After all the positive response from the HTML/CSS version, I could not wait to get started on this powerful WordPress version. Be sure to explore the demo to see all the features, samples and options available. Watch the videos below to get a look under the hood.

Note – New item updates are located at the bottom of the page!

Main Features

  • 20+ smart widget areas
  • Useful custom shortcodes (see below)
  • WordPress 3.0 menu with multi-level dropdown
  • Multiple footer layouts
  • Multiple per page/post layout options
  • Theme settings powered by OptionTree (see below)
  • Lightbox ready
  • Custom background support
  • Localization / internationalization (i18n) ready

Video Overviews / Tutorials


  • Content sliders for images, video or HTML
    Pull images by attachments, featured images, custom fields or create your own slides!
  • Quote / Testimonial
  • Messages
  • Expand and Collapse
  • Contact Form with PHP/JS validation
  • Columns
  • Text Highlighting
  • Scroll to Top
  • Icon List (100+ icons!)
  • Explore the demo to see them all in use!

Theme Settings

  • Header slider source, locations and settings
  • Color Options / Color Pickers
  • General Columns / Layout you can override per page/post
  • Footer Layouts
  • Logo Uploader
  • General Portfolio settings you can set and/or override per page
  • Blog Settings
  • ...and more!

Credits / Plugins Used

  • Icons are from Tutorial9
  • Easy Fancybox WordPress plugin suggested for photos, video and iFrames
  • OptionTree WordPress for theme settings
  • jQuery
  • 960gs Grid
  • Flickr Creative Commons commercial use
  • SXC.hu


If you have already purchased this theme, re-download from your downloads tab for the latest version.

  • v1.8 Released 10/19/2011
    • Updated theme-options.php, fixes: Cannot redeclare get_option_tree()
  • v1.7 Released 8/9/2011
    • Update to header.php for improved child theme support.
  • v1.6 Released 4/25/2011
    • Blog Exclude Category Fix
      Fix in index.php to exclude categories from the blog
  • v1.5 Released 2/6/2011
    • OptionTree Page Fix for OptionTree 1.1.3
      If your slider is not showing on a specific category in OptionTree 1.1.3, this will solve the issue.
  • v1.4 Released 2/5/2011
    • NEW Page Template: Custom Category
      A reusable page template that allows for multiple blogs or greater control over which category of posts are pulled onto which pages. Now you can create a page for press release posts, a page for favorite posts, a page for guest posts and more! Please see the help file (page templates section) on how to use/control this new page template. You can hide the page title/content if needed on a page by page basis.
  • v1.3 Released 1/12/2011
    • Portfolio Excerpt Update – Small update to loop-portfolio.php
  • v1.1-1.2 Released 1/2/2011
    • IE8 Bug Fixes
    • Custom Background Update


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    cudazi – First of all, thank you for this amazing, gorgeous theme, and all the great help materials. You’ve given us an incredibly elegant, sophisticated theme with many options, along with clear paths to use them. Well done, sir!

  4. rnd26

    Hi Cudazi, i’m having 2 problems now:

  5. Nimbus125

    Hey there!

  6. ARIFF

    Cudazi, I got the slide to work fine with 1.1.1. version of OptionTree but now I would like to remove the socialbookmaring on every page. But I cant find the code. Where is it at?

  7. clark_obrien

    First not that this is the account that I purchased the Clearly Modern framework from and my downloads page has the same version of the template that it did when I purchased the template.

  8. davidrmoulton

    So cool You nailed it. Thanks.

  9. madspihl

    I guess I should have investigated this more, as this is clearly not a theme for everyone.

  10. ixcellent

    Sorry, forget my question above. There was no height number in “Slider Container Height”. I saved it with 400 and eveything works fine., thanks!

  11. mackmorg

    Hi, I love this theme!!! Zero issues, but I do have one question please:

  12. chrisaliceko

    Finally I got it. I deleted everything then uploaded it again. It works !
    Except that now I have no images.
    You can see here : http://christine-koehler.fr/
    I guess this has something to do with the fact that I imported the samples images (the.xml files, as you show in your screencast) , and probably the import did’nt go well. But as I don’t know where they are, I cannot undo it, or delete them and try again.
    So, what should I do ?

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  14. emlevenson

    i am trying to create a page that shows posts from a specific category. i have added the custom field: categories and have used the post id as the value (ex: 31). i have tried it on multiple pages, and with multiple page templates, and nothing shows up.

  15. kblckmr

    Having a lot of fun with this theme! Can you tell me if there are any limitations to the number of items I can include in the drop down menu? I’m having an issue with adding additional items.

  16. cudazi

    Avoid upgrading OptionTree for now. How to revert back: http://bit.ly/NDbXU9

  17. clark_obrien

    I want to add contact number the upper left of the header – the gray part not the black part. Can you tell me the file-line of code would be ideal.
    If you look at the site at www.appsfoundry.com i want the phone to be just above the “About Us”

  18. Durian

    How do you make testimonials to appear randomly?

  19. alexandruv

    Ok, the problem is with Option Tree – it somehow lost the settings for the slider and the exclude from the blog does not work

  20. phileastman

    I am having an odd issue on my home page. When you go to phileastman.com you will see the home page slider overlaying the 2 column text content for the page. But if you click on any of the menu links, even the Home link, the page shows as it should show with the slider image above the text.

  21. tomstonell

    Hi, how do I stop post images appears in the latest post feed page?

  22. tytrischuk

    i’ve over written the favicon.ico file with my new custom one yet your default favicon still shows??

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    Great theme!

  25. ltgustin

    Hello, great theme. I am trying to get a specific combination to the portfolio page. What I want is to show is the top two posts be the “portfolio projects” look (achieving a “featured” sort of look) and below those two be the remaining portfolio items in the “3 column” grid. I am trying to combine the two page templates/loops and have not come up with any solution. (I am a developer/designer and know some php but not indepth)

  26. steveaz

    I got this email from a support tech with an IDX plugin I use. I was using the uxury template but they are saying the following:

  27. FieldDoc

    I”ve just purchased this gorgeous theme – many thanks for it!

  28. paulogarcia

    Hey Cudazi,

  29. tlambrechts

    I never got the OptionTree to work on my server, Apache2 and PHP5 no go, just got a blank page for the entire plugin. Tried on another server and it aapperantly works fine, except when I paste in the options.. nothing gets though. I have watched and followed all the videos but are still stuck

  30. tmdollar

    Do you have plans to update this theme as a responsive design?

  31. rj67creative

    hello, merry christmas, and thanks for this awesome theme. not sure if you’re aware, but sometimes i need to refresh the pageload on the homepage in order to see the content under the slider. is this something you’re aware of and working on? thank you again… http://wakingcircle.org

  32. elephant_of_surprise

    Is there a search field for searching just this theme’s comments? There are 15 pages of great help, tips & comments, but as far as I can tell they aren’t searchable. The search field at the top of the page searches all of Themeforest.

  33. trendsconcept

    Great theme here… wanted to know how can I exclude the slider from showing on pages.
    Right now I’m using the manual setting, on posts and on the home page it looks fine. However on the “Pages” of the site, it displays one image below the other.

  34. brenonunes

    Is the WP version fully responsive?

  35. carreo1998

    I have a problem where I am uploading an image into the post, a large image, and for some reason it displays twice. Once on top of the post before the post title and within the post.

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  37. isaakjames

    also the page is:

  38. mcWade

    Hi there. I am using this theme and need to alter the Widgets, I want to add two more and remove a couple. Widgets are usually done using the functions.php page, but with this theme I see they are handled differently.

  39. tudorc11

    Thank you for your reply!

  40. Enlist

    Hi Cudazi, I emailed youy the links to your profile page.

  41. kikethemes

    I need to put video on the homepage, where is it possible? In Sliders?

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    Hi Curt,

  43. MissJoy

    I’m trying to build out my Portfolio pages, however even though I have the Template for the page set to a boxed portfolio, it is not showing up in a box. It is also showing things like word count in the text below the image. Additionally, a comment box is showing up above all the content of the Portfolio page. There should be no comments on this page. Please advise.

  44. Macs

    You nailed it Cudazi. Outstanding theme!!!!

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  47. mdere

    Is there any way to list posts from each category in a widget? (in right column) in order to make a friendly navigation for the blog section (it’s category-based)

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    Your theme looks great!

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  53. cudazi

    I’m currently traveling without much access to internet at the moment but will get back to you as soon as I am back in the office. Please be patient as I get a high volume of messages but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

  54. SAHarris

    I am thinking about purchasing this theme and was wondering if you have Cufon font replacement built in, or if I would have to do that myself.

  55. phileastman

    Hey I JUST saw your message about NOT downloaded the new version of the OptionTree plug in. I have gone back to earlier version and everything good.

  56. suzysammons

    REGARDING PARADIGM PREMIUM TEMPLATE : My downloaded file says it’s broken and missing style sheets. I’ve tried unbundling the internal files and re-zipping them and that hasn’t worked. HELP !!!!

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    First, this theme is pretty phenomenal.

  61. rinkjustice

    I’m really disappointed with this theme. It’s not nearly as customizable or well designed as I thought. What looks like text is just images. And the setup is very labour intensive.

  62. cudazi

    I just sent in a small update for the custom background script and removing an HTML comment on archive.php line 1 that was shifting things a bit in IE8 . Watch the item description when that is ready or follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/cudazi

  63. brandguru

    Stop producing quality and fascinating things.
    This way I’m going bankrupt!!

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    please ignore my last comment – have figured it out.

  65. clickscience

    Silly question – but what font are you using in the home page slider images?

  66. madina

    I can see the following code…

  67. sethneal

    OK, actually I do have a question. I’m wanting to add a child theme (or two) and I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with the loop.php. In particular, how is it being called in page.php for instance? Any direction would be appreciated! Thanks again!!

  68. greencode

    Hi. I am wanting to remove the img title attribute that appears on images contained on the slider but cannot find where this is applied in the code. Can you please guide me as to where this is so I can remove it. The reason I’d like to remove it is so when the user hovers over the image then the tooltip doesn’t appear with the image name. Thanks.

  69. ajhx

    Hey ! Already tried but didn’t did it !

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  71. mahawkins

    I keep getting a comment box on top of my blog page, not sure why. Wondering if you can help me out.

  72. okeeffe

    Hey Cudazi
    I’m enjoying experimenting with the theme, but because of my tabula rasa status with WPress and php, it’s been hard to get my head around simple things.

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  77. ThemeSwitcher

    Is this compatible with BuddyPress?

  78. mackmorg

    Hello. We not knowingly updated Option Tree this morning and now the site is not working correctly. I followed your instructions to remove the plugin and use the older version here, http://pastie.org/4285311#4

  79. cudazi

    Note: Any users experiencing issues with the slider being shown on specific pages, try OptionTree version 1.1.1 found on: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/option-tree/download/

  80. moguul

    thanks for the theme. It’s really great.
    But now i need to integrate a member list and profile page. I did this with symposium plugin but now i realised that i need a second menu. One for non-members and one for members. Is there an easy way to get 2 menus running?

  81. tytrischuk

    hey cudazi,

  82. itsjesseyo

    I’m a designer/developer. I typically purchase templates when clients find something like they before they contact me, and I ALWAYS expect bad documentation, unworking plugins and to recode chunks of the template to suit my needs.

  83. capsicumcreative

    Hello Cudazi,
    I am trying to do something similar to what Richard is doing above with his homepage (one video displayed instead of the slider). When I add the video embed code into the WordPress content, the page will not display the homepage sidebar. Any idea how I could both display a full width video and still take advantage of the sidebar?
    Thank you!

  84. fidlowdesign

    hi cudazi,

  85. jonmcelroy

    Just wanted to say that working with this theme has been awesome. I have been able to do everything I need to do for customization. I was at first confused about the whole OptionTree issue but figured it out by looking at the comments. (Maybe update the FAQ here so that newer purchasers will see the issue sooner?)

  86. axatherton73

    Hi Cudazi I need to update the theme file from version 1.6 to 1.8.
    How do i do this? Will it get rid of contents and modifications to the CSS ?
    Hope you can help. Thanks

  87. realvolve

    Have you found solution for OptionsTree? It doesn’t work the same way anymore. I tried to download from link…but the activate failed.

  88. jclaflin

    Hi – I’m running this theme and my custom fields are not showing? Is this a glitch or do I need to turn this on somewhere? Thanks!

  89. nicolashavenith

    the server using PHP5 …
    I only deposited in the theme folder…

  90. marcuspiller

    First… great template. Very useful for what I’m trying to accomplish. One question on the slider though.

  91. Pokodot

    Great Theme

  92. cudazi

    **Please noteThe live demo site is now running WordPress 3.1**

  93. PaulVictor

    Hi Cudazi, thank you for this excellent theme! I’ve installed the theme and it worked like a charm but when I installed the Easy Fancybox plugin and tried to activate it, I received the following error message:

  94. richardtknight

    works perfectly thanks,, great support !!!!

  95. joho

    Hi, just implemented your great theme in WP for a couple of weeks ago. Now I see you have some IE8 fixes included. Can you guide me how to implement the IE8 fixes without starting from the beginning with my site? I don’t want to reinstall the whole project just because of the IE8 fixes but I really want IE8 to look good.

  96. mindplunge

    First of all great theme! Very versatile!

  97. rnd26

    Hi Cudazi,
    sorry I just realised I didn’t put the site name there, if you need to see it—
    http://tmginnovates.com/blog/ —the portfolio posts are being shown in the ‘latest posts’ area which should just be for blog posts. I thought that I had solved this problem with using the portfolio classification box when making a new post. Is there anyway to separate these two types of post so that only the blog posts show up on that ‘latest posts’ column?

  98. Tanner_J

    Hey cudazi:

  99. Macs

    Wow thanks for the quick response!!!!!!

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  101. sethneal

    Sorry, stupid question, but where’s the option to remove the search feature at the top? Can’t find that for the life of me!!

  102. tytrischuk

    didnt work

  103. tytrischuk

    PS. Does the same thing for IE9

  104. bcotten

    I think I’ve discovered a 3.1 bug. When I upgraded, I noticed that the gallery shortcode page is mis-aligned. The second row of images gets indented by about 10px or so. This throws the following images out of alignment.

  105. Elez

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  111. disharp

    Hi Cudazi, – different topic – inserting a captcha into the Clearly Modern Wordpress theme. I bought this theme and have created a site using it. I need to insert a captcha with your form.
    [cudazi_column width=’6’ class=’omega’ ]

  112. minimalis

    Thanks for this awesome theme.

  113. UKwins

    It’s currently on a test site:

  114. meezer

    Hi Cudazi,
    This is the second version of your great theme that I have bought! Great stuff!

  115. vicng

    Another great theme! There’s a lot to love – icons, the number of widget places, straightforward css … etc.

  116. leeberty

    Hi, hopefully this will be a short one, how can I reduce the height of the grey banner highlighting the logo and the menu? Thanks and I really love the design of this theme.

  117. gotowillies

    Thank you so much for the easy to use instructions and videos. This is my very first time using WordPress and I’ve only built sites with iWeb. The information you have included has been extremely helpful. I feel very comfortable using this theme and am looking forward to more site building. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  118. sahelsteve

    I’ve been a fan of your themes for a long time and have just purchased Clearly Modern for my wife’s new website http://www.saheldesign.com. Trouble is, I did so without properly consulting her about the design – it turns out she doesn’t want a small logo, she wants a whacking great header image with a centered navigation menu underneath it. (Otherwise, she loves your theme!)

  119. socialfactor

    Two Questions:
    1. How can I adjust the CSS so that the second line of text in the icon list doesn’t have more spacing than the first. See icon list on this page: www.seantomj.com/wordpress

  120. richardtknight

    Have just bought this great theme, hopefully theirs away to add my vimeo video to the home page slider area, see here….

  121. richardtknight

    sorry for another question so soon…

  122. romaxa

    Hi Curt!

  123. dcwerx

    I’ve got a strange challenge working on this template. I’m trying to isolate the sidebar on the home page of my site (kalamintl.com) to change the background color, but there doesn’t appear to be a way that I can see to change the CSS for that section – only the individual widgets.

  124. leeberty

    Thanks a lot for your fast response time! Appreciate it!

  125. chrisaliceko

    Hi Cudazi
    I am now working on SEO . I am reading that there should be one h1 tag, and only one. When I check my website with your theme, the h1 tag exisst for each page but refers to the logo. How to change this ?

  126. tomdekok

    This is an excellent theme, well done!!

  127. UKwins


  128. alebodo

    I am gonna buy it. I love it.

  129. jclaflin

    Hi – Can you tell me where and how to change the sub-directory dropdown background colors? I got the outer box, but can’t find the inner box color?
    Thanks! – JC

  130. davejohnsondesign

    Doh!! thanks

  131. gotowillies


  132. DISABLED_mkspinks

    Terrific theme. Your clear documentation led me straight through to get set up and running! Thank you!

  133. clickscience

    Hi Cudazi,

  134. jns

    I’ve purchased this great theme over two years ago. A lot has happened since then though and responsive designs have become a must for anyone who has a significant share of mobile visitors. Is there any chance this theme will be updated with responsive features or is it simply too much work? It surely would give this still “clearly modern” design new uplift with regard to sales.

  135. przemekcichon


  136. capsicumcreative

    I am creating several portfolio pages that need to pull from a different post per page. You mention, you can control which posts are being pulled per page through custom fields. Can you explain how to do this. – Thank you

  137. markpollak

    Is there any way of preventing pdfs from opening up in a lightbox modal window? I would like the link to the pdf to open the pdf directly (i.e. link direct to file)

  138. copilotmedia

    Hey there! Great theme. Love it!

  139. PaulVictor

    Thanks for the update Cudazi, they worked like a charm! I still have some questions though:

  140. phyllade

    Great theme, thanks !
    In the twitter widget, I would like to get rid of “about 7 hours ago, we said” which is a) a bit heavy b) in English and my website is in French (I can translate “we said” but not “about 7 hours ago”).
    How can I do that ?

  141. JOJO25

    Great theme. Could you please tell me how to make it so the sub-menu drop-down window box is right-aligned with parent menu item. It is currently set up so that the sub-menu items are left-aligned with the parent menu item.

  142. cnoverton

    Please forgive me if this is a stupid question!

  143. Matthewnotting

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  144. canajun4

    Can your contact form connect to Sales Force?

  145. adriarichards

    This theme is beautiful, easy to setup and has a clean and well thought out design!

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  147. ajhx

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  148. UKwins

    If I have the Slider running – how can I disable the popup image when the slider is clicked???

  149. capsicumcreative

    Where would I go to change where the heading on the ‘Project Attachment Slider page’ link to? Right now, they link to the post that is pulling in the photos. – Thank you

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  151. PaulVictor

    Thanks, I’ve sent you an email!

  152. webdesignessex

    I’ve set up Option Tree and added in the shortcode for the slider.

  153. markpollak

    I bought your theme but for some reason, the drop down nav menu doesn’t work and neither does the slider on home page – please could you take a brief look for me? – www.gophysiotherapy.co.uk/

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  155. americanmktg

    I would like to ask if how we can change the “modern clearly modern theme by cudazi” with our logo at the header part of the page?

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  157. nicolashavenith

    It’s OK ! I had the wrong zip.

  158. kinsey

    Hi – great theme.

  159. oyohan

    Hi Cudazi, you truly are an inspired designer.

  160. johnferris

    Is there a simple way to remove the comment box on pages? I’ve went into the single.php file and removed it from posts but don’t want comments box to appear on pages.

  161. markpollak

    I’ve worked out it is a conflict with the all-on-one shortcodes plugin – which was working with this theme before but is not any more – deactivating the plugin restored the slideshow and navigation ‘suckerfish’ menu.

  162. revcannon

    sure this has been mentioned but wow I’m having a hard time getting the slider to show up.
    Followed all the directions but nothing. Where are these videos you guys are talking about or is there something else I’m missing?

  163. mindplunge

    My bad… ignore my previous comment. It was clearly a permissions issue.

  164. productperks

    Hi Cudazi,

  165. kblckmr

    Another menu question. The menu drops down to the right to display the child menu. My last parent menu item has many children and drops down to the right… and off the page. Is there a way to have the last one drop to the left?

  166. markpollak

    further to my last question, it was working fine last week …!

  167. wmellaart

    http://www.nowastepleasewearebritish.co.uk/ looks great! How did you manage the transparency in the topbar?

  168. tomdekok


  169. greencode

    Hi. I have my slider set to blank so attachments are displayed in the slider at the top of each page/post. In general this is the way I would like it to appear but there are certain cases where I have attachments in a given post/page and I also do not want a slider to appear on that certain page – is there any way of stopping the slider from showing on those pages i.e. by some shortcode or other method? Thanks in advance.

  170. greencode

    Hi. Firstly – great theme. Really clean and simple and so ultimately shows off your portfolio pieces really well.

  171. jfrost

    Is there a way to link images from the header slider to a standard page?

  172. rdean26

    Hi Cudazi,
    i’m having a problem with my portfolio/ blog entries.
    They are both uploaded as posts but the portfolio items are classified as portfolio while everything else is a blog post.
    BUT the portfolio items show up under the ‘latest blog posts’ which means that they will go out in the RSS feed that I am trying to set up.
    I need to not have the portfolio items mixed up with the blog items. HELP !!

  173. kooop

    Sorry – I’ve been searching for an hour and don’t have time to search thru these threads.

  174. Josimarcone

    I have uploaded and unpacked your zip-file in Wordpress but gets the message, that the theme is invalid because a style sheet is missing.

  175. Cherubin13

    Hello Cudazi,

  176. kinsey

    Hi – great theme. I’ve been adjusting some of the CSS code and everything working well until at some point the WP admin quick links that should appear in the top grey bar are now pushed down and display over the top of the site. I have since reverted back to your original css but the problem still remains. Do you know what might be causing this?

  177. sdfrick

    Hi Curt,

  178. Smokeater233

    Hi there,

  179. baguapalm


  180. ARIFF

    Cudazi, I also have problem with the slider as above mentioned. I understand that i wll have to exclude it from pages with widget logic but why does it not draw the posts from the category I have listed? And why does it not shrink to the size I want?

  181. jimmygg

    Hello love the theme,

  182. cloudsuccess

    Hey Cudazi – great theme. Question: Are there any known issues / limitations with the expander as I’ve been having problems with it not showing the required text. I’ve checked the tags and everything is in order…. any ideas? Thanks

  183. isaakjames

    Hello there,

  184. chrisaliceko

    I think I did. Anyway, I’ll try with my own images soon.
    I like your theme very much.

  185. simonowendesign

    Having trouble with multiple pages, pulling in category posts.
    Saw ‘Override on a per page basis by adding a custom field named categories with the value of the category IDs you want included: 12,33,5’ in OptionTree and the mentioning of setting up custom fields,
    but how do you actually do this please?

  186. stacey6

    Hi there – Just sent an email, but a post is probably easier. I’m helping with a WP site (http://c2toolbox.com), but I’m having a problem with the placement of the image slider. I’ve looked everywhere I can think, but I don’t see anything about the positioning of the slider. I’m not an expert programmer, and inherited this site from someone else, but I understand a good bit but I can’t seem to find the issue. Please help!

  187. cjphotographer

    I am loading the theme and am stuck at the Optiontree plug in…. I apparently am the 0.1%. What is the php file that needs to be added. Is it a plug in. Thanks in advance. This is going to be a wonderful site for me.

  188. j0dan

    hey cudazi

  189. smithnr


  190. realvolve

    Received error on OptionTree (and I installed old version from download site above):

  191. reidknorr

    Excellent Work Curt, best of luck with this one, I have a feeling its going to be a top teller here!

  192. nicolashavenith

    I’ve a problem when I activate the theme. Here is the error message:

  193. webcto

    Is this version compatible with the latest stable WP 3 .4.2?

  194. ajhx

    hey cudazi!

  195. vicng

    Ok I worked it out – just a dumb mistake on my part.

  196. PaulVictor

    @ Cudazi, for some reason I can’t reply to your support post…

  197. MindfulRay

    I’ve been trying for hours now to make changes to the css, and nothing is happening… at least that I can see.

  198. jimmygg

    sorry and as a follow up, what could i add to text widget to make each image hyperlinked

  199. harding

    Hi. Is this theme full compatible with multilingual plugin?

  200. amitbh

    Got the videos working. Screenr first loads 50% of the video and only then it starts playing. Let me try them first.

  201. trevnet

    I just upgrade the Options Tree plugin and it broke the site. It also says “Wait! You need to install and activate the OptionTree plugin! (See Help Files)” at the top of the admin screen. The plugin is installed and activated. But it doesn’t appear to be working. Please help!!!

  202. oliveweb


  203. lonniehb

    I’ve purchased both Clearly Modern and Energize – great templates!

  204. jfrost

    Powerful program Cudazi!

  205. cosmic1255

    Hello Cudazi,
    on your video, i see that in Add new post, you have lot of fields under “field for text”. But i don’t have anything there. Could i add it there someway ? thanks

  206. pplus

    Hi, Am having some issues with my portfolio pages – images and headings are pulling in from the posts but I’m unable to click through to the post itself from the portfolio page. Any ideas?

  207. Enlist

    Yes of course I have, as far as I am aware it is set uo but not working.
    I have set to featured, installed all plug-ins, set eevrything correct.

  208. baguapalm

    Hello Cudazi,

  209. Scubagirl15

    You must get this a billion times, but I checked the entire html_theme folder don’t see the style.css file.

  210. leeberty


  211. Durian

    Hi Curt,

  212. amitbh

    Hey Curt!

  213. Cherubin13

    i don’t really understand… you tell me it’s impossible to have a translation of my menu ?

  214. kaylomarketing

    Silly me, got the theme to install correctly. Didn’t realize the theme folder was within the downloaded folder. For those purchasing the theme, don’t make the same mistake I did Thanks anyways!

  215. KentOlson

    Hi Cudazi,

  216. Ezii

    This is by far one of the greatest designs I’ve seen on ALL of ThemeForest!

  217. cudazi

    Update: The demo site is now running on WordPress 3.4+

  218. miggitty

    Hi Cudazi,

  219. MindfulRay

    The slider on the homepage, is not the same width as the content below it. Is there a way to either make the slider wider, or the body content a bit more narrow?

  220. guidomarcel

    hi, just bought your theme and installed it following the instructions in the _HELP folder. Now I can not import the theme options for OptionTree – Plugin. Still getting the message “Wait! You need to install and activate the OptionTree plugin! (See Help Files)”. What is wrong here?

  221. cudazi

    I am currently out of the office, please be patient as I will be catching up on support messages for a few days, thanks!!

  222. tornoczky

    Hi Cudazi,

  223. steve264

    EDIT : I just discovered what’s happening – if you open a page for editing, then click the “Screen Options” and check the box “Discussions”, then a new section appears at page bottom, which allows you to specify whether or not to accept comments on your page.

  224. Ruffkutmedia

    Hi Cudazi, First of all thanks for the great theme. Quick question, how can I get latests posts to show on the home page? I updated the home page to Static and indicated which page I wanted for the home page, and which blog posts to pull, but the blog posts are not showing up. Can you advise?

  225. tytrischuk

    nvm, I did nothing and it fixed itself! amazing

  226. RickRockman

    I’m trying to change the color of the header and footer.

  227. cloudsuccess

    Hi Cudazi – is it possible for me to see the raw HTML that you created on the homepage for the demo site? I’m having problems using the iconlist with the columns & getting it aligned as you have!

  228. leeberty

    Hi, when I use the default template on the homepage, the ‘comments’ appeared on the bottom of the page, how can I remove that?

  229. emilyb

    Great theme! I can’t seem to add the large text as shown in your example next to my own home page image. I’ve combed the documentation, and can’t seem to find any instructions on how to add that particular content. I also noticed that I don’t have a “textbox” section under the header/slider tab in Option Tree. Is that where that particular content should go? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  230. techjase

    Hi I can’t find anywhere to remove “we” from the start of twitter comments. Can you please advise.

  231. meezer

    Thanks! You are a star!
    The help and assistance I have been given has been first class.

  232. baguapalm

    Hey Cudazi,

  233. RickRockman

    This thread showed up just in time for me. Option Tree v. 1.1.2 is working great for me. Upgrading to 1.1.3 disabled the slider.

  234. baguapalm


  235. jclaflin

    Hi again, I’m having trouble setting my blog up where it’s just showing excerpts like your example page: http://themeforest.net/item/clearly-modern-wordpress-by-cudazi/full_screen_preview/148096

  236. meezer

    Hi There,
    I have turned the comments off on the blog items and would like to turn of the ‘Posted in Portfolio, Wedding Photos Edit comments, but cannot find out where to remove them.

  237. oyohan

    Awesome theme. Thanks for putting such high quality product on themeforest. I love it!

  238. tomdekok

    Well, actually turns out I have a very important project of my own and so purchased the theme.

  239. djvenom

    how do i remove the date of of my post? “Posted on January 23, 2011”

  240. webempress711

    I purchased this a few days ago and I do love this template very much. How do I get rid of or control the “Leave a reply” “Comment” areas on pages? Might the recent wordpress upgrade have affected this? The checkboxes no longer exist to manage this.

  241. d-fresh


  242. grantbrookes

    Hi Cudazi, I was wondering how I can change the favicon for your template Option tree?

  243. danielevi

    how i can put the thumbs slider like at the HTML version?

  244. jimboo

    Hi cudazi,
    I am the one with the question regarding multilanguage. Do you have experience with the WPML -Plug-in for setting up a multlanguage site?

  245. nosorio2007

    This is a great template. I love the styling, and the options you provide are awesome. Thanks for your hard work.

  246. studioZ2


  247. wonderist

    I sent you an email which you can ignore. Sorry for that. However, I am having issues with the option tree not uploading my logo. You can see it at justbreatheaesthetics.com/wp/

  248. sdfrick


  249. capsicumcreative

    At some point my Vimeo videos would come up in a fancybox lightbox. I didn’t make any changes to the pages, but now the lightbox comes up blank. Links look good, any ideas what might be causing that? Thank you!

  250. chrisaliceko

    Hi Cudazi
    I have several questions :
    1- how do you add a rss feed for pages ?
    2- I added one icon on my landing page. But at one point, the sentence is cut (I double checked the html, and it looks ok). see ‘organiser” with 2nd icon (the sentence is much longer)
    3 How do you do to add a text widget only on some pages and another one on some others ?

  251. scottnz

    Awesome thank you! I realised I had already changed the permalinks to show the page name so I couldn’t get the ID working.

  252. superciby

    when i install theme (with zip file) i have this problem:
    Unable to create directory D:\Inetpub\webs\tuolegalecom/wp-content//2011/05. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

  253. Scubagirl15

    I think I accidentally bought the html version! Is there a way for me to get the WP theme without buying again?

  254. davidrmoulton

    I am having trouble changing the links that are on the images in the portfolio view to go to the post rather than the image.

  255. doesmarketingmatter

    Hey awesome looking theme, just purchased it. Have followed all the instructions and watched the movie. Uploaded the theme and when activated nothing comes up, and the preview before activation is blank. We no errors coming up and all file permissions are correct. The latest version we are running is Wordpress 3.0.4

  256. snramsey

    How can I input my own favicon?

  257. tedjoliman

    Hi Cudazi,

  258. mdere

    Maybe a MO File?

  259. UKwins

    Hi Cudazi,

  260. smithnr


  261. steve264

    Hey Curt,

  262. tusing

    Hi Curt,

  263. pplus

    Found the problem in my permalink structure … happy travels … and thanks for the great theme!

  264. bcotten

    Just wanted to drop a comment here and mention that the theme itself is great but the documentation is fantastic. Videos, detailed instructions, everything you need.

  265. az3sixty

    Ever since I upgraded to the most recent Wordpress and Clearly Modern 1.7 theme, my header slider on the home page loads all images, opposed to fading in and out one at a time. I haven’t changed anything in the OptionTree, Header Slider. Any suggestions or links to point to? www.agency1820.com

  266. alexandruv

    This is driving me nuts – i can’t get rid of that slider…help?

  267. ncms

    For some reason the blog will not exclude the categories I have chosen in the theme. It continues to show all posts. I thought this was a fix in version 1.6, but not for me. v1.6 says that it fixes a bug with excluding categories from index.php. My blog page is not index.php. Does that matter?

  268. richardtknight

    A quick question before i buy, can the home page slider be made to show a video from vimeo ?

  269. joho

    Hi, can´t get the Twitter widget to work. No Tweets will be shown by the widget. Tried different browsers. Please help.

  270. madina

    Hey One Last thing – Honest!
    Hows best to install Google Analytics in this theme?

  271. gocreatedesign


  272. iaingriffin

    Thanks for the speedy response Cudazi – I really appreciate your help.

  273. cloudsuccess

    Are there any known issues with the theme when upgrading to the new Wordpress 3.3? Thanks!

  274. baguapalm

    Can you please share your email?

  275. tudorc11


  276. johnbeach

    UPDATE :

  277. Teri7

    I have a client that wants to use this Theme (Clearly Modern), just a quick question —
    on the Home page is it possible to add two columns of text underneath the text above the black shaded area (in the white)?

  278. tmdollar


  279. daveFCA

    Ignore that comment above, I should have read your thorough documentation more closely!

  280. f0kai

    if you want to keep the parent of a submenu active, add this to your screen.css around line 819. Replace color with your preference

  281. DaHag

    Hi cudazi,

  282. scottnz


  283. pplus

    Hi … great theme.

  284. roderickvs

    yes that will work, thanks!

  285. amitbh

    I recently purchased your theme and now trying to configure the same at my site www.jimbi.net but the site is no where near to what has been shown in the demo.

  286. UKwins

    ach – I’m so sorry for that – totally didn’t see the tickbox!! ‘doh!

  287. michaelarroz88

    I have been having a hard time setting up the home page of the theme. My home looks like a blog and nothing like the demo of the theme. Help Please!!

  288. miggitty

    HI Cudazi,

  289. flashmaniac

    nice template…

  290. tytrischuk

    totally forgot about that, its enabled now!

  291. mendicott

    ok, I have been looking all night in the comments to try and resolve my issue… I am getting incorrect spacing between each column which is pushing another row of portfolio items before the previous row fills up. PLEASE HELP http://endesignstudio.net

  292. KillerImage

    Does that font come with it? the one in the banner (TWEETING, etc), if not could i know what it is? This design is awesome btw.

  293. ixcellent

    Hi cudazi,
    thanks for your nice work!
    I have one problem in my chome browser 12: the slider works find, but the promo-navigation is shown left of the slider and not on the right corner. Do you have a fix for me?
    Thanks a lot!

  294. sunnyrider85

    Hello cudazi, I am having the same problem as Enlist. I have been messing around for about 2 hours trying to get the slider to work just on the homepage and it will not work. I’ve watched the video, installed everything correctly, etc. The slider will work if I don’t select specific pages (leave them all unchecked), but when I check one, two, etc. of them the slider does not work. It is not the image size, because I am using your promo images at the moment. Any help would be grateful.

  295. davidrmoulton

    Thanks, trying this right away.

  296. wotai139


  297. golddot

    First, I must say I love this layout. Awesome job.

  298. davejohnsondesign

    Haha sorry, I’ve fixed both of those issues…

  299. cudazi

    I will have limited access to internet for a few days between Feb 27th and Mar 2nd.
    During that time, I’ll try my very best to answer any support questions but please be patient and I will get back to you.
    As always, I provide free theme support, not free customization work.

  300. greencode

    With regards to my post above I have managed to figure this out:

  301. Tanner_J

    Are you aware this theme does not work in Chrome?

  302. mdere

    I’ve tried to import “theme-options-2010-12-20.xml” into OptionTree, but i’m getting an error:

  303. nusserstudios

    I get this error: Wait! You need to install and activate the OptionTree plugin! (See Help Files), but I have Option Tree Version 2.0.9 installed. Any suggestions? Everything seems to work ok, but when I post something it posts it on every page.

  304. baguapalm


  305. cosmic1255

    Hello Cudazi,
    i recently bought your theme template. I can’t understand the structure of it.
    For example i created page with “Portfolio – Projects” attributes.
    How it should be filled correctly ? It will be filled from pages or posts ?

  306. cnoverton

    Hey Cudazi! Thanks for the great theme, man!

  307. ncms

    Nevermind. I had to set which static page was the blog page to get it to work. Usually when I set both a static front page and a static blog page it screwed my site up. Apparently, not anymore.

  308. roderickvs

    Just bought it, like the design ….., but … what a hassle to get the right colours.

  309. johnbeach

    Hi There

  310. itesecc

    wow,, this is probably the most complicated theme i have ever seen,,

  311. amitbh

    I am unable to view any of your videos. I have tried chrome and IE but there is no voice and video doesn’t move, however, the progress bar keeps on moving forward.

  312. cloudsuccess

    Hi Cudazi – hopefully a quick question… I’m currently building out my new site, and I have created an index_wp.php file for Wordpress/this theme. I’ve update .htaccess so that the permalinks work but when I visit that page I get an error message in the content section of the theme.

  313. RobotBoogers


  314. chrisaliceko

    Hi Cudazi
    I have a problem with the header slider. It doesn’t adjust autmatically the size of the images. I thought it was supposed to do so.
    Can you help ?

  315. roxialbescu

    How can I change the “clearly modern theme by cudazi” with my logo and tagline at the header part of the page?
    Thank you!

  316. richardtknight

    Hi Cudazi, i’m having a couple of problems with the theme and a plugin, the plugin writter has told me its an issue with ther theme and cant help so i’m hoping you can.

  317. ameghji

    How do i link the slider images to a page on my site? Currently when i click the image it just pops up and shows me a bigger version. I want it to link to a section of my website.

  318. Macs

    Hi Cudazi..

  319. wonderist

    Is there anyway to swap the content slider to a full screen responsive slider?

  320. metafus

    How can you I change the main page to be the welcome to clearly modern page? I don’t know where to look for it

  321. erocketfuel

    Just bought and tried to install. I get an error. Any tips?

  322. paulhoy

    Hi there,

  323. Konseptoija

    This is very beautiful theme, thanks very much Cudazi. I am almost done with my project but I am missing something vital. Using contact form and its working but how to add fields to it, especially checkboxes and radiobuttons?

  324. dcwerx

    I’m a bit confused with the changes to WP defaults in this theme. I’m sure somebody else has come across this already, but two things:

  325. Cherubin13


  326. nicolashavenith

    Here is the message error after the installation via Appearance > Themes > Upload > Zip file

  327. okeeffe

    Hey Cudazi

  328. clark_obrien

    Can you tell me the font, font color and font sizes used in the images.
    For instance for the first image with a sparrow what is the font and font size for “TWEETING” and what is the color code of the words “buyers” and “birds”.

  329. mdere

    Is there any way to localize the theme? I’m working on an spanish-speakers website.

  330. esotEric

    Hi, this theme looks great and I’m ready to buy.

  331. MissJoy

    Thank you so much for a beautiful, clean, powerful theme!

  332. Pokodot

    Great theme Cudazi

  333. baguapalm

    Did it with insert into posts. I will do it manually. I can send you a screengrab on your email if you wish.

  334. clark_obrien

    I have a question about portfolios. I may have missed it but how do I control the order of the postings.
    Example: I have images that I want to post in 3-column but the images are in sequence 1-10. How do I tell the framework the order I want them displayed in.

  335. capsicumcreative

    Sorry, just got it, missed a checkbox on the Fancybox settings. Guess I had to write the comment to figure it out

  336. canvaschurch

    Hey Cudazi,

  337. smithnr


  338. romaxa

    Hi again!

  339. daveFCA

    Nice work again Curt!

  340. MHarris400

    Do you have an OptionTree for Dummies guide? I’ve imported the .xml file and then pasted the long string from the text file but I’m not seeing anything.

  341. Enlist

    Hi great theme which can be constantly made better as you learn, really good.
    I have one issue, now I’m not stupid but I cant get the slider to work on the home page, I have done everything right as per instructions and installed and checked all plug-ins, can you help please?

  342. tytrischuk

    Hey Cudazi,

  343. lam09

    Im clearly being a bit dumb here but where is the css file for this theme?

  344. MindfulRay

    Hi Cudazi,

  345. chrisaliceko

    hi, have been using your theme for 2 years now and it works great.

  346. zsofics

    Hi Cudazi!

  347. chrisedwardz

    Nice work. I am considering purchasing but have a few questions:

  348. baguapalm

    Sorry did find them on the screen options.

  349. phyllade

  350. fatmoocow

    Hi, I’ve been having an issue with the header slider. It’s somewhat inconsistent, but I’ve seen it in most browsers. The slider image will float over the content below it. Essentially there’s no space allotted for the slider and all the content is pushed up. You can see it at dwightworker.com

  351. madina

    I have one last question… How do I remove comments from posts and pages? There are no tick boxes for disabling comments on either

  352. ARIFF


  353. Tanner_J

    I just bought the theme and have installed it for a project I’m working on. Followed all the instructions on how to install it as well as the OpenTree plugin. At first I got this error and couldn’t access any page after that.

  354. MHarris400

    Thanks so much. Looking forward to setting it up.

  355. successbydesign

    Hi Cudazi,

  356. KentOlson

    Hi Cudazi,
    I purchased the minimal theme and like it a lot.

  357. media-mixx

    Hi There,

  358. mendicott

    I have followed your instructions exactly and my portfilio is not working.

  359. Tanner_J

    Hello Cudazi:

  360. richardhak

    i bought the package, i didn’t know it was HTML file, can i get the WP theme?

  361. kaylomarketing


  362. Lucifer79

    Hi Curt

  363. BenF2

    Quick question: How do I get rid of the bold on the main menu and its submenu text? I know that the “sf-menu” tag in the css controls the font family and size for the main menu but where is it getting its bold attribute from? Thanks.

  364. alexandruv

    Can you help?

  365. jenniapolis

    Hi cudazi-
    Thanks for the great theme, as well as quick response to all of the questions. I’ve been able to resolve some of my issues…except for one.

  366. Macs

    i bought your theme, excellent stuff!!! I want to find out how ( if its possible ) to insert a jQuery Accoordion. I looking at having the overlay accordion inserted on one of my pages. How do i go about this and also which php file do i use? thanks

  367. madina

    Great theme,
    However I’m unable to find the ‘Actual’ gallery shortcodes… Please help!?
    Also unsure why the dummy content is not showing on this page?

  368. cudazi

    I’m currently traveling without much access to internet at the moment but will get back to you as soon as I am back in the office. Please be patient as I get a high volume of messages but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

  369. ddordine

    Hi – This is a horribly newbie/amateur question:

  370. sethneal

    Man alive… I’m loving your theme! Thanks again!

  371. chrisaliceko

    So I unzipped the file I downloaded from this site. then I sent via Filezilla the file I found containing the style.css file (in Theme files folder, a file called “clearly modern”)
    It works, I get the theme appearing in my admin view.
    However, only a blank square appears, no wording like on your screencast. And when I activate it, nothing happens. I still have “site under construction”.

  372. simonowendesign

    Thanks, for the reply, got the screen options up and checked the custom fields.

  373. kinsey

    I’m getting the following error message:
    “uncaught exception: TypeError: contentWindow.document.getElementsByTagName(“head”)[0] is undefined”

  374. iaingriffin

    Hi Cudazi,

  375. jesusdelagarza


  376. rj67creative

    hi there. is there a way i can remove the text that says “we said” that leads up to the entry from the twitter widget?

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