Get a Solid Foundation in WordPress Development

Up and Running makes learning WordPress development clear, logical, and quick. Through our clear e-book, diagrams, video tutorials, and interviews, you’ll learn WordPress deeply while saving dozens of hours of confusion.

WordPress development learners often can’t find clear answers to simple questions. Why? Because many common ways of learning WordPress – blog articles, browsing the Codex, and so on – are built on invisible pillars of assumed knowledge: things about WordPress that developers “just know”, and that non-developers don’t.

The Up and Running Premium package includes:

  • A 260-page e-book that covers the most important topics in WordPress development.
  • Six visual resources mapping out key relationships in the WordPress environment.
  • Two screencast series: Crash Course on WordPress and The Fifteen-Minute Guides to WordPress’s Four Key Technical Languages.
  • Two Premium screencast series: How to Create a WordPress Child Theme and How to Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch.

Master the key points of WordPress development!

Choose a Package

We offer Up and Running in three tiers, depending on the depth of WordPress learning you need.

Books and articles tend to veer widely into things you don’t need to know. We don’t do tangents. We explain the nuts and bolts of WordPress in crisp language, elegant infographics, and efficient video tutorials.

We start from core principles, and advance into specific practices. At every step, we have quizzes to test your knowledge, and succinct chapter summaries so you can see your mastery of key points.

So Up and Running is both thorough and searchable. Whether you need general concepts, specific practices, or both, it’s all there, easy to find and with 0% fat.

No Matter Your Learning Style

Sometimes written material is the best way to learn WordPress. Sometimes you really wish you could look at a diagram. Sometimes you just need to watch someone do it for a few minutes.

In Up and Running, it’s all there. Our chapters, infographics, video tutorials, and expert interviews come together to give you a holistic understanding of WordPress development: one you can see, hear, and do yourself.

You Can Learn WordPress Development!

We’ve gone through an exhaustive and thoughtful effort, which involved talking to people who want to learn WordPress, are learning WordPress, or are already experts. We’re confident we’ve done a very thorough job of tackling the places that most WordPress learners get tripped up, frustrated, and generally just turned around in an unhelpful way.

If you’re really committed to learning, we’re confident that we’ve built the best possible resource to get you “Up and Running” in WordPress development. We go fully into the technical details, but we make sure you’ve got a solid basis of intuitive understanding beforehand.



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