UnicMag - WordPress Magazine Theme UnicMag - WordPress Magazine Theme

UnicMag Premium WordPress Magazine theme brings to customers who are planning to build magazines, review sites, newspapers, or blogs.

Designed and developed by professional staff, this theme is packed with all best features of PunicaTheme framework including Widgetized Homepage, Live Customizer, Shortcodes Generator, Numerous Custom Widgets, Browser Compatibility, Mega Menu, Jetpack Plugin, Woocommerce Compatible,...

Using this magazine WordPress theme, you will never have to worry about how to make content displaying manner not be boring because we support a bunch of layouts for pages, posts and even categories. Along with four different post types including gallery, audio, video, and standard, it is sure that all posts will be shown clearly, gorgeously; your website will be extremely unique, impressive, and always keeps visitors interested.

One more interesting thing is that this WordPress theme is built on new framework of PunicaTheme, so you can easily set up demo site by importing our demo. Only with some clicks, you will immediately have a demo site like ours.

UnicMag - WordPress Magazine Theme

Version 1.0.9

Released date: 01-15-2016
* Fixed: add to cart text on single product page
* Improved: up sell products columns
* Improved: related products columns, products per page

Version 1.0.8

Released date: 08-22-2015
* Updated: for Wordpress 4.3
* Added: navigation, pagination settings for Main Slider widget

Version 1.0.7

Released date: 08-11-2015
* Updated: padding for links on main menu

Version 1.0.6

Released date: 07-15-2015
* Added: Right-to-Left mode option
* Added: Schema.org HTML markup for SEO friendly in Appearance -> Customize -> General

Version 1.0.5

Released date: 07-12-2015
* Added: more social sharing buttons on single post

Version 1.0.4

Released date: 07-09-2015
* Updated: style for boxed layout
* Added: general layout section to control boxed layout or stretched layout in Appearance -> Customize
* Added: background image for boxed layout in Appearance -> Customize -> Styles
* Added: background color for boxed layout in Appearance -> Customize -> Styles -> Colors

Version 1.0.3

Released date: 07-08-2015
* Added: adsense widget
* Added: custom css in Customize -> General

Version 1.0.2

Released date: 07-05-2015
* Updated:   style.css
* Added: Ad code for top banner
* Added: google analytics tracking id in Customize -> General

Version 1.0.1

Released date: 06-22-2015
* Updated:   New localization file
* Updated: new demo.xml
* Added: sticky primary menu option in Customize -> Header
* Added: demo quick installer in Customize -> Demo Import

If you love this theme, please give us UnicMag - WordPress Magazine ThemeUnicMag - WordPress Magazine ThemeUnicMag - WordPress Magazine ThemeUnicMag - WordPress Magazine ThemeUnicMag - WordPress Magazine Theme !


  1. nomenesl

    Hello: Is it possible to customize the header to make it transparent? Also, I would like to know if its possible to change the slides from frontpage to revolution sliders

  2. durqrimast

    what’s the new update about? i can’t see any information about that?

  3. caprice007

    How do you get the top banner ad to appear?

  4. iamentertainment

    I purchased this theme and love the look, but the 728×90 web banner can only be an image with a URL link? Why can I not add a Google Adsense code in that header advertisement? This is a very basic thing that seems to be missing from this, otherwise, great theme. PLEASE FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY!

  5. arcadmedia

    Best Regards!

  6. Blinky82

    Hello, just interested in your theme. Just have few questions at the beginning. First one is: Is there any changes to customize the logo aria and the banner field next to it without changing to many codes in the theme?

  7. nomenesl

    Hello: is it possible to change the weather widget to an image?? Please!

  8. mojosense

    How do i choose post from the different categories to get displayed on the home slider?

  9. Blinky82

    Hello. Would you let me know how can I remove BLOG from breadcrumbs. For example, look at this page here: http://punicatheme.com/demo/unicmag-wp/2015/06/03/ut-dapibus-dui-at-ultricies-tristique/

  10. durqrimast

    hi. i’m planning to buy this theme but i wanna know which plug-ins do i need to use for this theme? i wanna use less plug-ins for a theme. (like i do not wanna use WPBakery Visual Composer or something like that)

  11. ashishyng


  12. henryatpull

    Really nice layout punicavn!

  13. taniahoff

    Hi, guys! Need your help just to know if I can do something I need with this template.

  14. BiznessThemes

    i want to know if you can hide tags, and change the font all in the admin panel

  15. mojosense

    hey, the support link is not working, I am trying to import the demo xml, However its not getting imported. After some time the page goes blank..suggest some other method to import the same

  16. woorockets

    Promising item good luck!

  17. EMMAGREEN012

    Help! I have created a what’s on full-width page which I would like to add a certain category of posts too (london) and I have created a news full-width page which I would also like to add a feed of posts from another category (news). What is the easiest way to do this as I am running out of ideas, great theme – I just need these two pages to work

  18. nedimg

    I have purchased your theme, and I need support. I want to use use “Blog Style 3” layout for showing category posts (two column view) instead default one column layout.

  19. GfxPartner

    Looks nice, good luck!

  20. taniahoff

    Pregunta Theme Forest: hi, guys! This is my site (http://memorial2.espm.br/). I’m using PunicaTheme. I want to put the mouse over the menu 1 (Teia das memórias, Teatro das Materialidades, Tubo de ensáio, Grupos de pesquisa) and want the element Grupos de Pesquisa to show submenu items. I already tried to do this, but the elements that should belong to Grupo de Pesquisa will appear beside (as a new element of the menu 1) and not under.

  21. BrandProsper

    Hi. Great theme but when are you updating it’s WP version to 4.5.3? I might buy it then.

  22. winnerskeepscore

    Hello.. why don’t you provide support for this theme? Want to purchase but..if you don’t support it.. ? Don’t understand.. can you clarify what level of support you offer for paying customers?

  23. Destac

    Came back a few months to comment on the themes progress.

  24. shelia

    Why do you remove themes from theme forrest after people have purchased them. This practice is not fair.
    I paid for revant on Themeforesst and can no longer download. I am owed a use on one of my sites and I have been unable too.
    Love your themes but this scares me from buying more. Can I please have download link
    to the theme I purchased

  25. ahmansini1

    does is it support Right to left???

  26. Chuppa5

    Awesome Weather Widget not working 3 days

  27. hakabe

    Any change this can be easily integrated with some events plugin?

  28. ciudaddeldiosvivo

    Beautiful theme but NO SUPPORT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!

  29. makiza

    Hello, is compatible with Visual Composer, you can change the designs (Ej: http://www.webinane.com/articles/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/vc-layout-options.png) thanks

  30. punicavn

    Dear our valued customers,

  31. arcadmedia

    Firstly thanks a lot for this awesome theme, but when I import the demo content and widgets, I can’t display the big home slider like in the example… Can you explain me how I can do it please? I don’t understand because the “Main Slider” widget is activated, so I haven’t ideas how to make it appears.

  32. jlzandrad

    the posts on my blog are not resizing to the screen properly, please try to access on your phone and you will see that you need to move from side to side to be able to read and to see the images

  33. shamimfl

    Is there any way to filter a widget by “Tag” or “Type”. In the theme I can only filter widgets by selecting “Catagory.” But I need to select post from tag and type in some widgets. How can I do that?

  34. davidtekne

    Hello. We’d like to buy the theme (UnicMag – WordPress Magazine Theme) for WordPress, but We have the following questions
    Is it possible to add a fringe/frame at the top of the site to put there several logos, and each logo be a link to other site? Like this:

  35. Tokat75

    Hi there, i want to buy your theme but can you inform me please when theme demo site is available and when demo content is possible to import. Thank you.

  36. sapchd


  37. excelmagazineinternational

    I am trying to have the images display for all the articles for “Daily Intelligencer” section. How can I achieve this?? Thanks!

  38. caprice007

    where is the support for this theme? The link above points me to an empty area

  39. jmgrodarte

    hello , buy the template long , but I can not make it similar to the demo , texts are spliced ??and sections are not correspond

  40. GarethA

    Hi guys,

  41. mojosense

    I want the header top to be visible on the mobile devices. Which means the ad also needs to be seen

  42. feyboy10

    the dark boxes widgets images are to big or one image is missing from five totaly, ex. one big left, 2 right, second row 1 missing …..

  43. HinaThemes

    Outstanding Job, Good Luck Mate

  44. ashishyng

    Hi there,

  45. imilleson

    Is there a way for me to have 3 weather widgets for 3 different cities at the top? This would be cherry! Thanks!

  46. imilleson

    Lol can I see some ratings up in here? I would like some of those 19 existing purchases to rate their experience. Danke!

  47. blaz3rd

    can u fix the demo site it doesnt load

  48. imilleson

    Hello, I cannot seem to understand how to get the main slider to crop the post images into the same sizes? My authors all upload various image sizes so for a slider it needs to crop images. Also, I need the post carousal to crop the images into a standard size, can this be done?

  49. mojosense

    Hi, i want to list different post from different categories on the home page slider. Currently we can select only one category. I created one category saying home slider and i added all the post to homeslider and its shows up. BUt the problem is on the post the category heading shows like home slider? Any suggestion to overcome this.

  50. mojosense

  51. Blinky82

    Hello, I have 2 questions, if you could give me an advice here:

  52. mojosense

    Hi, I need to tittle tags from H2 to H1. Kindly advice. Your support center is under maintenance..

  53. taniahoff

    Here, I want to have the first menu you can see in this image (ALUMNI, EMPRESAS, CARREIRA…). That menu exists in the code you can see below, but the template doesn’t have that space so I insert it. Is this someting that can be done using CSS?

  54. 2codeThemes

    Very nice theme, GLWS

  55. Tokat75

    Thank you very much for this awsome theme here is the result just a great website. http://www.alanyatimedergisi.com will shure buy it again for other projects. Thanks. ? can recomend anybody to buy this theme.

  56. nigelstreeter

    I have purchased this theme and am trying to get support but your support system requires a login – and so far as I can see, there is nowhere to register, which is not very good.
    I have a problem with “Add to basket” being displayed on Product page “Add to cart” buttons, instead of the icon and need help resolving this.
    Your advice would be much appreciated.

  57. caprice007

    I can’t see how to get a post’s summary to appear on the front page? how do I change the demo text?

  58. yipyo

    Great Theme!
    But please contact me at your convince so I can forward you some css changes for your next version. Example, If the uploaded images are not all cropped the same within the widget, the template does not look the same as above. With these css changes, they will.

  59. Dalibor1985


  60. jakemcwilliams

    Having an issue with trying to put specific posts on a page. Read the documentation and that was no help… I cannot find where the custom widget template is????

  61. durqrimast

    what’s the new changelog?

  62. DaniloMelo

    hello , I Can not Put nothing on the Site Left bar my side , I’m Very difficult , I can not leave the same demonstration .

  63. GarethA

    Hi there,

  64. peterzurick

    does the theme have page builder? i think you might need to show how the admin pages look like so that buyers can easily know how the features look like.

  65. DaniloMelo

    Comprei o tema mas não consigo colocar o slider, na verdade não consigo deixa como o Demo, por favor me ajudem !!!!

  66. taniahoff

    Different question related to categories in http://memorialdoconsumo.espm.br:

  67. fieldthemes

    Very great work! Good luck

  68. nigelstreeter

    Hi. Just a quick question…

  69. durqrimast

    looking for 1.0.5 chance log but can’t find. When will you update the chancelog?

  70. mojosense

    Hey , After recent wordpress updation, the visual composer is not working. Any idea why its happening and how to resolve the same..

  71. themexy

    Nice item, awesome design Good luck with sale.

  72. imilleson

    I am considering purchasing this theme. How long will this theme be supported with versions of wordpress? Does the slider have an option to automatically pull its slides from the most recent post? Can you implement a “Sticky post” solution for important posts that need to remain on the front page but allow other new ones to also appear on front page if its a total of like, 3 in a category widget? (sorry if that was confusing.)

  73. rivanov

    Hi! I wanted to ask, does this theme include an Italian language pack? And also is there a Quick Install package?

  74. themeperch

    Nice Theme. GLWS

  75. makiza

    Ok so I understood, in future versions could I add page builder,?? if so buy the template

  76. ciudaddeldiosvivo

    I purchased this theme, I need support. I send emails with the question I have they sent me to open a ticket at their support center but for some reason when I register a account it never send me the email to activate my account. poor service!

  77. mojosense

    on this website i have added you tube embed on the mega menu. wen i hover on menu i saw the mega menu with the video on it. but when i move away the cursor the menu get collapsed but the video sticks there only.. how to resolve the same?? it happens on safari browser …

  78. MagikCommerce

    Really nice work. Congrats!

  79. mojosense


  80. joomlastars

    Looks great and good work GLWS

  81. Destac

    Beautiful theme. You have taken the header which is normally the most basic and forgotten part of a theme/website and you have made it beautiful which I am very glad to see.

  82. taniahoff

    Hi, guys!

  83. klasstheme

    Nice theme !

  84. AliA

    nice theme gud luck

  85. mojosense

    How do i limit the summary words on the homepage for any post which is hooked to homepage by the widget?

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