Luomo - A Responsive & Expressive Tumblr ThemeLuomo - A Responsive & Expressive Tumblr Theme

Luomo - A Responsive & Expressive Tumblr Theme

Luomo is a responsive and expressive theme for Tumblr, designed to display your media in grand style. Luomo gives you complete control over your blog’s color palette, allowing you to tailor background and text color for each post, to complement your content. Your content will look awesome in any device!

Luomo - A Responsive & Expressive Tumblr Theme

Luomo - A Responsive & Expressive Tumblr ThemeLuomo - A Responsive & Expressive Tumblr ThemeLuomo - A Responsive & Expressive Tumblr Theme

Luomo - A Responsive & Expressive Tumblr Theme

Bought this theme and I’m loving it! and the support could not be any better! Fast replies to any troubles you’ll have! Five stars!
This is clean, simple theme that packs a real punch. The theme’s creator is also super responsive (like his theme!) to your requests. Overall, it’s definitely worth your money.

Luomo - A Responsive & Expressive Tumblr Theme

  • Responsive layout.
  • Customizable header and footer colors.
  • Complete control of your post colors.
  • Built-in color palette for post backgrounds—color your posts using Tumblr tags.
  • Bespoke color palette for each post: user definable hex values for post background, accent and link color—using Tumblr tags.
  • Filtering of posts by tag.
  • Responsive photosets with FlexSlider.
  • Upload your logo from the customization dashboard.
  • Included PSD files for post icons and social icons.
  • User defined font stack for body text.
  • Google Web Fonts on post and footer headings.
  • Flickr and Tweeter feeds.
  • Show/hide notes.
  • Show/hide tags.
  • Show/hide sharing button.
  • Show/hide social buttons.
  • Supported social icons: Behance, deviantArt, Dribbble, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, LastFM, LinkedIn, MySpace, Picasa, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube.
  • Disqus implementation.
  • Ease to use Google Analytics implementation.
  • Support for all of Tumblr post types: text, photo/photosets, quote, link, chat, audio, video, and answer.
  • Support for static pages, and Ask and Submit pages.
  • Comprehensive documentation.

Luomo - A Responsive & Expressive Tumblr Theme

v1.3.1 July 18, 2013

  • Fixed an issue when using custom tags for the “text based” post filter containing more than a single word.
  • jQuery housekeeping.

v1.3 June 14, 2013

  • New: Options to display photo sets either as grids or sliders.
  • New: Additional slider options (autostart, animation speed, etc.)
  • Switched Twitter widget to Tumblr tweets.js script.
  • Social media icons additions: Blogger, Quora and 500px.
  • Minor CSS refinements.

v1.2.1 March 16, 2013

  • New: Support for the new Soundcloud audio embed widget.
  • New: Option to replace the old Twitter widget with Twitter Embedded Timeline.
  • Revised CSS rules for Spotify audio embeds.

v1.2 January 31, 2013

  • New: Options to set ‘label’ and ‘slug’ values for each item of the post type filter.
  • New: Option to use a text based post filter instead of the icon based one.
  • New: Option to set up to ten user defined tags when using the text based filter.
  • Fixed: Solves an issue when the HTML5 audio player would fail if the path to the audio file is a encoded URL.

v1.1 January 28, 2013

  • New: Back to top button.
  • New: HiDPI graphics. Luomo is now retina ready.
  • New: Instagram and Dribbble feeds.
  • New: Option to disable even more additional media queries, making the desktop version of the site narrower and closer to the mobile experience.
  • New: Option to keep the logo centered at any screen resolution.
  • New: Option to replace Tumblr Flash player for a HTML5 player for Audio posts.
  • New: Support for Spotify Embeds.
  • Better control over footer appearance: enable/disable footer columns and individual widgets and move widget to alternative locations.
  • Better control over posts typography: define font sizes for body text and headings for phones, tablets and desktop devices.
  • Hide theme custom tags (named color variables, like “red”, “green” and “desaturate”) from visitors.

v1.0.2 December 13, 2012

  • JavaScript: Improved implementation of fitVids.js for Tumblr hosted videos.
  • JavaScript: Fixes an issue when if Tumblr API is down, the script would throw a syntax error.

v1.0.1 December 10, 2012

  • CSS: Use more unique classes for post types. Prevents an issue when a video post with the tag ‘audio’ would inherit some of the audio post styles.
  • Minor additions to the documentation.

v1.0 December 08, 2012

  • Initial release.

Luomo - A Responsive & Expressive Tumblr Theme

Sass –
Compass –
normalize.css –
Frameless Grid –
Open Sans –
Open Sans Condensed –
Iconic –
FlexSlider 2 –
Tweet! –
Jflickrfeed –
Jribbble –
jQInstaPics –
FitVids –
Reveal –
jPlayer –

Images used in the demos

Simon Bouchard’s Stock Images:

Sakura by Petr Kratochvil
Seabed by Petr Kratochvil
White Sands by Kondo Yukihiro
Macaw by juditu
Wonderland by AD-Passion
Pin-up by Patrick Hitte


  1. domcapuano


  2. aharvey15

    Hi – just purchased the theme and tried to install it, but it doesn’t seem to be working properly. I followed all of the instructions, is there possibly something i’m doing wrong?

  3. Zanshin

    I agree! This is incredible, I hope you come up with some WordPress sites! I’m excited to see what you come up with next!

  4. domcapuano

    Beautiful Theme, Great customer support

  5. youngestchild

    Hi thanks for yr theme. really like it. One question – If I have disabled all ‘Media Query’ check boxes.. it will only show one column in the footer. I’d like two please. Is this possible?

  6. michaelmm

    Absolutely great theme! I have one question: I was wondering if you could add custom linked buttons to the ‘text based post filters’ buttons are. I would like to add buttons that link to ‘ask’ or custom pages like an ‘about’ page. However, I only seems to be able to add buttons linking to tags. Hope to hear from you!

  7. PixelMoxie

    Hey guys and gals, the latest update (1.0.2) fixes an issue when embedded video won’t resize to fit its container when the Tumblr API is down. It’s recommended that you download the files and reinstall the theme.

  8. Sl0wD34d

    Search is not working, any idea why or how I can fix it?

  9. nrg0920

    Hi, Love the theme!

  10. bobbydas

    This is one phenomenal theme ! Just awesome.. thank you so much for putting the effort into it. I had a few questions, I was hoping you could help me with.
    a. Is it possible to integrate a 500px social icon / profile up top.
    b. A 500px module like the one with instagram will be just awesome.
    c. I used your code snippet to resize the portrait images. How can I centre them.
    d. Is it possible to set the clickthrough images to the post id so the clickthrough goes to the comment stream instead of just the images ?

  11. PutABeatOn

    Hey just purchased this nice theme, but its working working for me, do you have an email so I can send you some screenshots?

  12. jbermanvt


  13. laeri9

    Excellent theme! Absolutely brilliant! One of the easiest to use that I’ve personally encountered.

  14. danstheman7

    First of all, great theme! Just bought it and didn’t realize there were so many options.

  15. TheNewBlue

    Awesome theme, very helpful instructions too! Thank you.

  16. yesterdaynite

    WHen i put in the information for my social media buttons when i click on the buttons it never sends the user to the desired location whether that be youtube, facebook, or whatever

  17. mbokan

    Hi there!

  18. gaberial

    can you post the CSS to hide the navigation menu (categories) but not the search keyword form? pleeeease? and also:
    I resized the photos to not be so huge but now they are left-signed. please help me center them.

  19. dillis

    bought this theme and im loving it! and the support could not be any better! fast replies to any troubles youll have! Five Stars!

  20. MichaelKJordan

    Hi – Like the theme but not real familiar with what it does. Is it a blog? Where I can post my videos, content, images etc..? Or does it re-post tumblr account blogs posts?

  21. elephant2009

    Hi PixelMoxie

  22. twistngo

    Hi there.

  23. kohypon

    Hi, really impressive theme! Congrats!
    But I have some issues that I can’t solve and need your help, please:

  24. Trestarz

    Hey, I love your theme I just wanted to know before I buy it, is it easy to implement adsense or other ads on it? I don’t see anything about it in your description. Are there any examples?

  25. Superpa

    It worked! It’s because on the preview stage it didn’t look like it was going to work properly, so I didn’t save it. But, just now I gave a leap of faith and it worked perfectly!!! Awesome theme!!!

  26. alp

    LOVE your theme ! Can you please tell me why the top icons may not be going to each page I am referring to the top navigation Image, Video, Quote

  27. sterlingwilliam

    SO AWESOME!! Hadn’t touched my Tumblr in years, but a recent WP web client, well known rapper (and a very intelligent, positive one!) has said how he and his crew luved Tumblr and was great for their business/branding. So after I heard Yahoo bought tumblr as well recently I thought wow, I need to get back into… I started shopping for a theme and LUOMO immediately popped out/gorgeous yet simple and in no time I had a beautiful, easy to use, update and World View impressive Tumblr blog and customer support was/is Amazing!! BIG Fan now of Tumblr because of Luomo/PixelMoxie/Sergio IN the 2013 Hou$e!! THNK YOU
    -Sterling Williams

  28. Sl0wD34d

    Hi! Well I’m having some problems. As you said before, this theme is designed to be used with large images, but with the new editor, we can’t edit the size of the pictures, so when I try to create a new text post, I upload a large image, but when I post it, the image is very small and I don’t like that. Sorry for my english, I hope you can understand me.

  29. osamalhasan

    I am facing some problems…

  30. HenkVanIngrid

    Wow! Beautiful design!

  31. dillis

    thanks so much for the fast support and help! the flickr issue worked itself out over night

  32. giulianodipaolo

    the theme is incredibly good & sergio (support team) is very nice & responsive. very glad to have bought it. I suggest everyone who is serious about his business to enjoy pixelmoxie!

  33. mattybluehen

    Thanks for this theme! For some reason, my main logo is showing up double the size and I have no idea why. I uploaded my logo in the size I want, changed the height and width and appearance, and even went into the html and put the specific size requirements! Any idea why this is happening?

  34. qpid360

    Awesome theme! Had a question, but I figured it out =)

  35. mikamunster

    Is it possible to add a side bar?

  36. Sushee

    This theme is great, thank you.
    I just have one question, how do you do to hide coloring tags ? In your example, the tags ”#red” is not displayed, but in my production site, it’s displayed after the post.

  37. listentofate


  38. dillis

    yes its in correctly,it loaded 3 pictures then just started failing on the rest.

  39. listentofate

    i was wondering if the luomo theme i bought will generate the 6 colors represented on the example page…deep purple for example. my tumblr is only switching between light and dark grey rather than the two blues, purple, white, etc. i really love your color scheme so i’d like to have exactly that…i’m not as creative as you plz help

  40. mmellody

    Hi PixelMoxie – great theme! The layout is super clean and responsive. I’m considering switching my website from Wordpress to your Tumblr theme, but I have a questions. Would it be possible to change the post type icons (link, text, video, etc.) to text such as “Articles,” “Music,” “Video,” etc? I don’t know much coding, so any help would be awesome.

  41. Abstraktco

    This is awesome =)

  42. mmellody

    This is clean, simple theme that packs a real punch. The theme’s creator is also super responsive (like his theme!) to your requests. Overall, it’s definitely worth your $.

  43. ashrithps

    Firstly i would like to tell u the theme is the best ive ever seen! i purchased and installed it on my tumblr blog at ,now i wanted to know the following:
    1.) I need to change it to bright Theme as shown in the demo
    2.) My images seem too big (I mean the height) , is there a way to auto resize?

  44. Superpa

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but it’s not working as it should. I downloaded the file, went to the theme folder, opened the pixelmovie-luono-1.0.html with notepad, copied everything, pasted it, pressed update preview and all I got is a brown screen written navigate, rss and archive. I tried it with chrome.

  45. orbital9

    Hi, I’d like to buy this theme, it’s so nice but I need to translate texts to spanish… is it easy to translate?, is it well documented?

  46. cesrpf

    Beautiful work. Easy customization with clear explanation. Perfect for showcasing photos using the muted theme. The colorful theme with predefined color palette is some serious eye candy.
    At $15, this one puts the more expensive themes to shame.
    That said, this theme deserves only 9.9/10.
    Minus .1 point due to being released one day too late, making me spend my precious, hard-earned, sweaty dollars on another theme
    Thank you and good luck with your sale
    PS: I just message you a question.

  47. arthurbananas

    Hey Sergio!

  48. Blkpoetx

    I’m a photographer and I love your themes. is there a way to get a Fixed header on the Luomo theme? I purchased Supple loved it, then I purchase Luomo? and I noticed there wasn’t an option for fixed header.

  49. dillis

  50. giodelgado


  51. Tsukassax


  52. PutABeatOn

    Got It!

  53. mailtolast

    Hi! Thank you for making this beautiful theme! As everyone, I have a question: can I disable the time of post, reblog option and heart option?
    Thank you very much!

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