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- Last update: June 22 2015

Warning: Buyers who want to update to v 1.7 or later from an older version please refer to the documentation before updating.


“theDawn” is a powerful all-in-one premium WordPress theme that brings to the table many front-end and back-end features. While working on it, I’ve been paying attention to the design and structure of the theme as well as the options variety and customizability and ease of use. With its 30+ layout options, 60+ built-in shortcodes, and many other features (see features list below) it will make your WordPress life easier and joyful. Since many of “theDawn” features are built-in -some of them are exclusive, it will give you more control over your site, and induces your creativity, take “Mbiz slider” as an example.


  • Ten Skins: dark, light, colorful and what I call “luxurious” styles.
  • Powerful backend option panels: nearly 70 admin options for managing your content, site design and layout.
  • Layout varieties: multiple layouts for: homepage, portfolio, blog, gallery, page, sidebar, footer, and other options. See a complete list of layout variety
  • Three Sliders: Mbiz slider, Nivo slider, fixed image.
  • Mbiz slider: exclusive slider that provides many features and options which are easily manageable through powerful “Slider manager”. Take a look here. You will find more explanation and tips in the documentation. Free slider background images are also included.
  • Five different homepage layouts: two magazine-like layouts which are widgets based i.e easy to manage, blog, normal page which uses shortcodes. Homepage can be given an exclusive sidebar.
  • Portfolio custom post type: for easy management and organization.
  • Portfolio layouts and options: portfolio can be presented in one of seven different layouts, and can be featured in your homepage. It also has video support.
  • Gallery templates: creating a gallery is a cinch and fun with “theDawn” gallery templates. See the demo, and check this YouTube video tutorial.
  • Sidebars: add/remove as many widgetized sidebars as you want and attach them to pages, posts, or portfolio items.
  • Left and right sidebars: align your sidebars either to the left or to the right, globally, or in a given page, post, or portfolio item.
  • Three blog layouts: floated image, full-width image, and disabled image layouts.
  • Single-post optional widgets: “ShareThis” on 10 social networks, about the author, and popular/related posts.
  • Single post can split and can be protected (password protection is supported).
  • Comments: nested four levels deep. Support for comments pagination and avatars.
  • 10+ custom widgets: “theDawn” provides its own widgets as well as re-styled default widgets. Added widgets -for sidebar and footer are: popular posts, flickr -which supports user photos and group pool, latest tweets, contact form, contact info, social networks, google map, advertisment widget, new in v1.5
  • Footer: has three areas:
    • Optional big footer: widgetized and provides 9 column layouts.
    • Optional sub-footer: located inside big footer, and has 2 widgetized columns.
    • Standard footer: at the very bottom, and contains footer menu.
  • WP 3.0 Menus: top menu which has dropdown capability to unlimited levels, and footer menu. In addition to those two, WordPress “custom menu” has been enhanced to become dropdown ready. With WordPress 3.0 menus and theDawn sidebar generator you have the ability to add any menu to any page.
  • Shortcodes: over 60 shortcodes available, all are integrated with WYSIWYG editor in a neat an organized way (you will like it). Shortcodes include but not limited to: lightbox, video, typography, contact form, sitemap, price boxes, tabbed content, column layouts, and more.
  • Sitemap: a shortcode which has a lot of options, it’s simple and highly customizable. See it live.
  • 20 google fonts: new in version 1.5
  • Working ajax contact form: with a spam protection. It’s available as a shortcode to be added in any page, and as a widget for sidebars and footers.
  • Header intro: the area beneath top menu which I call “Header-intro”, it’s optional and customizable.
  • Optional breadcrumbs navigation
  • Lightbox: for single image, gallery, and video. It’s based on prettyPhoto. Could be implemented by shortcodes.
  • Video support
  • Automatic thumbnails by timthumb WP default thumbnail feature
  • Price boxes: implemented with shortcodes.
  • Admin visual editor: WYSIWYG editor is re-styled so content will have similar look to the front-end page.
  • Translate ready: default POT file is included in addition to French and Dutch translations, new in v1.5
  • Browser compatibility: IE7-9, Firefox 3-5, Chrome, Safari, Opera.
  • Cufon font replacement
  • PSD files: of basic design elements are included.
  • Well documented.

Server side requirements

  • PHP version 5 and above.
  • WordPress version 3.0 and above.


What they say

I appreciate your help. PS Love your theme. It’s the easiest theme I have ever worked with!

Dean Petersen – Bought between 10 and 49 items.

Love your theme! Really well designed and its great to see a theme that is so user friendly.
Thank you so much for such a quick reply! I really am impressed and wish more theme creators could be more like you! Please let me know when you next wordpress theme has been published!

Rudi Minelle – Bought between 10 and 49 items.

This theme is awesome . It does what it says it will do. The documentation is clear and concise. Amazingly, for the price you get far more than you could expect and it’s a “HUGE” bang for the buck.

Judy – Bought between 10 and 49 items.

Best WP Theme I have used great work. I look forward to buying more from you keep building!!


You are AWESOME!!!! Thank you for your quick responses. You have completely sold me on not only your template, but your service as well. I am going to refer everyone I know who is looking for a template or site to you. You rock!

Randy Dunn

THANK YOU ! I just wanted to post on your profile that I sent 2 emails, with two different questions, and received very prompt (less than a day) answers. I appreciate that effort on your part. I buy several themes a month for clients and this is by far the best customer service I have seen (and it’s not even required). Excellent!

James Kastner – Bought between 50 and 99 items.

Change Log

Version 1.7.2 – June 22, 2015

  • Fixed, prettyPhoto XSS issue.

Version 1.7.1 – April 23, 2014

  • Updated, to become compatible with WordPress latest version 3.9.
  • Fixed, Mbiz slider incompatibility with recent versions of IE.

Version 1.7 – January 23, 2014

  • Fixed jQuery issues affecting the menus and other jQuery dependent elements.
  • Replaced Timthumb (image resizing script) with WP default thumbnail feature.
  • Fixed, re-built twitter widget for compliance with API v1.1.
  • Added more portfolio options to control labels and slugs.
  • Added options to disable/enable comments on pages & galleries globally.
  • Added option to show hide thumbnails on single post.
  • Updated optionTree plugin to the latest version 2.2.0
  • Updated: core code is cleaned up and enhanced with replacing deprecated functions and fixing some errors
  • Updated: better short code formatter.

Version 1.6.2 – November 5, 2012

  • Twitter widget is updated according the recent API update.

Version 1.6.1 – August 27, 2012

  • Updated, to become compatible with OptionTree latest version 2.0.9.
  • OptionTree plugin is integrated with the theme, no need to install the plugin any more.
  • Fixed, Mbiz slider YouTube video overlapping the dropdown menu.

Version 1.6 – June 30, 2012

  • Added, new homepage layout (Static with sidebar).
  • Modified, important SEO update.
  • Fixed, images not wrapping correctly around paragraph.
  • Fixed, IE9 issues with image loading affecting the slider and other content.
  • Fixed, security issue in slider manager.
  • Added, security enhancements.
  • Fixed, slider manager issue.
  • Fixed, advertisement widget issue.
  • Fixed, issue with featured content of the homepage.
  • Fixed, header intro issue.
  • Fixed, portfolio sliding-pages issue.
  • Updated, some 3rd party plugins.

Version 1.5 – Aug 15, 2011

  • Added, new advertisement widget.
  • Added, 20 google fonts.
  • Added, pause button for Mbiz slider.
  • Added option, disable homepage slider.
  • Added option, thumbnail links to either a large image or post article.
  • Added, French and Dutch translations plus a default POT file. Thanks for Judicael Allemand and Ron van de Graaf for Fr & Nl translations respectively.
  • Added, auto-load theme options.
  • Added, theme update notifier.
  • Fixed, thimthumb security vulnarability.
  • Fixed, slider manager conflict with WP 3.2.1.
  • Fixed, portfolio conflict with some plugins.
  • Fixed, exclude category from latest entries widget issue.
  • Fixed, contact form issue with some servers.
  • Reduced incompatibility with third party plugins.
  • Fixed other minor issues.

Version 1.0.2

  • WP Audio player plug-in conflicting with theDawn built-in flowplayer issue is fixed.
  • Sliders not working in static page issue is fixed
  • Popular & related posts widget long titles issue is fixed.
  • Cufon font is now compatible with IE9 RC

Version 1.0.1

  • Cufon font not supporting non-English accent is fixed.
  • Slider YouTube video bug is fixed.


  1. diwal

    How Can I put the fixed height slider in all pages (not only in homepage)?

  2. pearlwhitemedia1

    Hi when you are on an inner page, the drop down menu does not appear anymore.

  3. jkjacobson

    Is this theme still supported? I built a site using this theme back in 2011 and the client has come to me saying the portfolio section is all broken and their dropdown navigation no longer works. I fixed the navigation by simply updating the theme files but the portfolio section still seems really messed up. The lightboxes no longer work, and thumbnails are not generating properly.

  4. FireworksShow

    Have issues converting blog posts to ‘summary’ on 1.5. I’ve looked through the ‘Theme Options’ and into ‘Reading’ options and set it every way I can think of. Is there a flag I’m missing?

  5. pearlwhitemedia1

    Hi i’ve changed the permissions of my folder for 777 although the thumbs still aren’t appearing. What else could be causing this?

  6. lilouk

    Thank you for this great template.
    I need your help to add “language flag” from qtranslate-x plugin into header part of my homepage.
    Thank you for your help

  7. sofiaferreirasimoes

    Do you give any support?
    First time i need support and there are no answers.
    The last answer here was 3 months ago.
    Are you still active?

  8. sofiaferreirasimoes

    My theme completetly broke after upgrade.
    Changes i made in the theme options panel, only affect some pages.
    Whatever i do the homepage remains the same.
    The layout is wrong.
    I need urgent help please.
    I have a maintenance page active so if you need to see the site, tell me how can i send you a private message.

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  14. superchris

    Great theme, but one feature i kind of miss is when you use an url and paste it in the custom Image in the portfolio its not shown in full size on top of content when you enter the portfolio item.
    It seems kind of naked just the text and no image.
    Is this possible?

  15. design-spot

    Isn’t something wrong with my theme options panels?

  16. jr0131

    I too am unable to get the slider working in any browser in this current version.

  17. ManuelRuiz

    Hello, I am trying to install Yoast widjet and gives me problems when active, the manager page widjets not work. I tried to uninstall and install but does not work. I need help please

  18. drdarkbr

    What i need to do for the posts show the same image i have entered on theDawn Custom Panel… ?? if i put this on Visual box with my blog text, this is showed on blog roll

  19. argos

    Hi, I need to know if I can use ADDthis plugin to track SHARETHIS information with facebook and others but with same style-design you make with the over effect to appear the icons.

  20. paketo

    Same problem as grafter and jkjacobson with the Slide option.

  21. hirok

    I’ve just updated to your latest version but I have to return to 1.5 due to its sticking out of the images from “div” boxes, such as .latest-news-item, .no-title-box-text, and so on, in the content area.

  22. Christina25

    Have you tested this theme on a Unix server? We are having a very difficult time doing this and are being forced to re-write some of the code to make it work, because the files are not formatted correctly.

  23. ecanberg

    i just solve the problem when i read the older posts

  24. Crable

    I have downloaded theDawn theme, but its 1.0.2. Where i can download updated theme 1.5?

  25. tytrischuk

    weird, for whatever reason it didn’t show the percentage symbols.

  26. gulisz

    I’m having a hard time adding the portfolio on the home page of your site, could you explain step by step how to add your portfolio on the home? Thank you and congratulations for the theme.

  27. Christina25

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  28. tlarkworthy

    Enjoying the theme but for some reason my Pages don’t have a sidebar. I tried adding the primary sidebar in the theDawnPanel, with all possible alignments, I tried creating a dummy custom sidebar, and for some reason it never shows up. The sidebar works fine with blog entries and portfolio entries. There is nothing weird on it, just recent posts.
    Any ideas?
    Cheers Tom

  29. Ulticoach

    I keep getting a fatal error on my site:

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    I really like you theme
    Before I purchase it, I want to know if it’s possible to add “video” in the Home fancy box ?

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    Option Tree had an update…I updated…it broke the theme. I added back the old version…no good. Still broken. help.

  33. alphadx

    Hello Looking for help in setting up and customizing the template
    Email: [email protected]

  34. KittyCanuck

    @ egoyanes – Did you complete the installation steps?
    TheDawn has a plugin that come with it that needs to be uploaded and activated (OptionTree) and a couple things to import before the Slider section will work.

  35. davimedia

    I am having problems uploading the theme. Which files do i upload?

  36. ldiaz117

    This doesnt work on Wordpress 3.3 huh? UGH

  37. zelot66

    Anybody can guide me on how to set a menu for ‘Gallery’ and ‘Portfolio’. I managed to put on ‘Home’ and ‘Contact Us’ on menu bar at front page. These two require http link which I find it easy.

  38. wsound

    thank you for quick reply one more thing my contact form says Could not instantiate mail function.
    and how do i get my home about us on the home page but keep the slider.
    Thanks for a great theme

  39. jeromemarsan


  40. josephriba

    I have seen the screen shot of what the slider manager should look like however it does not look like this on my site. I am not able to add more than one slide. Something seems to be missing. please contact me.

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  42. mycityunsigned

    Is there a way to change the colour of the buttons?

  43. jasonstom

    like the template….any idea what I am doing wrong? I know it is something simple I am missing. It is strange. I am using static pages from the WP settings>reading. One is set to homepage and the other is my blog for posts.

  44. swimmingfungus

    Love TheDawn. When you set up a Gallery on a page, is there a way to place a Heading above the gallery itself? I have tried with no success.

  45. medianexus

    need some help, the blog page is showing full post instead of blog excerpts like i have checked off in the reading settings….what am i doing wrong here?

  46. Cheavor

    I’m setting up this theme for a client. When I use the Mbiz slider it’s not Auto-Rotating, and I don’t see the little circles below the slider to jump to each slide.

  47. senang

    I’d sent this email to Mbiz – but haven’t heard back as of yet – so I thought I’d post here for anyone who has figured out how to manipulate some of this stuff. Particularly, I’m having some difficulties with formatting the blog properly.

  48. senang

    How the heck do you get the “List” shortcodes to work!? I’ve tried everything! Can someone paste an example here? Thanks!

  49. yra3000

    So I guess its safe to say mBiz is no longer supporting this theme….

  50. stefanschuur

    My drop down menu is disappearing while using Safari the latest. Even when I visit your demo site, the menubar isn’t always visible:

  51. toralb

    can the theme be installed on more than 1 domain?

  52. danweb


  53. yorks

    sorry the last line above should have read “isnt a discussion panel”

  54. djacquin

    I too cannot get the options tree activated…?

  55. sebscholz83sk

    hello – at first my english is not so good – google is helping me

  56. TechTremor

    Have issues converting blog posts to ‘summary’ on 1.5. I’ve looked through the ‘Theme Options’ and into ‘Reading’ options and set it every way I can think of. Is there a flag I’m missing?

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    Non-Profit Partners

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    Hello, Ive tried to upload this theme to wordpress but it keeps failing because it says the style.css sheet is missing, can you please help me figure out how to fix this?

  66. webpuzzlemaster

    is there an option to make the portfolio page url be a permalink? on the demo its not on permalinks..

  67. Dasher39

    Just to follow up, I cannot see the “OptionTree” menu, just isn’t showing up.

  68. argos

    Hi, people, I hope mbiz could send me the .XML to import, but while that happen, is there anybody of you that could have a working .XML file so that I could import into my WP installation and see the theme working exact the same way it is in this LIVE PREVIEW demo site of thedawn ?
    Thanks in advance to everybody that could help me on this.

  69. marcofama

    dear all

  70. altobelli

    Hello mbiz,

  71. jkjacobson

    Does anyone have any idea why my portfolio images won’t load? They are simply the rotating load icon. Oddly if I click the rotating load icon it WILL launch the lightbox and display the image… Anyone know what’s going on because I cannot trace the problem…

  72. vadims

    I like it.

  73. hubscot

    I’m not sure where to add the logo…and what size it should be…not working for me. Bound to be simples. Help?!

  74. jkjacobson

    First off, I absolutely love the theme. It is one of the better themes I have seen in awhile! I am having 3 issues though (only 2 of which are likely quite simple)...

  75. zbuking

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  76. finchkelsey

    MBIZ !! where are do I add a blog page please!

  77. hirok

    Thx kylen20!
    I also believed that jQuery of the WP3.6 caused these problems.
    I hope the author of this theme would solve this issue…

  78. paketo

    No matter what I try, I cannot get text to wrap around a photo in a post. Only the first paragraph wraps. The second paragraph appears BELOW the photo even though there is plenty of space for it beside the photo.

  79. markmoe

    to Kelsey and Jeff

  80. Israel

    Nice job. Just one thing … I need to change some English words to Spanish words, for instance SEND MAIL by ENVIAR MAIL etc. How can I do that?
    Also, how can I get the Goole HTML code for the Google Map?
    Thank you so much for your help.

  81. kniemeyer80

    Beautiful Template but I have one issue. On your preview it shows multiple styles of the portfolio. I was under the assumption that I could apply more than one portfolio style to my website. In the Option Tree it appears I can on select 1 Portfolio style? I need to use the sliding pages, one column w/ sidebar & three column w/ sidebar within my website, is this possible or am I only limited to using one style? thanks…

  82. erictlee

    i’m not able to view “excerpts” of my posts or pages in the blog. is this feature not available or am i missing something? thanks!

  83. CarlMagnusNorden

    Hi mbiz!

  84. newhouse74


  85. mbiz

  86. n0yes

    2. What path are you using for your image?
    In most cases using the full path to your image should work. For example, you would input http://www.mydomain/blog/wp-content/uploads/image.jpg (or whatever the path to your image is). However, some hosts do not allow the use of http://www. at the end of a URL . In this case you should use the relative path to your image, and remove your domain from the URL . In the above case, assuming your blog is hosted in the /blog/ folder, the path to your image would just be: wp-content/uploads/image.jpg.

  87. CarlMagnusNorden

    How can I add attachments? it is only for text.

  88. Ruzoid

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  89. Jstar

    Is there a special screen I have to go into to turn on the sliders? I’m just getting a blank screen on the sliders? thank you

  90. victorkill

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  92. -david

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  93. jasonstom

    Great! that fixed it. Is there anyway to use a sidebar on the front page without using the magazine-like layout? I want to be able to use some widgets in the body. The full width layout does not allow me to do that.

  94. Jstar

    I’m fairly new to all this and was just wondering will this work with 3.1? Excuse my ignorance, I just downloaded it and prolly should have asked that first.

  95. designroom

    Please add a purple skin, it is missing in this awesome theme! Congrats! it is a beautiful work.

  96. aleximprota

    I am interested in purchasing The Dawn, but I saw an earlier version, that to post photos and videos, I had to upload the files and write the way then post the images, and an unfriendly process, even if you have multiple images or pictures. This has been modified? for example, in the same place I set up lightbox, can I upload photos?

  97. markmoe

    @dasher39 – add this under the “HTML” tab on the editor (next to “Visual”)

  98. fleche59

    Very beautiful… I will buy it. But i want to have an information about the slider.

  99. artdenye

    Very nice theme ! If I charged it, can you help me to make images slideshow in the blogpost , because unfortunatly I dont find it in shortcodes ?

  100. lazyhoofer

    Trying to add titles to each image in lightbox gallery mode….. however it dose not display like it does when you just insert the image into the post.

  101. xtinctsurfer

    I have sent 3 emails to the author over the course of January discussing the issues with the drop down menu not working in several different internet browsers (chrome, firefox, explorer) and have YET to receive an email back with any type of explanation. Has anyone else received any feedback from the author. I might bring it up to Themeforest.

  102. Bob4u

    I purchased TheDawn and got following problems:

  103. onthemarkmedia

    For some reason, I can’t import the thedawn_options.xml
    file into the optionTree widget.

  104. jeremygoldenberg

    Hi i’ve changed the permissions of my folder for 777 although the thumbs still aren’t appearing. What else could be causing this?

  105. markmoe

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  119. sjoerdreijnhoudt

    This is for all the people who are having trouble with the thumbs.
    This issue really can be solved by changing the permission of the ‘cache’ folder in wp-content/themes/thedawn/lib/scripts

  120. Benjamin_R

    do you have a boxed version?

  121. ronaldoescudeiro

    Hi, great theme! I have an issue with the contact form, it’s doens’t work, the, nothing happens when i try to send a message:

  122. sjoerdreijnhoudt

    Having same issue.

  123. miteshpuri

    Hey Guys,
    M planning to buy this theme. Just wanted a clarification. Has the support for this theme died? The author is not replying to any queries sent via his profile neither does reply to comments over here…

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  128. kit

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    About the .po & .mo files, you can download them free from here:

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    hope you’re doing great mate.

  131. alexandreB

    A client of mine purchased your theme and I have to translate it.
    I can’t find .po nor .pot files in the .zip file, is that normal ?

  132. superchris

    Is there anything i could do to add the features i ask about? Just point me in the right direction You added tags in portfolio so i hope its possible to get those listed and get the same functionality as tags in blogpost. regards Chris

  133. gfisoftware

    Are there any plans to make the theme responsive? I just installed it and sadly the theme does not re-arrange itself to fit phones. im a bit disappointed as i took it for granted that it should work

  134. Israel

    I need to add two more fields in the contact form page, such as “Town” and “Province”
    How can I do that?
    Thank you.

  135. gregfuller

    Hi, have you tested theDawn with Wordpress 3.1 rc4? I guess I’m really asking is it 3.1 ready ? It’s a bit early I know—just asking.

  136. superchris

    Thanks for the response. My point regarding the portfolio image is that it would be perfect if the image also would appear in the single portfolio page.

  137. finchkelsey

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    Second Email on the theme “theDawn” Here and Ivor …
    Before purchasing this theme, I want to know if this theme is totally or partially translated into French.
    Fronted and Bakted
    Thank you for your response

  142. andradesign

    I’m having some issues with the contact form…has anybody else had an issue? I get an “incorrect email” message each time a message is submitted.

  143. bmarlin

    I am getting complaints that my home page is slow to load. The images are not large. Could the rotator be causing this. The site is

  144. toddoddbot


  145. happycreative

    Same problem as some of the above posters, thumbnails not showing up anywhere. Permission to relevant folder is 777.

  146. stoff75

    Is it possible to get the demo data that you use in the demo for this? I¨m trying to set this up but the slider goes all wrong, the portfolios aren’t showin where they should etc. ..

  147. ThemeProvince


  148. jagam97

    in the zip file not match the contents of the template sample. Can you tell me where I can get it?

  149. MacJosetty

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  150. ronaldoescudeiro

    Hi mbiz, great theme! Just one question, i created a page template to show in home but the slider stopped to work, when i back to original home template it works fine, coul you help me?

  151. paketo

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  154. stoff75

    Hi, I purchased this theme a long time ago. Now I’m wondering if it’s possible to get that slider to work on any page, not just the blog page?
    No matter how I configured it I can’t get it to show on any other page than the blog page (as seen in the live preview) – I want to put it on the landing page which is a pure information page, not news/blogs. Is that possible?
    Regards // Kristoffer

  155. i4

    Is it uploaded yet? Im about to buy this one.

  156. Kahuna_Design

    Hi everyone,

  157. KittyCanuck

    I am trying to install The Dawn, but I’m getting tripped up by the Options Tree part.

  158. lilouk

    Hi Mbiz,

  159. CaSundara

    Hi, you didn’t respond to my previous comments. The slider has no button to add more images and the columns can’t be used from the top of the posts or they mess up the archive and homepage displays.

  160. kit

    Hello @igis,
    The translation files are free for download directly from wordpress:

  161. trocity

    K, just sent the message.

  162. mbiz

    I’m back.
    Thank you all for purchasing my theme, I appreciate that.
    I apologize for being away from service desk due to marriage and other circumstances.

  163. marcofama

    @kit That’s weird, I cannot click on “Reply” for this theme discussion?! whoa..

  164. sevedd

    The Gallery pulls the name of the actual file name to display instead of the Title entered in the media library. Where do we update the code to use the actual Title?

  165. Ivor

    One of my favorites

  166. FelixDaHousecat

    I just wanna say how happy I am with this template. It was a bit of a learning curve for me but with lots of help from Mo everything is working perfectly now :o)

  167. Era_Bal

    mbiz after update my wordpress to 3.3 one of my menu stay hover like if I had clicked. another thin is with the slider on my front page, I have 4 post to show by page, if I click next page the little circle under the slider pic get broke, like a square. any idea why is doing that? thank you

  168. hubscot

    Whoops silly me – got it! All OK. :O)

  169. 2xmedia

    I have also been having issues with this template since upgrading to the latest version of Wordpress. the VisualLightBox no longer works for photos or video. It used to be if I click a photo from the featured section it appeared in a nice javascript lightbox. Now if I click it it just takes it to the photos url straight up. ugly…Same for videos, used to appear in a nice lightbox, now it goes right to the youtube page. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

  170. wmutenza

    Can’t add more menu items: I get a blank page ( when I try to add more menu items. My site: Will apreciate anyone’s help. Willy

  171. bernardcollin

    I uploaded the latest version of TheDawn on my site and the Add New slider button does not create a slider.

  172. redwolfgirl66

    The Add new slide button is missing. I have viewed in Firefox and IE and it is not there. So, it is not possible to add multiple slides. Help!!

  173. jmlacour

    I’ve been trying to get the Theme options for this theme for the past month and have yet to receive a response from the author. I think the functions.php file is just simply missing the options

  174. Arram

    Hi mbiz
    Is it any chance to get css file for skin you are usin in demo? I’m guessing dark blue?

  175. helpsys


  176. rpmonteiro

    Any ideas on how to change the size of the thumbnails?

  177. Bigdrobek

    Problem with thumb solved

  178. nokiko

    any eta?

  179. obismarck

    Also i have tested with various wordpress versions, there are no theme options!!!

  180. markmoe


  181. hirok

    Today I updated my WP to 3.7.1 with the solution by @srm5446.
    Yes! No Problem for me!!

  182. maxime9009

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. magic_barry

    Having trouble getting any posts to show. Single posts no problem but the author pages, posts by category, tags etc will not show anything.

  184. beyondbeast

    need help!!

  185. fleche59

    And the accents don’t operate on titles under menu!

  186. Dasher39

    Thanks so much markmoe, worked perfectly!

  187. Kram

    Hi jmlacour
    I can,t see it there either, I can’t remember if it was there before.

  188. hirok

    Anyone knows how to this theme to WP 3.6?
    Or will you, all users, change the theme for WP 3.6?

  189. take1studios

    are there any special instructions on downloading this theme?

  190. CodeMaster2008

    Very well done, Awesome Theme!
    What about an HTML version? Any plans?

  191. hubscot

    Sent you two emails today – hoping to hear from you soon ;o) Thanks Sx

  192. CaSundara

    Second question… How can I change the page numbers to sit on the right and how do I enlarge the font for the page numbers only? If you look at the following link you’ll see they are a bit tucked away on the left and may not be noticed. On the right would be better, but if not, bigger will do.

  193. KittyCanuck

    Ok, so apparently the fakepath thing is a “feature” in IE8 and has nothing to do with anything.

  194. smboyce

    This theme is really disappointing. I wouldn’t recommend it. It looks pretty sleek, sure, but there are tons of bugs.

  195. keinetwork


  196. fleche59

  197. WPExplorer

    Wow – this theme is perfect! Great job and good luck with sales!

  198. egoyanes

    I’m sorry, the problem to change the read more text button is in the Featured Content Widget of the homepage, I can’t find where to change it, could you help me?

  199. srm5446

    Also, the cufon font works for me if I use h1 or h2 html tags instead of the [fancy_font] WordPress tags.

  200. p360group

    Hi i can’t get the banner to work can you please help me out right now the image on the slider is not working at all….. here is the link to my website

  201. CarlMagnusNorden

    Just a clarification!

  202. D_Brugge

    I see that the Tribulant site has listed you as Do Not Recommend because theDawn “doesn’t follow WordPress conventions and standards to integrate with the framework. As a result, it causes conflicts.”
    Have you yet, or will you be addressing the issues that they site?

  203. miteshpuri

    i Hi all,
    I want to buy these theme. But before that, i have one query. I went through the demo site and want to opt for the ‘light-grey’ skin but the top navigation bar color should be like the one in ‘dark green’ skin. Can somebody help me out with how to do that?

  204. JeffreySummers

    Still waiting for an answer to any question in any form from you.

  205. nibin_blessy

    Hi, Is it possible to change the page background color?

  206. argos

    Hi people, mbiz has sent an email to all here, to explain he will become available on 2 days from now… I hope that could be real, as I wanted to buy this theme but need to be sure about SUPPORT and fixed bugs first.

  207. Bruce1

    Hello, nice theme, are there other color options besides the demo skins?

  208. bmcprimetime


  209. Designpump

    Love this theme great coding work, very impressed. Is there any sampledata.xml available?

  210. mbiz

    Dear Buyers,

  211. zbuking

    Can I change permalink structure for portforio item?

  212. p360group

    Hey i send you an email with my log ins, did you got it?

  213. rpmonteiro

    Sorry for the silly question, but:

  214. jkjacobson

    Does anyone know of a Gallery Plugin for individual posts that does not cause a conflict with way the Portfolio page works on this theme? I have tried a couple and there always seems to be conflict…

  215. Gyroscopic

    Hi there, I’m thinking of purchasing this theme but have a couple of questions first.

  216. Era_Bal

    hey mbiz i only can see the background and the searchbar of your theme. i have wordpress 3.1

  217. jkjacobson

    Where would I find the code which links a “Portfolio Title” (Using 3 columns with normal text) on the portfolio page to the portfolio item post itself. I want to remove it. I don’t want people to be able to click on the name and find the post. I merely want the PORTFOLIO page to show the feature image and text with no way of navigating to the the actual portfolio item post itself… I’ve been looking but cannot seem to find it…

  218. swimmingfungus

    Ive been using this theme for a long time now and have just update our website with the latest version. It seems Nivo Slider will not let me use the slide navigation buttons when the effect is set to “Fade” but it will if set to the default “Random” effect? Can you help? I need “Fade” with the slider button s working.

  219. michelerossi

    Nice theme.

  220. cstew68

    any way to disable the “portfolio -” portion of the header and just display the page title??

  221. jamieirvin

    Hi, I am very close to buying this theme but I have 2 concerns:

  222. eight4gate

    Hi Mbiz,

  223. skane

    MBIZ – Is it possible to add a title tag to the tabbed_box tabs? Currently on mouseover they show as tab1, tab2, etc.

  224. studioleland


  225. israelro

    The Main Slider has Bugs! when trying with the option tree plug in, How hard is to apply this slider? or does anyone knows where this can go? I added the code to the body but is not working out.

  226. reggiemichel

    Just recently purchased this theme & looks great so far. Only problem I’m having is that featured post images always open to lightbox image as opposed to lightobox video even though I’m inserting a youtube video link in the custom post settings. Please help!!!

  227. argos

    URGENT . I can´t add my language to the theme.

  228. kit

    Hi Marco,
    I’m not in charge with the theme support, please consider it as free as it is. I just want to help where I can.
    Sorry for misunderstanding about the translation files, I thought you were talking about the core its self. Indeed the language folder from the the theme is empty, but modify yourself the need strings. It’s not much. I translated, moded and publish this theme in 1 day.

  229. jmlacour

    The documentation shows Theme options, it doesn’t appear the latest version has theme options in the functions file. Any way to get an updated version with theme options?

  230. mike78

    before purcase i have one question :
    i can import(working) the demo Version 1.0.2 ?

  231. kit

    Hi @simon_mc,

  232. marlonw12

    Hi – is it possible to add a video to the first page in the slider?

  233. swimmingfungus

    Hi, Love your theme!

  234. hubscot


  235. Enigma1

    I’d like to buy this but cant seem to get Theme forest to verify my address…. grrrrrr

  236. mmmiro

    Hi Mohammad,

  237. tomlemay

    Hi, I have problem with character encoding. My website is in french, and I dont see the “é” “à” caracters… In posts titles, slider titles…

  238. SANEBiometrics

    Hi all, i’m experimenting a problem in the slide show navigation buttons. It works quite well but the interface show the “alt” text instead of the image when opened in mozilla firefox.
    when i open it in chrome or i.e. safari etc it does not appens but there is an annoing edge around the image. Any idea? Am I the only one facing it?tnx in advance

  239. KittyCanuck

    I have the same issue as Era_Bal
    After updating to WP 3 .3, some of my menu items look like they have been selected, even when they are not. For me, they are the menu items with dropdown menus that are doing this.

  240. secnd20

    I have gone through the whole documentation and can not seem to get the OptionTree activated and I catch this error:

  241. sjoerdreijnhoudt

    Hi mbiz,

  242. tarnyakhouri

    Hi mbiz,

  243. andradesign

    I guess I should be more clear

  244. rhals


  245. mbiz

    To all my dear buyers and visitors, I’m kind of backed up on inquiries and requests, and suggestions, I’ll do my best to answer them all, so please be patient as it might take some time to cover all your queries.

  246. craigy

    Awesome Theme!

  247. n0yes

    I have set cache to 777, but my thumbnails are not working! I don’t know what to do. Did anybody have the same problem? Please help mbiz or anyone!

  248. smokingrocket

    have sent you an email slider not working wont let me add slides please fix it asap also if you have xml can you also import it so you make it look like your demo and ill edit it after i want you to import all the settings from your demo so it looks the same the i can edit text and change pictures.

  249. Multicom

    design-spot , thanks for the tip.

  250. jkjacobson

    Hi Mbiz,

  251. shinbuki


  252. bandbrcu

    This is a great theme. I just purchased it and have been trying to implement it on my site, but for whatever reason I can not get the admin options panel to customize the header, etc to display.

  253. Dasher39

    @markmoe – Thanks, although I’m completely new to this so I wouldn’t have the faintest clue how to add a table using HTML . Any help?

  254. studioleland


  255. inked6791

    Can you please advise how I can change the background of the homepage slider. I see the PSD file, which I have changed, but I haven’t found where it needs to go. Thank you. – I’m using the Nivo Slider.

  256. stefanschuur

    Great that you are back! Congrats with the wedding and I wish you well with all the other circumstances.

  257. CaSundara

    I have the same problem with the slider. There’s no button to add new slide…

  258. Bigdrobek

    KRAM : yes me too

  259. edpierc

    Any chance we could get options in slider manager to customize the location of the .MBIZ-slide-info on a per slide basis? It would be very nice to be able to put it on the right when photo content is left heavy.

  260. zunidigital

    Does this developer exist anymore? I am having serious problems with my page and need help asap.

  261. babin

    Hi there!

  262. littlemissnimbus

    Hi I know Mbiz just got married so won’t be around – congrats btw but maybe someone might have a suggestion:

  263. finchkelsey

    Regarding my question above..the preview displays the blog posts in this way. With a height and a read more text link.

  264. kylen20

    Yes hirok, it seems the theme is incompatible with WP v3.6 – I’ve just wound back to v 3.5.2 as my dropdown menus weren’t working and neither were Cufon fonts. I’m sure there is other stuff too.

  265. Christina25

    @skane – I am hosting this myself on my own server which is a Solaris 10 box. I am a Unix System Engineer by trade.

  266. Aines


  267. Dasher39

    When I create a Category Archive or Portfolio and place it on the main menu, when you open the page the header reads: “Category archive – NEWS ”

  268. mycityunsigned

    Updated the theme and all my widgets have gone: The dawn, popular posts etc….how can i get them back?

  269. lazyhoofer

    Having issues with the WYSIWYG editor Shortcodes. None of the buttons (the themed buttons) seem to be working. Only the contact form does.
    Everything else just opens an frame reading

  270. hirok

    Twitter widget of theDawn doesn’t work now due to Twitter’s API changes.
    Anyone knows the solution for this issue?
    If you know it, let me know please.

  271. danweb

    Hey man,

  272. zippy1979

    Can I add a video and opt-in form to the header.

  273. Adyyda

    hello. First of all, congratulation for this great theme. I like it and i may be using it soon for a project.
    I would like to know:
    1. if the main page can be set up to be like in , meaning that i need 10-12 categories (business, movies, economy etc) and each to show latest 5-10 post in that category. Layout should be chosed by me, to display all 10 news with image and small description or just the first with image and description and the rest of 9 with image and title. So, how can i do this in your theme, if i can.
    2.if in any of that categories i can add rss flux or similar concept to show news from other websites, and this without going to the source website -so the news be readed in my own website

  274. xberserker

    Have you had anyone use this with BuddyPress?

  275. mmmiro


  276. jkjacobson

    One other thing I forgot to ask. How hard is it to modify the login button code (I love the design) to direct you to a the wp-admin dashboard (as if you used /wp-login.php). Having to still manually go there seems like an unnecessary step?

  277. saratoti

    Hi! I purchased your theme and can’t get the slideshow to work. I have 5 slides with image links and it only shows the very first photo and doesn’t rotate or do anything at all. Not sure what to do, I’ve looked through the Javascript but I can’t find any problems. It’s just not working?

  278. smokingrocket

    i notice how mbiz has replied to someone looking to buy it but not to some one that has bought it and needs support!!!.

  279. stan68

    stunning theme, congratulations

  280. bhanbang

    Hi, I want change my posts Display “Read More” in blog Home..

  281. jr0131

    This theme is awesome . It does what it says it will do and I think it is very unfair to suggest that mbiz has been anything but helpful and supportive. With 374 purchases, I’m sure he is very busy supporting us all.

  282. goddesskarla

    Love the theme.. but having the same issue with youtube. Thanks! K

  283. bhanbang

    Cool, I forgot WordPress have “more” tag…haha

  284. CaSundara

    Wow, thanks for the lightening response – and it worked!
    Keep up the good work – I’ll give you 5 stars tomorrow once I can see everything is working as it should be. You’ll sell tons of these…

  285. smokingrocket

    this still has not solved the issue i cannot use any slides as the add slide button does not work also i need the xml import file so i can make it look like the demo

  286. Enigma1

    Excellent theme…

  287. skane

    As a theme purchaser like you, I implemented TheDawn twice on a Liniux server with no issues whatsoever. Both instances are on shared servers at Who are you hosting with?

  288. pouya099

    i like to purchase this theme but i have few questions.

  289. durf

    Hello good job well done!
    I need to know how to remove the part of the comments from the page:
    and the button “ADD COMMENT ”

  290. hubscot


  291. mbiz

    Thank you all my dear buyers,

  292. bbali868

    Hi Mbiz,

  293. pcorn54

    Would love to see Google+ added to the social icons

  294. smokingrocket

    have sent you an email slider not working wont let me add slides please fix it asap also if you have xml can up also import it so you make it look like your demo and ill edit it after i want you to import all the settings from your demo so it looks the same the i can edit text and change pictures.

  295. jeremygoldenberg

    Hi when you are on an inner page, the drop down menu does not appear anymore.

  296. mbiz

    Dear buyers,

  297. mpaine

    Where is mbiz?? I see other people are having trouble contacting the author regarding support issues, me to, i have sent two emails in the last 6 weeks requesting support and heard nothing. Has anyone been lucky enough to get a reply from mbiz? looks like ill be looking for another theme and asking for my money back at this rate. NOT GOOD

  298. 666666

    The theme is truly all in one and targeted most of the audience taste , the theme is already awesome but if you implement another option to run slider in categories with the slider going with the topics of that particular category or choosen and enable/disabling option for the people who doesnt like the slider to run in category pages will be both sexy and awesome. And which will make it complete bussiness and magazine theme and flexible for people to shift to either of the purposes and looks too .
    Thank you very much !

  299. lilouk

    How to use video in slider ?

  300. pelocalconsulting

    I absolutely fell in love with this theme when I saw it. Now that I have purchased and I am trying to set up my site this is one of the most complicated themes I have every tried to work with. I emailed for support a few days ago and have not gotten a reply.

  301. jondoe666

    wow i guess support for this theme has gone down the drain..

  302. marcofama

    @veranos: I unfortunately get very late responses, but I guess it’s because Mohammad is very busy due to his theme success.

  303. paketo

    Love the template. Very nice.

  304. matun

    What does the languages/ subfolder serves for? Can I translate the theme to my language of choice and use that folder somehow for that purpose?

  305. veranos

    Hi mbiz,
    I really like your theme, fantastic! I have never used premium themes before so I may ask you some questions with obvious answers. Here we go.

  306. newhouse74


  307. JeffreySummers

    Having a problem getting copy to wrap around image in a page. Shows gaps.

  308. phillipfx

    My Homepage is showing the blog posts in full length….how do I add the Read More feature?

  309. marcofama

    Dear Mohammad, dear all
    I’ve just seen there’s a huge update: thanks for keeping this project so great.

  310. LewisHatkoff

    I am not able to use the slider on my main page. it will not allow me to add a slide. what do you suggest? can u email me at [email protected] please? my site is

  311. micduggan

    Hi Mohammad,
    I can’t seem to turn off ‘comments’ on any page. I saw on the FAQ how you said it was a wordpress issue. But that’s what I tried first. Can you clarify? I need to finish this project and move on. Thank you.

  312. iamchandan

    Any chance html template?

  313. mbiz

    For Quicker and probably guaranteed support, please use email form available at my profile page, as I check my email more frequently.

  314. jkjacobson

    My site using this theme was recently hacked and flagged as containing malicious badware. This is new and was not present when the site was installed and setup a 4-5 months ago.

  315. hegira

    I can’t get my thumbnails in gallery showing up.
    When I click on the circle, the big picture shows..
    My cache folder has the correct permissions, and I’ve tried different paths.

  316. happycreative

    Having same issue.

  317. dizmarkie

    When I use the style switcher it seems to work with the exception of the slider BG. It looks like an inline style and it points to

  318. ClaytonRobb

    Does anyone know if its possible to have more than 5 mini tabs?? I’m having trouble getting more than 5 tabs to work properly.

  319. jgkastner

    Thanks for the email about the “fix” for my site! I appreciate the timely response. (just a few days…) Hope you had a good few days off.

  320. otammie

    I know this has been asked before but cannot find the answer. How do I remove the words ‘Category archive’? as I am using this as my main Blog page.

  321. photomidia

    Hello I wanted to know if the Sample.XML data file included file from your theme thank you in advance

  322. hirok

    thx a lot!
    I will try your solution!

  323. lilouk

    What is the best resolution for videos (.mov) to use quicktime embeded plugin ?

  324. muntzdesigns

    Very Nice theme…some similar features to Webtreats Infocus!

  325. bhanbang


  326. topanico


  327. JillH

    I have major problems with this theme and have tried to contact the developer with no success. My last email was sent on January 21 – still no reply. Even though he requests we contact him directly, I’m not sure he’s very interested in responding to customer problems.

  328. kit

    Hello @DawidJ,

  329. Kahuna_Design

    Hello everyone,

  330. praxs

    Drop Down Menu is NOT working… new version..

  331. DellaRovere

    Olá, eu comprei o tema, mas quando vou instalar o Slider ele dá erro, apresenta:
    O pacote não pôde ser instalado. Nenhum plugin válido foi encontrado.
    A instalação do plugin falhou.
    Como eu instalo este plugin?

  332. mmjaeger

    Does the theme fully support child themes?
    is it possible to have the featured images from regular blog posts in the slider without too much modifications

  333. LindleyJ

    Hi. Purchased your theme for a client and I am happy with the results so far. However, my client wants some minor changes that are not part of the framework. I don’t want to mess with your framework code but instead would like to use a child theme setup so nothing will be changed on the framework. Does not seem to be working. Is there something special I need to do when working with Option Tree? Thanks in advance for your help.

  334. argos

    Hi, need to know if you provide the .po and .mo files to translate it to spanish.

  335. mbiz


  336. cdn_k3v

    I really like this theme, I am wondering if it is possible to change just the background on the pages? I like the idea of when you change a skin color everything changes, but I don’t want the dark/light backgrounds, i would like to have an image span the width of the page.

  337. tlarkworthy

    Just scanned mine too, but it reported the site as fine. I downloaded this theme early Jan.

  338. pastorlane

    Has anyone had a problem with the pictures wrapping?

  339. pichgooshti

    I want to purchase this theme, but before purchase, I should test it. so I temporarily found the dawn v1.0.2 just for test.

  340. p360group

    yea what is your email or skype if you have one so we can fix the problems, i love the theme and I can’t wait to get it to work

  341. ldiaz117

    Still no reply to my question from over a week ago. Whats the deal here?

  342. traffography

    Loving the theme, but can’t get the timthumb to work properly, get these errors, any ideas?

  343. Jack-Jumper

    When I click on the WYSIWYG options that come with the theme I get a page not found error? Any Idea what’s wrong? The buttons that come with the default wp install work fine.

  344. mmmiro

    Potential buyers of this theme should know that it has a couple of serious limitations;

  345. owentrier

    Awesome Theme!

  346. CullenJWebb


  347. cerebis

    Just so others don’t waste an entire day like I did, this theme conflicts with the fw-vimeo-videowal plug-in. I don’t know which is misbehaving, but when the fw-vimeo-videowal plug-in is active, the portfolio page slide does not work.

  348. OnPro

    Hi. First off, great theme! – just bought it.

  349. obismarck

    I’m sooooo stupid! As written in the documentation i had to install the plugin “option tree” first… Sorry

  350. JimmyLA

    Actually, nevermind what I wrote before. I just now read a few comments up where you said it’s 3.1 compatible.

  351. kylen20

    Contact form issue.

  352. hirok

    Incompatible with WP3.6?
    Tabs, Cufon and more didn’t work properly under the WP 3.6.
    Anyone has the same problems?

  353. mbiz


  354. stefanschuur


  355. marcofama

    Dear mbiz,
    hope you had a good new year’s beginning.

  356. skane

    This theme really stands apart in terms of design and options. Any plans to launch a separate support forum for your themes? As you say, it’s tedious to handle support here.

  357. jeromemarsan

    mohdbiz is back

  358. anrebo


  359. ldiaz117

    Got an issue with spacing when inserting a picture with text. See here:

  360. graphicdesign

    I love the theme but need urgent help, how on earth do I show all the portfolio pages in one portfolio index page like you have on your sample. there is nothing in your instructions that shows how to make a main portfolio page. The drop down in pages has gallery, but no portfolio….urgent I get this done this weekend, please help asap.

  361. ronvandegraaf

    Great theme… Same problem with the slider here:

  362. view360

    Hi There
    Great theme
    Can I change the image for each page
    on the header-intro

  363. grafter

    Thanks for the update. Shortcodes for lists do not appear to be working?

  364. alsubhi

    Very nice theme.

  365. Kram

    Hi Mohammad
    Thanks for the prompt support. Greatly appreciated.

  366. pokerworx

    I found a bug when using the magazine full width home layout, when you want 6 or more items it puts 1 thing on the second on the right leaving two spaces to the left and skips to the next line. You have to manually edit the css .featured-wrap-fullwidth to add a height : )
    Awesome theme I love it.

  367. altobelli

    I’m unable to populate my homepage with my posts. I followed the instructions:

  368. blvdstudios


  369. MacJosetty

    Really cool Theme!
    Which Fonts do you use for the Logo?

  370. razzinteractive

    Is it possible to display a PAGE in the featured content area on the homepage? How can I do this?

  371. altobelli

    Thank you @ KIT . I love your site.

  372. MoayyadK

    Thank you for this awesome theme ..

  373. yorks

    I have having the same problem as tjfisher. I cannot turn off comments on pages. I emailed you about this and you replied

  374. rklesc

    I am having a problem with thumbnail images showing up on the popular post section of the home page. The image is present as it appears in the post and the same url is displayed in the ‘Image’ section in thedawn custom panel below the content. All I see is a wide/narrow empty box with an icon for missing content.

  375. srm5446

    Hello everyone. I think we are all disappointed that the developer has abandoned us. I was able to find a fix for the dropdown menu problem.

  376. swimmingfungus

    Is there a way of placing text above a gallery?

  377. ldiaz117

    Which file do I edit to remove the “READ MORE ” link on the homepage content box area (not the slider but below the featured content)?

  378. nokiko


  379. pgameiro

    Hi Mbiz,

  380. fleche59

    Your template don’t work. I’m using wordpress 3.0.5.

  381. insomniacmunky

    The “Read More” thing needs to be fixed….I have other themes that this works in. The “Page Break” icon does not exist FYI

  382. p360group

    I didn’t received the email can you please forward it to my other email which is [email protected]

  383. stellaire

    Just a note to say that some are a bit nasty with the author.

  384. Hemophilia

    i buy thedawn themes but m getting error kindly give me solution

  385. kylen20

    @bradg120177 – All the backgrounds shown in the demo are included in the theme. You set the background image in the the slider manager and you can change it for different slides if you wish.

  386. Graphitos

    Hi, I recieve this errors:

  387. rorysmith2

    FIXED : After spending about 6 hours digging into the code, I fixed the MCE plugins that were displaying a “Page not found” error. The issues was that the popup box displays the MCE form in an iframe. To work, it needs to load the wordpress environment and it was not able to get to all the files correctly to do so. I had to go in and edit each individual PHP file in each plugin in the theme. Line 3 of each file contains a variable to to require wp-blog-header.php. I changed that to wp-load.php and all is working now.

  388. mmmiro

    What is the procedure to update to the latest version?

  389. jkjacobson

    How do I get my BLOG page to display BLOG items… also I assume the same concept applies to set my Portfolio Page to display Portfolio items… I am obviously missing a simple step as there don’t seem to be page templates meaning it has to be set elsewhere… but I didn’t see it in Option Tree either.

  390. jeromemarsan


  391. SheikhNaveed


  392. Alfamesteren

    Hello i have a quick question before i buy, if i choose a static page as frontpage will the slider still show in the frontpage or will it go disappear ?

  393. nonprofitpartners

    I just purchased “Dawn” and when I go to upload into WordPress I can not activate becuase “Broken Themes, The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.” I downloaed again and uploded using FileZilla to ensure the upload. Same Result. Does the Author or anyone else have any thoughts. Really need to get this up today.
    [email protected]
    JOe Johnson
    PS I am sure this is a simple issue and not a publisher issue but do need to know

  394. toddoddbot

    I love this theme and I’m eager to get it working but I’m having some issues with the contact form as well giving me the “Could not instantiate mail function.” error. I’ve contacted my hosting provider and told them what you told the other user who was having this issue which was “mail() function” but they can’t seem to work it out either and are saying the that function is already turned on which is a total bummer. If you have any other suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

  395. CaSundara

    The above still applies, though I’ve found a way around it for now (am posting this in case anyone else has the same issue). If I keep a paragraph at the top of the post without columns and add the read more break immediately after that then the issue is corrected, but it would be nicer not to have to do that, as i wanted an image at the top of column two permanently. Hopefully just it’s me being stupid and you’ll tell me how to fix it.

  396. marcofama

    dear mbiz

  397. josephriba

    Hi, Each time I update thedawn theme the side bar moves to the bottom of the page, it will no longer stay to the right. If I go back to the old version of the theme the problem is corrected. Do you know what might be causing this. Thanks

  398. Dasher39

    How do you insert a table into a post? I cannot see an option for that?

  399. Enigma1

    Have a look at your code through your browser, you’ll notice that the sidebars are written first… a huge mistake if SEO is important to you. This theme killed my internet traffic. I wrote the author about this and he never replied… I highly recommend NOT using this theme.

  400. alejometal

    Hi buddy Im interested in your work, but I want to know if this theme comes with the demo site, (demo data). is important for me if it comes with it, or if you can provide it to me after I purchase.

  401. SimplybyDesign

    I can’t get the the Portfolio “Three Column with Inner Text” to display the images (circle just keeps spinning).

  402. finchkelsey


  403. cstew68

    is there a way to reorder the portfolio items?

  404. Dobrodukh

    I bought it, and did everything according to instructions. But nothing so set up and could not. It’s sort of a joke or a hoax?
    No button “Reload XML ”
    Options Panel – empty
    Sliders – do not add
    Theme Options – Blog – not found….
    This is a very bad joke!

  405. kit

    Use AstroGrep to search between the strings of multiple files.
    Locate the desired file, make a backup, modify and check how it works.

  406. yorks

    Just purchased this theme, installed it ok and most of it seems to work, BUT I have just checked the documentation and it says there should be an OPTIONTREE menu option in admin.

  407. Nesta92

    Hi, I’ve got an issue with the dropdown menu in Portfolio sections …
    There is no dropdown …

  408. SB2014

    will this work w./ 3.5?

  409. CrucialCounty

    AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  410. JillH

    Is anyone else having problems with blank “Visual” tabs in all of the Pages (admin panel)? The HTML tab shows the code for each page but the copy section in all the Visual tabs are all blank.

  411. amos_and_radio

    Hi there,

  412. Battlecat

    I can not figure out for the life of me how to install the slider.

  413. jkjacobson

    Is there any way to have the “Three columns with normal text” portfolio option display an excerpt rather than the content itself? The ideal situation to my above problem would be to keep the link to the portfolio item in tact have an excerpt display (or some sort of caption) and then have the gallery directly in the portfolio item post itself. I have managed to find a compatible plugin that works and have modified it to match the existing gallery look and feel however anything I put on the post (including galleries) shows up on portfolio page as the “normal text” making a mess.

  414. chonafree

    Hello, Love the theme, Question, the list

  415. sofiapedroso

    My theme completetly broke after upgrade.
    Changes i made in the theme options panel, only affect some pages.
    Whatever i do the homepage remains the same.
    The layout is wrong.
    I need urgent help please.
    I have a maintenance page active so if you need to see the site, tell me how can i send you a private message.

  416. jmlacour

    Anyone else not able to see the Theme Options page in the Admin Menu Under appearance in wordpress 3.3?

  417. jeromemarsan

    The Dawn template is compatible on my computer with Firefox 4.0 and IE 9 .0

  418. srm5446

    @hirok thanks for confirming my solution worked for you! Happy to help.

  419. casey_delong

    Same here….no theme options. Help please!

  420. alejometal

    Thanks for you super fast answer and support.

  421. OnPro

    Hi again!
    How do i get the portfolio “in a page”? So i can access it through the menu etc?

  422. kevinsturf

    This is one outstanding theme. The look of everything is great, the amount of features and ways to do stuff is simply endless.

  423. MacJosetty

    i am Blind, or where an i find the .pot file for translation?

  424. Whiteey

    Hi mbiz,

  425. MacJosetty

    Thanks for the Update!

  426. minusidea

    A few issues -

  427. pinvgroup

    I thought I saw an option to change the text on the “Read More” button used in the slider. Does anyone know where this is or how I can changes this to “Contact Us”?

  428. kylen20

    @jeffrey – try using W3 Total Cache plugin instead. That’s working fine for me.

  429. zelot66

    I uploaded the folder ‘The Dawn’ but I couldn’t find layout navigation bar. Empty slider manager and home page blank, no tab.

  430. keinetwork

    How Can I put the fixed height slider in all pages (not only in homepage)?

  431. Dasher39

    I have created a few pages and portfolios for a few different pages on my website, however in the header intro it always reads:

  432. ares5000

    Anyone else having issues with a slow dashboard?

  433. mreaster1


  434. mbiz

    Hi guys,

  435. tonydickinson


  436. altobelli

    One other question – is there any “starter” documentation associated with this theme? Thanks.

  437. Kristell_


  438. tlarkworthy

    My boss is complaining that the banner is not pausing on a reload, You have to move your box out of the banner focus and back in again.

  439. trocity

    I just bought this theme and can’t wait to use it but sadly the download file is corrupt. Tried on two pc’s and a new mac, even tried With winace but no joy.

  440. OnPro

    Hi again!

  441. gskalra


  442. TimeNomad

    When using the mbiz or nivo slider – under the ‘Slider manager’ submenu, there is no ‘Add new slide’ button..
    Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

  443. mbiz

    Dear Buyers,
    It’s tough to answer questions in my email as well as in the comments section. So, please send all your inquiries by email through
    I’ll do my best to answer all the questions.

  444. JeffreySummers

    I’m with Kelsey, I’d like the blog “page” to show summaries instead of the entire post. Maybe you can’t do this since you have it constructed to use categories…??

  445. FelixDaHousecat

    I absolutely love this template! However, I have a few little “niggles” which I wonder are because I am using Wordpress 3.2.1

  446. finchkelsey


  447. marcofama

    ciao mbiz!
    Hope you’re doing well.

  448. kylen20


  449. DawidJ


  450. rushindo

    Like the person below me, my theme options on the new version don’t show. I get the same page as the image below:

  451. altobelli

    I just installed the theme and having lots of issues. For starters I’m getting the following error:

  452. veranos

    I see that the slider works with video, does it work with an opt-in form from aweber?

  453. CrossFitDeerPark

    I have static pages that I have comments disabled (not allowed) but at the bottom of the pages in the white area before the footer it says “Comments Closed”. How can I disable this?

  454. RealThemes

    I am not sure if anyone else has mentioned this but there is no way I can reordering a galleries images?

  455. JeffreySummers

    @kylen20 That works – deleting the overflow. Very appreciative for the suggestion! Thank you.

  456. markmoe


  457. matun

    Does anybody else have problems with borders around the circles under the Mbiz slider, when activated?

  458. djneokc

    I never received a response on how to export the psd images as there is no slices in the psd. I need to make the color changes for my client. I posted this almost 2 weeks ago in both the comments and your personal page on theme forest. Any direction would be great!

  459. egoyanes

    Hello everyone,

  460. SB2014

    show excerpt instead of full post on category, archive, home page below featured content ( if mag + sidebar is selected —) -- everything besides single.php

  461. UBGLEZ

    Hi, mibz. My name is Victor and I’m a new user of wp. Yesterday I bought thedawn theme. It was the first theme that never I’ve bought a theme. I’m very happy with it. Congratulations for your work.
    I have a doubt. How can I customize the menu’s colors. In the light-blue skin, this blue is diferent to my corporate image’s blue.

  462. marcofama

    Dear Mbiz,
    I’m getting lots of PHP Notice in my debug.log which look all like this:

  463. yra3000

    Is there no support for this theme anymore? Im having issues with the mbiz slider…when I try to add a new slide I keep getting a 403 page error..

  464. colinjbrowne

    I can’t make anything work at all here.

  465. jenfromal

    is there any way in the future to enable an option for the_excerpt() for slider description.. the reason for this is I would actually like to use the slider to display my most 3-5 most recent blogs posts.. perhaps even allow an option to pic a post as a slider option and have it extract the excerpt, use the featured image as the main image and so forth…

  466. markmoe

    I have had great luck modifying this theme, and great support from Mohammad (even over the weekend!) Thanks for an awesome theme!

  467. JeffreySummers

    @ markmoe

  468. bschomp

    this is stupid, why can’t i have the slider on a normal static web page. it only works if you have your latest posts radio button checked. That means it is no longer a website. it is a blog. Um help! Slider not showing!

  469. kit

    Hi Paul (@ altobelli),
    Maybe I can give you some hints..

  470. jkjacobson

    Also forgot one other simple question…By default any images are given a border… how can I override that if I want a transparent .PNG image with no border…

  471. JeffreySummers

    The theme is breaking when I log out. While logged in and editing it, it appears fine in all browsers but when I log out, it breaks and only the page tree shows up. ??

  472. veenes

    I have a pre-sale question.
    Is it possible to create adds widgets to the theme?
    Thanks in advance.

  473. websurmarne


  474. Kram

    Hi guys is anyone else having problems with AVG detecting js as a trogan horse on their web site?
    I can’t track down the problem. Some people have problems some people dont.
    Any thoughts would be greatly apreciated as google has shut me down as an attack site

  475. mbiz

    Updated version 1.0.1 is released and available for download. Any one who had troubles downloading the theme in the past few hours, can go ahead and re-download the file.
    I’m so sorry for the inconvenience.

  476. mbiz

    Hey Guys.
    For support, please contact me through

    It’s kinda painful to check my email and come here to follow all your comments, I’ll do my best to answer all the emails I receive.Thanks for your understanding.

  477. andradesign

    Love the theme but I’m having trouble with the portfolio. I create the categories add them to the menu but I don’t see any of my images? Could I be doing something wrong?

  478. ecanberg

    Hello everyone, i know mbiz is so busy, but i have a realy big problem about option tree.

  479. bradg120177

    Hey does anyone know how to get rid of the read more button that keeps popping up on the home page? Thanks!

  480. phinshaw

    I purchased the Dawn them a while back and love it, however I cannot get the website to show the slider in new version of Internet Explorer and client is complaining it just spins, but if you click it works. It works fine in Firefox…. PLEASE HELP !
    thank you

  481. grafter

    Same problem as jkjacobson reported.

  482. salafit

    Hi kylen20, could you send the updated code from the contact form here at this address [email protected] would be very grateful to you, thank you very much!

  483. hastimal

    Hello Mbiz.,,
    First of all a great thank to you for nice theme. I have issue with contact form. I have debug this using firebug. It returns the success message also but it does’nt display that only shows the loader. Please help me in this.

  484. reggiemichel

    Hello Mbiz.

  485. webowner001

    This looks like an amazing theme. Few questions please ~ considering a purchase

  486. Bob4u

    @kylen20 (thank you) and everybody

  487. corenet

    where do you downoad version 1.7.1 please

  488. DawidJ

    Make a backup of file comments.php
    1. Delete line 40 & 41 from comments.php in order to hide the ’’Comments are closed’’ text

  489. toralb

    Hi there!
    Getting the following warning about your script:

  490. mbiz

    Dear Customers,

  491. ldiaz117

    I’m trying to setup a link in the copyright text. I added the html in Option Tree and it works but the link is blue (so I cant see it) and when I hover, it is black. Where in the CSS sheet can I edit these settings. The footer settings I found affect the right footer menu, not the left copyright text. This is the standard footer by the way. Let me know. Thx

  492. tytrischuk

    hey otammie,

  493. lilouk

    I want to know if it’s possible to add “video” in the Home fancy box ?

  494. altobelli

    Two questions:

  495. mbiz

    Version 1.6.2:
    - According to recent API update, twitter widget is now updated. If you don’t want to go through a whole update process, just replace your lib/scripts/jfunctions.js with the new one.
    - Also, I’ve updated the instructions on updating theDawn from older versions.

  496. kylen20

    @emlynmiles To create the blog you need to set up a parent category such as blog or news, then make sure that category is selected for every post.

  497. zarganga

    First, the theme is ggreat. But I have a problem and i think Mbiz Slider causes it. ?n the home page, slider reloads continously. Please have a look.

  498. Dasher39

    I’m still having major problems with the Slider.

  499. gorgani

    Hi. Is it possible to display featured blog posts in the slider based on a Featured tag? If not, will you do this customization and for how much? Thanks.

  500. Markofedev

    Hi, we are using The Dawn 1.5 theme and Theme Options/Theme Settings are missing from our Wordpress Dashboard. We can’t change logo, header, nothing.. Please, is there any way to fix this?

  501. Kram

    I have posted Mbiz an inquiry. Hopefully he might be able to shed some light on whether it is a template problem or some new way that the virus programs are detecting JS.

  502. no10design

    Hi Mbiz,

  503. CaSundara

    Hi, sorry to be a pain, but can you help me out again please? If you check the following link (to a category page) you’ll see the blog post I asked about before isn’t showing up properly – there’s an empty column… (title = How do tarot Card Work?) It’s the same story when I go full width and if I remove images completely. It’s the same on the homepage in the latest posts section.

  504. TheBadBanana

    Very, very nice theme – it fits the bill ALMOST perfectly (I wish I would have read the comments section thoroughly BEFORE purchasing so there’s a tad-bit of buyer’s remorse there – but anyway …). Your documentation, while straight and to the point, could be a bit more detailed seeing the many comments being left on the site that could have been addressed in the doc.

  505. yorks


  506. egoyanes

    I have a problem with the slider manager, the “add new slide” button doesn’t work, I click on it and nothing happens. Does anyone know what happen?

  507. sofiapedroso

    Do you give any support?
    First time i need support and there are no answers.
    The last answer here was 3 months ago.
    Are you still active?

  508. jasonstom

    for some reason, the sliders only show up on my blog page. how do I correct this to make it show on my homepage?

  509. arksey


  510. BullseyeMedia

    Just getting the spinning wheel on the contact form when it submits. No actual submission. Any ideas on why that might be? Is this a server issue?

  511. zbuking

    I just bought it – GREAT WORK . Congratulation. But there is one thing I am not able to do. How to create LIGHTBOX gallery in Portfolio post? I want to put eg 6 thumb images. After click on any thumb lightbox should appears with arrows to change images. I hope you understand me and you can help me. Waiting for your support.
    Tomek, Poland

  512. Eterg


  513. design4life


  514. exmx

    I try to show my post i will try like you explain :

  515. mreaster1

    i am having touble getting the slider to work on the home page, can or will any of you help me with this issue….i have set the setting in the two areas that were mentioned in the documentation in order for the slider to work…maybe im missing something….can someone please help me with step by step instructions? it will be greatly appreciated…

  516. kylen20

    @bob4u The heading and sidebar heading fonts are created using javascript so this could be the problem.

  517. FelixDaHousecat

    Can anyone tell me how I update the theme?

  518. indeleble

    Hello, I would like to remove the frames that appear in the pictures, as I can do?

  519. ctrujillo45

    Hi There-

  520. jgkastner

    THANK YOU ! I just wanted to post on your profile that I sent 2 emails, with two different questions, and received very prompt (less than a day) answers. I appreciate that effort on your part. I buy several themes a month for clients and this is by far the best customer service I have seen (and it’s not even required). Excellent!

  521. ecanberg

    do you think to update this theme?

  522. veranos

    The support for the theme is not dead at all. I sent Mohammad an email yesterday afternoon and he responded this morning. His contact email is [email protected] It’s a fantastic theme with great support.

  523. runner2009

    Looks like a very nice theme. I have 2 questions.

  524. jghayward

    I was having a problem where the ‘add slide’ button was not showing up on my theme; and some other weird problems related to images not working. I contacted mbiz, the author of this theme, and he helped me to figure out that it was actually some other plugin I had installed that was causing all the problems with wordpress. The theme was working great all along.

  525. toddoddbot

    @yorks, I just found it. If you click on pages or posts in the control panel you’ll get a list of your pages and or post. Click “Quick Edit” and you’ll see a check box that says “Allow Comments” just uncheck and you’re good to go!

  526. phestoem

    Hello Mbiz,

  527. phestoem

    Merry Christmas people,

  528. tonydickinson

    Hi Mbiz

  529. bmcprimetime

    Resolved My issue—didn’t activate the theme like I should have.

  530. JillH

    Just tried to upload the 1.6.1 update and it crashed my site. Even though I followed the developer’s instructions, there were 409 failed transfers – all related to Option Tree.

  531. ImagoVisual

    I’m currently, experiencing problems with the jQuery accordion content (gradient_divider). After updating the accordion menus do not stay open on click..

  532. tomlemay

    In Portfolio items with image, it would be nice if the image was also display on the single Portfolio Item. When we click on a portfolio to read more, actually the image is not following…

  533. radioative

    Hi there.

  534. paketo

    Christina25 – I believe the other font is Nevis.

  535. mommetime

    Excellent product; excellent service… I purchased this product 3 years ago, and highly recommend it. On several occasions I’ve had questions, and each of those times they were answered quickly and made easily understandable.

  536. rklesc

    I am having trouble with the added shortcode buttons on the visual editor screen in the admin area. When I click on any of the buttons (all the buttons) it loads a small screen with the home page. There are no options shown like the screen pics you have on your demo so I cannot use any of these options. What is your suggested fix for this. BTW … if I have to locate and load something make it simple and clear as I am tech savy at all.

  537. dimension4

    I have just purchased this template and i am not very good with wp. How do i set up the page so it has no comment facility on it?

  538. saratoti


  539. Christina25

    Hello! I was wondering what font you used for the word “Dawn” in “The Dawn” logo? I recognized the “Scriptina” font used with “The”, however I am ready to pull my hair out trying to figure out the other! LOL

  540. g7submit

    How can I show pages (extracts of pages) in the featured content on the homepage?

  541. newhouse74


  542. Dasher39

    Have tried uploading this theme, but despite it saying it had uploaded there was also an error message and it became obvious some things were missing.

  543. marlonw12

    Never mind – just found my answer

  544. kylen20

    @ronaldoescudeiro @hastimal I’ve had the same issue with the contact form. It sends the email but doesn’t display the confirmation message.

  545. trocity

    Loving the theme so far but I cannot get the WP audio player plugin to work with this theme. The player is the one everybody uses to play MP3 files in wordpress and it’s an essential part of my site.

  546. RedRider27

    Is this theme developer EVER going to get it updated to 3.6.1? Seriously, LOADS of unhappy customers over here, mbiz!!

  547. zelot66


  548. alejometal

    hi how are you, I have the following issue: the theme has an issue with jQuery Colorbox (a very popular plugin). I’ve contacted the author of the plugin and this is what he has answered:

  549. CaSundara

    Hi, and I love the theme! I’m currently testing it on a site I won’t actually be using it on just so i can see how it works with the content I already have online. The site I intend to use it for is a magazine and I want to make use of the columns and pages, but I’m having a problem with images breaking up the flow. I’m new to wordpress so please excuse me if I’m being incredibly stupid! Here’s a link to a page I’m working on so you can see what i mean:

  550. wrogers85

    I am trying to set up a portfolio page- I have followed all the steps: setting portfolio category, add portfolio, and it is not showing any of the portfolio characteristics? Here is a link to the page

  551. tenmag

    Please…..I need help with a couple of things. I have to lean to manage this site on my own, can no longer afford to have designer help me with things.

  552. tmoore44


  553. hounds

    how can I remove all but one skin from the options in the dropdown menu – Choose a Skin

  554. gbrandt

    Love the theme options and hope I can buy this. Looking to do a rather complicated news blog so was curious if its possible to remove the slider at the top of the page (in my case the blog style home page) entirely?

  555. salafit

    Hey. We have a request for you. The fact that we have a very large menu, we would like that we had not opened the menu through and when you hover the mouse-click on the menu. Is it possible to do this and how? We can pay you for the changes in the code if it is at the level of a programmer. Look forward to your early reply. Thank you, respectfully. Great theme!

  556. Enigma1

    I’ve bought your theme The Dawn.. beautiful.

  557. askdarius

    Great theme but I’m having trouble with making the home page the actual one with the slider and my blog page actually have a blog roll on there. Please help. You can view the site at

  558. fleche59

    Very nice!

  559. bradg120177

    Hey I have a question regarding this theme. I really like the background that displays at first for the slider. Is that background included and if so how can i get it to display on the home page. thanks!

  560. maxime9009

    Hello, i’ve just bought this wonderful template, followed the instructions, but here’s what it looks like.

  561. crazyserb

    Important question before I buy – do you provide an XML import of all your demo content, so we have a fully populated site as a starting point for our future development?

  562. nibin_blessy

    Hi, Does this theme compatible with WP3 .3.2? Thanks

  563. michelerossi

    The contact form does not work.
    please, we need a solution.

  564. tlarkworthy

    It cocked up one of my pages formatting, which I corrected by formatting in a different way. so your milage may vary. But I could not see evidence that sidebars were supported in pages.

  565. djneokc

    Hello, Im trying to make a new skin in pink. I have made the changes to the colors and gradients and now Im trying to export the images but there is no slices. How do i create the images out of Photoshop cs4 with out any slices?

  566. BullseyeMedia

    Hi MBiz,

  567. Christina25

    At this point I feel it necessary to begin the process of asking for a refund as I cannot seem to get any support for this product and it will not work as advertised.

  568. mmmiro

    You mentioned that there was an update. I am still on 1.0. Does it notify automatically or do we need to check manually somewhere.

  569. ddanii


  570. phantomv

    Great theme…

  571. Conskoko

    Hello, i have a problem with the greek characters on thedanw theme. Widget’s and post’s title don’t recognize greek characters and when i am writing something in greek it just doesn’t appear when i do preview (actually while the preview is loading i can see the characters just fine and by the time it finishes loading it has disappeared). The articles appear just fine in greek language. What should i do to fix it??

  572. TCSWeb

    DANG … I wanted this theme but…

  573. CarlMagnusNorden

    Hi, we are writing in Swedish but in some cases the special characters do not work. Especially we have problems with “ä” and “Ä”.
    Any ideas of how to solve this?

  574. jsn1217

    is there an update for wordpress 3.3?

  575. markmoe

    @dasher39 – Just add a table the old fashioned way using HTML It will show up with the themes CSS …

  576. Dasher39

    My Slider Manager is now not working.

  577. grafter

    Sorry, brain dead moment… ignore the last comment… worked it out.

  578. Era_Bal

    I’m having problems with the theme on new version of WP, the slider_bg ins’t changing.

  579. triggerfish


  580. bmcprimetime

    My optiontree literally doesn’t even show up…I install the theme successfully although there is no “themeoptions” in appearance or option tree like I remember on the older version—I just installed the 1.5 just to let you know.

  581. pottmone


  582. gulisz

    hello, need to change the background color of the page, this is black, but I would trade for a different color, in which line of file should I modify? Thank you and congratulations for the theme.

  583. beatzdaily

    Is it better to use this on or Can someone help me please, much appreciated.

  584. kylen20

    @ Jeffrey Summers. I had the same problem with images, The text wrapped in the current paragraph, but then there was a big gap before the next one.

  585. sjoerdreijnhoudt

    Hello Mbiz,

  586. kwideman

    Where are the theme options? Just upgraded to new version of WP first time using this theme and no Options? Help please…..

  587. wpworld

    Any insights on the text-wrapping around image-problem that the theme seems to have?

  588. simon_mc

    hello, a very successful theme in general.

  589. Dasher39

    Also when I create an archive category for “NEWS”, when I view the page it says across the top “Category Archive – NEWS ”

  590. argos

    Just some presales important questions:
    a. can I instert Galleries inside ANY post – page ?
    b. can I have multiple blog type sections: I need one for Questions and answers, and other to sharing knowledge… ?
    c. can I hide or write my own blurb title on each page-post and hide breadcrumbs too if necesary?
    d. can I use a BANNER area on the actual area you have the SEARCH and LOGIN on the top, and use the MENU starting BELOW that whit this MENU :

  591. paketo

    On some pages, there is a 230px x 200px image. I would like to make it 100px wide. I can edit the css for the area the image goes, but it does not affect the image size. Can you tell me what I need to edit to reduce it?

  592. Monema


  593. yra4000

    I see your support is pretty much none existent…u havent answered my question or anyone elses in months…im going to be requesting a refund from themeforest..if you cannot give the proper support you shouldnt have themes for sale on this website…especially when you have sold over 1000 of this should be expecting a lot of inquiries…

  594. superchris

    @CarlMagnusNorden – i assume its in the headers this problem are? This theme uses a cufon replacment font in the headers. All those special characters both small and uppercase should be added when you generate the js file. Defualt in this theme are the Titillium_600.font.js. You need the font on your computer to generate a new .js on this page You could use any other font you like and generate your own .js Ask Mbiz for the fontset, its difficult for an non swedish speaking to add those special characters they probarly don’t exist on the keyboard

  595. emlynmiles

    Has anyone else had any problems with options menus not being available?

  596. mansbro

    When I enter images using the text widget in the sidebar all of my content drops to the bottom of the page justified right.

  597. crystald

    Hi Mbiz,

  598. greglu

    Hello all.
    Has anyone been able to implement Mega Menus with this theme?

  599. finchkelsey

    Hi again,

  600. launchcode

    My slides do not work. I have checked and gone through the documentation several times and reactivated my theme. Please help. I can’t add a slide.

  601. soonee

    Will be buying this theme for a client next week
    - is this theme compatible with latest WP 3.5. if not. where can we get WP 3.4
    - which is the best way to get support – here or your profile page?

  602. simon_mc

    Hi, I bought a theme.

  603. studioleland


  604. rhuestill

    Using TheDawn and need to know how to do the following:
    1. How to make main parent navigation “not link” to anything. Want to disable this. Don’t want them to link anywhere if people click them.

  605. ecanberg

    Hello again,

  606. yra3000

    this theme seems to be having problems working properly with wp 3.5. I cannot add tags to my posts anymore. I type the tag and click add and nothing happens. I deactivated all my plugins and still got the same issue. Please let me know if you will be updating soon..

  607. SANEBiometrics

    About my previous comment if you want to see my trouble you can find it here:

  608. TastyPlacement

    Is there an easy fix to get interior pages to display the slider?

  609. superchris

    Hi, i’m admiring your excellent theme. And i’m considering buying it. But for this job i need to have sub-categories in the portfolio for products display. ( some categories have up to 20 products).

  610. rorysmith2

    lazyhoofer, i’m having the same issue when I’ve got permalinks enabled. If I disable permalinks then the MCE buttons for the shortcodes work. I really want to use permalinks, so I’d like to have a solution as well.

  611. rostast


  612. wsound

    Can you please tell me how the drop down menu works everything else works great

  613. bmcprimetime


  614. mbiz


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