SpiritFX is a stylish and feature-rich Joomla 2.5 template. It has many custom modules and different color styles. SpiritFX is built on the well-known T3 Framework 2 and can be used for a business website, portfolio or even a blog site.

This Template is for Joomla 2.5 only!
This Template is no longer supported!

Third Party Features

  • T3 Framework 2
  • K2 Component
  • Kunena Forum Component
  • Acymailing Component
  • Widgetkit Component
  • Rocksprocket Module
  • LofK2SlideShow Module
  • Autson Slideshow Module
  • News Show Pro GK4 Module
  • Google Maps Module
  • BT Login Module
  • And more…

The product also includes:

  • Perfect Documentation
  • Quickstart Installation – Joomla 2.5.7
  • All components, modules and plugins in separate folders
  • 4 Color Variations
  • Built-in CSS and Javascript Compression
  • Three Slideshow options
  • Custom HTML Modules

Fonts and Icons


v1.3 – 13.12.2012

- Updated QuickStart Package to Joomla 2.5.8
- Updated the K2 Component to the latest version (2.6.2)
- Updated the RokSprocket Module to the latest version (1.8.2)
- Updated the BT Login Module to the latest version (2.4.4)
- Updated the T3 Framework System Plugin to the latest version (2.5.7)
- Updated the Google Maps Plugin to the latest version (2.18)
- Made some CSS improvements

v1.2 – 30.10.2012

- Fixed a login issue. Also updated the BT Login Module to latest version (2.4.2)
- Fixed a layout issue on K2 Tag page
- Made some minor CSS improvements

v1.1 – 16.10.2012

- Added Autson Slideshow Module
- Updated BT Login Module to the latest version (2.0.4) - It now supports Captcha
- Updated K2 Component to the latest version (2.6.1)
- Update the Quickstart Installation Package to Joomla! 2.5.7
- Made some minor CSS fixes


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