Version 2.0 (07.06.2017)

* Update: Visual Composer latest version (5.1.1)
* Update: Revolution Slider latest version (5.4.1)
* Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.x.x

Important! Backup your site contents and theme options before upgrading.

The theme options can be saved from “Appearance >> Export theme options”. If something goes wrong you can import them from “Appearance >> Import theme options”

Vivido is a portfolio, business and personal one page/multipage theme for WordPress built with Bootstrap and powered by Visual Composer. The theme design is flat and simple with vibrant colors and custom modules specially created for easy content creation. The primary colors used are orange, black and grey specially chosen because of their visual influence on the user and their contribution to a better browsing and shopping experience. The shop module is powered by the well known WooCommerce plugin.

Vivido - One Page WordPress Theme

Please find bellow all features of the theme. Thank you!

  • 2 layout styles: streched and boxed
  • Visual Composer page builder ($25 value)
  • Revolution Slider ($16 value)
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Unlimited Colors (Customize fonts, colors, backgrounds, header and body patterns)
  • Typography control (System fonts and ~500 Google fonts)
  • HTML 5 & CSS3 animations
  • Responsive design (Mobile, Tablet and Desktops supported)
  • SEO Optimized
  • Extensive theme options, with the help of Customizer
  • 11 custom widgets
  • Translation Ready with a .po file or WPML
  • Multi level dropdown menu (2 depths)
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Automatic Image Resizing (Aqua Resizer)
  • Left/Right sidebar options
  • Page headlines, header images
  • Post formats
  • Threaded Comments
  • Psd files included
  • Child theme support
  • Extensive documentation
  • Demo content available (with dummy images, xml import file) – preview images not included

Note: Images are not available in the download folder

Copyrights & Big Thanks

Frameworks and Scripts
Courtesy of Ghulam Ali
Version 2.0 (07.06.2017)
* Update: Visual Composer latest version (5.1.1)
* Update: Revolution Slider latest version (5.4.1)
* Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.x.x

Version 1.9 (15.07.2016)
* Update: Visual Composer latest version (4.12)
* Update: Revolution Slider latest version (5.2.6)
* Added: Instagram social icon
* Added: Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.6.x

Version 1.8 (22.04.2016)
* Update: Visual Composer latest version (
* Update: Revolution Slider latest version (5.2.5)

Version 1.7 (15.04.2016)
* Update: Visual Composer latest version (4.11.2)
* Update: Revolution Slider latest version (

Version 1.6 (08.12.2015)
* Update: Visual Composer plugin (v4.9)
* Added: Pinterest and Tumblr icons

Version 1.5 (27.10.2015)
* Fixed: Visual Composer elements (row, single image) for version v4.7.4

Version 1.4 (07.10.2015)
* Update: Visual Composer plugin (v4.7.4)

Version 1.3 (26.01.2015)
* Visual Composer updated to the latest version (4.4.1)
* Revolution Slider updated to the latest version (4.6.5)

Version 1.2 (05.09.2014)
* Revolution Slider updated to the latest version (4.6)
* Visual Composer updated to the latest version (4.3.3)

Version 1.1 (02.08.2014)
* Revolution Slider updated to the latest version
* Visual Composer updated to the latest version

Version 1.0 (25.07.2014)
* Initial release

Other themes

Vivido - One Page WordPress Theme Vivido - One Page WordPress Theme Vivido - One Page WordPress Theme


  1. laincognita_cu


  2. laincognita_cu

    Hi, I got this theme like a month ago for this website

  3. DigitalChica

    Hello There,

  4. andrerevin

    Great work! Good luck!

  5. MariellaJB

    Hi, I actually have another question about this template before I purchase. Currently in the demo, the navigation bar is hidden until you scroll a bit down the page, is it possible to have the navigation bar above the slider area? Thanks!

  6. wanilagoularte

    Hi, I am really interested in your theme, but I would like to know what is customizable and what its not, before I buy it. thank you.

  7. demitra

  8. tallieven

    Is it possible to view the images (slideshow) of Single Portfólio in a Lightbox mode? It’s kind of annoying use the navigation bullets when the images have different hight. Thank you!

  9. psangueza


  10. disgogo


  11. ajgoehring

    Is there a way to make the whole featured icon box a link to another page? Currently it just makes the title the link, but I would like the whole icon and box to be clickable.

  12. eduthom

    Menu will no longer scroll directly to the anchor set, but rather reload the page and moving to the anchor.
    I would like the theme to navigate directly to the page anchor without reloading the page.

  13. ajgoehring

    How do I remove extra space between rows? Adding negative padding and margins doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

  14. nehavivekpatil

    Two of the URL Calls are not secure – Favicon and Logo.
    Also Flickr URL in Flickr Widget in Visual Composer.
    I need to make the calls https instead of http.

  15. rkbahuja

    so fixed it myself i guess! thanks

  16. juanf349

    Hi, I have installed the theme (Vivido – One Page WordPress Theme) but i have a problem with the menu position when i clicked in the bullet icon in the first slide.
    Can you help me?
    i could send you screenshots if its neccesary.

  17. friendtodogs

    the support link for OK Themes ( seems to be down. At the moment it shows a “This webpage is not available” error

  18. izzuddinmeister


  19. marcilioqsj

    It’s not compatible with wordpress 4.3?

  20. Digilab_Solutions

    How can I remove the page button on the bottom right corner? The little icon when I click it brings me to the top of the page.

  21. friendtodogs

    Is this comment tool the preferred method for support or is the Community forum? I posted a couple questions to the forum 1 day and 2 hours ago and have heard nothing. Just wondering if I’m using the wrong vehicle?

  22. MagnificoAdalba

    Hi, dose exist any editing tutorial or something like that?

  23. looby520

    I’m using the demo template and wish to make the team section contain just one member, centred on the page, can I do this or is this restricted to a 3 column grid? How would I do this? Many thanks for your help.

  24. MariellaJB

    I am interesting in purchasing this theme, but I need to know what the requirements are for the fullscreen homepage video. Can this be a video hosted on Youtube or Vimeo? If not, does the video need to be uploaded to the WP media library and what are the file types/size requirements for the video?

  25. marketlinkre


  26. Barcelocatours

    I have 2 questions regarding your OnePage Theme.

  27. disgogo

    Dear buyers,

  28. juanf349

    Hi disgogo, i wrote you days ago but i dont have answer about my question.

  29. izzuddinmeister

    Hi there the Visual Composer – Post Grid does not have pagination, as for it follow a number I set as “Number of Post” how do I solve this to show all my post with pagination?

  30. ne7son

    Its compatible with wp 4.5?

  31. digiMucit

    Hi, when i try to add vivido theme on WP-admin panel, i got an error message that exactly says “Are you sure you want to do this?” This message appears each time i try to upload-install the file to my hosting.
    thanks for any help.

  32. icinfo


  33. juanf349

    Hi author, i have a situation with the speed template. It works very slow, i need improve the speed.

  34. shaunling

    Purchase codes: f26609f4-7e08-422f-b56a-09c4b93789d7

  35. drupalet

    Nice work!

  36. ajgoehring

    Hi, I would like to make one item on my main menu right justified, and leave the others left justified (I really just want to add text on the right side), I’ve tried li.become-far-right { float : right }, after adding a custom css class, but that doesnt seem to work. Please help!

  37. sfimogul

    Hi, I just purchased the theme and after attempting to install on 2 different servers it is giving me a blank page after install. Do you have any idea why this may be? Thanks!

  38. juanf349

    Hi, i have a problems with the visual composer editor(it doesnt work). My domain is First i installed the vivido theme with visual composer in the domain but only for test after that i was sure i traslate the theme vivido to the domain but in the last domain visual composer doesnt work.

  39. icinfo


  40. friendtodogs

    I updated WP core and now Visual Composer is broken? The VC icon spins and spins. Eventually the icon stops spinning but the VC components don’t display

  41. nehavivekpatil

    I would like to know how to change the background color of the header.

  42. ajgoehring

    Hi! I am having 2 issues:

  43. Barcelocatours

  44. juanf349

    Hi disgogo,
    My Website URL:
    i have a problem with my website. I recieved a mail report from google where it told me the following:

  45. carterlaing

    Hi can i have some help installing the demo as a one page responsive?

  46. fieldthemes

    Great job ! GLWS

  47. tony8028

    How do I add more fields to the contact form that comes with the theme?

  48. 3gmcodecanyon

    How do I make a video page?
    Cannot figure this out…

  49. shaunleely

    Hi, I was testing the demo for Vivido on my iPhone (and iPad too). When at the top of the page, I click on Menu icon, then select Portfolio, the page scrolled to the Portfolio graphic. It is supposed to scroll to the Portfolio title and not the graphic. However, if I selected Services first, and then select Portfolio, then the Portfolio title appears. Otherwise the title always get hidden behind the menu bar.

  50. Iannjuguna

    Hi, I just bought the template. (Purchase Code – 35d2cbab-49d5-4819-b434-42d55e64b124)
    How do I change the ‘about us’ page.
    I can’t see the current content on pages or posts.
    Kindly assist.

  51. Mohan-Iyer

    I am a web developer with over 80 purchases.
    I like the template – the one-page one especially.
    Do you provide the demo data that will re-create the site EXACTLY? I want to quickly install the template, configure it, change the images and content and hand it over to the customer.I really have no time to muck around with the template.
    Can you pl confirm
    - demo content will re-create the demo exactly.
    - If it does not, you will install the demo content in my server. I will provide access.

  52. ajgoehring

    It doesn’t appear that your update has Visual Composer 4.11.2 with it. My Visual Composer backend is still not working. PLEASE HELP ASAP!

  53. 3gmcodecanyon

    How do I make a video page? Cannot figure this out…

  54. kdsingh71

    I am using your demo home page to create my one page site. How do I change the menu items or add or remove (e.g. features).

  55. omkarjoshi257

    Purchase code: 691d8965-9250-4b0c-88b1-459214b9d12f

  56. ajgoehring

    hi, is there anyway to add more than one location pin on the BW Map?

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