Rive - Responsive Charity WordPress Theme   Rive - Responsive Charity WordPress Theme

Rive - Responsive Charity WordPress Theme

Rive - Responsive Charity WordPress Theme

This theme is WordPress 4 ready!

Rive - Responsive Charity WordPress Theme

Rive - Responsive Charity WordPress Theme

Rive - Responsive Charity WordPress Theme

Rive - Responsive Charity WordPress Theme

Rive - Responsive Charity WordPress Theme

Rive - Responsive Charity WordPress Theme

Rive is a powerful, feature-rich theme that lets you customize a wide variety of features from the comfort of your Dashboard.

Rive theme is packed with amazing donation system and you only need to enter your PayPal address or Authorize.net API details to start using it!

What People are Saying:

I found the Cohhe theme excellent with very good documentation. When I had a question, Cohhe was very responsive and committed to helping me, going well above and beyond my expectations. – Stuart W. Ross
5-star support Rive - Responsive Charity WordPress Theme – thanks! ?Pandabeertje007
Thank you so so much for support and congrats for designing such a nice template. ?aticomdesign
This theme is not just great, but also inspiring, Cohhe.. Exceptional… ?candeed

Key features

  • Promote causes with amazing landing pages builder!
  • Choose your style from multiple color schemes!
  • Import demo data with just one click!
  • Responsive design
  • Powerful Administration Panel
  • Embed YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo or Selfhosted videos in your posts
  • Choose your fonts from more than 100+ Google API Fonts
    • Google fonts support
    • Font Face
  • WordPress 3.0+ ready!
  • Google Analytics
  • Layered PSD files for customization
  • 8 custom widgets
    • Donation
    • Events list
    • Advertisement
    • Contact Form
    • Google Map
    • Custom Recent Posts
    • Social network links
    • Twitter
  • Shortcodes
    • Causes
    • Staff
    • Video
    • Buttons
    • Typography
    • Toggle, Tabs and Accordions
    • Blog
    • Gallery
    • ...
  • Supports for all major Browsers
  • Detailed Documentation


Flickr creative commons library pictures by: Betsssssy, ` TheDreamSky, VinothChandar, babasteve, clairity, Zach Dischner, Bhavna Sayana, Mitya Kuznetsov, Daniele Zedda, notsogoodphotography, Nicholas_T, flatworldsedge, JD Hancock, colinlogan, Pink Sherbet Photography.


Version 2.5 ? Updated: 15.09.2015
+ Improvement: PageSpeed improvements
+ Fixed: Responsive menu glitch
+ Fixed: Events widget
+ Fixed: Single event issue
+ Fixed: Some Wordpress version 4.3 related issues
Version 2.4 ? Updated: 12.05.2015
+ Fixed: XSS vulnerability
Version 2.3 ? Updated: 10.02.2015
+ Fixed: Responsive column width
+ Fixed: Removed link from a date in the blog
+ Fixed: Accordion responsiveness
+ Fixed: Currency symbol in home page
Version 2.2 ? Updated: 12.09.2014
+ Improvement: Made compatible with WordPress v4.0
Version 2.0 ? Updated: 05.06.2014
+ Improvement: Made compatible with latest "The Events Calendar" plugin
+ Improvement: Made compatible with WordPress v3.9
+ New feature: Made "Tiled header" responsive
+ New feature: Made "Content Slider" responsive
+ Fixed: Breadcrumb issue with custom post types
Version 1.9 ? Updated: 26.09.2013
+ New feature: Added Authorize.net payment gateway
+ New feature: Redesigned Theme Options page 
+ New feature: Added Revolution Slider
+ New feature: Added menu order option for staff and causes shortcodes
+ New feature: Added ability to show/hide categories and tags for blog layout
+ New feature: Rive theme now is compatible with WPML translation plugin
+ Fixed: Small bug fixes
+ Fixed: Improved documentation
Version 1.8 ? Updated: 24.06.2013
+ Fixed: Donation feature bug
+ Fixed: IE8 content slider issue
+ Fixed: Twitter widget bug. Switching to new API.
+ New feature: Put vimeo, youtube or any other video sharing website iframe to your cause options and it will be displayed in featured image spot. See demo - http://www.cohhe.com/believe/?ch_cause=water-problems-around-continent-of-africa 
Version 1.7 – Updated: 25.04.2013
+ New feature: Added 'badge' shortcode to shortcodes manager
+ Fixed: Small issue with shortcode manager.
Version 1.6 ? Updated: 22.04.2013
+ New feature: Added new option which allows user to choose if to use colored or black/white effect for images on tiled header.
+ New feature: Allow to add staff members on tiled header.
+ Fixed: Menu responsiveness.
+ Fixed: Fixed issue with built-in shortcode manager.
+ Fixed: Fixed bug on Advertisement widget.
+ Fixed: Fixed Recent Posts Plus widget bug.
+ Fixed: Donation widget button renamed from "Submit" to "Donate".
+ Fixed: Fixed issue with "Our Partners" carousel.
Version 1.5 ? Updated: 08.04.2013
+ Improved documentation
+ New feature: Added additional social media icon (Google+).
+ New feature: Allow to specify different paypal address for each cause.
+ Fixed: Fixed issue with "exact id's" dropdown option on Theme Options page (Tiled Header Settings).
+ Fixed: Fixed currency code for Great Britain Pounds.
Version 1.4 – Updated: 03.04.2013
+ Fixed: Line endings for all files.
+ New feature: Added ability to use "More" tag for blog posts
Version 1.3 – Updated: 26.03.2013
+ New feature: Allow admin to change "total donation amount" and "fundraisers" values manually
+ Fixed: Removed unnecessary file
+ Improved documentation
Version 1.2 – Updated: 25.03.2013
+ New feature: Added additional social media icons (Pintrest, Vimeo, Tumblr, Instagram, Skype). 
+ Fixed: Fixed shortcode manager issue.
Version 1.1 ? Updated: 18.03.2013
+ New feature: Added additional blog image size - with_side_image.
+ New feature: Added new option which allows user to show or hide post date next to the title.
+ New feature: Tiled header slider now can be built not just from causes but also from simple posts and pages.
+ New feature: Added two additional color schemes.
+ Fixed: Fixed issue with events widget.
+ Improved documentation


  1. man_o_man

    1) is this multi-currency so that it can be used in asian countries?

  2. inspiredcreation


  3. pdiddy2aop


  4. eswyt

    Don’t see anywhere in the documentation on how to set up the copyright other than maybe adding it in a text widget to the footer area?

  5. emmielewis

    For some reason your causes page will not show up on my home page of the site. Where’s the id’s for the pages? Looks like the demo has the parent page and the causes but for some reason I can’t configure them properly. Can you help?

  6. wcs2

    Currently not rendering properly on mobile. Last support comment about this issue was 3 months ago – was told a fix would not take long. Ticket 27946 was erroneously marked as resolved. Can you please advise? Thank you.

  7. Kenofoto

    Hello can I change the background colour of the page to a solid blue??

  8. aaronfisher1

    We have version 1.9 installed and for some reason, when a page with the revolution slider is set to the homepage, the slider disappears. I change the page from being the homepage and it works fine. put it back to homepage, it breaks again.

  9. Brandijzers

    Hi there,


    I installed the theme no problem. I set up all the pages and everything seemed fine. I can not get the blog posts to show on the blog page. I have added the default blog shortcode with the appropriate category to the blog page. Also, the content slider was showing fine and now it is not showing any content. It is just an empty white box. Lastly, one of the tabs in my nav menu doesn’t have a blue colored background like the rest of the tabs. do when you are on the home page. I have logged out, emptied my cache and tried different browsers to no avail. Please help.

  11. amejane25

    My jcarousel and tile slider are not working on my home page. I have viewed in Firefox and Safari. It works when viewing the demo site.

  12. halimart

    I just donwloaded this theme but I cant activate it. I have tried to install it a few times and to no avail. I created a zip file with the believe them and tried to upload the zip but it wont allow me to. It just asks (after a few minutes), “Are you sure you want to do this?” I select, “Please Try Again” and it fails again. What can I do? Thanks

  13. rudebiz

    how do i get the Causes page to appear in the top menu?

  14. soniaaa

    Are you releasing HTML version of this great template?

  15. devc

    hi there,
    is anyone can start cause or only admin can start?

  16. mm9488

    Thanks Cohhe – you’re the BEST!!!

  17. dgsibert

    Responsiveness and column shortcodes don’t work. For instance using a 2 column layout like the demo contact page, the columns don’t shift below each other on a mobile device, they overlap. This is true for all column shortcodes which aren’t really usable on a mobile device as coded.

  18. cdstern

    Do you have a folder option that lets me copy the demo you use in the ‘live demo’ site?

  19. dsharpe

    I purchased the theme. I am trying to get the Paypal plugin to work. I have entered the Paypal email address and cause. I have sent a couple test payments, which have been made to Paypal, but are not registering on the website as donations made.

  20. FoltzDynamics

    Pre Sale Question -

  21. antelligent

    Could I use ‘both’ HOME page features: HOME PAGE WITH TILES and HOME PAGE CONTENT SLIDER? I want to make the HOME PAGE WITH TILES my home page. . .but I would like the HOME PAGE WITH CONTENT SLIDER my Charity page.

  22. fatcreat

    We are using the blog feature in a menu called Blog. We also have a menu item called Stories which will be a specific category of posts and I’d like them laid out like the blog, but just not to have the date showing. The Stories are not date specific. I have this code entered on the Stories page [blog count=”5” category=”34” show_image=”true” layout=”with_full_image” paging=”true”]. I guess I need to copy the layout ‘with_full_image’ and then edit it but what file is that? And then how do I adjust the layout= to reflect the new page I created?

  23. vegasphotog

    I am just starting to look around…..I want to create a fundraising portal. There will be six people each raising $3000. And/or the group can raise $18,000. My question….on your donate now buttons, is there a way so that those links on the buttons can be customized per person and the group or is it PayPal only. The event the group is participating already has it’s own required portals for donations but the group wants to channel the donations through their own personalized website. Probably no way for the “meter” to track the donations automatically if they go to an outside link but can the “meter” be manually adjusted to reflect the current donations?

  24. RotexDev

    My dad bought this theme and was having trouble setting up the tiled slider area.

  25. coolhandfluke

    Love it. I understand the ‘gallery’ on the home page is populated by Causes in the example; is it possible to populate those squares with Pages or Posts?

  26. ingridlima

    Hi. I would like to know if this responsive theme goes wider, so I can use it with Social Stream Plugin to create a feed wall like this one: http://www.designchemical.com/blog/index.php/premium-wordpress-plugins/wordpress-social-stream-plugin/full-page-responsive-social-network-wall/

  27. jmaynarddaley2012


  28. Brichards2k2

    Pre-Buy question here. I work for a non-profit and we are finalizing a charity run. I have some questions before buying:

  29. dpereira

    This is a great theme! I just have a question: is there any way to order the tiles?

  30. SDkurt

    Installed theme, uploaded the “import file” demo XML content, but the pages are not showing up correctly, and the only “page” to show up in the admin area is the “Sample Page”. Causes and media are showing up in the admin.

  31. mod7


  32. DannySingh

    Hello, I bought this theme and it is great. Just needed some help: How do you change the Google Map to my location? It shows up in London. Thank you

  33. mirshad01

    Awesome theme! Thanks. A pre-sales question that; does the images comes with the theme purchase and are they royalty free? Can I legally use it? Waiting for your response.

  34. fojcommunicatie

    I see 5 months ago someone asked about the possibility to use the tiled slider with posts and you’ve updated the theme around that time to make that work. I cannot seem to find that possibility anymore. I would like to use the titled slider with post or completely different slider. Is that (still) possible?

  35. nikkihk


  36. epiphany2011

    how does the contact page work

  37. freewheelin


  38. mattwilleyuk

    Hi there can you tell me which line of code I need to change to allow HTML linking to images and donations buttons?

  39. yekoxcore

    When i import stuff, the home page does not display right there is no slider, no sidebars, no images. i am doing everything it says on the manual. what can i do?

  40. yekoxcore

    i got the import files to work, now the Tiled Slider does not work!

  41. D_K


  42. SandovalDesign

    Awesome theme!! wondering if its possible to make the homepage be content instead of blog, causes and sidebar?

  43. jeremiah6

    Hi there, When I use the shortcodes suggested in your theme for two columns such as [one_half]....[one_half_last]..etc in addition to your shortcode for video…..it breaks the responsive design on mobile platforms such as iOS.

  44. Jsb828Be

    Is it possible to pay/donate via iDeal?

  45. zavalanyc

    Hi Cohhe, I haven’t been able to get the paypal payment options to work in my Causes. I am on the latest version 1.9.

  46. BambooButterfly

    Thank you for the reply to the above question via email. However, I already know how to make the home page static.

  47. Pipila


  48. jarturoll

    Is htis compatible with WooCommerce? If not, could you update the theme?

  49. yekoxcore

  50. domenicoaurora

    Hi, I’m very interested to buy this theme. Is it possible to insert latest posts in tiled slider , instead causes?

  51. aaronfisher1

    I am experiencing the same problem that the user inspiredcreation experienced namely, the pictures in the slider and other aspects of the slider not displaying properly in IE8. Any suggestions?

  52. LemonSevens

    Hi, I love the theme, but have run into a small problem. The “Latest News” content slider upon first load up does not show the image. You have to click on the next blog post, on the right, before the images will begin to show up in the slider. Once you click the second or third blog post, then you can click back to the first one and its image will show up. But it won’t show upon loading of the page. Any ideas to why that may be?

  53. fatcreat

    Another issue we’re having is integrating with a shopping cart. Originally they loved the donate button, but decided they’d like to go with a cart instead. We are using woocommerce by woothemes. When I click on the product (donate, $10 donation), the product opens in a popup window and not a full page. I contacted woothemes about it and they said its something to do with the theme. Do you have any ideas of what to change so it doesn’t behave that way?

  54. TheAIDG

    (I don’t have a purchase code because I’m developing a client website that already has the theme installed, so I couldn’t register for support on your site.) The blog posts that post in the header are showing multiple titles (of different posts) vs. just showing the title for that particular post. Is there a way to correct this?

  55. chosenbutcher

    Hello I was wondering if I can use my own credit card proccessing or do I have to use the one integrated in your theme? I use Transaction Express

  56. jacszen

    Hi there! Love the theme! Thanks so much!

  57. supersanusi

    Is there a way to turn off the toggle the responsive-ness? the tiled slider isn’t responsive so it would be great to be able to turn the feature off and let all devices render the full page pending when it’s sorted. Thanks.

  58. jarturoll

    How do I add parners logo?

  59. GrupoEI

    Hello, I need to know some details before buying this theme

  60. mstambo99


  61. joshmak

    Gorgeous work. Very interested in your template. What slider widget is on the homepage, where a person can hover over the image and the donation amounts are revealed? Thanks

  62. BambooButterfly

    Hello, I am having trouble getting the slider to work. The website is http://www.stylinup.com.au/ and you can clearly see that an error comes up. I can not seem to locate any help documentation in the download. I want to use the slider – how do i make it work?

  63. aaronfisher1


  64. mm9488


  65. fatcreat

    On the events calender page, the Events/Calendar buttons are a bit too high and preventing a user from hitting the next month. Where can I make it lower? I’ve tried adding a few breaks in the gridview and list files, I’ve also tried some padding in the .tribe-events-calendar-buttons css. The page can be seen here http://cobbpregnancy.org/newsite/events/month/.

  66. jacszen

    Disregard… can just use posts or pages and put those IDs in the title header… DUH!

  67. maryamelsafty

    Hi, I bought this theme, and I am having issues with the xml file. It does not show the actual sample design that I get. I am very technology illiterate and thought if I buy this theme, I would only need to exchange the pages, maybe links and or picture. I installed the xml file provided but still does not show it as the live preview. Kindly help

  68. foreverthaempire

    I am currently developing a website for a client who has purchased this theme for there website I just wanted to know about coding to make the page ajax loadable so that everytime you click the link in the navigational menu it will load in the same frame…. The information that I need is the Main Page or Body /Content Div class or ID name and the Div Class or Id Name for the menu section as well… Please help

  69. xavietime

    Hi, I am still having problems with currency GPB as it isn’t showing as an option only BGP is which comes back with a paypal error. Also I still haven’t figured out how to change the sidebar widget currenyc symobol any ideas please?

  70. Cohhe

    We have moved all support questions to our support forum where we can better serve our users. We can answer pre-sales questions and a minor theme questions here in the ThemeForest comments but anything else will need to be handled in the support forum.

  71. vsalguero

    sidebar rightn not show

  72. ehoever

    Is it also not possible to have the content slider in the header and the tiled slider (or something alike) underneath the content slider?

  73. soyelguillo

    Hi Cohhe, thank you for your great work, the theme looks awesome!

  74. theblessedspoon

    Hello.. I need help. I can not get my home page to look like your sample (which is what I liked about this template the most) can someone help me please. I also left another question as well and have not gotten a response. I was under the impression that there was customer service here. Please, please help.

  75. wildbug

    I am looking for a theme that allows me to create a single fundraiser for my own project – not a crowdfunding site. Can this theme be adapted to a single project? Also, is there any way to add “perks” for different donation amounts, as kickstarter offers?

  76. Bedros

    Wish you the best with sales, congrats

  77. Tennilleb

    I cannot seem to make the tiled header work with parent page. I want to list all posts, not pages. I don’t want the client to have to go in and choose each post id, that seems like an unprecented amount of work.

  78. komcept

    Great work, Good luck with sales

  79. pdiddy2aop

    How do I update the “Our Partners Section” I have been looking to upload images to that section and I cant find it.

  80. blue_apple_media_uk

    Hey, i am using this theme for a fund-raising campaign that im running as is brilliant as its saved me a hell of a lot of coding time!

  81. mstambo99

    So a little problem. I’m having some issues getting the tiled slider to show up on the homepage. I’ve tried importing the demo file and that didn’t work. I’ve also tried everything I read in the Documentation. Is there anything else? Has anyone else come across this problem?

  82. monmoutharts

    I have tried everything I could think of and I know I am probably missing something painfully obvious… can you please help me with a tiny issue? Right now, I am using the “Staff” pages more like a “Locations” organizer. So, for example, I will put community events for the town of Belmar on a page of the same name… but then the permalink says ”...ch_staff=women-member” and I can’t seem to edit it (would like it so just read ”...belmar”)

  83. ciprianaugustin

    1. how can i change the name for partners menu from footer?
    2. how can i add this menu in all the pages, not only in home page?

  84. katdish

    Great Theme!!

  85. mlah384

    Can you pick any color? or do you have to pick the pre designed colors? I hope it’s not limited to pre-designed colors only because they NEVER match logos! arggg!

  86. dgsibert

    I take back that last comment… It seems to work but in one instance it isn’t, must be something in the content.

  87. fabianocarnevale

    Hi, i´ve a problem. See at: http://fvhd.lavorare.net.br. I´ve uploaded the “believe_theme” directly to the host.

  88. wilro09

    Nice work! I have a question about the donation system. I would like to use WP Stripe, is there any reason your donation system would not work with WP Stripe??

  89. CamVacek

    Hi, very nice theme, but why does my events page look like this:

  90. morganhilljr

    How do you fix the issue with image links in the sidebar opening to a blank white pop-up screen ?

  91. christysunny

    how do I link my domain to this template, once I buy the template.

  92. timminjares

    Great Theme. Purchased and installed. I’m attempting to upload the XML demo site but I don’t see the upload populating anything. I’m expecting it to look like the Live Demo preview. Is that not the case? When I go to import and go to the import folder that contains the XML file and hit submit, nothing really happens. If I repeat it I get a file already exists message. I appreciate any guidance.

  93. pp47021

    how do I get my causes to show up in tiles on the home page? Whenever I set it to use the content slider it works, but when set to tile nothing shows up…

  94. scorpioswan

    Hello! I need help. I’ve just started building my site, and although I imported the XML Demo file, it seems to be completely out of sorts. The only thing I’ve really personalized is added a few pages and changed the logo.

  95. alphanetwork

    Hi, great theme

  96. eswyt

    I have the site up and running. Really like the theme. It is a little confusing to viewers though on how to get more information for the Causes section. Is there a way to “click for more” instead of the … approach?

  97. thegamejustchanged

    Hi Cohhe!

  98. BelindaThurston

    Are Posts able to go into the content slider? I only see it available for pages.

  99. xavietime

    Hi, I keep on gettin g 404 errors when I create new content like pages, landing pages etc when I pulish and want to preview also there is a £ option or GBP currency can you tell me how to rectify this please.

  100. controlyours

    I really like the donation progress bar – would it be hard to use a service like Stripe instead of PayPal with this theme and still have the progress bar on total donations?

  101. maryamelsafty

    I would like to add more than 6 pages in the upper menu is there a way to do that, I put stuff in the menu and what appears only 6. is there a way to have more?

  102. emmielewis

    I figured out my issue. Thanks for the theme!

  103. minunet

    Hi, I have a problem with revolution slider position. clicking on the title of the blog articles, widgets revolution position of the slider are not aligned to the right of the template. the site is http://www.ilgrappolo.net how can I fix it?

  104. D_K

    Hello. What can cause my responsive ‘mobile’ navigation not to work? Thank you…

  105. ChanelRene

    Hi There!
    Can the blue donate sliders be purchased as a separate plug-in to add to an existing WordPress site?

  106. tcsestatesinc01

    If I purchase this theme can I change the black background and header where the logo is? Can i easily change those colors?

  107. Cohhe

    We have moved all support questions to our support forum where we can better serve our users. We can answer pre sales questions and very minor theme questions here in the Themeforest comments but anything else will need to be handled on the support forum.

  108. Brandijzers

    Thanks Cohhe, for your quick respons.

  109. eswyt

    I just purchased and installed and am now building out. I have a few problems/questions:You say that I can change the colors but how do I do that?

  110. frokem

    Another question again, sorry I keep bumping into this as I go along with the setup of the theme. How do I get to make my contacts page like yours?

  111. Lamont2010

    hey guys i recently purchase this theme and it is great thank you. but i am having one issue with the tiled header, when i upload pictures (even thought there the same exact size) there coming out different sizes, any suggestions on how to fix this?

  112. swong32

    Hi Cohhe,

  113. tomnjoy

    I love this theme – it is perfect for us! We were able to get our site set up fairly easily, however, the content slider images are not showing up in Internet Explorer. It looks great in Firefox and Safari, but for some reason, the image area is blank when viewing in IE8. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Our website is www.walk-4-water.org

  114. thecreativepatch

    I wouldn’t recommend this theme unless your charity really wants to ask for donations. There is no way of turning off the donations button. Also, the homepage is only customizable through the Html. This theme, unless you are going to use it exactly as the example shows it, is not easily customized. WARNING: to customize this theme you must do it within div’s and the CSS document.

  115. pvadvertising

    I am having problems connecting to my causes to my paypal account. Is there anyway that you could list some brief steps for doing so as a way to make sure I am not missing anything?

  116. JOGJAfile

    Nice looking theme, good luck with sales!

  117. commongroundpa

    I found the documentation in the file! I did not know where to start looking for it.

  118. opob

    do you pay monthy or once a year

  119. webstercoder

    I’m using VERSION 1.7 the homepage-with posts (not slider or tiled) and am having the same problem! Nothing appears in the right column and the content begins in the footer and extends around 1000 pixels down further.

  120. andytallman

    Am I able to run the theme without using paypal? I’d still like to run the “causes” and have the homepage tiled, but it says that I have to have Paypal setup to display the cause page. Any idea how to work around that? Our organization doesn’t use paypal, so I just want the causes linking to the donation engine page (just an html page) of the organization that we work with.

  121. worldonecoder

    Hi, great theme.

  122. TheirVoice

    Great theme, fast and fantastic support, great author, well created, easy to edit, superb documentation, what more can we say!

  123. vikashshah

    After Installing and importing data
    My homepage load with this errore unless tiled parents projects
    Nothing Found!

  124. ioana2014

    Hello, could you please tell me if users need to create their own Paypal account in order to make donations, or there is also the possibility to pay without having Paypal account?

  125. theseesawgang

    Hi, how do i change the currency that appears in the tiled slider header? Paypal has been set to £ but its still showing $ on the live site.

  126. thelooch

    Recently, I have has some complaints from donors that if they try to donate using their cell phones, it takes them to a blank page instead of PayPal. I need this fixed immediately, since we are losing donations because of it. Please advise. Thank you.

  127. dpereira

    Hi, I need some help with the ‘Our Partner’ menu. I noticed it disappeared from the page: http://www.lengkeek-it.nl/mercyministry
    I’m not sure why/how. Can you help please? Thanks!

  128. blessed76

    Hi, is this theme compatible with the woo commerce plugin?

  129. brianjh


  130. Lamont2010

    thank you for the theme again! but what size pictures did you use for staff section?

  131. gopcobra

    Gorgeous theme, and I’m 95% sure I’m buying.

  132. commongroundpa


  133. fatcreat

    We installed a shopping cart (woocommerce) to have the ability to sell items. When I click on an item in the shop, it’s supposed to go to the product detail page, but instead it opens the site in a popup window. If I change to the 2012 theme, it works fine. I’ve contacted woothemes on the issue and since it works fine with the default theme, they say its an issue with the theme. Do you know how I can fix this? We want to be able to sell tshirts, etc for the fundraisers.

  134. frokem

    Hi there, I seem to be having a problem with the menu bar as indicated below;
    1. Menu bar does not show up in the events page
    2. How do I get to show a third level menu? I can only get to display 2nd level on the drop down and I also need a 3rd level bar.

  135. worldonecoder


  136. fatcreat

    We’ve updated the menu colors and the current item hover color is off. What css do i update to change the text color? It seems to be defaulting to the menu item color. I’ve tried updating anything in the menu that says hover to color = white.

  137. UI1st


  138. ciprianaugustin


  139. Webintegrator

    Hi Cohhe,

  140. creawebNC

    pre-purchase question : is it possible to add a full image background (footer include) ? thank you

  141. wrwipeout

    Stellar work! Good luck with sales on this.

  142. PatrickMackie

    I don’t need a contact form! Are emails just as good/fast? So I don’t spam up this chat?- Pretty new at website design. Only have messed around with wordpress once for a site. LOVE the theme so far! It’s coming together nicely as I am using it!

  143. tyurin

    Hello! Is it possible to set up the using of cyrillic subsets of Google Fonts in this theme?

  144. katdish

    The blog page doesn’t seem to be working. I created a new page called “blog” and assigned it as the blog page in settings. Then added the shortcode to the page as follows:

  145. timminjares

    Thank you again for the quick responses.

  146. happylittlethought

    Howdy, Just wondering why the “Order” section in Pages/Post/Causes/Staff doesn’t work. We’d like to be able to keep the staff positions in a certain order. Ideas?

  147. dgsibert

    Accordions seem to be limited to pulling the first 3 accordion items. Where can I change that so I can have more accordion items?

  148. capslockpirate

    Hi Cohhe,

  149. xavietime

    Sorry all sorted for now, thanks

  150. ziny

    What should I buy Multilingual Blog OR Multilingual CMS…?
    so I can be able translate everything

  151. loganzrun

    after searching many, many non-profit themes, I just couldn’t resist buying yours thanks to the incredible tiled content feature. kudos! A few observations and one question for you:

  152. sapierre

    Beautiful Theme! Question, am i able to do a user login system for a cause? If I use the donate button for a specific “person” can i create a login system where they can login and see how much they have received? mayb even see comments posted to them, and respond?

  153. dougburrier

    I searched to make sure that this question was not asked. And it may be so obvious that I missed it. Will the payment system support a paypal recurring donation?

  154. nkelsick

    Hi Cohe,

  155. PatrickMackie

    How can i get the Blog page only to select things under a certain Paige tag? This layout > http://www.cohhe.com/believe/blog/blog-layout-2/

  156. BelindaThurston

    Hi, I’m having the upload issue others have mentioned. I’ve used the Go Daddy information and tried twice to upload inside of Wordpress and twice to upload via FTP in Go Daddy.
    Any help you can provide? I’m eager to start getting my site together with this great theme!

  157. FundacionBAI

    I just purchased this beautiful theme last night but while trying to install it, the styles don’t charge correctly. Is it possible that 1 of them is missing or 1 of the files is damaged?

  158. cirith

    I would greatly appreciate your reply to my short pre-sales questions.

  159. Zaray

    Hello Cohhe,
    Thanks for all you assistances! Very well supportive! I have some questions regarding the theme: 1) How can I upgrade my theme to the new version? 2) How can I change the header and footer colour to another colour? i want them to fit with logo colour.
    Thanking you, Zar

  160. veteransmatter

    the slider for the our partners page isn’t working! HELP! sorry non-profit with little experience

  161. pdiddy2aop

    My contact page doesn’t work, the existing code on the contact page

  162. fatcreat

    In the PSD file, there is a gallery of images in the footer area (the images are in circles). What plugin is that?

  163. Brandijzers

    Hi Cohhe,

  164. xavietime

    Pay pal question – I changed the preference in paypal but as the restriction is via the theme end how do I change it so I don’t get the following message as I need to show £ sign and the widget also shows $ can this be changed

  165. pdiddy2aop

    Hello, I think this is a well designed theme i just have a few questions before purchase.

  166. BettyB


  167. BelindaThurston

    I’ve gotten a content slider up but the name of the page is showing. I’d like it not to. Any suggestions?

  168. voxtermen

    Hi! Thak you for theme!
    But problem with navigation. Not worked on: http://xn--80aafmyhsrkf.xn--p1ai/.

  169. simmonet

    Hello. Great theme.

  170. Zaray

    Hello, I really like the template. Well done! I am totally new in designing websites. I would like to ask you some questions before purchasing this item:
    1) Would it be possible if i add my “privacy and policy”, facebook etc likes, pages?
    2) How many pages do i need to add myself? is there any restriction?
    3) Can i add as many causes (projects) as i can?
    These are all for now. Thank you.

  171. BigKat54

    Hi, getting ready to purchase this theme. I do want to ask though if you can put 2 sliders on a homepage and/or any page. I want to put a “revolution slider” first at the top, but add a “content slider” with same dimensions right below it. Is this possible??

  172. NKstudio

    love the theme, great design! Is it compatible with woocomerce plugin?

  173. creawebNC

    hi, pre-purchase question : ” home page with tiled slide is possible wothout sidebar ?. Thank You

  174. simmonet

    Looks like your site went www.cohhe.com offline

  175. myiccstech

    I have acquired a new client that has a WordPress theme of yours called Believe. I’m looking for some basic documentation that I can look through to to save myself time in figuring out how it works.

  176. frokem

    In addition to the above, how do I create a blog/news page? Cant seem to find that on the documentation or here

  177. glhawk87

    One question…I was wondering if it was possible to create the blog post layout like on the home page: http://screencast.com/t/zj1EGN9Iw0 (featured image in a square to the left of a short blurb of the content).

  178. nonprofitwork

    Really love the theme. I am having trouble getting the slider to work though.

  179. pp47021

    How do I upload this theme? when I do what the instructions say I get this error

  180. weberkristi

    Nice theme! The home page with content slider….what if we don’t have any Latest News….can something else be put there? Thanks!

  181. maryamelsafty

    Hello Cohne,

  182. grunze


  183. BelindaThurston

    Seems the headlines for blog posts are automatically centering, can I have them be flush left?

  184. benlewis60

    Nice theme.

  185. smd-holding

    Hello i have a few questions this theme, as we are looking into perhaps buying this theme, but i read somewhere, that someone had an issue with the sub menu didn’t show up in the drop down, is that something that has been resolved or is it a isolated incident?
    I also read you can have different PayPal accounts to use for different currencies, as i know that can be a little problematic, as you need a different card for each account, plus a different bank account for each.
    Wouldn’t it be easier if it was possible to set different currencies for each cause as PayPal would exchange it into the the account currency by themselves.

  186. davidBGM

    please HELP!!! i have an SSL certified site. I need to process credit cards on site, but every time I try and force SSL it won’t open, just cycles through redirects. HOW DO I FIX THIS? the site is: http://www.adoortohope.com , i’ve tried to set a sample https on http://www.adoortohope.com/calebasse-2

  187. Zaray

    Hello Cohhe, hope you are doing just fine. I have some questions regarding changing the theme:
    1) How can i put in the very bottom of my footer my site name or @2013, or copyright etc?
    2) How can i change the menu font and style with the code provided by you?
    3) Can i change the style of the sidebar menu as well? I mean i want to make them bald or italic?
    4) How can i change the titled home page? I mean, i want to add one page to titled that does not show how much money required but by clicking on the titled page it leads to other projects that are included into the selected pages. I mean, how to create page with sub pages with causes?
    5) What about the promote causes? I put their my words but it does not change? (

  188. frokem

    Hi there, this is a very good theme and our client is very happy with it apart from the fact that it does not have a 3rd level navigation. Is it possible to include this or at least show me how to add that. My client insists on this very much

  189. Webintegrator


  190. mebylg

    have posts on my home page instead of the causes. However it displays the entire post and not a brief summary with a “more” button to read entire post. Have tried traditional wordpress techniques but no luck. Help please… How can I get the posts to show just a preview or a set number of characters on the front page with a ….more link? Thank you.

  191. jarturoll

    Can you implement another payment option that is not Paypal?

  192. intern_dossier

    Hi there,

  193. candeed

    < This theme is not just great, but also inspiring, Cohhe..

  194. bhatija

    Does the theme support payment gateway integration for DONATION beside paypal….like USAePay or Authorize.net ?

  195. mahim007


  196. yekoxcore

    this might be a dumb question, but its worth the try, i was wondering if there was anyways that in the “Content Slider” there was any way that at the right instead of displaying the latest news there were links going to other pages, kinda like a side menu, and the slider can just be of pictures

  197. jfricher

    Hi, Is there a way to download a detailed list of donors from the site? Or how are the donations labeled in Paypal? Are they generic. I have multiple causes I want to track and need an easy way to do that?

  198. nf_able

    I’m looking at solutions for a Church client and am considering your theme. The integrated donation is attractive, esp. now that Authorize.net is supported.

  199. Zaray

    Hello Cohhe,
    Thanks for the last message. I have another concern regarding the division of pages. I mean, once I open my causes they are all displayed in one long page. How can I display several causes in one (1) page, then several others on next (2) page etc. Just by clicking in 1, 2, 3, 4 etc pages. But not long page with all the causes being displayed. (I want the causes like in your demo) I hope you got my point. Thanking you, Zar

  200. WPExplorer

    Good luck with sales!

  201. mintamc1

    Im currently having a bit of difficulty setting up the home page tiled header option. It looks like i need to set up the homepage with the template to “tilted header”. After that i just need to create causes from the perspective section and they should all show up on the homepage.

  202. mm9488

    Any chance the Partners Carousel can be made to scroll?

  203. QuailAdvertising

    A few questions before we buy.

  204. BrielleK

    Hello, I’m in love with your theme! Can I use this theme with easy video suite?

  205. gopcobra

    How would I have both the slider and the tiles on the homepage? They are both great features, and I would like to take advantage of them both on the homepage. TIA.

  206. fatcreat

    I’ve added our sponsors to the bottom menu, but it’s not scrolling. They are added as URL’s so it will go to the sponsors site.

  207. katdish

    Where do I find a template for the background image in the demo?

  208. chrisconey

    I have discovered 3 bugs with the theme and despite my best efforts I can’t seem to find a work around so have come to you as a last resort.

  209. matthewfoust7

    My site is pilotjetapps.com. I’m trying to get it to for the screen on mobile devices. What should I do ?

  210. monmoutharts

    Ok, sorry… one more question… How can I set which of the “Staff” pages I want featured on the home page? Currently it’s just alphabetical, and I’d rather control the selection. Thank you! And sorry if this is another obvious question!

  211. andytallman

    Prepurchase question.
    I am looking at purchasing this theme to run for a non-profit. The missions organization that we work with does the donation system themselves. Is there a way for us to avoid using paypal (since they don’t use that) and have the donate button on each cause link to the payment system instead of heading into paypal? Or is it built into the theme and not changeable. I basically just want the donate button to link to the page instead of paypal.

  212. eliv3n

    Does your theme supports recurring payment?
    I’m willing to buy this theme and i need this feature.

  213. ttaaggooee

    Hi I am unable to put up the tiled slide on my home page. I have imported the xml file into my side, yet I still cant get the tiled slider to work even when I follow the tutorial in the documentation. Any help

  214. goldenhelpdesk

    I have been tweaking it but have these remaining issues:

  215. alphanetwork

    this is the message i got after installing

  216. PatrickMackie

    How do I update the theme? I can’t seem to find update anywhere? Also, My blog page I added the ” [blog count=”5” category=”x” show_image=”false” paging=”true”] ” and where the x is I put the category id and it still brings up all the posts that I have. (When I only want ones under that category ID. How do I fix this? Or if you can’t instruct right away what’s your email & i’ll send you a login! Thanks:)

  217. vikashshah

    Tiled Content homepage cause project
    Did not work on rive theme. How to setup

  218. ziny

    I can’t find Events page..?

  219. mariannekopp

    How do I add ID’s to the causes? I’d pull from the parent page but then it just pulls staff information. Not sure what to do as it says “Project ID’s” but there is nothing in the menus about projects, only staff and causes. Then if I try to add a new cause there is no option to add an ID to pull from on the theme options section. Any idea what’s up?

  220. thegamejustchanged

    I’m about 75% complete with my website but I need some specific directives for the following. This is urgent, please reply as soon as possible.

  221. fatcreat

    Really love this theme, so I especially hate to bother for whats probably a very stupid question…. I am trying to get the donate button to work. I can see that I have to add the id of the page for it to go to, but what do I put on that page? Am I supposed to create a donate button from PayPal? Also, is there a way to have this work with PayPal Pro? This client wants the donors to stay on the site.

  222. syrondesign

    I desperately need someone to contact me. I’ve gone through every means and have heard nothing. Looking for support on Rive, purchase additional support, Cohhe rejects my marketplace un/pw, I’ve reached out via email, support posts, comments not getting response. Have a site exploding and could use help.

  223. yekoxcore

    when i try to import the file, it doesnt import all of it just menus but there are no pages there.

  224. sparklabsmx

    Hello, im interested in your theme but i want to know if the slider is included in the theme.

  225. epintos

    I need help with registering to the support forum…. as for a marketplace username and I have no idea which one could be…..

  226. Webintegrator

    I solved that issue with tiled causes. But I have now another question: Is it possible to replace staff under the tiled causes? For example, I want to remove them and replace with video or certain pages or posts?

  227. krmuthu

    Thank you for good theme. I have issue with setting up home page tiled sliders and footer . I followed the instruction on the document but its not working. Please can you advice?
    link is http://childshelterindia.com/

  228. jarturoll

    Can you make this compatible with WooCommerce?

  229. xavietime

    Hi I have managed to get the theme working but I am having trouble with displaying the tiled slider, could you advise please

  230. inspiredcreation

    That’s ok. I figured it out. Thanks.

  231. yekoxcore

    is there a way to put website credits at the bottom?

  232. SavyAgencyBend

    Hi there, quick question, for some reason on all pages where I use ‘default template’ this shows on top of all page content. Do you know why or how to fix? Thanks!

  233. Milvus

    Dear Cohne,

  234. goofydadog

    Hi, Very Nice Theme! What effect did you apply to the demo pictures (in the Tiled slider) make them the colour they are?

  235. ulrikpedersen


  236. yekoxcore

    I created an acct on the support forum page with my purchase code and everything but how do i post something i can’t seem to find a “post” link.

  237. jmaynarddaley2012

    Hello, Ive just purchased the believe theme and I am trying to install it into wordpress but i keep getting an error message that reads “Are you sure you want to do this? Please re try. ” The page name reads as wordpress failure notice.

  238. theblessedspoon

    hello i just purchased this theme for my non-profit… I love it thus far. I do have a question.. for example to upload a logo… will any size file work better than others? where can I get the sizes needed for logos, sliders, headers etc.? Thank you

  239. Webintegrator

    I have completed the installation, except there are few problems that I couldn’t deal with.

  240. satoriathletic

    Does this site come with Quick Start options?

  241. nicholast10

    great theme. can we have a non-financial help to causes? e.g. homeless looking for 10 blankets and people can commit to donate blankets? thank u.

  242. diallomb

    Hi there

  243. Yogova

    One more question before purchase, please:

  244. halimart

    Hi Cohe,

  245. veteransmatter

    I am having an issue with putting in images for the our partners section on the bottom. where can I add the logos for that section?

  246. fojcommunicatie

    Some questions:
    1. is it possible to replace the slider/titled header with a normal/static image with the same dimensions?
    2. the dropdown doesn’t seem to work anymore (menu is being used properly). could you please check? I will send you the details by mail.
    3. is it possible to add an extra menu to the top right of the template? i would like to add 2 or 3 three links there.
    4. I have changed a lot of colors and images, but I cannot find the right place to change the blue color when hovering the images in the slider/header and the active state of the menu buttons.

  247. ntarantino

    Hello, I have a question, I would love to use this theme for a non-profit site. The website is in two languages… is it possible to have the English site linked to our PayPal (US) and then have the Dutch version of the site link to the PayPal (Europe) option?

  248. ShadowSong

    A prepurchase question. I was wondering how the Home page works with building the content below the slider area. For example. On the Content Slider Homepage you have the donations like “sponsor a child” below it. I was wondering. Could multiple things be placed there like say a welcome message and then one donation section or a welcome message and maybe a quote and then content from a particular post or page?

  249. Kenofoto

    Good Day,

  250. llcs

  251. franc3s

    Hi, this is a pre-purchase question. Is there the possibility to filter the causes in the no sidebar view? I mean somethink like the jQuery plugin, so I can filter causes by type (sanity, education, etc..)

  252. ianrobertdouglas

    Hi. Very nice theme. How is the landing page example you have there made? It’s a slider?

  253. cosmiXs


  254. kb6104

    I am very interested in buying this template and was checking through comments concerning the content slider. Please clarify, can content slider use PAGES as well as posts?

  255. CTAgroup

    Hi There,

  256. ehoever

    Another question. On my events page, the background (white on the demo site) is black. The “white-bg” seems to be missing. Text is blue, as it should be and the rest of the layout looks OK as well.

  257. jencharityexpress

    Hi, I noticed there is something like a landing page (Promote Cause page) but there’s no information on how it works – can you tell me more about it? Is it meant to be an animation-only page like in the example, where you just plunk in text, or is it a fully customizeable page? Thanks!

  258. JefersonTob

    If I purchase the template all the image from demo will be include and can I use on my own ?

  259. ehoever

    Hi, I have a question.

  260. nrdsgn

    Hi, I am trying to figure out how to update from 1.7 to 1.8 without losing what I already have done. My Wordpress dashboard states that my theme is all up to date, but the theme still reads Version 1.7.

  261. SavyAgencyBend

    Hi there, great theme! Quick question: on mobile, the responsive menu is showing all original/dummy content pages. I’ve deleted all those pages. Do you know why/how to set the responsive to only show active/current pages? Thanks…

  262. ametropia

    Is this theme fully customizable? For example, if someone wanted to use the theme for something that was NOT cause-related, will they be able to re-assign all those front-page tiles to go to other places/pages/categories rather than causes (and remove the monetary sums from the mouse-overs)? Or is it all hard-coded to support only causes.

  263. fatcreat

    How can I rate this template? I see that it has a rating and I’d love to give it a 5/5 stars.

  264. frokem

    After updating to the latest theme (i.e. Version 1.7), I have just realized that now my drop down navigation does not work and the contacts page is all over.

  265. dgsibert

    Any update on the Woocommerce update you mentioned a month ago?

  266. monmoutharts

    Hello! Love your theme, thank you so much for making such a great, responsive design My question is with the sidebar. My website is www.monmoutharthelps.org. On the home page, I can’t get the sidebar to stretch beyond the widgets. On the secondary pages without widgets (i.e. the about page), it stretches all the way to rhe footer. What do I need to fix the home page sidebar? Thanks so much!

  267. Webintegrator

    By the way, beautiful theme, nice design, but there are minor bugs though. I will list and submit them as soon as complete the installation. They include:

  268. xChrisDx

    I am trying to view my site on an Ipad and it is cutting off one of the links in the navigation. Is there any way to fix this?

  269. Lamont2010

    Thanks for all your help so far but now ive ran into a problem with believe-twitter widget, it originally worked now it only says loading? and the tweets never show up, Help please.

  270. rothenflue

    I’m interested in this theme but have a few questions before purchasing:

  271. FoltzDynamics

    Do you think you will ever add other payment gateways? Is is just the free paypal that works…or does it work with premium paypal where they do not need to leave the site.

  272. eswyt

    I found that changing the event page template to the theme default solved the margin issue.

  273. melissa-athina

    Hi! Great theme. I do have a couple of issues I didn’t exactly see on here (if there’s a thread elsewhere on how to solve them, that would be great as well).
    1. Pagination is not working with the shortcode feature. The page just refreshes.(http://ades-international.org/)
    2. The content slider isn’t sliding although the posts are visible. (http://ades-international.org/causes/)

  274. SocialSuite

    I want to buy this theme but have few questions:

  275. bigpresence

    having some trouble configuring sidebar options on our homepage with rev slider at the top…. please point me in the right direction for managing a page with both the slider and sidebar.

  276. Mamshae


  277. amansekhon2015

    1. Revolution slider is not active in Rive theme
    2. Content Slider is not working with Parent Page setting

  278. rdgr

    Hi, first of all, thanks for the great theme. I am having a problem with Homepage slider. I want to put a blog post as an item within my Homepage Slider. But as soon as I check the categories Blog and Homepage Slider, the item will appear only in the homepage and not in the blog section anymore. Am I doing anything wrong? The workaround I found is cloning the blog post and putting the category “Blog” in one of them and “Homepage slider” on the other.

  279. pdiddy2aop

    One more question is there a way to only have one project listed on the home page in the tiled slider? I want to use this theme to promote one project so I want to simplify the theme to focus on that project.

  280. jpfromtally

    Pre-sales question: It says that Paypal is integrated with Causes. Does this mean that when someone makes a donation that it automatically adjusts the causes amount/thermometer. Or does that have to be done manually?

  281. spyderbytemedia

    Hello. Our client would like to know if there is a way to disable the body content on only the home page. This way we would have only the Grid of photos, the partners menu and the footer.

  282. frokem

    Hi there, I am having problems with the pagination of the staff on the homepage. It seems like there is a bug since the link to the 2nd page does not work. Nonetheless, I simply wanted to increase the number of staff to 10 on the homepage. kindly assist

  283. ulrikpedersen

    How can i change the size of the typography in the menu?

  284. swong32

    Hi, love this theme, really nice. I searched on this forum and found out how to autoscroll the bottom menu. Is there a way to loop the menu too?

  285. CalebVegh

    Just purchased this theme. I am new to Wordpress. Is there any directions or video tutorials that can help me install?

  286. osqueza

    Hey, just to let you know that the accordions are not working properly. The problem is with spaces in the title, it only displays the first word of the title. Even your demo version has the same problem.

  287. leeerickson

    I am having issues with the Donations settings. Added the information into the backend it’s still not working. URL – ashleybridges.org

  288. PatrickMackie

    Hailmart! Had same problem! I think it is the version of wordpress. You can downgrade your wordpress or go to your host (if GoDaddy), you can directly install it. That is what i just did. It is working right now. I might need some help in the future, but right now it is working out! There are guides on how to downgrade and make sure you save backups. If it’s go daddy I know you can directly install of Go Daddy. This is what I did and it seems to work. http://support.godaddy.com/help/article/6695/installing-and-activating-your-premium-wordpress-theme

  289. omerts


  290. frali

    Hi, this is a pre purchase question. Is there the possibility to integrate the raised money with a input value? I mean, I can receive donation via website for a project but also by events or other kinds of donations.

  291. PatrickMackie

    I am trying to add contact form 7. It keeps going in circles and not sending. I called my hosting, they said everything was fine. They said either the plug in or scripting was wrong. Help?

  292. melaniehajjar

    Hi! I am trying to update the images on the home page with Content slider. Where can I update the content slider images? I was able to find the tiled one but the content slider. Thanks! Great theme by the way!

  293. snaever

    This looks great! How is the support with WooCommerce? Will it be possible to use it in this theme?

  294. dsharpe

    If the donation plug-in does not work I will have to get another theme?

  295. RGOnline

    Hi Guys, im having trouble with the gallery not displaying correctly, can you take a look for me?

  296. happylittlethought


  297. gatorman2012

    I cant seem to get the theme set up right I get an error when installing the demo content but I know i have the file size in the php file increased enough because I have installed themes with way more content than this theme. can you help me.

  298. Yogova

    Hello. I´d like to make you some questions before buying to see if your theme suite my needs.

  299. ucavictas

    Great theme! Using it to build a non-profit site.

  300. asiostudio

    I am wondering if it is at all possible to change the height of the featured images on the Staff page.

  301. douglashaines

    I’m interested in purchasing the theme, but I need to know if it works with authorize.net, as opposed to Paypal…

  302. juanmita

    Excellent work my friend!!! Congratulations…

  303. Photo4SocialChange


  304. pkammer

    I have not bought your theme but it was my second choice. I would however like to buy the slider your using and lean more about it – I am interested in both the tiled and the news sliders. My question is are they sold as a plugin slider here or would I have to buy your theme? Is the tiled slider your independent programing work? I plan to add it to another existing theme. Let me know if this is possibly and how difficult it may be. I am not a novice but not a programer Thank you very -

  305. artisticamydesign

    Help! I uploaded this wordpress theme, and now I can’t even use the back links to my website. It won’t even take me to the login page for my website.
    The page says:
    “Warning: require_once(/homepages/19/d384482344/htdocs/2013/wp-content/themes/Believe_Theme/functions/admin/wysiwyg/wysiwyg.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/19/d384482344/htdocs/2013/wp-content/themes/Believe_Theme/functions.php on line 48

  306. lacino1

    This is an awesome theme. Very well designed and quite easy to use. Setup is no problem as long as you download the latest update. I’ve not run into any problems, so many thanks to Cohhe. He was very helpful.

  307. novawebb


  308. jennywickham

    I have a few questions to ask before making sure this is the right theme for my client. The twitter feed on the home page, can this be changed to facebook as they are not on twitter but want links to facebook? The tiled or content slider, where do the images come from, as I would like them to stay the same at all times, not coming from a gallery or blog as it changes? The donate button, when you click on it, does it then link with paypal? Does it come with demo content to upload. I will need to add in a member area is this possible with your theme, or do I need to get a plug-in?

  309. halimart

    Thank you I was able to get it to work! Wheew. One more question…I am having trouble getting the home page with the tiled sliders. I followed the direction on the document to no avail. Any advice?

  310. neawebservices

    Is it possible to use a white background and white header instead of the black?

  311. gthemeforestibarra

    Hello, any translation files? .po or .mo? If neither, how can I generate ones?

  312. Condon37


  313. themlondon

    Is there any easy way to get the slider to animate from slide to slide ?

  314. qatey

    I am very interested in purchasing the theme but was wondering if there was a way to change the colors beyond the provided color schemes? I want a white header/footer instead of black.

  315. jmaynarddaley2012

    Hi There,

  316. jmaynarddaley2012

    Hi there,

  317. dandelta

    Quick Question
    can we use Indian rupees for paypal…

  318. Milvus

    Hi Cohne.

  319. yidalin

    Hi Cohhe,

  320. nicolaskatz


  321. goofydadog

    What effect did you apply to the demo pictures in the Tiled slider? They appear different colours in internet explorer and chrome!

  322. heartco

    Fantastic theme! I’m setting it up for a community youth work centre.

  323. davidjohn610

    Great work! Im buyin this one for sure!!

  324. tipud

    This theme is very good.
    Hi – i just purchased this theme for a site that i am building for a charity.
    It is currently located here http://d1design.co.uk/muslimcare/ but will be moved when finished.
    1, The tiled header is showing staff and causes together in one header which i dont want – how do i control this. I see the project ids but i cannot see where to find the number.
    2, I cannot see any links / info for the gallery.
    3, Also info for the events i cannot find.
    4, When i click on the causes button nothing shows.
    5, How do i show the staff as you have in the demo.

  325. bethlehem1017

    Hi Cohhe,

  326. PatrickMackie

    I’m having a problem uploading. I am using the zip file to upload and it says this : http://oi49.tinypic.com/9v8upc.jpg ... What can I do? Also! When I get the theme uploaded I would be wondering if you would add twitter, facebook,youtube, pintrest, vimeo,tumblr, and other tiny icons to the theme at the bottom. Thanks! – Patrick

  327. paulbuijs

    Hi Cohhe,

  328. omerts

    Hello, I really like this theme, just got it. I would like to customzie the tiled background, but I can’t find it in any of the PSD’s, where could I find it?

  329. cosmiXs

    I purchased the theme some days ago and I was surprised to realize that:

  330. Milvus

    Dear cohne,

  331. akranm

    Hi, I am using the theme with Woocommerce. I am having problems with the linking to individual product pages.

  332. lifrance

    I am unable to install this theme via Wordpress nor Filezilla, zipped nor manually. My network admins are not able to either, and I need to have this theme working asap. Please advise as we’ve tried everything possible. Thank you, Linda

  333. mm9488

    I’ve tried it on IE9, Firefox, Chrome and Safari as well as on my iPad and Galaxy tablet. The carousel does not automatically scroll – I must use the navigation buttons on either side to scroll thru Sponsors/Partners.

  334. ddrinkal

    Hi Cohhe,

  335. pdiddy2aop

    I have now purchased this theme, and I am having issues with the following areas.

  336. nreyes90

    Pre-Purchase Question!

  337. MulcahyD

    Hello Sir Cohhe Im just wanna ask, when I try to customize the themes the customization are good but when i try to view in mobile the main navigation are not functioning is there any code that we can put to make the navigation will be function in mobile? Or maybe there is a good that I remove that affects the navigation functionality?

  338. thegamejustchanged

    Why is there not an option to just import the template just as it is being displayed? And then let customers modify it as they need? I believe this would cut down on the frustration that a lot of us who don’t have extensive web experience, be able to focus on uploading our pics and content. I find myself spending more time on trying to get the website established than building the business :-/

  339. happylittlethought

    So… the dropdown menus all of a sudden stopped working. Ideas on how to fix?

  340. 4lword

    I purchased Rive theme and I am unable to use the short codes that came with the template. Also many of the page examples you show are missing from the template I downloaded. Can you please help me with this issue?

  341. ronanoleary

    Hi Cohhe,
    Just wondering if you could tell me how to edit the colour of the translucent mouse-over that swipes over the causes thumbnails on the front page? I’m trying to coordinate it with the colour scheme of the rest of the website but I can’t find the tag on the css page.

  342. dsharpe

    Pre-purchase question regarding the donation plugin functionality.

  343. fatcreat

    How do I make the bottom sponsors / partners menu links open in a new window? Is there a setting I’m not seeing?

  344. hlwaymack

    Hi! I have a prepurchase question.

  345. Webintegrator

    I purchased the theme, installed it, imported demo files. But I cannot see those 8 boxed slider on the home page. And I have no clue whether they are posted as post or page and their location. Would appreciate your help.

  346. jacszen

    Wanted to just leave an overall comment on the theme for potential buyers.

  347. maryamelsafty


  348. dgsibert

    Hello, is this theme WPML ready?

  349. shumatejohn

    Each of my causes needs to have a different Paypal address as they are different organizations. How do I set this up. Thanks!

  350. lalaine

    love this theme 5 stars, is there a simple way code change, etc to have the donations button and fundraiser bar at the top of the single cause page so thats the first thing they see instead of scrolling to bottom of page

  351. jmaynarddaley2012

    Hi again,

  352. MulcahyD

    This theme was good but my concern about the titled header on how to be visible to the mobile. Any code or css that can be change to make the titled header can be visible in mobile?

  353. zumkalle

    I like the theme very much, how it is with multilanguage? Did it support WPML?

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