Degree – is a very powerful Template which suits both, users with no programming background as well as advanced developers. It will help you build your site easily and no time to your liking with minimal effort. Degree empowers you to set any color to elements such as all part of template, backgrounds, links, text, menu links, etc.

You can completely change the look and feel of your site in seconds from friendly admin panel. You can also choose from over 600+ fonts (standard and google), it will grow day by day. The Template also support roksprocket, news show pro gk5, revolution slider, kunena 3.0 forum, k2 latest version and many more extensions. also included 13 page demonstration for easy to use.

Degree - Creative and Responsive Joomla Template

Why you Choose This Template?

  • Gantry Framework with huge custom option
  • Built by HTML5 and CSS3
  • 4+ Slider Style with 3D effect (Revolution Slider Included it’s save you $25 dollar)
  • Joomla! 2.5/3.2 compatible.
  • Creative and Modern Design, Video Background, One Page Portfolio lot’s of possibilities
  • 4 Preset with Unlimited Color variation possibilities (choose your color piece by piece)
  • 7+ Module Variation with 5 type title combination and you can add 250+ icon as you need also subtitle possible also many common styling included (such as text align, padding reset, margin reset, subtitle, icon etc)
  • Lots of Short code and awesome typography style included for easy content management.
  • Built in shortcode snapper so you can get many more style in single click.
  • 85+ Module Positions with per section color changing options
  • 260+ Font type icon for support any size even retina display also you can call them in module title/inline icon/text block where you want.
  • K2 Styling with Portfolio & Blog Templating
  • Custom Login panel
  • Interactive social share with many options
  • Ajax Search by Rok Ajax Search
  • Roksprocket, K2, Static Header, Contact Us etc extensions built in style ready.
  • All Installed Extensions (Components, Modules, Plugin) are included in the clone package.
  • Well Documented with online documentation server and also have dedicated support.
  • Fully compatible for all major browsers (firefox, chrome, opera, safari etc)
  • Acymailing, Xmap Styling support
  • Translation Ready and Multilingual support and also support RTL features.

Our Brand New Template Published Here:

Degree - Creative and Responsive Joomla Template

Sources and Credits

Gantry Framework

Kunena Forum

K2 Component


RokAjax Search

Rokbox plugins

Version Changelog

Version 1.6.0 [9th January 2017]
^ Joomla 3.6.x Compatibility fixed
^ Compatible for gantry 4.1 framework
^ Shortcode system updated to latest shortcode ultimate
^ Many visual improvement
^ Revolution slider updated to latest 4.8
^ Quick start package updated to latest version
# Some Javascript and css bug fixed

Version 1.5.0 [9th September 2013]

+ IE8 compatible css added
+ Revolution slider included (save $25 dollar)
+ custom css file added for add custom css
+ Missing traslatation added for admin
+ Photo gallery more organized

^ Updated to Joomla 2.5.14 and Joomla 3.1.5
^ Gantry Framework Updated
^ Roksprocket Module Updated
^ Contact Us and Shortcode Plugin Updated
^ Rok lightbo plugin upadated
^ Rok NavMenu Updated

# Logo responsive issue fixed
# Font Reseting problem fixed (in admin panel)
# Background image loading issue fixed
# some minor css issue fixed

! Some minor security issue fixed

Version 1.0.0

initial release

NB: All dummy images replace with placeholder images


  1. Pixelaar

    Great job. But sad for me unfortunately about us page same for our up coming theme megabox. No prob but really good job. Go ahead.

  2. bignato

    Hi there.

  3. dbbrito

    How do I fix the TOP A, TOP B and leave visible? thank you

  4. tveotsigo

    Hi! I have a big problem in my web with the Degree Joomla Template. I don’t know why… but now appear a big banner in everyplace on my web and I don’t know how erase it, it’s the second time what I have a security problem in the site. What can I do? Help me, please.
    Dani (TveoTsigo)

  5. kurtferro

    I have a problem with quick start 3.1 in local machine, error:

  6. Serzh

    Great idea! It seems to me that I have already seen this theme:

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  8. luisjm

    Hola, he instalado el quickstart en un hosting que soporta PHP 5.3.27 y sobre una base de datos totalmente nueva, y la página se ve mal, el menú principal (main menu) se despliega en árbol, y nada se muestra como en la demo vuestra. He seguido vuestras instrucciones, y he reinstalado el quickstart varias veces, pero sigue sin verse bien.
    No sé si me falta activar algún componente o hacer algo, o si es problema del hosting. No creo que sea problema del hosting porque aquí funcionan correctamente otras páginas web hechas en Joomla 3.0, 3.1.5 y 3.2.
    Podéis ver una imagen de lo mal que se ve la web aquí:

  9. futureclient


  10. ThemeRox

    Great job. But sad for me unfortunately about us page same for our up coming theme megabox. No prob but really good job. Go ahead.

  11. cazymad

    Good Copy from Parasponsive HTML5 / CSS3 Same Look. Same Style, two Colors was Same, Footer is same. Not Creative Idea, Very Hard Copy But Good Luck for Good Sale…..

  12. honey

    Can you please check my Contact Form ticket!

  13. brianpeat

    I notice not all of your layout options in the sample work, they forward off to another website. Any chance you can fix that? I’d love to see the curved version before buying it.

  14. nickybutler

    I have this theme and their is a BUG.

  15. Davecr8s

    Please, bdthemes help sort..this…after purchase…why sell. when it’s not totally working?

  16. Evgrash

    Database connection error (2): Could not connect to MySQL.

  17. Open-Node

    hello, I generally from Belarus, thank you, nice pattern!!!

  18. gvales

    Hi I have tried to install form your quick start and this is the error I get after Installing. same thing happens for either 3.0 and 2.5

  19. alexdoan101

    the main home page that has the sprocket slideshow does not display the article data correctly on the ipad-air model. The responsive css does not center it correctly (like on the pc/desktop). On the pc/desktop, it displays fine. But on the ipad is aligned to the right. Can you please tell me how to fix this?

  20. blackjinn

    Hi and congrats for your excellent templates. Awesome!
    Is there a way to insert anchor link to different points of the home within the main menu?
    Thanks in advance for your time and congrats again.

  21. mihari

    Hi, i tried to register and login to you website. It seem’s not to be working correctly. Everytime i log into your Wordpress site, i redirects me to my personal site. And when i go to visit site, it seems that i’m not logged in

  22. chriskabisch

    Are you still offering support for this theme?

  23. honey

    quick question
    under advanced setting I trying to setup coMING SOON PAGE.
    It does’nt activate it.

  24. 99-sign

    hi ,, I will buy this template but there is problem in menu ,, ( sub menu )
    when the item in the menu be last ,, and there is ( sub sub menu ) the menu still open right ,, but must open left ,, because when open right the sub menu hide .

  25. xonet


  26. honey

    No luck!

  27. chriskabisch

    Hi sorry for that actually some how skip your ticket, and site down for upgrade security issue (installing ssl, sitelock, virus scanner etc for better experience), so in that time please send your issue via my profile page.

  28. honey

    There is still bug EVEN on new updated template on top level menu it drops on the second level…only the Homepage and second level menu works fine.

  29. honey

    How do i Edit the toggle ROCKSPROKIT list on the HOMPAGE BLOG

  30. iceygul

    Hi I purchased your theme and used the quickstart package (v2.5) to install, but the page can’t be loaded after installing and it said there are some fatal errors, please help!

  31. pranky

    Please, I need absolutely feedback on my last ticket on your helpdesk. It’s a matter of job.

  32. pranky

    Hello guys

  33. mxrmusicgroup

    How do I change the favicon image? where is the icon file stored?

  34. honey

    Please answer my ticket number:

  35. tommyreinas

    Hmm – where do i find a map showing the module positions ?

  36. mvinayraj

    I am using your quickstart 3.1 template. i see there are k2 entries in mosaic arrangement in the front page. I goto module manager, slect that module and instead of K2 i select joomla there. now the joomla entries should be shown at in the frontpgage in mosaic order. But instead my entire site stops showing itself and all i can see are some texts…like this:

  37. h2theme

    Very nice bdthemes!

  38. honey

    Please answer my tickets 493, 434

  39. pranky

    I cant reach your page for support: 404!

  40. dbbrito

    installed the sample content and does not enter or the site or the administrator, see the error below:

  41. Fungai

    Love your work guys the only downside to your templates is that you never support yootheme zoo why is that?

  42. MAGAZINEstudio

    Fresh and very nice theme. Good luck

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  44. xolutex

    Si pongo la pagina en varios idiomas donde podría aparecer las banderas

  45. alejandrofgd

    Hello bdthemes,

  46. 7Studio

    Great work + great attention to details
    Good Luck!

  47. erhangazi84

    hello, i am trying to change the logo but i cannot adjust its size. How to do? In CSS files? Second, i coudln’t see favicon in the theme folder. Third, i cannot see .htaccess in the root folder.

  48. alansaysblah

    Hi Selim,

  49. rekinysukcesu

    I have problem with resize function in Internet Explorer. Template don’t resize it photos in the article or photos in the module (News show pro).

  50. Robsev

    Hi, If I buy this template, may I have demo content like your demo alredy to use, just changing texts and picts? If yes, how i can do it?

  51. cckern

    Hello, I have bought the template yesterday. Leid0er the perfomance is very slow. I use the version for Joomla 3.0. and use a VSERVER.

  52. honey

    Amazing Service!! 5 stars!

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    Keep up the good work bdthemes.
    Good Luck With Sales

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    did you updated the theme? so we can download from here?

  55. honey

    Template Manager

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    I have a few issues with the site.

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    Nice one, i have purchased it but i have many issues with it and the support is too slow in reply. Isn’t there any faster way?

  58. maurands

    Hi there,

  59. honey

    Please answer my ticket #547

  60. honey

    I like to know how would you clone the entire site with my custom setting to another joomla site.

  61. honey

    Have you fixed safari Menu bug yet? It has been 3 weeks?

  62. dofim

    i have a Problem, when i click in the template manager on Degree-Default the explorer begins to load but nothing happens than! Why i couldn´t set up the template?
    Please help!

  63. pranky

    I purchased your beautiful template…very very nice.
    Just a little note: I own a gantry based website, all the item are made so I need just to install template and some modules. Well I see that I’ve to buy revolution slider that I think is already included in quickstart packet: why? I mean, is not a great problem but could be better know this in advance, isn’t it? Anyway, I say again, I like your job!

  64. atql2003

    very nice template! congratulations!

  65. oscarnastro

    Hi, its possible to have a lightbox for photogallery?
    When click on photo they open large in the browser.

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    Fantastic ideas here, congrats! Good luck with sales.

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    nice theme bro

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