick with this theme!

  521. isaumya

    Great work guys. I must say. Awesome.

  522. 388529

    Is it possible to have different parallax sections divided by a diagonal or angled line, instead of simple horizontal lines?

  523. gernav

    I´d like to purchase this item. But I would like to have two ¨WORK¨sections. Is it possible to duplicate this section?
    Thank you!

  524. studio

    Man do i LOVE that 1st page effect when u open the site!!! Great job!

  525. wpbakery

    Awesome design!

  526. mrippy

    When I click the back button on Safari browser after going to a page I get a blank page. Looking forward to purchasing. Great theme!

  527. JackSteal


  528. jselz

    I have two problems

  529. franksheffield3

    How can I add multiple email addresses to be contacted when the contact form is submitted?

  530. dpresa

    wordpress 3.8 ready?

  531. looktothestars


  532. OriginalEXE

    Hi @davidcarollo,

  533. loukijoom

    Hi, before purchasing this theme I’d like to know how is it possible to use mp4 video in views background without affecting bandwidth which is limited in my host plan. Thanks.

  534. LeFrancLouis


  535. designity

    Hi pixelentity Is there any way to get boxes vertically closer to each other? I mean all of them. Thank you!!

  536. Moretti856

    Hey Guys,

  537. huastan

    HI, i am using WP 4.1 and the OneUp 1.6.0 and gallery is not working. i am trying to upload new photos. and nothing happens. tried with SAFARI and CHROME and still don’t work. PLEASE i need HELP ASAP

  538. Raydianze

    Noticing IE10 problems when doing mouse-overs on Portfolio items! In your demo under the “Work” section… On mouse-over, the image flickers, and sometimes is NOT clickable! Sometimes the image is not rising to be clicked upon… Also tried in ie9 & 8 modes… same problem.

  539. AJGARAY

    Hi, i having issue with my website is loading so slow.. i speak to my godaddy hosting support they told me oneup theme is causing the slow issue… could you please check what is the issue.. also the website is not loading at all on mobile device… I have open a new thread in support but still i didn’t get any reply…

  540. mickcool

    Hi, amazing theme, but I don’t understand how to display many blog articles on several columns like for your website. And I don’t understand why there is a such space between articles. Thank you in advance

  541. LBBNewYork

    Quick question. How can I change the header, NAV bar color?

  542. websitedude1985

    please can you advise what has changed as the changelog has not been updated on here. I know I can download it probably but I tend to just check there.

  543. macphersonj


  544. igabdou

    I don’t have any “Add new block” button on any page… Do you have an explication or solution please ?

  545. OriginalEXE

    Hi @Raydianze,

  546. petecee

    Hi there,

  547. karimov

    Hi! Greate theme! Just update mu WP to 4.0. Trying to create new Staff Member – and can`t add foto(( Buton “Add media” not work.. any suggestions?

  548. OriginalEXE

    Hi, our server went down, we are working on getting it back up, thanks everyone for patience!

  549. aecreative2909

    how do i actually add photos to my portfolio nothing seems to be working?? do i go to views and gallery or just views and my home page?

  550. walkowm

    I had Import Demo Content, but I’ve got problem with change Primary color, Logo, favicon ect. Is it impossible to change thats things in demo import?

  551. cendrick

    I see that there has not been an update in awhile and I wonder if that means the theme is now fully stable?
    I’ve been on several sites who have implemented this theme and I see a consistent issue regarding the portfolio section. When you click on one of the choices you are often greeted with the spinning icon of eternity.
    If you wait several seconds before selecting a portfolio option you typically will not have an issue.
    Have you all seen this and if so what is the typical general cause for this?

  552. faisalshehzad


  553. GIJOE777

    Where do i change the video splash page in the home video section?

  554. charliebrowndesign


  555. fbefera

  556. felipepagani

    Amazing theme guys… I have a couple of pre sale questions

  557. prakashraman

    Currently Staff > Personal Information has “Designation & Social Links” I would like to add “Phone Number” as another attribute and will display it accordingly. How can do I do this ?

  558. ImpactPlus

    Hey how do i change the color of the light/dark theme used in Our process info graphs

  559. armwebmaster

    Hi , i have a problem after changind old domain to new domain in phpmyadmin ( mysql ), if i change all links with old domain, and replace new domain, my setting not showing, but it exist in mysql, what i can doing for show my home page builder content and all theme settings ? Thx

  560. jgoldfilm

    Is it possible to change the font color of just the person’s name on my testimonials without changing the themes primary color? Also how do you change the font color on tabs (bottom of monthly deal), it seems to be the default green color no matter what I do. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  561. Okmudazkeyz

    Pre Sales Question.

  562. visuallypeachy

    Hi, the site experience reloading crashes on iphone and ipad
    iphone version: iOS 8.4 (firefox, chrome, safari)
    ipad version: iOS 8.4 (firefox, chrome, safari)
    the site is :
    please advise, thanks!

  563. gk-interactive

    When is the shortcode feature going to be possible so as posts can have page builder?

  564. mattvogt

    Hi! Is possible that the youtube video backgrounds are now low res? I think I see them blurrier even on your demo site. Any thoughts? (or am I out to lunch lol).

  565. basho

    Completed and launched today – thanks for such a great theme:

  566. skynet_cj7

    great design boys! has alot of potential.

  567. franksheffield3

    I set up a Portfolio View to display projects as Portfolio Preview but my featured images for each project are not centered once clicked. The projects are set to standard format and I don’t see a way to center-align the featured image.

  568. aecreative2909

    On the layer slider how can you have the transition coming from right or left and then just stopping not bouncing? in the demo you have the 2 iPhones coming from above and below and they just stop they don’t bounce? what is that transition called?

  569. pigroup

    Also, how do I make the ‘services’ icons click-able (called practice areas on this site)?

  570. typogretel

    I think your support page is down

  571. supum1

    Hi, i cant upload pics in the gallery

  572. orkut

    Hello today i ve downloaded the latest version of One up, which is great but I have a little problems

  573. StreetArtShop


  574. fireart

    How to customize categories in gallery?Thx?

  575. wibbsy

    I have this theme installed on but when the splash loads, I can scroll horizontally to the right and it messes up the layout. But if I scroll to the bottom of the page and then back up, I can no longer scroll horizontally from the splash screen?

  576. alex_dalmau

    I’ve bought this themes few weeks ago but I don’t how to download the update? I don’t find it on themeforest.. Thank you very much,

  577. becom57


  578. justchuckinit

    Hello! Is there a way to Chang section labels, fonts, and sizes to make the same style headers as is in the “Surreal” theme?

  579. pgsme

    how to use custom icons in services?

  580. lipps


  581. walkowm

    I’ve got a problem with Google Analytics. I put google analytics script code into APPERANCE / THEME OPTIONS / Custom JS. It doesn’t work. Have You got any Idea?

  582. Lightning-Ashe

    I have some quetion this theme
    When I upload a.jpg then this thme create other sizes image
    I see 8 size images
    how to disable this feature
    because my hosting service support 1gb file size
    created image very big

  583. Imagine98000

    Hello I would like to make the testimonial section taller ie assign a specific height. Do you know which part of the code i can amend?
    Many tx

  584. gini74

    When I first land on my page it has the navigatin bar highlighting two other pages, this gives you the impression that you are on two pages instead of one.

  585. semola88

    I’ve upgraded WP to version 3.9 and I have to upgrade the theme. can you explain me the procedure please?

  586. mantathemes

    I meant video embedded in post/project. see printscreen

  587. kayserkay

    Hey pixels,

  588. Degundesign

    Thank you for nice template, but the parallax effect does not work in Safari 7.
    Would you have a solution?
    thank you very much

  589. vanvlasselaer


  590. futurekulture

    Dear Pixelentity

  591. photographist

    Hi there,

  592. whitepointphoto

    Great theme and have been using it for a while. I have just noticed on the demo a 4th Home page demo. I am trying to replicate the “Latest from the blog” view/section. How is that done?

  593. hibreedpro

    I enable the “USE ANIMATIONS” in the the “Theme Options>General” and I still don’t see any animations. What else Do I have to do? Please Help.

  594. gk-interactive

    Please can someone explain the Post’s feature in a little more detail. I like the blog-masonry-load-more feature which I am using to a page to load all posts that have the same tag. I want to use the same blog feature on another page loading posts with another tag.

  595. SigorGiamus

    One further question, not about ‘OneUp’ but about your… really amaaazing… ‘Ion’ template: do you plan to make this ‘Ion’ template as a WordPress ‘coming soon’ plugin that would allow to work in the back end while people see the template in the front end?

  596. designyourownmind

    Great Theme, looking forward to use it!

  597. torianth

    How do you change the successful contact submission message?

  598. Diacre

    Need some serious help. My website is super slow. It doesn’t even load on mobile browsers. PLEASE HELP!!

  599. elbnetz

    Hi there,

  600. OriginalEXE

    Hi @martin16a, it would be best if you would register on our supprot forum and share the link with us, so that we can see exactly what kind of configuration you have and give you the correct css.

  601. crearc-design

    Hi! This is Nice theme! but suddenly i can’t update Social Profile Links Theme Options click blue button “Save All Changes” i dont know whats happend.

  602. OriginalEXE

    Hi @jctobar, the YouTube issue was fixed in the latest update, please update your theme.

  603. po1nt

    Best support ever! Amazing theme, love it fully! 5 Stars guys!

  604. heidesigns


  605. fionaperrigo

    I love this theme! It is much more intuitive than others that I have used. I am having trouble with one issue though. I want to have a timer set to change my home slider depending on if it is day or night. I can do it with images:

  606. OriginalEXE

    Hi @justchuckinit, yes it is.

  607. vloweer

    I have download your theme, but in the ADD NEW PAGE section I have only “section block” what do I have to do? I already reinstalled the theme and it stays the same. Please help.

  608. marijankelava

    Hi there! I’ve bought your theme to realize a website for a client. I have a problem: I’ve chosen the google font “oswald” in the settings, but the fonts aren’t changed. Just the headlines are in oswald.
    Can you help?

  609. Allucinari

    Pre-Purchase Questions:

  610. ByronBay

    Hi, I have a pre sales question.

  611. ammarjabakji

    Hello Suppor,
    It seems that the theme has a small problem using iphone 6 widescreen.
    Menu toggle does not appear on iPhone 6 widescreen.
    After scrolling a bit it shows again
    Please see the video here

  612. Keeptra

    Hi, I really like the theme but I seem to be having problems with my contact form. When I try to send a message it wont send it and displays and error message.

  613. chizhang88

    hi, I like your theme but it is very time consuming to install and configure,honest the introduction is not easy to follow. I just want the exact template in your demo and will send your pics and portfolios can you set it up for me ? I will pay

  614. dtmanzl

    HI, sorry if this sounds stupid, by I can’t find how/where to change the blog layout from the default one on the One Up theme?

  615. joeolliver


  616. HotaruVG

    Hi, congrats for this amazing theme.

  617. rugemtugem

    How do I direct my gallery images to the right scale? Because it is cutting the images that I put, I’m using volo slider (swipe) project.

  618. lovmint


  619. huastan

    Hey Love the theme, but i am stuck on slider, how can i put photos on main slider? i am using the New Modules in v1.5

  620. fizzbell

    Also is it self hosted video or say vimeo (or possibly both?)

  621. kayserkay

    Hi there. In my homepage video section I changed the triangle for my own logo. now the logo and the animated headlines do not aline center anymore. could not find anything in the forum.

  622. vnL

    Hi, nice job! The demo is really lightening fast! The result on and is very good.

  623. po1nt

    How to change colour of Splash Text (pan slide) and font of the START HERE?

  624. 1960

    I add a space with the logos of the clients?

  625. aplaat

    Is this WPML compatible? Wordpress Multi language plugin

  626. jeanboucher

    Beautifull Theme but I couldn’t be more lost! I have no clue where to start… I have imported the demo and still have no clue how I do something like the TESTIMONIALS or the ABOUT US sections of this page for example…

  627. cprecords1

    Hi, quick question.
    How do you update this theme?

  628. victorcourt

    Hello! Thanks for the great theme.

  629. skynet_cj7

    any new updates coming?

  630. BUREAU117

    How can I make use of other icon fonts under “Services” than the ones supplied?

  631. joshfiddy

    Hi, recently the spash bit on my homepage has disappeared and refuses to show even though its set up seemingly correctly. Any ideas?

  632. foundub4

    The font colour on my site is grey, and i really need it to be black, how can i change the font color on my whole site please?

  633. lildragn

    Hi amazing theme so far… just setting it up and I have a couple questions.

  634. Mavix

    Once It is Parallax there is no page reload isn’t! What I mean, if set a player for instance a Soundcloud player in the content, Will It stop the music when we click in a link in the menu???

  635. ttteflon

    Hi, I have a presale question:

  636. iamalem

    Hi, I would like to purchase your theme. However, I have a few questions. 1. Do I need to purchase any additional plugins to have access to ALL the features displayed in your demo? 2. Do you have a Map feature? I could not find it in the demo. 3. Can I display more than 3 team members on the home page? Thanks in advance for your timely response.

  637. Crawfordreilly


  638. laboratorio35

    child theme available?

  639. SigorGiamus

    Your ONeUp theme is really great and beautiful. I think, you don’t need a proof. But if you wanted one, you can see that the others are only copy cats: [link removed]
    Except if this team is another name from yours or some relay good friends that like your job!

  640. add-on

    Hi There.

  641. aldileo

    Im experiencing a white bar in the dark theme using google chrome or safari in ipad in vertical position.

  642. virgdelsugar

    Hi, i’ve tried to get answers about how this template works on the support side, but no answer.
    Could you please contact me on my e mail : [email protected]
    I’ve got a question concerning menus related to slider home.
    Best regards

  643. hilaalmagor

    I was recently facing a weird disconnection in my wordpress panel – when I entered the galleries section in my menu bar I didn’t see any images in my existing galleries. When I visited my page though – the images were shown, but once I tried to edit them from the panel they just doesn’t show.

  644. digitaldfw

    Greetings! I purchased the theme and I’m very excited to finally use it, but there’s one facet I simply cannot figure out. I’ve loaded the demo content and for some reason, the “Our Work” section shows nothing; there’s maybe one inch of blank white space until it cuts to “Meet the Team”—despite the fact that all of the galleries, portfolios and projects still appear in the admin section. I don’t believe I made any changes that would’ve affected the “Our Work” section, so what steps can I go through to troubleshoot why nothing appears?

  645. spursberry


  646. coflo

    It appears the Contact form works as in it will send the form message properly; however, it appears the “success” message is not appearing and the form is not clearing out. This is ONLY happening on a PC and works fine on a MAC.

  647. torianth

    Is it possible to make the original image 500px height? Not looking to do full screen height.

  648. anafantunes


  649. ipurtargi


  650. damngood


  651. SigorGiamus

    Hi there pixelentity,
    Still very good job! With Reversal and Visia, your one pages theme are my favorites. But still same question: is this theme WPML compatible?
    Further question: I’ve seen in ‘OneUp’, that the menu doesn’t collapse after click (or touch). Accordingly, you have to click again (or touch) to remove the menu. Is that you wanted to make?

  652. mrippy

    Seems to be a bug with the footer loading at times. Its there on a reload then not the next in both Chrome and Safari.

  653. pixelentity

    UPDATE 2013.12.06 – Version 1.5.0 is now available, please redownload the theme and update your install if you still have an older version.

    Update Contents:

  654. prinzip

    Amazing work! Just a question before I buy it.
    Is it possible to have multiple one-pages? I need 4 menu items and each points to a different one-page with different portfolio and services.

  655. hhog

    Hi, On the blog page listing, I can see the full articles even if I have the SUMARY option enabled in the blog settings.

  656. hmissbah

    I bought the theme, I installed it on a development space (localhost / mysite /), it is perfect, now I want to migrate the entire site to another domain to another server (http://www. /) but I can not find the configuration options of the theme, how can I export from localhost to import on mysite

  657. theeventhorizon

    Hi – love your theme – looks like it will do most everything I need, but I have a couple of questions:

  658. suky108

    also I prefer your surreal theme, is it possible to have similar js in that theme if i purchase this one?

  659. annasancewicz


  660. justchuckinit

    I am loving the demo to this theme, it is beautiful. But I cannot seem to wrap my head around a few things.

  661. zitac77

    Dear Support, we bought OneUp in 2014, but the gallery does not seem to work anymore. Does the new version of the theme work properly under WordPress 4.7.2?
    Thank you

  662. progettounosrl

    Hello, we have a problem with menu/slide. If user click in home (with slide) and scroll down and then up, the home in menù is not active

  663. just4resh

    I don’t need the shop or blog page. How do I removed them and edit link names in New Modules in v1.5.

  664. dczepiel


  665. pixelentity

    UPDATE 2013.10.26 – Version 1.1.1 is now available, please redownload the theme and update your install if you still have an older version.

  666. laboratorio35

    changelog for the last version 13 november? files changed?

  667. damngood

    is it possible to add an indicator class to the currently selected menu item? Just for highlighting in the menu where you currently are.

  668. laregadera


  669. Nas05


  670. GraphicWebDesign

    Hi pixelentity,

  671. goandweb

    Hi, we activate “load more” on the blog, but displayed the full post. What must be configured to load more? You can see the example in Thanks

  672. pixelentity

    UPDATE 2014.02.03 – Version 1.6.1 is now available, please redownload the theme and update your install if you still have an older version.

    Update Contents:

  673. juxtapozemedia


  674. spark_agency


  675. nxeve

    Hi,love your themes,specially the advanced builder.
    any Mega Menu ( picture/icon on dropdown menu ) Compatible with this Themes ? Thx

  676. lorelei

    Hi, is this theme child theme compatible? Also, would it be possible to have the menu stay visible always on default? Thank you. Theme looks great!

  677. gini74

    Can this theme be used with the splash page, it won’t load on a mobile phone just throws an error, iPhone 6+

  678. AHWC

    Hi, Is there a way for me to make the carousel feature into full width? It is only limited to 4.

  679. dczepiel

    Just wanted to mention this theme is amazing, support is super-fast and fixes all the small things I need changed and I recommend this theme to anyone.

  680. k33n5blatt

    Great theme! I’m looking to create a slider with about 100 words worth of text but I dont want it to become illegible on an iphone, what view/slider/feature should I use so that i can have a background image and some responsive text?

  681. Mee_Creative

    Hi there,

  682. rickz750

    I bought your template and built a website. Everything’s fine but I have a problem. In smartphone version sidebar’s not working. It’s not visible in any way. How can I make it visible?
    Thank you in advance, Kind Regards.

  683. OriginalEXE

    Hi @atdavie, I would need to see live example to check that problem.

  684. Cycle_bin


  685. GoldkoiFish

    Hi! I was really like your theme and I was about to buy it but I tested the demos on my apple devices (an iphone and an ipad) and I have some issues with animations. What is suppose to appear gradually in the page just pop up, like the portfolio items. The progress bars are not animated, the services section neither. The only images appearing smoothly like on the computer are those in the team sections. Even the logo in the footer is not animated. Do you have an idea of the problem?
    I also tested the demos on a windows 8 powered, the animations are fine but the parallax is completly out of control.

  686. vkee


  687. OriginalEXE

    Hi @walkowm, please head to our support forums, sign up for account and open a thread, and we will help out:

  688. isaac_mx

    Hi, I got a question regarding the social icons on the footer, is there any way these links open on a blank page? Thanks!

  689. graficbuyer

    Hi, i want to buy te theme but i find many code errors on seo. Do you clear it in any time?

  690. medleyr3

    How do I use amazon s3 self hosted videos?

  691. SleepingGiant


  692. rafaelmontilla

    I am getting this error, when i click on Apparence/Menu
    Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in /home/miamitours/ on line 22

  693. mattvogt

    Quick one! How did you guys create that video background for the white demo, (“Designed with Simplicity In Mind” section) they appear uploaded on your server and they don’t parallax like the youtube bgs. hmmmmm I see it’s the volo class div where did you upload the video? Is it like a view in a view or something?

  694. MoshMediaPDX

    I am interested in purchasing this theme.
    Are you able to include a Vimeo video within a parallax, not as a background video but floating over the background with a column of text next to it?

  695. SimpleCodeDesign

    how many domains can i install and update the theme on ?

  696. abriv

    This theme is not SEO optimized, is it?

  697. kristopherk

    I’m thinking about purchasing this theme. Are there plans on any updates? I looked at the code specs and it still using Bootstrap 2.2.1

  698. tuurbenoit

    Question before purchase:

  699. housedada


  700. shahabja


  701. missingelton

    Just started building my site with this beautiful theme. Thanks for the hard work.

  702. henriqueozorio

    Oi, é possível definir o tamanho do vídeo completo sem as pequenas margens pretas ao lado, bens tela cheia

  703. grafikzeugs

    I’m experimenting with the zoom/pan slider. Is there a way to limit the initial zoom? As I understand it, it is selected randomly and sometimes the zoom factor is too high so you lose the composition of the picture in use.

  704. isaac_mx

    Hi, on the blog, all social icons display ok, excepting facebook button, this one just not appears, do I have to configure something? Thanks.

  705. aleleal2

    Hi, Is possible to change the hover animation on the portfolio? I wish came up a blue layer when we move the mouse over an item. It is possible and simple to accomplish this change? thanks!

  706. walkowm

    I have a problem with my site after run in Firefox. Site is freeze, and very slow work. And suddenly appear notify:
    Script on that site could be busy or stop working. :jquery.js?ver=1.11.1:4.

  707. addeystock

    One of the best theme here

  708. isoarts

    Outstanding design!

  709. crissyro

    Hi. Few questions before purchasing:

  710. ghog

    is OneUp ready for WooCommerce 2.1.5?

  711. zelchonock

    Hello guys, great theme, really love it. Could you tell me how can I remove a sidebar on the blog page?

  712. aecreative2909

    How am i supposed to do the portfolio section is it the same as the gallery im so confused…

  713. cybility

    I seem to be having an issue with the “Oneup” WP theme. When adding an new item inside of the gallery section, it seems that the “Add Media” window disappears. None of the current images display inside of the page edit section.

  714. jason0304

    Hi, my theme doesn’t work on IE10/win7
    could you check my URL please?
    what I did is delete some section and change some img.

  715. carlito944


  716. marinastarke

    Hi, thank you for the great theme. I have some issues though:

  717. AgenceNar6


  718. gskill

    Hello, is it possible to set up a youtube background video without the overlay pattern? I would want it to be 100% clear.. Its my only question before buy it.. Thank you! Gisele.

  719. isaac_mx

    Really nice your work!
    My question is regarding the taglines on the beginning of the slide page, is there any way to control the timing and add some kind of transition (fade) between each one, probably editing some .js file? Thanks.

  720. prakashraman

    Given the project_id how can I fetch thumbnail image ?
    Thanks !

  721. virtualsa

    Hello, I love the theme and would like to buy it, but first I would like to take some questions.

  722. maartenvanhalm

    Hi there,

  723. ryguysd

    Is OneUp compatible with WordPress 4.4? Thanks.

  724. basmer

    Hello, how can i use a self hosted video and not youtube to play on my first page?
    I have already byed the theme.

  725. raulquilez

    Great theme, I have a little problem with the home video in FireFox and Opera, mp4 and link to submenus are not displayed. In Google Chrome and Safari works perfectly (although the version Ipad, Iphone not displayed). In Safari the Parallax viewing perspective does not work, the photos are still the wallpaper.
    thank you very much.

  726. aecreative2909

    I want to know how to get rid of the youtube bar when the video is playing?
    i installed the WP editor from what was suggested and was successful in removing the rel videos. is there another code that removes the youtube play bar down the bottom of the video?

  727. gk-interactive

    How do I stop blog view from displaying ALL posts. I have selected – ‘Display post as masonry’ and selected the ‘Category’ but when I view the results I see all post being displayed. I need to have a few categories that will display posts for only that category and these need to be displayed in masonry format.

  728. add-on

    Hi There

  729. eierund

    Very cool theme. Got a couple of questions:

  730. beetleco


  731. CleanScript


  732. Ben_Fly


  733. beabi

    problem solved. please ignore this message. thanks

  734. Lightning-Ashe

    Hi I have this theme and activate but one days ago malfunction all views and all project all project except post and page

  735. Mirage123

    one question; how can i get rid of the grey covers in the Project-Section? i would like to show a picture instead of the grey one… thx !

  736. tariqarien


  737. cook1nglab

    Any helpful tips would be grateful. Thank you!

  738. elevenwebs

    Hi, we have a problem with WPML and your theme.
    We need to be able to choose a custom post type to be translated or not.
    The Custom Post Types in your theme, like “Testimonial” does not allow this function.
    How can we solve it?
    I show you an image:

  739. websitedude1985

    Hey there

  740. TBAplc


  741. danestorrusten

    Hello I had purchased your v1.2 One Up theme and just tried updating to to 1.6.0. First I updated to WP 3.8.

  742. MarijeNie

    hi, love the theme, and have some questions
    1- now there is a very fine white line between the portfolio images. Can i make this space wider?
    2- can I have multiple portfolio’s and could these be in a submenu under ‘work’
    3- if a portfolio item opens in a single page, can I make the portfolio show up again at the bottom of that page?
    4- is it easy to change the blog layout? I need a more horizontal layout (image + text side by side).
    5- can all blog layouts be filtered on category?

  743. jermerqua

    I added a block in builder. Added a “feature” content block within that block. Selected media type image. And chose “Align center”. yet the image is alligned left below the text.

  744. BICinvest


  745. tiagofmano


  746. threeofspades

    Hello! I am trying to figure out how to link images within the page?

  747. suky108

    hi there, is it possible to add my own transparent images I have made on photoshop? also I would like a music track to be played in the background?
    kind regards

  748. jermerqua

    I have an animated GIF I’d like to display in my portfolio page. I add a “Feature” block and include the image. It’s animating in the editor view but when I publish and view page it does not animate.

  749. heidesigns

    Hi, Mobile dropdown menu is not working. I checked in my samsung phone. please check here.

  750. pigroup

    Hi. Purchased the theme yesterday and enjoying it so far. I’m wondering
    1. how to change background color (about us on sample page to black for example)
    2. how to change ‘Our Work’ title to another (Presentations in this case).

  751. alphasigns

    Prepurchase Q:

  752. Anton110

    Hello, i am totally new and your theme is my first theme. i try to build up a beautiful site an tried to Change the footer.php to make it smaler. now my whole page istn visible anymore…only a White page. i only changed the footer.php .

  753. flortyy

    Is it possible to adapt the lay-out of the projects in both the scrolling version as the single-page version? I would like these sections to be structured as follows:
    - the title of the project
    - on the left the media (in my case a photo gallery) and on the right a sidebar where I want to add a widget with a booking form specific for this project
    - below the media I would like to have the content I add in the editor.
    - below all this the next-previous buttons.

  754. mgoddo

    The icons are broken….some are missing

  755. nwhidden

    is that ‘wind effect’ on the slider in alt home 1 available for purchasers to use? its really cool and would work great for a new client of ours

  756. Letitski

    The best translation plugin for Thread- Multi Purpose One- Multi Page Theme is??? Still WPML? Thanks for your help.

  757. cprecords1

    Hi, great template!!
    However i am really confused on 1 part.

  758. nokiko

    Very nice, will this be available as html as well?

  759. penascimento

    First of all, nice theme
    Mate, how can i put main menu always visible?

  760. VanKarWai

    Yeah! A parallax theme with sense and well done! Congrats!

  761. triton100

    Hi there – I’ve been looking to purchase a theme with a front video page – this seems to be it – but does it host vimeo or self hosting videos – as i don’t want to use youtube like most of the other themes seem to have as a limitation?

  762. arod_la

    Hello! I have a Tabs section with 3 tabs. I want to include a Services section in each tab’s content container. The first tab displays the services perfectly, but the subsequent tabs do not show any content. Looking at the code, it seems like these last two tabs’ content containers are dynamically assigned a width of 0. How can I fix this? Thanks!

  763. nsoud

    i have added links to images and i want when i click the image in the image gallery to go to the website or the link, i need your help to show me how exactly to add link to images in the gallery and show me that they work also. thank you for your support

  764. 11omerfaruk

    hi! possible to have differetn stickybar options and layouts i.e. logo & menu center/left/right etc.?

  765. seriema

    I need to create a simple structure. Image to the left, text to the right. Then next row is the opposite, with text to the left and image to the right.

  766. sgerger1

    Can I use visual composer with this theme?

  767. samueljoubert

    Hi! Presale question… I just bought a parralax theme and their theme is filled with glitches and support is slow like a turtle.. Looking to buy a new theme…
    1 – Can the portfolio images link to an external independent link, like a nice blog page with full width images?
    2 – Can we change the # of rows for the ’’our work’’ section? Meaning putting 3 instead of 4 to have bigger pictures?
    3 – Is it possible that the site loads by default on another category instead of ALL ( like the 2nd one ) since I might have a lot, to reduce loading time? WHILE keeping the ALL one…
    4 – Can the CALL TO ACTION button appear right under the text slider of the home page?

  768. pixelentity

    UPDATE 2013.11.14 – Version 1.3.0 is now available, please redownload the theme and update your install if you still have an older version.

    Update Contents:

  769. anok4u2

    I have no experience with parallax-onepagers. With my existing “normal” site, i have some great scoring pages in google serps. Will i lose them when i buy your theme? Does this theme contain only “one page” or not?

  770. frankturley

    All my pages are just blank white; what am I doing wrong?

  771. SigorGiamus

    Hi There,
    Really great theme with huge capabilities!
    About e-commerce capabilities even if I don’t need them yet: how a customer can create his/her account? I didn’t have found how to do in the demo. All is good for returning customer, but if your are new, how can you proceed?
    Best regards

  772. sterlingwilliam

    WOW, NICE Work

  773. AlbertoElizondo

    I’ve purchased the theme and wanted to know if the blog can be setup in the start page. Thanks

  774. josedelgado

    I’m thinking about acquiring this theme but I have a few doubts about it:
    1) does it come with a one button demo content upload?
    2) can the Social Network icons be more visible? I’d like them on top menu for instance.
    3) can I integrate our Twitter and Facebook content and have it displayed as part of the one-page?
    4) is the theme compatible with WPML (Wordpress Multi Language plugin)?

  775. wibbsy

    Hi Pixelentity

  776. hernanmu

    How do I get the images in the demo? The demo content is there, but not the images?

  777. 9studios

    Hi there,

  778. mswalehe


  779. opusacademia

    I bought the theme but could not install. It stops at “unpacking the package …” and does not finish. What do I do?

  780. coast37


  781. photogift


  782. ghog

    by default the admin bar seems to be hidden from front end view. is there a way to make it visible?

  783. modhouse

    Hi there,

  784. GraphicDesignbyEmily

    Hi is this theme compatible with WP 4.1?

  785. thisisdaveitferris

    Hey guys.

  786. ivonn


  787. thirteenconcepts

    having a bit of trouble with the header and my logo. no matter what size logo i use, there is no space around the logo and the top/bottom of the header area. i would like to create a bit of space around the logo.

  788. webarc

    Wow! Just wow! Amazing!

  789. JosephDJV

    Hi! Congratulations because this is a wonderful theme!
    Are you looking for to provide us a HTML version?
    I hope yes.
    Thank you

  790. amexclub4u

    Hi. I have Three questions. First, how can i add sharing buttons in (all) video section of page (not in blog). Second, I would like move the logo image to top position’s center. Third, I have to touch twice for playing video at mobile. Is it possible one touch only? any tips. Thank you.

  791. walkowm


  792. LosBastardos

    Very nice theme guys!

  793. motionade

    Hi there! This theme does not optimized for IE… broken in IE9 environment

  794. overtimecreative


  795. irfanfirdaus

    Hi, accidentally, my browser page appear message like this:
    “Fatal error: Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in C:\xampp\htdocs\creativan\wp-content\themes\oneup\framework\php\lib\pixelentity-theme-update\class-envato-protected-api.php on line 344.”

  796. Seidaris

    Hello, I have a little problem with your page regarding SEO. The main page (the one-pager) hast those hashtag redirects. My analytic tool is considering this a bad thing. With your page on the other hand, the same routine works fine. What have we done wrong?

  797. websitedude1985

    The theme description and changelog really need sorting out folks. This theme is still fab and we love working with it – but I do like to refer to Changelogs for an idea of whats changed. I just think you ought to get rid of stuff that says NEW. Were on a much later version than the one in the themes main description image

  798. ProdigalMedia1

    Really interested in purchasing this theme. However there is one thing holding me up. Can you please explain why the testimonials section and the section between “About Us” and “Our Work” isn’t full width? Please see links below for the screenshots.

  799. kwahlquist

    I am really enjoying your theme, but I am running into an issue with the blog feed summary setting. It appears that when I set summary in the admin settings, the theme is continuing to display the full blog post in the blog feed page. Is there anything I am missing here, or is this a bug. My site is

  800. ppallika

    Hey guys, i’ve followed the instructions in the theme documentation to use retina friendly images. Every time I try to upload the regular and @2x versions the regular version shows up and the @2x version returns a blue question mark. If i remove the characters ”@2x” from the file name, it magically appears.

  801. heidesigns

    Hello. I have used your portfolio feature for my speakers section. You will see it here:

  802. dilipdas

    i have created a custom menu i am trying to showing in header.php with condition but it not showing

  803. kristinaco

    Hi Guys,

  804. KenahnG

    very conserned about SEO, last one page theme I bought claimed to be SEO optimized but even SEO people I hire are telling me that it is not.
    Will this be easy for me to add keywords myself? I’m conserned about using another one page theme, I don’t want to have to spend more money on SEO work.

  805. GraphicWebDesign

    WOW. Great theme

  806. breedesign

    Love the theme, one question. When viewing my site in browsers other than safari I notice that multiple icons such as the over arrows and social media icons are missing. Do you have a suggesting on how to fix this?

  807. felipedesu


  808. virgdelsugar

    I get veru often the same problem for my website : I can’t get to the admin panel.
    The page is blank so i can’t work at all.
    Could you please help ??

  809. vloweer

    Could you please tell me, how can I add a “Slide” to the page? Because when I add it through the “View” box it doesn’t animate

  810. heidesigns

    On the first section, you will see the logo at the center. I want to add text below it. How do I do that?

  811. makasaez

    I just saw in the demo, in the service area, a typography is used for icons, it is possible that I can put my own icons?

  812. franksheffield3

    Is there a way to make my mobile header full width? The logo and mobile menu feel “boxed in”. The logo needs to be further to the left and the menu needs to be further to the right.

  813. BillKarkavos


  814. walkowm

    Is it possible dark background only at the header (without menu)?
    Or how to change color and transparency of pattern on video?

  815. walkowm

    How to change width of boxed site form 940px to 1024px?

  816. luceincendiaria

    Hello, my name is Daniele Cruciani, I purchased the theme oneup, are now in the process of building my site, and I found a fix. I would like to create a menu like the one in the demo. I tried to follow the steps listed in the documentation, but the menu tabs linked only works on the home page. If I am on any other page (not the home) and I click on the menu tabs that work in parallax, these do not lead me anywhere. Basically the buttons work only in home linked. How can I fix this? I would like to create a menu to be used as one of the demo of the theme. Sincerely, Daniele Criciani

  817. sharinasingh

    thinking of purchasing the theme though just wondering is there any options for the top header section? I don’t want it fullscreen I want the height shorter, is that possible?

  818. honkenponken

    Thanks for great theme. Two questions, however.

  819. sagehbear

    Hi There, this theme looks fantastic. However, before buying this theme, I’d like to know if the portfolio section has any pagination or ‘load more’ button? I might need to add in quite a number of work, but wouldn’t want them to appear altogether. Please advice, Thanks so much!

  820. invishane


  821. freepeopleintl

    Hi, I’ve used this theme for years but for some reason now it is not responsive. When viewed on a cell phone nothing shows up. please help!

  822. pigroup

    I’ve looked through your comments and don’t see the answer to this:

  823. aecreative2909


  824. heidesigns

    Is it possible for the slider to have “circle” navigations instead of just left/right arrows?

  825. OriginalEXE

    Hi @torianth, yes, theme is compatible with WordPress 3.8

  826. Flitschi

    i like to crop the thumbnails of the staff members, but changes are not shown on the site. At the backend i see the changed thumbnail, but not on the site.
    please help me

  827. nxeve

    Hi,wanna ask about this.can we lock/disable touch slide/Splash Section on mobile devices? so the slide in fix potition,coz sometimes its moving when i slide/touch to the bottom so the white background on slide background are show up.need this a.s.a.p please,thx

  828. hesam12


  829. kasiopea


  830. elisecomunicacion

    Hi, i bought the template and i need the psd file, there is any chance to get it?

  831. anitechs

    This theme would have been one of my best, but after purchased and using it to develop a site, the project gallery takes forever to load before pop-up to the user…what is the solutions to this, popup windows should be like alert. see issue on my site here:

  832. grafikzeugs

    This is my first wp theme and I’m blown away!

  833. hibreedpro

    how do I get rid of the 1920×1080 background ? it show up every time the pic is loading

  834. prakashraman

    Given the ID of a gallery. How can I get the images associated with it (e.g in an array) in PHP ?

  835. vloweer

    Could anyone help me? I keep getting this error:

  836. codewhite

    Hello i Have a Problem,
    I make a new Projects but in Gallery i can´t Upload the Photos.
    I need your Help.

  837. mjavads

    When it I upload the logo 2x larger it wont adapt to the size of the header. How can I fix this?

  838. allenrandom

    Please urgently give us clear instructions on how to update the theme. We are waiting your answer at

  839. mirr

    Hi. I was wondering how can I remove the load more function in the portfolio? I’m using Portfolio Scroller V1.5 and I would like all the posts to display directly instead of using the load more button.

  840. Tonio-ULB


  841. Okmudazkeyz


  842. 2gika

    Helo, great theme …

  843. Jvalal


  844. surf1900

    On my site:

  845. MaheshSamudra

    Hi, I’d like to buy this theme but i need mobile support. I tried this on Samsung galaxy note 2 but didn’t word properly. Any idea on that please??

  846. aaronkroll

    I just completed my real estate website and already have gotten huge compliments from it!

  847. JamesGStokes

    Wondering how I can change the background image?

  848. sociomize

    There is no option to update service in this theme. I gone through the documentation. According to the documentation there should be a service menu like staff members/ testimonials/Pages. But there no option for services.

  849. kasiopea

    @OriginalEXE Yes I did, still wainting for the answer :/

  850. kayserkay

    Hi there,

  851. nexgenbryce

    Hello again,

  852. amoncur

    Hi, trying to get this theme setup on a previous wordpress installation. Sites got thousands of picture based posts and when I imported demo content it replaced the url of every picture in every post, page, etc…to point to the very first picture ever uploaded…anyway, I tried restoring back ups and that didn’t work, just have to do it manually now. My current problem, however, is that after I’ve reinstalled the theme and erased all demo content (in hopes of restoring previous content), I try building pages without demo content import and when I switch from default template to content builder template on my home page all I get is a blank screen. I’ve set the splash page with a pic, added a call to action section, but doesn’t show a thing…please help!

  853. etsuko

    Hello. Could you tell me how to create a different language navigation menu? I tried to create a new menu (JPN), but it shows only “HOME” in the box of Menus setting page under “Appearance”. “HOME” (Eng) is already translated into Japanese. Only I need is to create the new menu which link to each section. Please kindly advise. Thank you.

  854. sosateam

    Hello author,
    I meet a problem in deployment with your theme.
    I installed the theme in my local PC (e.g. domain is domain.local) and used Page Builder to build one-page content,
    After that I dumped the Database file, replace URL and imported to the live server (e.g., then I deployed all source code to live server. Then the website in live server has no content.
    I accessed admin and checked data for Page “New Modules in v1.5” and there was no data.
    Still don’t know why. Please help. I am using WP 3.9.1

  855. vloweer

    how can I add a link to the “call to action block” ??

  856. skynet_cj7

    loving this theme, and the updates you guys are making are so useful

  857. mattbelanger

    Hi there I am unable to see the Youtube video background on a PC using Chrome. Is there any way to fix this?

  858. virgdelsugar

    Hi just went to support forum , but did not know how to post a new thread.
    I have a problem concerning this one up theme. Can’t get to install any pluggin , so tried to change to basic theme , install it and change again to one up, but impossible to go to the theme page neither since now 8 days…. can u please help me ? email adress : [email protected]
    i’ll give you the codes to get in so you can have a look and hopefully resolve the problem!
    Thanks very much ,

  859. mondi

    Hello, congrats for the awesome theme!

    I have a question:

    I would like to have two portfolio views in my homepage, one displaying all the projects and opening “inline” like it does nicely in the demo.
    Then i would like to have the second portfolio view to display a “collection” of projects, this means that when i click on one “collection” it should go inside a dedicated page and inside that given page display the projects filtered with a specific tag, and every project there should link to a project on the main page in the “inline” style. Is this possible?

    What’s the best approach to achieve this?

    Thanks in advance!

  860. hhog

    Hi, I can not see an option to Edit post or page, like this is in wordpress.

  861. KJC

    I can’t find where to edit the “About Us” section.
    Am i missing something.
    Please Help

  862. GIJOE777

    How do you take the one-up logo and copyright information at the bottom of the template?

  863. pdqdigitalmedia

    This is a pre-sales questions. I would like to know whether or not there are plans to update this theme to work with the latest version of WooCommerce v2.2.11 and the current Boostrap ve 3.3. If these updates have already been made please advise and update the information in the listing.

  864. walkowm

    How and where can I change post date format from: June 12, 2014 to: 2014/06/12?

  865. RomaPsicologia

    Hello, this theme include the plugin of the preview?

  866. seteoito

    I bought the theme and I have a problem to use “OUR WORK”.
    You can clearly see the error on your own theme posted.

  867. dczepiel

    is there any way to create a full width nicely styled call to action section ?

  868. OriginalEXE

    Hi @jermerqua,

  869. BorjaRebull

    Hi, just a basic question.
    I wonder how can I create your home page (where you can choose a skin)
    without the menu pops up.

  870. ryanjaselskis

    Hey! I purchased the theme and was wondering how to get to the support forum? I know we get a code and such but where can i find it? Thanks!

  871. aecreative2909

    What is the size of the logo in the menu on the demo? mine docent look right . thanks

  872. Makiote

    Hello guys!!

  873. hickeymarketinggroup

    Good Afternoon,
    First of all thanks for creating such a great theme. I have (3) more projects I would like to purchase this theme for but in the mockup process the client wants to know if we can make the font color black to match the title of the services in the body of the services. Also in the contact area the text it a little light for older users and we were hoping to make all of these black. Is there any way to modify the body text in the light areas of the theme? I greatly appreciate your help.

  874. livehardiota


  875. jamiebarren

    Love your theme! is there a way to change part of permalinks on this theme, changing the word “project” in link to word “venue” ? My site is –

  876. SleepingGiant

    Hi again, I’ve noticed that the shortcodes “CONTENT – View”, don’t work when you try to add a gallery in a normal page (without the content builder). When you try to insert one, the only values you can change are the width, height, and margins. There is no option to select which gallery you want to use.

  877. markobarko

    Hi Team,

  878. mioii

    Hi! When i installed and activated the wpml and i added it to the main menu somithing goes wrong…you can see the URL:

  879. aldi12

    hi, thank you for your amazing theme
    how do I insert a video in Video Section Slide ?

  880. gaius_b115

    This theme is great overall, but has a glaring CSS error for all tablets (while in landscape mode). Check it out on your IPAD, it appears on other tablets as well.

  881. hilaalmagor

    I recently encountered a weird problem with the template.
    When I enter the galleries section in my menu bar I don’t see any images in my existing galleries. When I visit my page though – the images are shown, but once I try to edit them from the panel they just doesn’t show.

  882. pboleo

    Hello. I have a contact form with a background image. I changed the text color of the captions, but i needed to change the text color inside the fields too. Is there a simple way to do it, or do i have to tweak the files ? If so, can you point me in the right direction ? Thanks in advance

  883. webarc

    Hello! I’ve just added some portfolio and now when click the individual the respective page doesn’t load, just shows the loading wheel.

  884. nagylinda

    I really like this theme. The question is whether it works without slider? I do not want a template with slider. Thanks

  885. johann21

    hi. i have problem in the homepage. that is the site link. video background is not working when i use safari browser

  886. conceptArchitect

    Awesome home page, both versions video and slideshow made my moment.

  887. OriginalEXE

    Hi @vthewok,

  888. gk-interactive

    This is with regards to the Text editor provided with the theme.
    What if a users has no idea about HTML, how would they manage content for their website? There is no provision for font styling and links in the editor.

  889. a6920553

    me too

  890. mikedubs

    pre purchase question. i love the home video landing but obviously video doesn’t play on mobile. is it possible to set home video for larger screen and home slider for mobile?

  891. pixelentity

    UPDATE 2013.11.08 – Version 1.2.1 is now available, please redownload the theme and update your install if you still have an older version.

    Update Contents:

  892. hoyoyo

    Hi guys, pre-sales question here.
    In your new modules presentation (as well as in the middle of the regular demo site), you implemented a fancy slideshow.

  893. verdde

    Hi ! Can the menu be set at the bottom, and remain sticky when scroll ? And it is possible to replace the fullscreen slider with a smaller one but in fullscreen like the chanel dot com website ? I need this things quick, tell me if it’s possible solve my questions.

  894. leovfx

    Hi, Want to buy oneup but need to check that it can do what I need first.

  895. mhmdjabri

    I would like to purchase this template
    Does it support RTL ?

  896. hibreedpro

    Hi …. How can I change <-more-> to read more ?

  897. twinnax

    Question on updating! I have inserted the envato username and API-key in the admin of the theme. And in the admin it states that I can update the theme. But when starting the process it says a proper URL is missing.

  898. claytonbrown

    Pre purchase question: On your demo, are the moving background images basic elements with motion settings applied, or is that a video behind the text?

  899. TVA_Australia


  900. tamedfox


  901. ThePixor

    Theme is great but there is a very tedious problem: GIF.
    Not work at all, try this:

  902. Phanton

    Hey, i have little problem the VIEW “Blog List – Load More” has a to light Font (changing the layout from ligh-dark won*t work on this one)

  903. fafchook

    Hello. before purches i have 1 question:
    I s it possible to integrate the woocommerce shop page in the theme menu (as part of the site, not as part of the onepage template)?
    Are there any modules/shortcodes for integrating shop categories in the front page?
    *In the demo its in a different url all together.

  904. chartrus

    Just got a small question, I’m using full size video as a splash page, and want to add a (sound)mute button. any suggestion please?

  905. MarijeNie

    Hi, like the theme!
    - Is it possible to have a portfolio item open and have the full portfolio section underneath when you scroll down, instead of somthing else (like “our proces” in the demo)
    - possible to have vids play inside the thumbnail?

  906. ImpactPlus

    how do i upload the photos to the main header slider? drive me nuts!

  907. lina3d

    Is it possible to remove links from Masonry layout view items? I don’t need to open the pages at all, just have all items listed at single page.

  908. DanielStojanovski


  909. rakeshsurya

    Hi , i couldn’t change text colour in OneUp theme. Any Help is greatly appreciated.

  910. laboratorio35

    do you have child theme?

  911. walkowm

    Thanks for Your help.

  912. nhuck

    how can I change the alt tag for the images. Everything what I try ends with: alt=””
    So what can I do?

  913. wibbsy

    Is it possible to allow the full testimonials to show in the testimonial section? If you visit you see that the testimonials/quotes are cut off before the end. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to extend the size of the block to allow for the full thing. Either that or there doesn’t seem to be an automatic delimiter symbol that shows that it’s been trimmed with a ‘Read More’ or similar….

  914. ricrucial

    Hi, Incredible theme! I have a couple questions though,

  915. themickyd

    Thank you for the awesome theme. But I have one problem here. Whenever I scroll the website fast, the screen wiggles as if its having some delays. It seems like that only happens when I use Parallax background function on the builder. When I disable those that and change the background to the color, didn’t happen. I tested on 3 computers but looks like it’s not my computer’s problem. Can you help me? I went to your forum but I couldn’t figure out how to write a thread. T.T

  916. 0rounder0

    Hello, can you please tell me if the theme files are compatible with wordpress v4.0? If not can you please tell me an ETA when the new version will be released?

  917. LBBNewYork

    Quick Questions.
    How can I change the font size, style and color in the portfolio page?

  918. amexclub4u

    Hi, Your theme is the best I have seen. The content builder is easy and useful. But There are small Number of Shortcodes(elements you made) on text editing mode.

  919. JeroenStel


  920. PietTerheyden

    Hi, I’m trying to change the height of the images displayed in a lightbox. Is it possible to do that without them being cropped?

  921. websitedude1985

    My oh my! This is one heck of an amazing theme. Having purchased so many items here on the Forest – I have road tested so many other themes and yes there are other great themes out there – but this for me now has the edge!

  922. volska

    Hi, first of all I’d like to say great work on the theme. What makes it even better is how easy and comfortable managing the back-end of this theme is.

  923. cleverdoor


  924. justnaughty

    When there is just one Pricing Table, the table is align left not center. How to make it center?

  925. walkowm

    Hi @OriginalEXE, yeh, i tried to change that through Theme Options panel, but it doesn’t work. After change, still be show previous configurations.

  926. walkowm

    I have already installed and configured site:, but the main problem is that site are loading very slow, and every time I have to wait for see anything. Have You any suggestions how to optimize that?

  927. amams


  928. Leeesa

    beautiful. will be for sale as well as site templates version???

  929. weknowyou

    nice theme.

  930. brcks

    Hello, Please respond to my support tickets. I have private messaged you also Ante with no reply.

  931. nevets23

    Hi, I am leaning towards purchasing this theme, but have some additional pre-purchase questions:

  932. add-on

    Im going crazy. I cant seem to find this themes documentation. Please can you send me a link to where I can access it?

  933. hitomedia

    I have problems with the lightbox for video and contact form. can you help me. thanks

  934. jboscher

    I confirm the bug described by Yormario (1 month ago)

  935. 9studios

    Does this theme support share social buttons? Cause I can see a div in all my posts but it seems like something doesn’t work as it is hidden.

  936. go1986

    that hosting would you recommend?

  937. Alex11

    Hi Author,

  938. iitg_16

    Hello, I purchased your themes yesterday. when I run in the local site wamp server I have this error message. Please help me how to arrange the error. Thank.

  939. longhigroup

    Hi ! We are so proud using this template to our business page. As you can see here -> Smoke Solution .

  940. designity

    Hey, great theme, I love it and works perfectly!

  941. veil22design

    I want to make the icons on the service area a link. Everyone tries to click on the icon before the more link. It seems that both should be links! Where in the code can I change this?

  942. Concepduo

    I’ve been reading your forum but till now no solution – your header on desktop on dark skin looks black , and emulated on windows , mac , still black for mobile version still black , but as soon as i move on a real mobile phone the sticky menu turns to be white instead of black

  943. Deadzone41


  944. dczepiel

    Does this theme allow for multiple pages accessible fro mthe menu or only through direct link, or is it straight a one-page theme so I can only have one home page and there is no way for the menu to point to other pages, blog posts etc ?

  945. threeofspades

    Hello! With each section you have the option of default, color, image, image + color. I’m having a couple of troubles -

  946. zie7e

    Congratulations for your theme, it seems really interesting. Im looking for a theme to use in my music magazine and would like to ask you a few questions.

  947. websitedude1985

    Drives me crazy when the Changelog on here is out of date PLLLLEAASSee update it – saves us lots of time when deciding if to update or not. thanks guys!!

  948. medleyr3

    how do you change the saluation “web client” in the testimonials, to something different.

  949. amopopo

    Hi, I’ve set up a localhost version, and when i migrate to the website everything in the block is gone! Is there any block backup process that i missed out? please help, it’s very urgent

  950. etsuko

    Hello. Thank you for the nice theme. I would like to have a full-size header image on the top of blog page – like your splash section of your “Blog – Masonry Boxed”, but it doesn’t need to be a slider, but static image. Could you tell me how to set up a static, full-size header image on page? Thank you.

  951. denisetonin

    Hello Guys, loving the theme <3 but am looking for the documentation where I can read how to do things in details. Its completely different from others themes, I use to work with. Im a bit lost Can you help me? Thanks for the attention

  952. dczepiel

    I have a working wordpress-based website, what is the best way to install OneUp on it? Simply add it as new theme and activate ?

  953. hhog

    Hi, does the theme somehow store the contact form enquiries in the database or a file?

  954. OriginalEXE

    Hi @josedelgado,

  955. tomsato


  956. elisecomunicacion

    Hello, I’ve a problem with the video in the splash section in the content builder, appears darker, like transparent … I pass the link to look at it:

  957. waywicked

    Id like to purchase this theme but when i check it out on a mobile device (iphone) i get this message:

  958. KYJ1028

    My site URL:

  959. mikedubs

    i love the 1.6 update! will a future update be able to handle video background support for vimeo or self hosted video? pretty please

  960. MarvandeSande

    Dear Pixelentity,

  961. wp-services

    Hello.I have a question before purchase.
    My website has right to left (RTL) language.
    Does your theme support RTL without bug?Thanks a lot

  962. bazzo1919

    Great theme, how easy is it to set up the layered slider home page like for like? does it come with dummy info for this I can simply change?
    I really hate following tutorials, have ok WP knowledge but have struggled with some themes that’s all – how quick do you respond to support issues?

  963. glemeunier

    First of all thanks for this beautiful theme,
    I sold it and would like to integrate Wooccommerce.
    My question : Is it possible to use woo commerce in a page with content builder modèle ?
    Thanks with advance.
    Have a nice day

  964. ehatunoglu

    Slider problem: i open lightbox but it hasn’t left and right button

  965. imbondz

    Hey there. Has anyone figured out a Twitter feed that works for the homepage? I figured it out for the blog section / side bar, but can’t figure out how to add a Twitter widget to the homepage somewhere. Anyone?

  966. SigorGiamus

    Hi there pixel entity,
    Does OneUp allow to work with child theme without issue?
    warm regards

  967. elisecomunicacion

    I try to upload a gallery but I don’t show the gallery photos!

  968. pboleo

    Hello. Is there any way when setting a background image to parallax, to have it stretch to the screen width on mobile instead of showing the center portion ?

  969. JoshDWhit

    Does your theme not work with version 3.8.1 of Wordpress?

  970. Yormario

    Very good looking and versatile theme! And as a bonus, maybe the best support guys ever. Need I say more?

  971. sicawebd

    Sorry, was logged into wrong account. Heres the question again.

  972. mantathemes

    I am having issues with seeing a Youtube video on mobile (Desktop is great).
    Devices that I have checked: Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 5, on Chrome and Native browser

  973. mirr

    Hi, I have a question;

  974. Tosat

    Hi, congratulations for the theme. I’ve bought it twice this last month. I would like to know if there’s a possibility to make the theme non responsive. In my case,, there are text over the full width images and it’s impossible to read it properly in smart phones, such as iPhone 5. In TAblets looks ok but non in phones. Thank You!

  975. hhog

    This is exactly what I did.
    After that the homepage content built within the content builder is not accessible (all blocks are missed)

  976. yoga108

    are the teams clickable to go to expanded bio pages?

  977. samuliho

    Is it possible to add my Blog to the front page with “Load more”-option?

  978. vanil69

    I just cann’t find dummy xml! Would U write the whole way to accsses the file, please?

  979. nickbal


  980. anitechs

    your theme is getting interesting but I’ve issues with the team section as it’s not in horizontal format, see link: ..pls what can be done?

  981. hhog

    I have the website completed on test url, now want to move this onto the live url.
    There is a problem then, when updating the url in the database I am loosing all settings…

  982. _vestudio

    Question before buying:
    in the future you will develop the theme yet?
    I saw latest update in April 2014…this theme is going to dead or it will be update in future?

  983. makgiannoula

    Hey there,your theme looks amazing.I have one question before buying it though:
    I want to use it as personal portfolio so I don’t need pages like “clients” and “team” to be displayed.Can they just be deleted or hided?
    Thanks in advance!

  984. exmx

    Hi, when i want to add picture “direct downlowd” in a gallery, the images are not coming. i m with the last version of WP and the tempalte and before the update of WP it’s working ? what is the problem and how add picture in my gallery

  985. Twanbigbang


  986. alasdairmcbroom


  987. GIJOE777

    My video home page isn’t working properly it will not upload on the video home page.

  988. Minimizan

    Hi! one question please: Is there any widget area thinked to put WMPL languaje selector? Thanks!

  989. amexclub4u

    Hi, I have a question. YouTube background video is not play on Internet Explorer8. any tips? In addition, How can I play background video on mobile(android, IOS)? let me know. thank you.

  990. qais70

    In your template , if you go to the section after about us “Designed with Simplicity in mind”, I could use just .mp4 without the need for ogv file, but I have an issue when I want to put an image for the fallback to make it work with mobile device, the image get stretched, what should be the file format and (width and height) of the image ??!!

  991. AHWC

    Hi, I want to change the template of blog posts. I cant seem to figure out where it is. I want to change the sidebar and widgets. I just dont know where to start.

  992. JackSteal


  993. OutofUsernames


  994. cocoguero

    Hello, I bought Oneup abot four months ago, and my hosting was with Godaddy. Yesterday I change hsoting to SiteGround, and everythng is working fine, except for the form section, it is not sending the email to me from my webpage. URL: Can you help me please?

  995. Swwils


  996. yonatanm

    Hi !

  997. littlebigepic

    First of all – great theme, loving it!

  998. LeahPeschel

    Hey sorry,
    I use the false account. So the question as before:

  999. robertscha


  1000. sterlingwilliam

    Wow This Theme ROCK$! LUV how on mobile parts of demo has fixed backgrounds (rare to see on wp theme mobile views) Just watched your video, wow so when you bring in elements into page sections there is ‘dummy text’ and filler content to pick from eh (testimonials, services) SO Cool! And it’s easy to setup one pager scrolls (Menu clicks to one pager sections? didn’t notice in vid) and can the full screen Ken Burns sliders also act the same on mobile (ken burns effect)? A new client sent me a few samples of sites she likes and one was built with your OneUp so looks like I should be able to have a reason to finally buy this insanity!

  1001. prakashraman

    I would like the project’s detail page to show the original image and not the cropped one. How can I do this ?

  1002. ryanwaters82

    Hi, I am hoping you can help me with a pre-sales question.

  1003. Deadzone41

    I’ve got a little problem whith the new update. I updated my website from 1.2.1 to 1.4.0 manualy, by copying the theme files with ftp. After I did it, in my wordpress admin panel, I see the version number is now 1.4.0, but if I try to enter my website, I only see white nothingness. In the admin panel the content are there, but it dosen’t display on the site.
    Thank you in advance for your help, and sorry for my english!

  1004. digitemarketing

    I am using default testimonial section which came with the wordpress installation for my website. I want to make these testimonial auto scroll, but i do not see any setting options in testimonial section.
    Can you please help me with these ?

  1005. davidcarollo

    Dear guys, beautiful theme!

  1006. Global_Incubator

    I just want to create a gallery of 4 columns but every gallery is 3 columns width without options for number of grid elements… Any quick solution for this?

  1007. imbondz

    Hey all. I am wondering if I could use the Video Home page, and after the video stops playing, have pictures scroll through? Is that possible with this template? So it’d be multiple sliders, with the first one being a video, then 4-5 pics scrolling through.

  1008. FiveCreativeGroup

    Hi, I built out my test site here:

  1009. sdaris

    Is there an option to filter the portfolio by both categories and tags like in this example: In the above example there are 2 divs inside the isotope options that are “option-combo-filter-tags” and “option-combo-filter-categories” and I’m wondering if OneUp has the ability to do this, even if it means editing one of the template files or some other code. Let me know asap because this theme looks perfect for my needs.

  1010. klausp


  1011. angelajbass

    I would like the images in my galleries to play automatically. Right now, the user must click the forward and backward arrows to view the next or previous image. Is there any way to set the photo galleries to ‘autoplay’?

  1012. Rehavy

    Hi i posted a thread in your forum , and i didn’t get answer about a week, please contact me

  1013. Yormario


  1014. sethjared


  1015. razzc

    Nice work.
    If need be, could it be a multi-paged theme?

  1016. tommytank

    Hi, any way to change fonts & font colours?

  1017. luca01

    Hi! I really like this theme and I would like to buy it!
    I just have a question..
    Is it possible to link one “member” of the “meet the team” box to a single page?
    let me know.

  1018. Phanton

    If i enable”lazy loader” or “retina” the navigation bar is getting short. How to fix?

  1019. SigorGiamus

    You say in the Theme Documentation:

  1020. aarifak

    We are looking forward to purchase this theme. Just wanted to know whether you can provide support for adding breadcrumbs in your theme ?

  1021. chonjindi

    Thank you guys for a great theme. I have a question.

  1022. sebamiguens

    I need to change the color of the footer. How do I do this?

  1023. vloweer

    is there a way to have the youtube background working on an iphone??? pls i’d really want this

  1024. alexpsba

    How do I add a sidebar to the individual service page? Here is one of my service pages

  1025. vloweer

    I have this problem that I can’t enter the Appearance/Menu, it shows me this error:

  1026. jaesius

    I’m building the homepage using the builder and the section blocks of this theme. Everything looks okay until I add images to the text blocks being used within columns. After I add the images it messes up the view block placed underneath. URL:

  1027. prakashraman

    Portfolio Grid
    On click of an item it loads it in the new page. I would like it to slide in like the way its in the demo. Can you tell me which setting I have missed ?

  1028. pboleo

    After installing the theme (without problems), i tried to configure a new front page, but although the section content is saved, the radiobutton settings don’t get saved (i.e. section style, section background, etc).

  1029. paraipan

    this is probably the best theme I ever used!

  1030. Crawfordreilly

    I don’t see any video thumbnails on my video post’s, what am I missing?

  1031. gloormarketing

    I have tags in my projects, but they do not show as options to filter. How can I activate the tags filtering in the projects page? I have several tags but it only shows ALL | Gallery | VIDEO. Please help!

  1032. jamiebarren

    How do I remove [or hide] the author and dates from all my posts?

  1033. vloweer

    Videos from Vimeo don’t appear

  1034. rohanrajore


  1035. alexpsba

    Upon entering into the website, all the links at the top of the page are active with a red bar below each of the navigation items. How do I turn off these active links? I would like them only to appear when the user scrolls to section related to the navigation item.

  1036. visuallypeachy

    there is loading problem happening for this template in the ipad safari iOS8.0.2. Could you help us resolve? My site is using OneUp template and we are running into issue with the site not loading.

  1037. pevmedia

    Hi you all, in “new modules_v1.5” module, I have a picture in the background and a PNG image on the home page. (u used a small sample logo instead.)
    But, in a widescreen monitor the over image is cropped… Can you tell me how I can fix it?
    I need that the over image (png file) and the text in the bottom will stay centered and that resized vertically to be “all-visible”.
    This is the link of the site:
    and this ling png image

  1038. capickerel


  1039. tbq

    Love your theme!!! a pre sales question! would this theme work with a/any paid memebership plug in so I make some of my content private?
    -.thank you

  1040. aecreative2909

    Hi with the layered slider how can i click on each layer to move it around to where i want it, like so its centred? like shown in the video please help!!

  1041. webarc


  1042. emxch


  1043. talegal


  1044. AlbertoElizondo

    Hello, I wanted to know if there are PSD files of the design included in the purchase. Thanks

  1045. brightivy


  1046. simonkonzett

    Hi, great design – really catches our eyes. thats exactly what we are looking for.
    a few questions:
    - the video in the beginning, i assume it can also be with sound
    but is there a option to turn off the sound?
    - is it possible to integrate social icons in the menu bar (in a easy way?)

  1047. Ignitedsgn

    Hello I recently purchased this Theme and everything is working perfectly aside from one little issue that I am having. By the way this is such a great theme, so the issue that is occurring is only happening when I view the site on an iPhone or iPad in the splash screen section the image doesn’t want to load. Is there anything you can think of that could be causing this?

  1048. designity

    Hi, dear Pixelentity! Is it possible to reduce the distance between FAQs and the other content? Please, see the attached picture:
    Thank you!

  1049. laregadera

    Hi! New questions here,

  1050. brcks

    Hi, Thanks for the great theme. Can you please respond to my question on the support forum.. ?

  1051. hstorey

    Watched video on Advanced Page Builder – looks great. This is my first look at a theme with a page builder, couple of questions 1) Controlling space between ‘blocks’ – for example at 3.37 in video tutorial, the white space beneath ‘Recent Projects’. Is this space relatively easy to control with css… just after an indication of how this works compared to traditional html/shortcode page building. 2) On that note, can we easily add shortcodes from 3rd party plugins when using the page builder..? Thanks.

  1052. SwipeMedia


  1053. ddgstudio

    Hi, we bought the items and it’s good.
    Btw we have a problem when we upload an image on item ….
    The layout and pages change and is different from the model and at the bottom we read this:

  1054. jason0304

    hi, i’d like to delete ‘our process’, ‘woocommerce’ from my front page.
    but i still surfing to find menu…could you tell me how to delete both of them? and buttomon the ‘about us’ page too.

  1055. eexus

    Hi, what size are the background images that animate when the website first launches?

  1056. laucabello

    Hi, great job,but I have a question: I want to remove-change the sharing buttons (twitter-pinit-facebook-google +) in the project pages, because I dont use them. How can I do this? please help me, because I’ve been trying but I couldn’t.

  1057. supum1

    hi, the header can be boxed instead of fullwidth
    hola, la cabecera puede ser encajonada en vez del ancho de toda la pantalla.

  1058. dm951205

    Hey there,
    I have a problem with editing my JS code on your theme. The thing is I would like
    to remove the animation that is doing the “fadeindown” animation.
    Any suggestions on how to do this? I have 6 elements for each of my services I’d like to do it for all of them.

  1059. WeLinq

    hi there is an opportunity for projects to put the text above the image?
    thank you

  1060. nexgenbryce

    Not seeing how to make buttons whatever color I want. Any hint on this?

  1061. imbondz

    Is there a way for the video slider to also have pictures scroll through? So once the video stops, pictures start scrolling through? Is that possible?

  1062. pixelentity

    UPDATE 2013.10.24 – Version 1.1.0 is now available, please redownload the theme and update your install if you still have an older version.

    Update Contents:

  1063. typogretel

    Ooops, used the wrong log-in.
    So here’s my question again:
    Hi is there a way to avoid the change from normal to mobile navigation when using a desktop browser window? My client finds it very confusing that the navigation “disappears” when the browser window is smaller than +/- 1012px using a 13 inch Macbook.

  1064. 49folly

    When I clicked import demo content it didn’t make my site look exactly like the demo site. My website is:

  1065. 4054

    hi! love you theme!

  1066. alokanil


  1067. AgenceNar6

    I would like to use the social medias in a section. Is there any shortcode to use it ???

  1068. nomad411

    I’m troubleshooting this for a client. Is there a problem with this theme and using WP-Rocket for caching?

  1069. aventurax

    about 23 Hs. ago I posted on your support the Import Content issue,
    Hi, I´m getting 2 errors inporting the 1-Click Demo Import.

  1070. martin16a


  1071. hhog

    Hi, is there an option to align the portfolio to centre?

  1072. angelique10

    Hi, pre sales question, I have a Russian client, that requires WPML installed, I would like to know where would the positioning of the translator icon be placed? In the header next to the menu, preferably to the right would be good, is this possible, and are there any modifications required? Regards Angel

  1073. r1cthj

    Hi, I’m interested in buying this theme. I’m wondering if the blog can be without any sidebars? And if it is possible for me to add the “work/portfolio” section 3 or 4 times even. Pardon me if this was already answered in the previous parallax questions.

  1074. Sgraphix

    Hello, congrats for this excellent theme, im having 3 problems with it
    1. Can i enable pinch and zoom (your theme dont let me pinch and zoom on phones)
    2. Can i disable theme ligthbox because is interfering with the ligthbox of my plugins?
    3. How can i use google map or streetview as a section background?
    Thanks for the attention.

  1075. laucabello

    Hi!!!! I have a serious problem.
    I was editing the site, the main page without touching anything important, just text, and when I update it, I get an error constantly.

  1076. justchuckinit

    Hello. I am looking to use this them as a blog mainly with muliti-pages. I was interested in using .png images that are hand drawn for the parallax sections to create some really cool depth. Is it possible to use .png for parallax?

  1077. gaius_b115

    This theme has a bug, even visible in the demo:

  1078. Kode88


  1079. brianadams

    I want to purchase this theme. Just wanted to check and make sure that it will word with a site.

  1080. delgadodennis

    Beautiful theme, excited to try it out. A client I have was hesitant on moving forward with this theme and had a question in regards to the Menu animation. We see that the menu fades in on page scroll, but it does not fade out when you scroll back up the page but instead just disappears all of a sudden. Is that a bug or can that be resolved to fade out?

  1081. 4thClover

    Hi Folks,
    First of all thanks allot for this amazing theme but I stumbled upon an issue with the social media buttons. They aren’t set as _blank on default but where do I past the blank code in the php footer or is there another option? Thanks in advance!

  1082. Unique66

    Hi, I am having export and import problem with the galleries from one site to another.

  1083. mantathemes

    in YouTube videos, I can see the option for full screen. But that’s for each play. I want to make it optional, through the YouTube full screen, is that possible?

  1084. mstiedavis

    I was updating my site, and now my slash page is missing.

  1085. dominicolivercort


  1086. nealehemrajani


  1087. designity

    Hi there!

  1088. vkee

    Hi! I’d like to know how to change the title “our blog” inside the post view. I’ve changed the title from “blog page” settings to simply “blog”, but I have no idea how to edit the actual post page title.
    Thank you,

  1089. chickenmove

    Is it allowed to use the videos & images from the demo?

  1090. Maegondo

    The page Builder in this theme is one of the most amazing things i’ve ever seen for Wordpress! Damn good work

  1091. anantpal

    I don’t seem to find the Shortcode in the WP editor. Is it me or others also facing the same problem. The blue button wouldn’t appear in the toolbar. Please help.

  1092. echosystems

    Hello guys,
    I just came up with a big new issue.
    I’ve translated One Up with WPML plugin and created a duplicate of all pages for the second language. This works very well with one exception… the Splash Section (and the carousel as well) would only appear in the original language.

  1093. evilJeff2011

    Hi there,

  1094. ikarus22

    I’m using a video (which starts on loading) on my homepage but the video does not show on mobile devices and I’m sure why. I’ve uploaded both version as instructed (.mp4 and .ogv with the same file name). The resolution is 1280×720. I’m using the Slider Vario. Maximum height is set to 720.

  1095. Nexty-com-au

    Hi Sir,
    I just find my site is not working on iphone6 plus, everytime the browser will crash the system. Please suggest what should I do, thanks.

  1096. Bellalife

    Hi guys, thanks for developing this amazing theme, I love it! Everything works well on desktop browsers but I noticed peculiar behaviours on iphone and ipad. Parallax doesn’t work and neither html5 animations, and the zoom (pinch or double tap) on selected items of the page. I’m using the last version 1.6.2 on WP 3.9. Can you help me to solve this annoying problem?

  1097. coast37

    Noticed on ipad that the portfolio menu items do not centre within each box. Fine on desktop. Any ideas?

  1098. srobe_DISABLED


  1099. hitesh16100


  1100. alexdoroga

    How make video slider?

  1101. RodrigoTxr

    1 – As far as the blocks go, how does one place a simple image above the text?
    2 – If I want to use the ‘services’ section to display something other than a service. Is it possible to have it display under something other than ’/service/’?
    3 – If I want to ad a third party plug-in such as ad-sense or this
    do I have to go into the code or do you have a code block which I can use?

  1102. vrkinzig

    Hi there – I love the theme, but there’s one specific glitch I’m running into and need to fix quickly…

  1103. webbexperten


  1104. joshfiddy

    Hi, like the theme – When I go to Cart in woo commerce, the coupon box is cut in half and doesn’t show what you type in it?

  1105. spacechord

    Hi, I’m one happy …super happy user of this awesome theme.

  1106. virplay

    Hello. Does this sexy theme the option to add Google map at contact section?

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