Bootkit is a Bootstrap based web UI kit, powered by Gulp, Bower and SCSS. Its very easy to customise and developer friendly. It is fully responsive admin dashboard template and very much adaptive with any size viewport including iPhone, iPad, android phone and tablet. It has a huge collection of reusable UI components and integrated with latest jQuery plugins.

Bootkit is slick, fat free and well documented. Use Bootkit to boost up user experience of your application, and give it a face lift in almost no time.

Bootkit - Responsive Admin Dashboard Web App

Features List

  • Bootstrap 3.3.7 Framework
  • jQuery v2.2.4
  • Full SCSS Support
  • Gulp Task
  • Bower dependency management
  • Clean Codes
  • Fully Responsive
  • Multiple Layout options
  • Note app
  • Mail Inbox
  • Font Awesome v4.7.0
  • 7 Charts
    • High Charts
    • Rickshaw Charts
    • C3 Charts
    • NVD3 Charts
    • Flot Charts
    • Morris Charts
    • Chartjs
  • Tree
  • Nestables
  • Sliders
  • Calendar
  • Toastr Notification
  • Timeline
  • Advanced Data Tables
  • Form Stuff
    • Form Advanced ( Select 2, TouchSpin, Tags input, Date picker, Time picker, Color picker, input mask, iOS7 Switchery etc)
    • Form Wizard
    • Form Validation
    • Text Editors (Summer note)
    • Inline Editors (CK Editor)
    • Dropzone
    • File Upload
  • Profile
  • Invoice
  • login/Registration
  • Lock Screen
  • 404/500 Error page
  • Multi-level Menu option


  1. ThemeCuriosity

    Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale

  2. molder101

    First your admin web app kit is very good. The only thing I don’t like is the typography. I would expect that it’s easy enough to replace the font and it will carry through – am I accurate in thinking that? (if so, I’ll be purchasing)

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    Congratulations ! Good Luck

  6. xslavax

    Awesome theme! Good luck with sales

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    Congratulations ! Good Luck

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  9. bbharat95

    Could you pack all the js plugins into a single js file ? making it less of a hastle including everytime

  10. DEV-Themes

    Great work!

  11. Yoza1

    Hello, if using , scrollbar is visible (please see here: ) – how to hide it, please?

  12. Yoza1

  13. drcsystems-design

    Congratulations! Nice work, GLWS

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    Congratulations! Amazing work , Good luck with sales

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    Congratulations! Very Nice Work, GLWS

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    Nicely done, best of luck!;)

  17. snharb11

    Are you able to make one of the layout styles boxed?

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