FUTR is a responsive portfolio WordPress theme focused on showing your projects in a clean and minimalistic way, this way you make sure your visitors get to see what’s most important about a portfolio, your work. Integrated with LayersWP, a really easy to use front-end page builder, to easily build unique lay-outs. No coding knowledge required.

FUTR | Minimalistic & Content-Focused Portfolio Theme


Version 1.2.3
Fixed: Custom anchor on portfolio widget
Version 1.2.2
Fixed: CSS classes that didn't match
Version 1.2.1
Fixed: Bug where only one category was output in a portfolio item, while it had multiple. (Used in Portfolio filter)
Version 1.2 (End 2016 special)
Major Enhancement: Layers PRO added
Major Gimmick FUTR | Minimalistic & Content-Focused Portfolio Theme: Snowfall added. Happy holidays!
Fixed: Background color picker in portfolio widget
Version 1.1
Fixed: Safari JavaScript bugs in strict mode fixed
Enhancement: Colorpicker option for menu item hover color added.


  1. kamieza

    Hello Jesse,

  2. verhoog

    Hi Jesse,
    we are very impressed by the FUTR theme, and consider purchasing it.
    Is there an option to let the snow melt again. We considered it a nice gimmick indeed. But now we have the ’ spring’ of our enterprise in mind.

  3. amydawndesigns

    Sorry i contacted you about the child page and then didnt leave a name or email.

  4. xukier


  5. ShaunMcCreanor

    Hi, I’m having trouble with the FUTR theme along with Layers. When my FUTR theme is active the page customizer does not work, it does not load. Can you please help?

  6. hpvdw


  7. heychrissmith

    Hey there! Perhaps I’m missing this and it’s clear as day. But nothing I’ve done so far has been able to remove the border around the entire design. Is there any fix for this or suggestions to fix it?

  8. aimorerocha

    Hi, team.

  9. ibour


  10. amydawndesigns

    Hello Jesse,

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